Wingo Airlines AXM Terminal – El Edén International Airport

El Edén International Airport

Navigating Wingo Airlines AXM Terminal can be quite a task when you are entirely unaware of its directions and where to head to for completing your pre-flight procedures. To have a simplified experience throughout your journey, it’s crucial to be aware of all that’s required at the airport’s terminal, then be it going through the check-in process or undergoing security checkpoints for safety purposes.

Wingo Airlines AXM Terminal Arrivals

Wingo Airlines uses the Terminal 1 at the El Edén International Airport for its arrivals. After disembarking the planes, the travellers can locate the baggage claim carousels for retrieving their luggage.

Wingo Airlines AXM Terminal Departures

Wingo Airlines uses the Terminal 1 at the El Edén International Airport for its departures. For boarding the flights, the travellers can finish the check-ins and undergo security at the departures area.

A Comprehensive Guide to What Terminal is Wingo Airlines at AXM

Wingo Airlines uses the Terminal 1 at the El Edén International Airport for handling its arrivals and departures efficiently.

Airport NameEl Edén International Airport
Wingo Airlines AXM AddressCl. 23 #22-08, Armenia, El Eden, Armenia, Quindío, Colombia
Airport CodeAXM
Wingo Airlines AXM Contact No+57 67479400
Wingo AXM Terminal ArrivalsTerminal 1
Wingo AXM Terminal Departures Terminal 1
Working Hours24 Hours a day 

Offered Services by Wingo Airlines Terminal at AXM

Multiple services and facilities are offered by Wingo Airlines at both, its departures and arrivals terminal, which are as follows: 

1. ATMs and banks for currency related facilities and for retrieving cash. 

2. Restaurants, food options, and beverage outlets for grabbing a quick bite. 

3. Family restrooms and baby care rooms for mothers and other family members. 

4. Currency exchange services or forex for internationally travelling passengers. 

5. Baggage carts and baggage storage for transferring or keeping luggage safe. 

6. Self-service kiosks and airport counter check-in services for all travellers. 

7. Flight information displays for tracking arrivals and scheduled departures. 

8. Charging stations or outlets for charging electronic devices such as phones. 

9. Accessible restrooms for passengers with special needs or disabled travellers. 

10. Wifi or internet access to connect to your loved ones, access emails or texts. 

11. Ticket counters for making reservations or making amendments to current booking. 

12. Seat upgrade options (if available) for a fee on both international and domestic flights. 

13. Unaccompanied minor service for minor passengers travelling in absence of an adult. 

14. Lost and found counters for getting assistance regarding lost/damaged/delayed luggage.

15. Pet relief areas to ensure the comfort of the pets and the travellers alike at the airport.

List of All Wingo Airlines Terminal Worldwide

Book a reservation with Wingo Airlines at AXM Terminal 1

Wingo Airlines AXM Terminal has ticket counters which allows the passengers to make last minute reservations to their preferred destination. It’s a must note that last minute reservations are subject to availability. For getting the best advice on deals and offers available please contact the customer care representatives of Wingo Airlines directly.

Cancel your reservation with Wingo Airlines at El Edén International Airport Terminal 1

The travellers can cancel their reservation at the Wingo Airlines terminal at AXM. Not all cancellations are entitled to a refund or compensation fee as it depends upon the ticket type you have bought. Non-refundable tickets don’t allow for full refund of your unused reservation. However, refundable tickets are subject to a full refund to the passenger. Please check with the airlines to get a clear insight on their cancellation and refund policy. 

Upgrade seats with Wingo and Fly with Comfort, Luxury, and Entertainment

Seat upgradation is your step towards flying in luxury and comfort with Wingo Airlines. If you want to make an upgrade to your current reservation, you can do so by visiting the airport check-in counters. Here, airline staff is available to assist you with the available upgrades, and provide you with the best one available, upon your confirmation. If you need more information about the type of upgrades available with Wingo Airlines, either visit the official website of the airline or get in a call with their staff. 

Wingo Airlines Baggage Permitted on flights to or from El Edén International Airport Terminal

Wingo Airlines AXM Terminal has a different baggage allowance for every passenger, as it entirely depends upon the ticket they have bought, the destination they are travelling to, and several other factors. However, in general the passengers can carry one carry-on baggage along with a personal item on the flights operated by Wingo Airlines. 

The travellers can check with Wingo Airlines for getting updated and current information about the baggage allowance or any fees associated with carrying excess or overweight bags. 

Check-in for your Wingo Airlines Flight departing from AXM Terminal 

Wingo Airlines AXM terminal Departures is equipped with self-service kiosks and check-in counters, allowing passengers to check-in in person upon their arrival at the airport. Self-service kiosks allow for independent check-in, whilst airport check-in counters are equipped with airline staff to assist the travellers with completing the whole procedure. In case you are short of time, you can use the online check-in service provided by Wingo Airlines on its official website. 

Receive Instant help/assistance at the Information Counters of Wingo Airlines 

Wingo Airlines AXM terminal Arrivals and departures, both consist of information counters to assist passengers and provide help that works best in the traveller’s favour. These counters offer passengers an easy way out of any circumstance, then be it finding the way out of your terminal, or reaching the boarding gates for your scheduled departure. In addition to that, if you need help regarding reservations, cancellations, seat upgrades, or any other travel related service, you can directly reach out to this desk. 

Lost & Found Service for dealing with delayed/damaged/lost Baggage Issues 

It’s unfortunate but common; passengers are often stuck at the airports waiting for their luggage, but it never arrives, as it’s lost within the airport’s terminal. There are cases where passengers receive damaged luggage and are disappointed by the loss. So, if you fall under such a situation, look no further than the lost and found counters for getting assistance related to the same. The persons available at the desk will assist you in relocating your luggage and reporting the lost item. 

Assistance for Travellers with Special Needs or Physically Impaired Passengers 

Wingo Airlines AXM terminal Departures offers passengers the opportunity to seek special assistance or help at the airport’s terminal for their flights. This includes wheelchair service, stretcher service, escort to guide the disabled passenger, service for the blind or physically impaired passenger, unaccompanied minor passengers, and so much more. 

It’s important to inform the airline well in advance so that they can arrange for you the required individual service and be readily available upon your arrival at the airport. 

Pet Travel Services for travellers willing to fly with their Four-Legged Friends 

Wingo Airlines terminal at AXM offers pet travel service for passengers willing to carry their pets along. This service ensures that your pets are safely transferred either in cargo or as carry-on. There is a fee for availing pet travel service, which needs to be paid during the time of reservation. For more information on Wingo Airlines pet travel services, please contact their customer service desk. 

Unaccompanied Minor Service for assisting the children travelling with Wingo

There are cases where minors cover an air travel on their own and the parents or guardians of the minors are worried about their safety. With the unaccompanied minor service provided at the Wingo Airlines AXM Terminal, they can be worry-free about their child. The airline staff guides the minor throughout the process, keep their requirements in check during the flight, and drop them off upon their arrival at the final destination. It is important to avail this service as minors are not allowed to travel alone.

Wingo Airlines AXM El Edén International Airport Location Map

Recent Inquiries!

Which is Wingo Airlines AXM Terminal?

Wingo Airlines uses the Terminal 1 at the El Edén International Airport. 

What terminal is Wingo Airlines at AXM?

Wingo Airlines operates from the Terminal 1 at the El Edén International Airport. 

Where are Wingo Airlines AXM terminal Arrivals?

Wingo Airlines uses the Terminal 1 at the AXM for its arrivals. 

Where are Wingo Airlines AXM terminal Departures? 

Wingo Airlines uses the Terminal 1 at the AXM for its departures. 

Name the services offered by Wingo Airlines terminal at AXM? 

Ticket counters for reservations and managing booking,self-service kiosks for independent check-in, restaurants and shops for grabbing a quick bite, etc services are available. 

Does Wingo Airlines provide wifi/internet at the El Edén International Airport terminal?

Yes, the passengers can access wifi or internet connectivity at the El Edén International Airport terminal. 

When should you arrive for a Wingo flight from Terminal 1 at AXM?

The passengers should arrive at least three hours prior to their Wingo Airlines flight from the Terminal 1, in order to complete the pre-boarding procedures on time. 

Where can I make amendments to my Wingo Airlines booking at the AXM?

The passengers can make amendments to their Wingo Airlines reservation at the Terminal 1 of the El Edén International Airport. 

Do Wingo Airlines allow its passengers to cancel reservations at the AXM?

Yes, the travellers can cancel their reservations with Wingo at the AXM terminal. However, there are certain policies which need to be taken into account. 

Does Wingo Airlines provide unaccompanied minor service at the AXM?

Yes, unaccompanied minor service is available for minor travellers flying with Wingo Airlines from the Terminal 1 at the El Edén International Airport. 

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