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Katowice Airport

Transivia Airlines is one of the preferred airlines for passengers traveling from the Katowice Airport Terminal A,B & C, as it offers a range of services and amenities. However, to avail of all the services, you must first keep yourself intact with the crucial information of Transavia Airlines KTW Terminal. It will help you plan a journey, whether getting the reservations done or getting any extra or additional facilities.

Transavia Airlines KTW terminal arrivals

Transavia Airlines uses the following terminal for its arrivals at the Katowice Airport: Terminal C. It consists of several baggage claim carousels, restaurants, shops, shopping malls, duty-free stores, information counters, family restrooms, etc. 

Transavia Airlines KTW terminal departures

Transavia Airlines uses the following terminal for its departures at the Katowice Airport: Terminal C. It has several check-in counters, security checkpoints, airport/airline lounges, departure gates, children’s play areas, etc. 

Benefits of Flying with Transavia Airlines terminal at KTW

There are endless benefits of flying with Transavia Airlines to or from the KTW Terminal C because it offers multiple opportunities to make your air travel better than before. Some of the many benefits are as follows: 

  • You can enjoy flexibility in booking and ticket changes with Smartavia Air.
  • The airlines offer a wide range of networks from the Katowice Airport terminal. 
  • Passengers can enjoy competitive fares and get flight tickets at affordable prices. 
  • Generous baggage allowance is available for added comfort and convenience.
  • Travelers can experience comfortable seating options for a pleasant journey.
  • Smartavia strives for punctuality, minimizing delays and cancellations.
  • You can stay entertained with a selection of in-flight entertainment options.
  • Wifi access lets you stay connected at the airport and during the flight as well.
  • You can experience courteous and professional service from the cabin crew.
  • Convenient and efficient check-in procedures at the KTW terminal.
  • Smartavia’s pet travel policy accommodates passengers traveling with pets.
  • The airline offers Unaccompanied Minors/Special assistance for kids traveling alone.

What terminal is Transavia Airlines at KTW – Passenger’s Guide 

Transavia Airlines uses the Terminal A,B & C at the Katowice Wojciech Korfanty Airport. This terminal handles both the departures and arrivals of Transavia Airlines efficiently. You can avail yourself of all the services and amenities at this terminal to ensure smooth and easy air travel with the airlines. 

Airport NameKatowice Airport
Transavia Airlines KTW AddressWolności 90, 42-625 Ożarowice, Poland
Airport CodeKTW
Transavia Airlines KTW Contact No+48 32 392 70 00
Transavia Airlines KTW terminal arrivalsTerminal C
Transavia Airlines KTW terminal departuresTerminal A & B
Working Hours24 hours
Official Transavia Airlines
Transavia Airlines Facebook
Transavia Airlines Instagram

List Of All Transavia Airlines Terminal Worldwide

1. Book flights at the reservation counters of Transavia Airlines at the Terminal C of the Katowice Airport

Booking flights at the Transavia Airlines KTW Terminal is a straightforward procedure; all you have to do is visit the ticketing counters of Transavia Airlines with your travel-related documents and the accepted mode of payment. The staff available will inform and assist you through the process and book a flight on your behalf upon your confirmation.

2. Cancel your flight with Transavia Airlines at the Terminal C of the KTW.

If the travel plans change, passengers can cancel their reservations at the Transavia Airlines terminal ticket counters. You may receive a full refund or compensation fee for your canceled ticket. Please review the airlines’ cancellation policies/procedures to understand how to get the cancellation done. Communication with airline personnel at the airport’s terminal would also help.

3. Check-in for your next scheduled departures with Transavia Airlines at the Katowice Airport Terminal A & B

Check-in counters and self-service kiosks at the Transivia Airlines terminal offer check-in facilities to departing passengers. When you visit the airport, head towards the desired counter to complete the pre-boarding procedures. Please contact the airline’s customer service associate at the airport check-in counter if you require assistance. 

4. Upgrade your seat or change class to fly with Transavia Airlines from the KTW Terminal. 

Seat upgrades or seat changes are available to passengers during reservations and check-ins. The personnels at the Transavia Airlines KTW Terminal will assist you and inform you about the availability of seats. You can explore/select the preferred seat and enjoy the benefits or advantages of that ticket. You can also look for upgrades on the official airline’s site. 

5. Receive Generous baggage allowance to passengers flying with Transavia Airlines at the Katowice Airport Terminal. 

Transavia Airlines terminal at KTW provides a generous baggage allowance to all its passengers, depending upon the class they are traveling in and the destination. Please thoroughly review the baggage policies to avoid hassle at the airport’s terminal. You can look forward to the official airline’s website to get particulars on the baggage allowance.

6. Locate the help desks of Transavia Airlines to seek immediate assistance regarding your air travel. 

The help desks or information counters of Transavia Airlines help passengers with their queries and assist in emergencies. Whether you want assistance regarding the reservations or simply look forward to availing of any of the provided services, the associates available will help you, answer your queries, and make sure you leave for your trip satisfied.

7. Use the Lost & Found Department of Transavia Airlines to assist you with damaged, delayed, and lost luggage. 

When you encounter issues related to your luggage, such as damaged, delayed, or lost luggage, you can head straight toward the lost and found department of Transavia Airlines KTW Terminal. They will report your issue and take immediate action to resolve it. You can follow the signage at the airport to locate the airlines’ lost and found counters. 

8. Want to travel with your pets? Use the Pet Travel Service of Transavia Airlines at the KTW Terminal 

Transavia Airlines terminal at KTW allows pet travel on its flights to multiple destinations. However, in some destinations, it is strictly prohibited. Depending upon your destination, you can explore the pet travel policy and see if you can take your pets along. If yes, you can look forward to the rules, regulations, and restrictions attached to the procedure.

9. Unaccompanied Minors: For children traveling with Transavia Airlines in the absence of their parents  

Transavia Airlines KTW Terminal does not allow kids to travel alone on its flights. The minors must avail of unaccompanied minor services if they are traveling without any adults or their parents. This service must be booked during the reservation only so that the airline staff is readily available at your service upon arriving at the airport. 

Parking Garage at Transavia Airlines Terminal of Katowice Airport

Several parking options are available for passenger’s use at the A,B & C of the airport, allowing passengers to park their vehicles without facing any obstacles. You can get any preferred parking spaces, from short-term and long-term to valet and reserved parking. For more details, hit the contact number of airport/airline staff available at your service.

Ground Transportation To/From Smartavia Terminal – KTW

Ground transportation options such as bus service, taxi service, rideshare service, public transport, and private transport are available to passengers wanting to travel to or from the airport. You can get any of the mentioned services for a fee to reach your preferred location outside the airport. All ground transportation options are accessible from outside the airport’s terminal. 

Transavia Airlines (KTW) Katowice Airport Location Map

Queries Answered!

What terminal is Transavia Airlines at KTW?

Transivia Airlines uses the Terminal C at the KTW.

What is the Transavia Airlines KTW Terminal?

Transivia Airlines is located at the KTW Terminal C.

Where are Transavia Airlines KTW terminal departures?

The departures of Transavia Airlines take place from the Katowice Airport Terminal A & B.

Where are Transavia Airlines KTW terminal arrivals?

The arrivals of Transavia Airlines take place at the Katowice Airport Terminal C.

What services are offered by Transavia Airlines terminal at KTW?

Services, including reservations, cancellations, check-ins, seat upgrades, pet travel, unaccompanied minors, parking facilities, help desks/information counters, etc, are available at the Transavia Airlines terminal of the Katowice Airport.

 Does the Transavia Airlines terminal of the KTW offer wifi/internet access?

Yes, the Transavia Airlines terminal of the KTW offers wifi and internet access to the passengers.

Is Transavia Airlines Terminal 2 or the KTW Terminal A,B & C?

Transavia Airlines operates to and from the Terminal A,B & C of the Katowice Airport. 

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