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Philadelphia International Airport

Spirit Airlines operates from Terminal D at Philadelphia International Airport. PHL is one of the busiest airports in the United States, serving millions of passengers annually. As the airport helps operate numerous leading airlines in the industry, including Spirit, it’s important that the passengers have detailed information about Spirit Airlines Philadelphia Terminal to have an impeccable experience flying with the airlines.

Spirit Airlines Terminal PHL – Terminal D

PHL Spirit Airlines Terminal D opened in 1973, serving as a home to several airlines including Alaska, Air Canada, Delta, and Spirit Airlines. Terminal D consists of a single concourse named “Concourse D”, which has boarding gates D1 to D16. furthermore, this terminal has the following levels:

  • The arrivals, ticketing, and baggage claim area, which provides access to ground transportation as well. 
  • The security check area which provides access to the departure gates as well. 
  • The third level is for handling international arrivals. 
  • The fourth level consists of various airline or airport lounges.

Basic Services Offered at Spirit Airlines Philadelphia Terminal D

Some of the basic services provided at the Spirit Airlines terminal at Philadelphia Airport are as follows:

  • Check-In Counters
  • Baggage Drop-off
  • Security Checkpoints
  • Retail Shops
  • Duty-Free Stores
  • Souvenir Shops
  • Bookstores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Fast-Food Outlets
  • Shopping Malla 
  • Airline Lounges
  • Private Lounges
  • Charging Stations
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Information Desks
  • Flight Information Displays
  • Restrooms
  • ATMs
  • Currency Exchange Services
  • Medical Services
  • Children’s Play Areas
  • Lost and Found Services
  • Pet Relief Areas
  • Rental Car Services

List of Every Spirit Airlines Terminal Globally

Lounges at Spirit PHL Airport Spirit Airlines Terminal

There are two lounges at the Spirit Terminal of Philadelphia International Airport, both of which are accessible to certain passengers only. So, depending upon the type of class you have bought, or if you are a part of a certain membership program offered by the airlines, you may be eligible to get entry to these lounges.

Additionally, there may be cases where the passengers can pay the required amount of money in order to access the lounge. Inside the lounges services such as internet access, food, beverages, complimentary snacks, newspapers, magazines, showers, and other such facilities or amenities are usually available. 

The two lounges that operates at Terminal D of Philadelphia International Airport includes the following:

  • United Airlines United Club
  • Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Club

Inter-terminal Transportation at Philadelphia Spirit Terminal

At Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), all terminals are interconnected airside, allowing passengers to access different terminals without exiting security. However, depending on the specific terminal, passengers may need to walk for several minutes to reach their destination. To ease transportation between terminals, there is a convenient shuttle service available.

The airside shuttle operates every five minutes and runs from Terminal F to Terminals A-East and C. Passengers can catch the shuttle at Terminal C, near Gate C-16. For those travelling to Terminal D, it’s just a short walk from Terminal C, making it easily accessible for connecting flights and seamless travel within the airport premises.

Comprehensive Guide to Spirit Airlines PHL Terminal

Spirit Airlines operates its arrivals and departures to/from Terminal D at Philadelphia International Airport.

AirportPhiladelphia International Airport (PHL)
Arrivals TerminalsTerminal D
Departures TerminalsTerminal D 
Airport AddressPhiladelphia International Airport, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States,
Distance From Philadelphia7 Miles
CountryUnited States
Airport Time ZoneAmerica/Philadelphia
Contact Number+1 215-937-6937
Destinations111 domestic, 89 international
Official Websitewww.spirit.com
Facebook pagewww.facebook.com/SpiritAirlines
Twitter page twitter.com/SpiritAirlines
Instagram pagewww.instagram.com/spiritairlines
Youtube page www.youtube.com/@spiritairlines

Amenities by Spirit Airlines terminal Philadelphia

Below mentioned are some of the at airport services provided by Spirit Airlines terminal Philadelphia. This will help you have a trouble-free in-flight experience with the airlines.

Flight Reservations

The flight reservations can be done at the PHL Spirit Airlines terminal or via visiting the official website of the airline. Whilst the online option offers passengers convenience and comfort, the offline option might be a little hassle. If you book ahead of time, you have the opportunity to book yourself a preferred flight along with a preferred seat. However, if you choose to book at the airport, you might get what’s available and not what’s wanted by you. So, choose wisely, and plan ahead of time depending upon your scheduled departure. 

Flight Cancellations

Spirit Airlines allows its passengers to cancel their reservations in case of emergencies or other such scenarios. The flexibility to cancel a ticket, however, may come with a price. Not all cancellations are subject to a full refund or a compensation/cancellation fee. Depending upon your airfare type, destination, etc you can contact the customer care representatives of Spirit and know about the cancellation policy. It’s crucial to note that the airlines only accept your full refund request when the reason for cancellation meets the criteria of their policy. 

Seat Upgradations

More legroom, extra comfort, and enhanced in-flight experience is what we desire, as a passenger. And, you can get it all at once, if you purchase a seat upgrade with Spirit Airlines, during the time of booking or upon your arrival at the Spirit Airlines terminal PHL. As the airlines randomly assign you seats, if you wish to sit on a preferred seat, you have to pay for it during the check-ins at the airport. The price of the upgrade entirely depends upon the destination you are flying to, such as if it’s a long-haul flight or a short-haul. 

Check-in Options

Just like any other leading airlines, Spirit offers a few ways for passengers to check-in for their scheduled departure with the airlines. The options include, online check-in via the official Spirit website and offline check-in at the check-in counters of PHL Airport Spirit Airlines terminal. Whilst the online check-in offers comfort and convenience to the passengers, and can be done at the ease of their homes, offline check-in requires passengers to arrive quite early for completing the pre-boarding procedure. 

Baggage Allowance

Spirit Airlines allows for a generous baggage allowance to its passengers departing from the Spirit Airlines Philadelphia terminal. This ensures that you are able to carry the essentials along with you, if not the extras. The baggage allowance with Spirit differs from class to destinations, etc. As the upper class passengers are allowed to carry more than the lower class passengers. So, it’s better to check with the airlines itself, to get a clear idea of your particular baggage allowance. 

Pet Travel Services

The passengers are allowed to carry their domesticated pets on flights with Spirit Airlines Philadelphia terminal. The pets include domestic dogs, domestic cats, household birds, and household rabbits, except locations such as Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and U.S.V.I. Spirit does not require a pet health certificate from passengers when the pet is travelling in the cabin, except for travellers travelling in U.S.V.I. in order to carry your pet along with you, you must follow the below mentioned rules: 

  • The pet that is being carried, should not be younger than 8 weeks. 
  • The pet should be harmless and must not require attention during the flight. 
  • The pet won’t be allowed if it’s violent, physically distressed, sick, or ill. 
  • The pet carrier, in which the pet is being carried should not weigh more than 18 kgs.
  • You along with your pet won’t be allowed to sit on the flight’s first row and emergency exit row as well. 
  • Spirit only accepts service animals on its flights to international destinations and not otherwise. 

Lost and Found Desk

The lost and found desk located at the Spirit Airlines terminal PHL helps passengers deal with issues related to delayed baggage, damaged baggage, and lost baggage. If the passengers meet with such circumstances at the airport, it’s crucial to contact the personnels available at these counters and get timely assistance during your presence at the airport. To help the airline staff find your luggage, you can keep note of the identification details and other such factors which may help in finding the luggage. 

Information Counters

Whether you look forward to planning a seamless trip or are just confused about the directions to reach your designated terminal at the airport, you can always seek information and get your queries resolved at the information counters of Spirit Airlines, where an airline representative is always available at your service to assist you in any travel related factor. The information counters also help you with reservations, cancellations, seat upgrades, and suggest you with buying the best deals and offers available. 

Special Assistance Service

Spirit Airlines PHL terminal provides special assistance to passengers who require it before boarding the flight, during the journey, and till they reach their final destination. If you require wheelchair assistance you can follow the following procedures: 

  • On the official website of Spirit, head to the passenger section and tap on “Add” right besides “Additional info”. Here you’ll be able to see and select the type of wheelchair you require.
  • If you request wheelchair assistance upon arrival at the airport, you can do so at the check-in counters of Spirit, and the airline will ensure to provide it within 20 minutes of requesting. 
  • The airline will assist you in case you require assistance during the time of check-in boarding, drop off and pickup of your baggage, undergoing TSA Precheck, to the washroom, etc. 
  • If you book assistance during the flight, an airline personnel will check you in 30 minutes. 

Unaccompanied Minor Service

Spirit Airlines Philadelphia terminal has very strict rules and regulations regarding unaccompanied minor service, as to ensure that the children or the minors are having safe travel with the airlines. So, children who are less than four years of age, are not allowed to travel alone, at least a co-passenger of minimum 15 years of age should accompany the infant. Children aged 5 to 14 years can avail the unaccompanied minor service, only if they are travelling on direct flights with the airlines, and not connecting flights. 

In addition to that, children aged 15 or older can avail the service on an optional basis. However, if he or she is travelling alone, then he must provide the identification details such as photo id proof and birth certificate to verify their age.


This segment contains all the information about what terminal is Spirit Airlines at PHL, giving passengers an insight to the services and the facilities provided by Spirit at its designated terminal. It’s always preferable that the passengers adhere to the rules, restrictions, and guidelines of the airlines to ensure a safe and sound travel. Additionally, double checking your terminal with the airlines can benefit too, as it may change at any given time, and is subject to availability. Furthermore, we believe that you are now equipped with all the information you may need for your air travel. Happy travelling with Spirit!

Spirit Airlines PHL Philadelphia International Airport Location Map

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is Spirit Airlines at PHL?

Spirit Airlines uses Terminal D at Philadelphia International Airport.

Which is Spirit Airlines Philadelphia terminal arrivals?

Spirit Airlines handles its arrivals at Terminal D, Philadelphia International Airport.

Which is Spirit Airlines terminal PHL departures?

The departure of Spirit Airlines takes place at Terminal D PHL.

Does Spirit Airlines Philadelphia terminal provide counter check-ins?

Yes, Spirit Airlines passengers can check-in for their scheduled departure flights at the counter of Spirit, located in Terminal D, Philadelphia International Airport.

Is there unaccompanied minor service at Spirit Airlines PHL terminal?

Spirit Airlines provides unaccompanied minor service to passengers aged between 5 to 14 years, who are travelling alone on international or domestic flights with the airlines.

Does Spirit Airlines terminal Philadelphia allow pets on its flights?

Yes, Spirit Airlines allows pets on its flights to certain destinations, but it’s restricted on the others. It’s better to check with the airlines or the destination you are travelling to.

Are there inter-terminal transportation options at PHL Spirit Airlines terminal?

The passengers can move between the terminals at PHL using the airside shuttles which are interconnected with all the terminals at the location.

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