Singapore Airlines CEB Terminal –  Mactan-Cebu International Airport 

Singapore Airlines CEB Terminal

Mactan-Cebu International Airport helps operate many domestic and Intercontinental airlines, including Singapore Airlines, which operates out of Terminal – 2 at the location. Singapore Airlines CEB Terminal – 2 popularly known for handling a foot traffic of over millions of passengers annually, offering passengers an easy gateway to their desired destinations. 

When you are travelling with Singapore Airlines to or from CEB, it becomes important for you to be known to all the important aspects of the airport as well as the airlines. This segment on what Terminal is Singapore Airlines at CEB will help you get a brief about the various services you can expect to get at Terminal – 2, by Singapore Airlines. 

A Brief Introduction to Singapore Airlines at CEB Terminal 

CEB Terminal – 2 is counted as one of the most high-tech terminals for the safety and excellent service it provides to its arriving or departing passengers. Here’s an overview of all you can get benefitted from at CEB Terminal – 2, by Singapore Airlines. 

Airport NameLapu-Lapu City Airport
Singapore Airlines CEB AddressLapu-Lapu Airport Rd
IATA Airport CodeCEB
Singapore CEB TerminalTerminal – 2
Airport Contact No.+1 718-244-4444
Working Hours24 hours
Official Website of Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines Arrival CEB Terminal 

Being opened in 2013, Terminal – 2 handles the arrivals of Singapore Airlines at Mactan-Cebu International Airport. The arriving passengers can expect various services at Terminal – 2 including ground transportation, baggage claim facilities, restrooms, etc. 

Singapore Airlines Departure CEB Terminal 

The departure terminal for Singapore Airlines at Mactan-Cebu International Airport is Terminal – 2, which leads passengers towards their designated boarding gates. It’s crucial to note that the passengers can only access the boarding gates only after completing the check-in process at the terminal.

Levels at Terminal – 2 CEB

Terminal – 2 consists of four concourses along with two concourses named Concourse A and  Concourse B. The levels at Terminal – 2 CEB are as follows: 

  • Level one: Level one is the arrivals area which handles all the requirements of the arriving passengers including ground transportation. 
  • Level two: Level two consists of some of the boarding gates for the passengers. 
  • Level three: Level three has a security checkpoints which divides the departure level from the concourse level. This level has various facilities including a faith chapel, wifi, shopping mall, and retail stores. Additionally this level provides access to the following concourses:
  • Concourse A: It has gates from A3 to A5. 
  • Concourse B: It consists of gates B20, B22-B38 and B41.
  • Level four: Last but not least, Level four is the check-ins area for the departing passengers, which consists of several security checkpoints. 

Basic Services At Singapore Airlines Terminal CEB

Terminal – 2 handles not only the operations of Singapore Airlines but also serves as a major hub to Delta Air. Furthermore, it provides various basic to advanced services to facilitate the experience of the passengers at the airport. 

Airport Plaza Paging Someone
Baggage StoragePet Relief Area
Lost & FoundTravelers Aid
Charging StationsWelcome Centre 
Information CountersAirport/Airline Lounges
Interfaith ChapelATMs and Banks
Medical OfficeCurrency Exchange Facilities 
Nursing StationsStores and Duty Free
Ticket Counters Restaurants, Food, and Cafes
Special Assistance Facilities Restrooms

List of Every Singapore Airlines Terminal Globally

Singapore Airlines Facilities at CEB Terminal – 2 

Singapore Airlines serves its passengers with the most up-to-date facilities at Terminal four, ensuring comfort in style. The passengers can look at the mentioned services below in order to benefit from the airlines. 

Ticket ReservationPet Travel Services 
Ticket CancellationSeveral Check-in Options
Seat UpgradationInformation Counters for Inquiries 
Several Check-in OptionsLost & Found Service 
Delayed and Damaged Luggage Service Immigration and Customs Services 

1.Reserve your Ticket

The passengers wanting to travel with Singapore Airlines can book themselves their desired class ticket via the official website of the airlines. Additionally, there are ticket counters located at Terminal – 2, CEB Airport which provides ticket reservation facilities to the passengers, regardless of the class they choose to travel in. the airline representative will fill you in with the required details, upon paying the asked fee, you are ready to fly with Singapore Airlines. 

2.Cancel your Ticket

Ticket counters at Terminal – 2 not only help passengers with the reservations, but also with the cancellations. So, if you need to cancel your flight with the airlines due to an emergency or for any other reason, you can do so at the ticket counter of the airlines. The airline representative will help you cancel your tickets and inform you if you are entitled to any compensation or a full refund of your unused ticket. 

3.Upgrade your Seats/Class 

Singapore Airlines CEB Terminal allows passengers to upgrade their seats with the airlines, if available. There are several seat upgradation options to choose from including first class, economy class, premium economy class, and business class. You can also purchase mySQupgrade, which allows you to upgrade class for a special price before 72 hours of your scheduled departure time. Furthermore, the passengers can also KrisFlyer miles to upgrade their seats with the airlines.

4.Check-in Options 

Singapore Airlines check in CEB is quite an easy task because there are several options available including self-service kiosk check-ins and counter check-ins. The first option allows you to check-in yourself while the second option allows passenger assistance with the check-ins. Nevertheless, in both the options there are representatives available at the location to help the passengers out in any scenario.  

5.Information Counters

There are information counters located at CEB Terminal – 2 which helps passengers with their individual airport requirements. The airline representative at the information counters provide assistance to the passengers regarding their air travel. This helps passengers get a clear overview of all the information they seek. So, if you are interrupted due to lack of knowledge at any point, you can directly contact the information counters at the location.

6.Lost & Found Service 

If the passengers have lost their baggage within the airport’s terminal or in-flight, they can seek assistance from the lost and found department of Singapore Airlines at Terminal – 2. Upon providing the right details about your luggage such as identification mark etc, the airline will look for your baggage and will ensure to reunite you at the earliest. 

Singapore airlines allows passengers to travel with their pets and carry them as a checked baggage as long as their pets are three months old. Nevertheless, if your flight is Boeing 737, the airline won’t accept your furry friends, due to lack of temperature controls in the cargo holds. The passengers must ensure to check the policy of the destinations they are flying to and from, as certain restrictions vary from country to country.  

8.Immigration and Customs 

Immigration and customs facility is readily available for passengers travelling Intercontinentally with Singapore Airlines. It’s crucial to keep all the required documents handy to go through the security check-ins for your Intercontinental flights and arrive at least three hours prior as the flights to Intercontinental destinations may require additional security check-ins including several other procedures. 

9.Unaccompanied Minor Service 

The unaccompanied minor service is mandatory for passengers aged from 5 to 12 years, travelling alone with the airlines and optional for passengers aged from 12 to 18. To book this service, the parents or guardians of the passengers are required to visit the local office of Singapore Airlines, fill a form, and pay the required sum of money. Furthermore, upon confirmation, the unaccompanied passenger will be assisted throughout by the airline staff. 

10.Baggage Allowance

Singapore Airlines provides a generous baggage allowance to all of its passengers, regardless of the class they are flying in. However, the upper class passengers are entitled to some additional baggage allowance. To get accurate information on the baggage allowance of the airlines, you can contact the customer care service as the allowance entirely depends upon your fare type, destination, and some other factors.

Boarding Details of Singapore Airlines at CEB

There are some crucial aspects of boarding which you need to consider at Mactan-Cebu International Airport’s Terminal four, if you are travelling with Singapore airlines. The factors are as follows: 

  • Unaccompanied passengers are given priority boarding by the airlines themselves. 
  • Plan to enter the security checkpoints at least 90 minutes prior to your Singapore Airlines scheduled flight departure time.
  • Ensure to arrive at your designated or assigned boarding gates at least thirty minutes prior to your Singapore Airlines flight.
  • If you are travelling with infants, small children, a co-passenger with limited mobility, or a passenger who seeks special assistance, you can look for pre-boarding services to board the flight before other passengers. 
  • If you are travelling in first class or business class with Singapore Airlines, you are already entitled to priority boarding, as an advantage given by the airlines. 

Ways To Get To Singapore Airlines CEB Terminal – 2

There are walkways manufactured within the airport, which allows passengers to move to and from all the passenger terminals at the airport. Additionally, there is an AirTrain available which runs every two to five minutes, providing passengers free services. The AirTrain Station is located besides the short-term parking at each terminal. If you are arriving from outside the airport, then you can come by bus, train, taxi, or rideshare services available in the city. 

Lounges Available at CEB Terminal – 2

There are several lounges available at CEB Terminal – 2 for the eligible passengers, which are as follows: 

  • Wingtips Lounge
  • Centurion Lounge
  • The Emirates Lounge
  • Air India Maharajah Lounge
  • The Residence by Etihad Suite
  • Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Club
  • Virgin Atlantic CEB Clubhouse
  • SWISS Business Class Lounge
  • SWISS First Class HON Lounge
  • The King David First Class Lounge
  • The King David Business Class Lounge
  • Etihad Airways First & Business Class Lounge

Hotels Near Mactan-Cebu International Airport 

There are several hotels located near Mactan-Cebu International Airport which are as follows: 

  • Hampton Inn NY-CEB
  • Radisson Hotel CEB Airport
  • Courtyard New York CEB Airport
  • Fairfield Inn New York CEB Airport
  • Hilton Garden Inn Queens / CEB Airport

Highlights of Content

We believe that we were able to give you clear insights on what Terminal is Singapore Airlines at CEB including all the information which will help ensure a seamless and comfortable experience at the airport. Furthermore, it is important for the passengers to get in touch with the airline staff to get updated information about their arrivals and departures at Mactan-Cebu International Airport. 


1. What Terminal is Singapore Airlines at CEB?

Singapore Airlines operates its arrivals and departures from Terminal – 2 at Mactan-Cebu International Airport (CEB). 

2. How to know what Terminal is Singapore Airlines CEB Terminal?

When you have reserved your seat with the airlines, you will receive a confirmation email by the airlines, in which your assigned Terminal is written as well. 

3. Are there any airport/airline lounges at Terminal – 2 CEB?

Yes, there are several airline/airport lounges available at Terminal – 2 CEB. 

4. Are car rental services available at Terminal  CEB?

Yes there are several car rental companies located at CEB Terminal – 2 which provides passengers easy access to the city. 

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