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Ust-Nera Airport

Yakutia Airlines offers flights to multiple destinations from the USR Main Terminal, allowing passengers to access their desired locations instantly. However, if you look forward to having an exceptional travel experience with the airlines, there are a few things that you should consider. Before planning your trip, you can go through the details about Yakutia Airlines USR Terminal. This will allow you to avoid the hurdles, avail the services, and enjoy your trip.

Yakutia Airlines USR terminal arrivals

Yakutia Airlines uses the Main Terminal at the Ust-Nera Airport for handling its arrivals. Here, passengers can look forward to facilities such as baggage claim carousels, food, and drink outlets, baggage-related services, etc.

Yakutia Airlines USR terminal departures

Yakutia Airlines uses the Main Terminal at the Ust-Nera Airport for operating its departures. Here, passengers can find several self-service kiosk machines, airport check-in counters, boarding gates, security checkpoints, airport/airline lounges, etc.

Amenities Proposed by Yakutia Airlines terminal at USR

Yakutia Airlines never fails to impress its passengers, which is clearly visible through the diverse range of services it provides or offers at its arrivals and departures terminal of the USR. Some of the services are given below:

Baggage Claim Carousels Parking Garages/Services Kid’s Play Areas 
Meeting and Greeting PointsAirline and Airport Lounges Immigration and Customs 
Forex or Currency ExchangeFood, Cafes, and Restaurants Boarding Gates 
Duty-free Shops and StoresRetail and Shopping Malls Baggage Wrapping Facility
Private/Public TransportCar Rental Agencies Medical/Emergency Service
Wifi/Internet ServicesSeat/Class Upgrade Options Security Checkpoints 

Detailed Guide to What Terminal is Yakutia Airlines at USR

Yakutia Airlines uses the Main Terminal at the Ust-Nera Airport for both its arrivals and departures.

Airport NameAeroport Pos. Ust’-Nera
Yakutia Airlines USR Addressм/р-н, Indigirskaya Ulitsa, Ust’-Nera, Sakha Republic, Russia, 678730
Airport CodeUSR
Yakutia Airlines USR Contact No+7 411 542-25-40
Yakutia Airlines USR terminal arrivalsMain Terminal
Yakutia Airlines USR terminal departuresMain Terminal
Working Hours24 hours
Official Yakutia Airlines Websitehttps://www.yakutia.aero
Yakutia Airlines Facebook Accountwww.facebook.com/yakutia.aero
Yakutia Airlines Telegram Accountt.me/yakutia_aero
Yakutia Airlines Instagram Accounthttps://www.instagram.com/yakutiaairlines/

List Of All Yakutia Airlines Terminal Worldwide

Book/Reserve a Flight with Yakutia Airlines at USR Main Terminal

The ticketing counters of Yakutia Airlines USR Terminal offer passengers flight booking or reservation services. Travelers, along with their travel documents can visit these counters for booking a reservation with the airlines. For further information related to booking, please locate the airline personnel present at the airport. 

The official website of Yakutia Airlines also offers reservation services to passengers, if you have emergencies, you can head to the official airline’s website to make a reservation.

Cancel your Flight Reservation with Yakutia Airlines at Ust-Nera Airport Main Terminal

At the reservation counters of Yakutia Airlines terminal at USR, passengers can cancel their flight reservations. If the reason for cancellation is valid enough, travelers will be entitled to a full refund of their unused portion of the ticket. However, if the cancellation does not adhere to the said rules and regulations of the airlines, the passenger may have to pay a compensation or cancellation fee. 

The cancellation policy of Yakutia Airlines is also mentioned on the official Yakutia Airlines website. Before directly canceling your ticket, it’s better to go through the policies once.

Check-in for your scheduled departure with Yakutia Airlines from USR Main Terminal

There are several options to check in for your scheduled departure with Yakutia Airlines from the Ust-Nera Airport Main Terminal. The options include airport counter check-in, self-service kiosk check-in, and online check-in as well. You can choose any of the given options to complete the procedure and board your respective flights. 

Generous Baggage Allowance from Yakutia Airlines on flights from Ust-Nera Airport Main Terminal

Passengers can carry sufficient luggage on flights from the Yakutia Airlines USR Terminal, all thanks to the generous baggage allowance policy of the airlines. If the passenger wants to extract more information on individual baggage allowance, he/she can contact the airline personnels at the airport’s terminal. In addition, travelers can also make use of the official Yakutia Airlines website for the same. 

Get Help and Assistance from Yakutia Airlines’ Information Counters at the Ust-Nera Airport Main Terminal 

The information counters and help desks of Yakutia Airlines terminal at USR assist passengers with their travel-related queries, provide answers to their questions, and offer assistance in case of emergencies. So, regardless of the situation you are stuck in, you can seek help from the customer care executives present at the help desks. The help desks or counters are available from the first departure of the day till the last one. 

Upgrade your Yakutia Airlines Seat/Class to fly with comfort and convenience from USR Main Terminal

Seat Upgrades offers travelers a chance to fly with comfort and luxury at the same time. Travelers can either upgrade seats during the time of reservation or afterward during the time of check-ins. Seat upgrades are attached to certain charges that the passengers need to pay to the airlines. For insights on the type of upgrades available, please talk with the airlines directly or visit their official website. 

The lost and found department at the Yakutia Airlines USR Terminal helps passengers resolve their luggage-related issues, be it lost luggage, delayed luggage, or damaged luggage. If you encounter such an unwanted situation, head towards the lost and found department to report your problem, and the personnels available will help you at the earliest. If you want, you can locate the lost and found service on the site of the airlines as well. 

Accessibility or Special Services are given to travelers with limited mobility/handicapped travelers

Accessibility services at the Yakutia Airlines terminal at USR are for passengers with limited mobility, for handicapped passengers, for passengers with any physical impairments, etc. The airlines may provide assistance such as wheelchair assistance, stretcher assistance, escort service, etc to the passengers. Please ensure to book this service well ahead of time so that the staff can arrange it for you upon your arrival at the airport’s terminal. 

Take your Pets along with you on Yakutia Airlines’ flight to or from Ust-Nera Airport Main Terminal

Yakutia Airlines allows pets on its flights to or from the Ust-Nera Airport Main Terminal, allowing passengers to take their four-legged friends to a number of destinations. Pet travel needs to be booked in advance during the time of reservation only as there are only a certain number of pets allowed on flights. You can go through the pet travel services of Yakutia Airlines once to understand their rules and regulations better.

Last but not least, passengers can avail of Unaccompanied minor services for flights from the Yakutia Airlines USR Terminal. This service is exclusively made for minors who sometimes are required to travel alone due to unsaid circumstances. Parents or any legal guardian of the minor traveling alone can book this service in advance. This allows the airline to take special care of the child and provide safety and security throughout the trip. 

Overall, if there is any confusion, flight delays, flight cancellations, etc passengers can contact the airlines directly and seek help.

Yakutia Airlines Aeroport Pos. Ust’-Nera Map

Frequently Asked Question:

What terminal is Yakutia Airlines at USR?

Yakutia Airlines uses the Main Terminal at the Airport

Which is the Yakutia Airlines USR Terminal?

Yakutia Airlines operates from the Main Terminal of the Ust-Nera Airport.

Where are Yakutia Airlines USR terminal arrivals?

Yakutia Airlines uses the Main Terminal at the Ust-Nera Airport for its arrivals.

Where are Yakutia Airlines USR terminal departures?

Yakutia Airlines uses the Main Terminal at the USR for its departures.

Does the Yakutia Airlines terminal at the USR offer internet access?

Yes, passengers can access wifi or internet at the Yakutia Airlines terminal of the Ust-Nera Airport.

What kind of services are given by Yakutia Airlines terminal at the USR?

Reservations, cancellations, check-ins, class/seat upgrades, pet travel, unaccompanied minors, lost and found, accessibility, baggage services, airport or airline lounges, etc are some of the services offered to the passengers at Yakutia Airlines terminal the USR.

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