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Orlando International Airport

If we talk about Orlando International Airport (MCO) then we must consider it as one of the busiest airports in Florida and the 10th busiest in the United States, handling over 50 million passengers annually. The airport is a hub for several airlines including Spirit, Southwest, Frontier Airlines. And serves as a focus city of JetBlue Airways. Spirit Airlines MCO Terminal for arrivals is Terminal A, whilst Terminal B is used to handle the departures of the airlines. Both the Terminals are located on the opposite sides of the same building, making it easier for passengers to access the areas at a walking distance.

One crucial aspect that demands your attention as you prepare for your Spirit Airlines flight at Orlando International Airport, is Terminal information. The procedure from check-in to boarding can be seamless and trouble-free when you are armed with the accurate details. This guide to Spirit Airlines Orlando Terminal aims to shed light on the significant terminal information, minimising confusion and ensuring a smoother travel experience. Whether you are a frequent flyer or new to air travel, the following sections will aim on providing you with a successful air journey with Spirit. So, let’s get ahead and keep you well-informed about your Spirit Terminal at MCO.

Spirit Airlines Orlando Terminal Arrivals

Spirit Airlines uses Terminal A at Orlando International Airport for handling its arrivals. 

Spirit Airlines Orlando Terminal Departures 

Spirit Airlines operates its departures from Terminal A at Orlando International Airport.  

Levels at Spirit Airlines MCO terminal

Terminal A at Orlando International Airport consists of the following levels: 

  • Level one: The first level provides passengers access to ground transportation including, Car Rentals and 8A baggage claim area. The USO welcome centre is also located.
  • Second level: The second level is the pickup point for rideshare applications. Here, the baggage claim with Carouses 1 to 16 can be found.
  • Third level: This is the ticketing area, divided into two sections: ticket counters and boarding gates. Services such as food and retail concessions, restrooms, bars, and restaurants, lounges, nursing rooms, currency exchange services, etc. 
  • Boarding gates 1 to 29 on Airside 1 is located to the west. 
  • Boarding gates 100 to 129 on Airside 2 is located to the east by APM. 

It’s important to keep in mind that there are separate security checkpoints for both airsides.

Available Services at Spirit Airlines Orland`o Airport 

Below mentioned are some available services at the Spirit Airlines terminal of Orlando International Airport: 

Restaurants and foodShops and stores Wifi/Internet Access
ATMs and Banks Interfaith Chapels Information desks
Lost and foundLuggage storage Postal services 
Aviation authority Pet relief area Passport control 
Art program Airport hotelAirline lounges 
Child care rooms Kids play areaCharging stations 

List of Every Spirit Airlines Terminals Globally

Lounges at Spirit Airlines Terminal MCO

Airline lounges are available to eligible passengers travelling with Spirit Airlines from Orlando International Airport’s Terminal A. The passengers travelling on business or first class tickets, or passengers who are members of the frequent flyer club program, etc can access these lounges and enjoy the benefits that they provide. The lounges are as follows:

  • The Club at MCO
  • USO Welcome Center

Ways to Transfer between Spirit Airlines Orlando terminal 

The passengers can transfer between the terminals at Orlando International Airport by using the Automated People Mover (APM). This allows passengers access to the Main terminal and to the Airside Satellites 1 to 4.

Travel time: It depends upon the location or airside you are headed to.

Location: The APM Station is situated on Level 3 of the Main Terminal. 

Basic Information about MCO Spirit Airlines Terminal

Spirit Airlines operates from Terminal A at MCO for its arrivals and Terminal B for its departures. Both the terminals are located in the same building, The Orlando International Airport has two main terminals, Terminal A and Terminal B, which are also known as the North Terminal and the Main Terminal, respectively. 

Terminal A: Terminal A is used exclusively by Spirit Airlines and has 14 gates. It is located on the north side of the airport, adjacent to the parking garage, and is connected to the Main Terminal via a shuttle bus. The terminal features a variety of shops, restaurants, and services, including a currency exchange and ATM machines.

Terminal B: Terminal B is divided into two sides, A and B, and houses the security checkpoints and baggage claim areas. It is also home to a range of shops, restaurants, and services, such as car rental agencies, currency exchange, and ATMs.

Airport NameOrlando International Airport
Arrivals TerminalsTerminal A
Departures TerminalsTerminal B
Airport AddressOrlando International Airport, Orlando, Florida, USA
CountryUnited States
Airport Time ZoneAmerica/New_York
Official YouTubewww.youtube.com/@spiritairlines
Official Twittertwitter.com/SpiritAirlines
Official Facebookwww.facebook.com/SpiritAirlines
Official Instagramwww.instagram.com/spiritairlines

Facilities Provided By Spirit at Orlando International Airport (MCO) 

Spirit Airlines is a low-cost carrier that provides a variety of services to its passengers departing from or arriving at MCO Spirit Terminal A or B . This helps facilitate the travel plans of the passengers, meanwhile ensuring that their requirements are being fulfilled on time. Some of the facilities provided by Spirit Airlines at Orlando Airport are as follows: 

Spirit Ticket Booking at MCO 

There are several ways to book your reservation with Spirit Airlines at Orlando International Airport (MCO):

  1. Online booking: Passengers can book their tickets online through the Spirit Airlines website or mobile app. They can choose their travel dates, destination, and preferred fare type, and complete their booking with a credit card.
  2. Kiosk booking: Spirit Airlines has self-service kiosks located at MCO, which allow passengers to book their tickets and print their boarding passes. The kiosks are available 24/7 and accept credit cards and cash.
  3. Counter booking: Passengers can also book their tickets in person at the Spirit Airlines counter at MCO. This option is particularly useful for those who have questions about their itinerary or need assistance with their booking.
  4. Call centre booking: Spirit Airlines has a call centre that operates 24/7, which passengers can contact to book their tickets over the phone. This option is useful for those who prefer to speak with a customer service representative or need help with their booking.

Spirit Ticket Cancellation at MCO 

If you want to cancel your Spirit reservation in case of emergencies, Spirit Airlines allows you to do so by following any of the mentioned options Orlando International Airport (MCO:

  1. Online cancellation: Passengers can cancel their tickets online through the application of Spirit Airlines or their official website. They need to log in to their account, select the reservation they wish to cancel, and follow the cancellation instructions. The refund amount will depend on the fare type and cancellation policy.
  2. Counter cancellation: Passengers can also cancel their tickets in person at the Spirit Airlines counter at MCO. This option is useful for those who need assistance with their cancellation or have questions about their refund.
  3. Customer Care: Spirit Airlines’ call centre also provides cancellation services 24/7. Passengers can call the airline’s customer service hotline and request cancellation of their ticket. The refund amount will depend on the fare type and cancellation policy

Spirit Seat Upgradation at MCO 

The passengers can choose for their preferred seat at the time of booking only. However, if the passenger wishes to do so after booking the flight, they have got several options to choose from. Some of the ways to upgrade your seat at MCO Airport, includes: 

  1. Seat Selection at Booking: You can select your seat at the time of booking your flight with Spirit Airlines. This will give you the option to choose from different types of seats, such as Big Front Seats or Exit Row seats, which offer more legroom and other amenities.
  2. Online Check-in: If you haven’t already selected your seat during the booking process, you can do so during online check-in. Spirit Airlines allows passengers to check-in online 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. During this time, you can select a preferred seat upgrade for an additional fee.
  3. Upgrading at the Airport: If you haven’t upgraded your seat online or during booking, you can also upgrade your seat at the airport check-in counter or at the gate. The cost of an upgrade at the airport may vary depending on availability and the type of seat you are interested in.
  4. Spirit Airlines Credit Card: Spirit Airlines offers a co-branded credit card that allows cardholders to earn points and miles towards future flights, as well as other benefits such as priority boarding, free checked bags, and discounts on seat upgrades

Spirit Baggage Allowance at MCO

Spirit Terminal MCO Baggage counter is located in Terminal 1. The airline allows for a generous baggage allowance to its passengers flying domestically or internationally. Nevertheless, Spirit Airlines’ baggage allowance at MCO Airport, or any airport, varies depending on the type of ticket you have purchased and the size and weight of your baggage.

  1. Checked Baggage: Spirit allows up to five bags per passenger, with a maximum weight of 40 pounds and a maximum size of 62 linear inches (length + width + height). Fees for checked baggage vary depending on when and how you purchase the baggage allowance. Purchasing the baggage allowance during the booking procedure or online check-in is typically cheaper than purchasing it at the airport.
  1. Carry-on Baggage: Spirit allows one personal item, such as a purse or small backpack, for free. However, if you wish to bring a larger carry-on item, such as a suitcase, you will need to purchase a carry-on bag allowance. Carry-on bags must also meet size and weight requirements, with a maximum size of 22 x 18 x 10 inches (including handles and wheels) and a maximum weight of 40 pounds.

Spirit Airlines charges fees for checked and carry-on baggage, and these fees can vary depending on factors such as the time of purchase. It’s recommended to check the airline’s website for the latest information on baggage allowances and fees. 

Spirit Check-in Services at MCO 

There are numerous ways to check in for your Spirit flight at Orlando Airport:

  1. Online Check-in: This method allows passengers to check in online through the airline’s website or mobile application. Online check-in opens 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time and allows you to select a seat, purchase baggage allowances, and print your boarding pass or get it to your mobile phone.
  1. Self-Service Kiosks: Spirit Airlines has self-service kiosks situated at MCO Terminal that allow passengers to check-in for their flights, select seats, and purchase baggage allowances.
  1. Counter Check-in: If you wish to counter check-in for your flight, you can do so at the ticket counter of Spirit Airlines. It’s better to arrive at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure time if you plan to check in at the counter. 

Spirit Lost & Found Services at MCO

If you have lost an item on a Spirit flight or at MCO Terminal, you should immediately report the loss to the airline’s Lost & Found department. You can do this by filling out the Lost Item Report form on Spirit Airlines’ website or by calling the airline’s Lost & Found department. 

When reporting a lost item, be sure to provide as much detail as possible, including the flight number, date of travel, and a detailed description of the lost item. If the item is found, Spirit Airlines will contact you to arrange for its return. 

If you find a lost item at MCO Terminal, you should turn it into the airport’s Lost and Found department. MCO Terminal’s Lost and Found department is located on the A-side of the Main Terminal, Level 2, near the Checkpoint for Gates 1-59. 

You can also report a lost item to MCO Terminal’s Lost and Found department by filling out the Lost Item Report form on the airport’s website or by calling their department directly

Spirit Pet Travel Services at MCO

Spirit Airlines allows small pets to travel in cabins on certain flights, including those departing from MCO. To travel with your pet, you must ensure that it fits in a small carrier that can fit comfortably under the seat in front of you.

Passengers can bring a maximum of one pet carrier per person, and each carrier can only contain one pet such as dog, cat, rabbit, bird, etc. There is a fee for travelling with a pet in the cabin, and you must reserve a spot for your pet in advance.

It’s important to note that there are specific rules and requirements for cabin pet travel that must be followed, including providing proper documentation and ensuring that your pet is in good health and up-to-date on vaccinations. It’s recommended to review Spirit Airlines’ pet policy for cabin pet travel before booking your flight.  

Spirit Airlines Special Assistance at MCO 

Spirit Airlines provides special assistance to passengers with disabilities, including those departing from MCO. Passengers who require special assistance should notify the airline at the time of booking or at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure time. Some of the special assistance services that Spirit Airlines provides at MCO terminal include:

  1. Wheelchair assistance: The airline provides wheelchair assistance for passengers who require mobility assistance to move through the airport and board the aircraft.
  2. Special seating: Passengers with disabilities may request special seating arrangements, such as seats with extra legroom or seats that can be easily accessed.
  3. Boarding assistance: The airline provides priority boarding for passengers with disabilities, allowing them to board the aircraft ahead of other passengers. 

Spirit Unaccompanied Minor Service at MCO 

Spirit Airlines provides unaccompanied minor services for children travelling alone. The airline has specific rules for unaccompanied minors that must be followed to ensure the safety and well-being of the child. Children between the ages of 5 and 14 are considered unaccompanied minors on Spirit Airlines. The unaccompanied minor service provided by Spirit Airlines includes:

  1. Dedicated check-in: A Spirit Airline representative will acompany the minor throughout the boarding process at the airport and escort them to the gate.
  2. Supervised boarding: The child will board the aircraft with the assistance of a Spirit Airlines representative and will be supervised throughout the flight.
  3. Dedicated pick-up: The child will be escorted off the aircraft and will be released only to the designated parent, guardian, or authorised adult.

There is a fee for the unaccompanied minor service on Spirit Airlines, and the child must have all necessary travel documents and identification to complete the procedures and to get timely service before their flight departures or arrivals at the Orlando International Airport.


In conclusion, Spirit Airlines operates from Terminal A and B at Orlando International Airport.

The passengers travelling with Spirit airline can have access to a range of services and amenities, including baggage check-in, self-service kiosks, and priority boarding options. So, if you are also travelling with Spirit Airlines at MCO airport, all of these facilities will come in handy during the process. 

It’s preferable that the passengers keep in touch with the airline staff at the airport to get updated information about their arriving or departing terminal at the destination, as the terminals are subject to change at any given time. 

Spirit Airlines MCO Orlando International Airport Location Map

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Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is Spirit Airlines MCO Terminal Arrivals?  

Spirit Airlines arrives from Terminal A at Orlando International Airport (MCO).

What terminal is Spirit departing at MCO?

All the departures of Spirit Airlines take place from Terminal B at Orlando Airport (MCO)

What time does Spirit open at MCO?

The ticket counters of Spirit Airlines at Orlando International Airport open at 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. 

Can you walk from Terminal A to B at MCO?

As both the terminals are on opposite sides of the same building, it’s easy for the passengers to access the areas by walking.

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