United Airlines Newark Terminal – Newark Liberty International Airport

Newark Liberty International Airport

Newark Liberty International Airport consists of three passenger terminals in total, all of which are used by United Airlines for operating their arriving and departing carriers at the location. So, United Airlines Newark terminal for arrivals is Terminal A, B, and C. And, the departure terminal for United Airlines at Newark is Terminal A and C. We have put together this information to help you navigate the terminals at Newark Liberty International Airport for your next flight with United Airlines. This will help you go through
the boarding process instantly, without having to deal with delays in check-ins and otherwise.

United Airlines Newark Liberty International Airport Terminal Information

United Airlines, Newark Liberty International Airport AddressUnited Airlines, Terminal C, Newark Liberty International Airport, 3 Brewster Rd, Newark, NJ 07114, United States
United Airlines CodeEWR
United Airlines IATA CodeUA
United Airlines ICAO CodeUAL
United Airlines Ticket Counter Hours:Daily 24 Hours
United Airlines Contact Number+19739616000
United Airlines Official Websitewww.united.com
Instagram Accountwww.instagram.com/united

An Overview of What Terminal is United At Newark Airport

Newark Liberty International Airport, often referred to as Newark Airport or simply Newark, is one of the major airports in the metropolitan area in the United States. This airport is equipped with all the modern facilities to enhance the experience of the passengers. Hence, United Airlines uses all of the three passenger terminals at the location. 

Newark United Terminal A

Terminal A at Newark Liberty International Airport is a passenger terminal that primarily serves domestic flights. It houses airlines such as United, Southwest, JetBlue Airways, and Air Canada. The terminal offers a variety of amenities, including dining options, retail shops, and lounges for eligible passengers. 

Facilities such as currency exchange, ATMs, information desks, charging stations, and Wi-Fi access are available to enhance the passenger experience. This terminal is well-connected to ground transportation options, including the AirTrain monorail system, train services via the Newark Airport Rail Station, bus services, and taxis and rideshare services. 

EWR Terminal A Levels

Terminal A at Newark Airport has a total of four levels, including the gates level which houses several concourses. 

1. 1st Level: Level one is home to the parking facilities for the passengers to park their vehicles. 

2. 2rd Level: Level two is the arrivals area where passengers can access services like baggage claim, ground transportation, etc. 

3. 3rd Level: Level three allows the passengers to access security check points by going through the check-ins. 

4. Gates Level: Gates Level leads the passengers towards the terminal gates for boarding their flights. This level consists of three concourses which are as follows:                

A1 Concourse at Gates LevelA10-A18
A2 Concourse at Gates Level A20, A25, A26A, A26B, A27, A28
A3 Concourse at Gates Level A30-A39

Newark Airport Terminal B 

Terminal B at Newark Liberty International Airport is the next United Terminal at Newark airport, along with Terminal A and Terminal C. It is operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and serves as a hub for several major airlines in the industry. 

The new Terminal B features spacious check-in and baggage claim areas, updated security checkpoints, expanded dining and shopping options, and improved gate facilities. It also incorporates sustainable design elements and advanced technology to provide a more efficient and enjoyable travel experience. 

Passengers flying out of Terminal B can access a variety of transportation options, including taxis, ride-sharing services, and public transportation. There are also parking facilities available for those who prefer to drive to the airport. 

EWR Terminal B Levels 

Terminal B has a total number of four levels which serves different requirements of the passengers. The four levels are as follows: 

1. 1st Level: Level one allows the passengers access to three bus stops manufactured here for ground transportation for the passengers. 

2. 2nd Level: Level two is the arrivals area for the passengers to find baggage claim facilities along with other services. 

3. 3rd Level: Level 3 allows the passengers to check in for their departing flights and move towards the gates level. 

4. Gates Level: Gates level consists of three concourses including B1, B2, and B3.

  • B1 Concourse: It houses gates number B40, B41A, B41B, B43 to B45, B46A, B46B, B47. 
  • B2 Concourse: It houses gates from B51 to B57.
  • B3 Concourse: It houses gates from B60 to B63 and from B65 to B68.

Newark United Terminal C

Terminal C at Newark Liberty International Airport is the last passenger terminal at the airport, which is primarily operated by United Airlines. It serves various airlines serving a wide range of domestic and international flights to the passengers.

Furthermore, it is known for its modern facilities and amenities, including a wide range of dining options, shops, lounges, and services to enhance the travel experience of the passengers. It features multiple concourses, labelled C1, C2, and C3, which house different gates and departure areas.

Terminal C at Newark Liberty International Airport is well-connected to other terminals and transportation options within the airport complex. Passengers can utilise shuttle buses, the AirTrain system, or walk to reach other terminals or access ground transportation, such as parking lots, rental car facilities, and public transportation. 

EWR Terminal C Levels 

Terminal C consists of five levels and three concourses which are as follows: 

1. 1st Level: Level one is the arrivals area for the passengers where baggage claim is located.

2. 2nd Level: Level 2 is exclusively made for the Economy class and international ticketing, along with business first check-in

3. Mezzanine Level: This level is home to US immigration counters and currency exchange services as well. 

4. 3rd Level: This level is a ticketing area for domestic passengers, which allows access to the gates level. 

5. Gates Level: It houses three concourses named C1, C2, and C3.  

C1 ConcourseC70 to C75, C80 to C88, C90 to C99
C2 ConcourseC101A, C102A, C103A-B, C104A-B, C106A, C107A-B, C108A-B, C109A, C110A-B, C111A, C112A-B, C113A-B, C114A-B and C115A-B.
C3 Concourse 68 gates including C120 to C128 and C130 to C139

Facilities Provided at Newark Airport United Terminal

Newark Liberty International Airport consists of three main passenger terminals: Terminal A, Terminal B, and Terminal C. Each terminal offers a variety of facilities and services to accommodate travellers. Here is a comprehensive list of facilities provided at Newark Airport’s terminals:

1. Food and Dining Options

  • Restaurants offering a range of cuisines, including fast food, casual dining, and international cuisine.
  • Cafés and coffee shops for quick snacks and beverages.
  • Bars and lounges for relaxation and refreshments.

2. Retail and Shopping Stores

  • Duty-free shops for international travellers.
  • Fashion and apparel stores.
  • Bookstores and newsstands.
  • Electronics and gadget stores.
  • Convenience stores for travel essentials.

3. Airport and Airline Lounges

  • Airline lounges offer comfortable seating, Wi-Fi access, complimentary food and beverages, and business facilities.
  • Some lounges are exclusive to certain airlines or accessible through membership programs.

4. Additional Services and Amenities

  • Information desks for passenger assistance and airport information.
  • Currency exchange services and ATMs.
  • Baggage services, including lost and found.
  • Luggage storage facilities.
  • Baby care facilities and family restrooms.
  • Prayer and meditation rooms.

5. Pet Comfort Zones/Areas

  • Medical facilities and first aid services.
  • Charging stations and power outlets.
  • Free Wi-Fi access.
  • Smoking areas (designated outdoor locations).

6. Ground Transportation and Connectivity

  • Shuttle services between terminals.
  • AirTrain system connecting terminals, parking lots, rental car facilities, and NJ Transit/Amtrak train stations.
  • Parking lots and garages for short-term and long-term parking.
  • Car rental services.
  • Taxi and rideshare pick-up and drop-off zones.
  • Public transportation options, including buses and trains.

It’s worth nothing that specific facilities may vary within each terminal and can be subject to change. It’s better to check the airport’s official website or contact the airport directly for the most up-to-date information on facilities and services. 

Ways to transfer between terminals at Newark Liberty Airport

Newark Liberty International Airport is a modern airport, whose terminals are fully-equipped with the modern facilities. So, if you wish to transfer between terminals at the airport, you have two options, one is via the AirTrain and second is via the Shuttle Service. 

  1. AirTrain: AirTrain is an automated people mover, which allows the passengers to move to and fro in between the terminals for free. 
  1. Shuttle Service: Next option the passengers have is the shuttle service, which connects Terminal A with Terminal C. The passengers who need to use this service can use it at gate A28 in terminal A. 

An insight to Newark Airport United Airlines Terminal

Newark Liberty International Airport consists of three terminals for passenger use, all of which are used for the arrivals of United Airlines at the destination. Nevertheless, only Terminal A and C are used for the departures of the airlines. As a major hub to the airlines, the airport provides several facilities to the passengers, including:

1. Newark United Check-in Service

United Airlines offered several check-in services at Newark Liberty International Airport to facilitate the boarding process of the passengers. The options for check-in at Newark Airport are as follows:

  • Counter Check-In: Passengers can visit the United Airlines check-in counters located at the terminal to check-in for their flights. United Airlines staff will assist with the check-in process, including issuing boarding passes and checking luggage.
  • Self-Service Kiosks: United Airlines provides self-service kiosks where passengers can check-in for their flights independently. These kiosks allow you to print boarding passes, select seats, and check baggage if necessary.
  • Online Check-In: Passengers can check-in for their United Airlines flights online through the United Airlines website or mobile app. Online check-in typically opens 24 hours before the scheduled departure time and allows you to obtain your boarding pass electronically.

2. Newark United Ticket Reservations

Booking a reservation with United Airlines at Newark Liberty International Airport isn’t going to take up much of your time, it’s an absolute hassle-free process. So, if you haven’t booked a reservation online, you can do so by visiting the ticket counter located at each terminal of the airport. 

  • In-person Booking: When you arrive at the airport, you can visit the ticket counter in person and look for a preferred airfare with the help of an airline representative present at the ticket counter, please note that you must keep the information handy such as, travel dates, destination, cabin class, payment information, etc. 
  • Phone Reservation: Contact United Airlines’ customer service or reservation hotline to speak with a representative. They will assist you in finding flights, checking availability, and making a reservation over the phone. Be prepared to provide passenger information, travel dates, and payment details during the call.
  • Travel Agent: If you prefer personalised assistance, you can visit a travel agency and work with a travel agent. They will guide you through the reservation process, help you find suitable flights, and handle the booking on your behalf. Travel agents may charge a service fee for their assistance.

3. Newark United Ticket Cancellations

The first and the easiest option to cancel your United Airlines ticket is by following the online procedure at the ease of your homes. However, there are alternative options as well. 

  • Online: If you booked your ticket through the United Airlines website or mobile app to cancel your reservation online by logging in to your account. Access your ticket reservation details, locate the option to cancel your ticket, and follow the prompts to complete the cancellation process. 
  • Phone: Contact United Airlines’ customer service or reservation hotline to cancel your ticket over the phone. Provide the representative with your reservation details, including the ticket number, passenger names, and travel dates.
  • Airport Counter: If you prefer cancelling your ticket in person, you can visit the United Airlines ticket counter at Newark Liberty International Airport. Approach the counter, present your ticket and identification, and inform the staff that you wish to cancel your reservation.

4. Newark United Seat Upgradations

To upgrade your seat with United Airlines at Newark Liberty International Airport, please follow the below mentioned steps: 

  1. Check eligibility based on membership or ticket type.
  2. Use the official website of United Airlines or mobile app to access your reservation.
  3. Look for the seat upgrade options, to select your preferred class. 
  4. Bid for an upgrade using PlusPoints or select a paid upgrade.
  5. Visit the United Airlines ticket counter at the airport for in-person assistance.

Please note that availability and specific procedures may vary, so it’s advisable to check directly with United Airlines for the most accurate information. 

5. Newark United Baggage Allowance

United Terminal Newark Airport allows passengers to check bags with certain size and weight restrictions. The specific allowance depends on your ticket type, destination, and MileagePlus status. 

  • Checked Baggage: Economy passengers may have different baggage allowances based on fare class, while premium cabin passengers often have larger allowances. The maximum weight for checked bags is 50 pounds, and the maximum linear dimensions (length + width + height) are 62 inches. And, additional fees apply for overweight or oversized bags.
  • Carry-On Baggage: United Airlines generally permits passengers to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item on board. The carry-on bag should typically fit within the dimensions of 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches. Personal items, such as a purse, laptop bag, or small backpack, are allowed which can easily fit under the seat in front of you. 

6. Newark United Lost & Found Service

Yes, United Airlines does have a Lost and Found service at Newark Liberty International Airport. If you have lost an item or left something behind on a United Airlines flight or at the airport, you can take the following steps to report and inquire about your lost item:

  • Contact United Airlines: Reach out to United Airlines’ Lost and Found department at Newark Airport to report your lost item. You can do this by calling their Lost and Found hotline or visiting the United Airlines website to submit a Lost Item Report.
  • Visit Lost and Found Office: If you are at the airport, you can inquire about your lost item in person at the Lost and Found office located within Newark Liberty International Airport. The office will have a dedicated area where you can submit a report or make inquiries about lost items.

Remember, it’s important to act promptly when you realise you have lost an item. The sooner you report it, the better chance you have of recovering it.

7. Newark United Airlines Pet Travel Service 

United Airlines offers pet travel services at Newark Liberty International Airport, allowing passengers to travel with their pets in a safe and comfortable manner. Here are some key points about United Airlines’ pet travel services:

  • In-Cabin Pet Travel: United Airlines allows small pets to travel in the cabin with their owners only if their pets fit under the space in front of their seats.
  • PetSafe Program: This program provides a specialised handling service for larger pets travelling in the cargo hold of the aircraft, ensuring their safety and comfort. 
  • Health and Documentation: United may require certain health documentation for your pet, including a health certificate issued by a veterinarian.
  • Booking and Additional Fees: Pet travel arrangements should be made in advance by contacting United Airlines’ customer service. Must note that the reservation requires you to pay an additional fee. 

8. Newark United Special Assistance Service 

United Airlines provides assistance to passengers with disabilities, including those who may require wheelchair assistance, visual or hearing impairments, or other mobility aids. Trained staff members are available to assist with boarding, deplaning, and navigating the airport.

  • Wheelchair Services: United Airlines offers wheelchair services for passengers who have difficulty walking long distances or navigating the airport. Passengers can request wheelchair assistance in advance or at the airport.
  • Priority Boarding: Passengers with disabilities or special needs may be eligible for priority boarding. This allows for more time and assistance to settle into the aircraft before general boarding begins.
  • Medical Services: Passengers with specific medical conditions may require additional assistance. United Airlines allows for the carriage of medical equipment and provides guidance on travel requirements and restrictions related to the same. 

9. Newark United Unaccompanied Minor Service

Letting your kids fly alone is a nightmare for most parents but United Airlines has provided a solution for this situation by providing Unaccompanied minor service to their younger passengers, who are between the age of 5 to 14. Here’s how you can buy this service: 

  • Buy your ticket: The parents of the minor passengers can book their ticket by visiting the official website of United or by any other preferred method, and ensure to select the right age group of their children. 
  • Share your contact information with the airlines: When you are booking your reservation with United Airlines, you have to share this information and inform the airline about where you are going to drop off or pick up your child, so that they can provide proper assistance. 
  • How United will Help: United Airline representatives will make sure to get your kid on board safely and to drop off, if required. While you finish booking your kids reservation, United will select them a seat within 72 hours of your purchase. 

List of all United Airlines Terminal Globally

United Airlines Terminal Newark Immigration Desk

If you are a United Airline passenger travelling from Newark Liberty Airport, then you can find the immigration desk of United Airlines at Terminal C. Further, you can use the Automated Passport Control (APC) kiosk to get through the immigration process instantly. 


We hope that you are clear about what terminal is United at Newark Airport. Furthermore, it’s crucial to note that the airline offers a range of services to its passengers at each of the terminals to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience. With its commitment to safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, it is one of the best options for travellers who look forward to air travel.

United Airlines EWR Newark Liberty International Airport Location Map

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is United at Newark? 

United Airlines arrives at Terminal A, B, and C and departs from Terminal A and C at Newark International Airport. 

How do I know what terminal to fly to United?

To get this information, you can look at your confirmation email sent by the airlines upon your booking. 

Where do you park at Newark Airport for United Airlines?

The passengers can use the P4 Garage for daily parking. It is just a 10 minute ride from all the terminals. 

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