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When flying with Sichuan Airlines, passengers should always be aware of the terminal where they are arriving or departing. It assists you with the booking process and helps you plan an effective air trip. Being knowledgeable can answer all of your questions and clear up any confusion you may have regarding your path. Thus, familiarise yourself with the details of travelling with the airlines from terminal 1 of Ben Gurion International Airport by reading the guide to Sichuan Airlines TLV Terminal.

Sichuan Airlines TLV Terminal Arrivals

When Sichuan Airlines arrives at the Ben Gurion International Airport, it uses terminal 1. It offers family facilities, eateries, shops, and many carousels for baggage claim.

Sichuan Airlines TLV Terminal Departures

Sichuan Airlines departs from the Ben Gurion International Airport using terminal 1. There are numerous check-in desks, security checkpoints, airline lounges, and other amenities.

Services by Sichuan Airlines Terminal at TLV

Passengers at the Sichuan Airlines terminal of TLV are provided with an perfect range of services. The following are only a few advantages:

ATMs and BanksUnaccompanied Minors Luggage Storage 
Currency Exchange ServiceSeat Upgrades and Changes Self-Service Kiosks/Machine
Family RestroomsRetail Shops and StoresAirport Check-in Counters
Child Care ServicesFood and beverage OutletsLuggage Trolleys/Carts
Ticketing CountersMobile Charging Stations Lost & Found Department
Cancellations and Refunds Medical/Emergency ServiceInformation Counters/Desks
Check-in Options Baggage Wrapping Exceptional Care/Assistance
Wifi and Internet AccessFlight Status Trackers Departure/Boarding Gates

Complete List of Sichuan Airlines Terminals Worldwide

What Terminal is Sichuan Airlines at TLV?

Sichuan Airlines uses the terminal 1 at the Ben Gurion International Airport. It is a modern terminal that serves every passenger’s needs, regardless of their age.

Airport NameBen Gurion Airport
Sichuan Airlines TLV Address7015001, Israel
Airport CodeTLV
Sichuan Airlines TLV Contact No+972 3-975-5555
Sichuan Airlines TLV terminal arrivalsTerminal 1
Sichuan Airlines TLV terminal departuresTerminal 1
Working Hours24 hours
Official Sichuan Airlines
Sichuan Airlines Facebook
Sichuan Airlines Twitter
Sichuan Airlines Instagram

1. Book flights with Sichuan Airlines at the Terminal 1 of the Ben Gurion International Airport.

There are reservation or ticketing counters at the Sichuan Airlines TLV Terminal where travellers can obtain tickets to their preferred location. The smoothest and most seamless in-person booking experience is offered by the team. After locating a flight that suits your needs, you can finalise your booking by making the necessary payment and obtaining an email confirming your reservation.

2. Cancel flights with Sichuan Airlines at the Terminal 1 of the Ben Gurion International Airport.

When a passenger decides they no longer wish to fly with Sichuan Airlines, they can cancel their bookings at Sichuan Airlines terminal at TLV. You may learn more about compensation fees and refunds associated with cancellations by reading the airline’s cancellation policy. For the same, you can get in touch with the airlines by email or chat.

3. Upgrade your Sichuan Airlines seats for flights from the Ben Gurion International Airport Terminal 1.

Upgrades to a better seat provide travellers more legroom and more space, which is especially useful for lengthy trips. It is preferable to upgrade your seat when making your reservation if you want to enjoy a comfortable, opulent, and convenient flight. Afterwards, based on your preferences, you can upgrade at check-ins. Additional details can be found on the official airline website and at the reservation desks.

4. Check-in for your next scheduled departure with Sichuan at the TLV Terminal

Airport check-in counters and self-service kiosks are available at the Sichuan Airlines TLV Terminal to help travellers finish the pre-boarding process on time. Please arrive at the airport at least three hours before to your Sichuan Airlines scheduled departure time to ensure a smooth process. On the official Sichuan Airlines website, cancellation regulations are detailed.

5. Receive considerable baggage allowance for flying from the Ben Gurion International Airport Terminal 1.

Flying from the Sichuan Airlines terminal at TLV, customers must have a significant amount of luggage allowance. But the allowance is totally dependent on a few criteria. Therefore, read the airline’s baggage rules to find out your precise allowance and pack your bags, especially checked luggage, appropriately. Go to the Sichuan Airlines website and find the baggage allowance area to view your specific allowance.

6. Use the information counters/help desks of Sichuan Airlines at the TLV Terminal. 

At the airport terminal, the information counters assist travellers with their questions and clear up any confusion. You can find the information counters and get quick answers if you want to book a flight, find out more about the available seat upgrades, check in for your flights or just want to use any of the aforementioned services. Follow the signs at the airport to find the locations of the information counters.

The Sichuan Airlines TLV Terminal’s lost and found service helps travellers with problems pertaining to their luggage, including misplaced, delayed, or damaged goods. If any of the aforementioned problems arise, make your way directly to the lost and found counter, file a report, and inquire about how the airline personnel can assist you in resolving the matter. The airport’s arrivals and departures terminals are home to the lost and found desks.

8. Exceptional Assistance/Accessibility Service is available for travelers in need. 

Passengers in need can receive enhanced care and support at the Sichuan Airlines terminal at TLV. They can travel in luxury and with enough safety thanks to this service. To ensure that the agents are ready to meet you at the airport, it is imperative that you make reservations for this service well in advance. Find the airline’s customer care department for additional information. Make sure you get to the airport in advance of using this service.

Inter-terminal Transport at the Sichuan Airlines Ben Gurion International Airport Terminal 

The inter-terminal transport alternatives at the TLV are available to passengers who look forward to transferring between the terminals to access any services or board their connecting flights. Through the inter-terminal transfer, travellers can quickly and simply reach their destination without experiencing any delays or inconveniences.

Airport/Airline Lounges at the Sichuan Airlines TLV Terminal 

In the Sichuan Airlines terminal of the TLV, there are a few airport or airline lounges where travellers can enjoy special amenities including TVs, magazines, food, and drinks. It is imperative to bear in mind, though, that admission to these lounges is restricted to specific travellers or passengers holding specific memberships. If not, you can be eligible for fees or charges. To learn more about the process, speak with an airline employee.

Ground Transportation from Sichuan Airlines Terminal of Ben Gurion International Airport 

Ground transportation is available for passengers wishing to go within the city from outside Sichuan Airlines’ terminals at Ben Gurion International Airport. These could include ride-sharing services, public and private transportation, taxis, and buses. A number of rental car companies are located outside the terminals. Choose one of the aforementioned alternatives to get a ride to your target location based on your preferences and budget.

Sichuan Airlines (TLV) Ben Gurion International Airport Location Map


What terminal is Sichuan Airlines at TLV?

Sichuan Airlines uses the terminal 1 at the TLV. 

Which is the Sichuan Airlines TLV Terminal?

Sichuan Airlines operates from the terminal 1 of the Ben Gurion International Airport.  

Where are the Sichuan Airlines TLV terminal arrivals?

Sichuan Airlines uses the terminal 1 for its arrivals at the Ben Gurion International Airport. 

Where are the Sichuan Airlines TLV terminal departures?

Sichuan Airlines uses the terminal 1 for its departures at the Ben Gurion International Airport. 

What services are offered by the Sichuan Airlines terminal at the TLV?

Services such as flight reservations and cancellations, check-in options, seat upgrades and flight change, pet travel service, unaccompanied minor service, information counter, lost and found counters, etc, are available to passengers at the Sichuan terminal of the TLV. 

Does the Sichuan Airlines terminal offer wifi or internet access at the TLV?

Sichuan Airlines terminal offers passengers wifi and internet access at the TLV. 

Does Sichuan Airlines offer passengers accessibility service from the TLV?

Sichuan Airlines offers accessibility services to its passengers from the TLV terminal 1. 

Does Sichuan Airlines offer unaccompanied minor service at the Ben Gurion International Airport?

Yes, minors travelling without their parents can avail of unaccompanied minor services on flights with Sichuan Airlines from the Ben Gurion International Airport terminal 1. 

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