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Air travelers often encounter various confusing situations during their journey, which can result in disappointment and disrupt their plans. At Heathrow Airport, Saudia Airlines takes care of passengers’ concerns and ensures a pleasant travel experience before boarding.

Passengers traveling with Saudia can use this page to easily navigate the terminal and its services. This information can also come in handy in case of any unforeseen trouble during the journey.

Overview of Saudi Airlines at LHR Terminal 

Saudia Airlines, Heathrow Airport AddressHounslow TW6 1QG, United Kingdom
Saudia Airlines Contact Number0844 335 1801
Saudia Airlines IATA CodeSV
Saudia Airlines ICAO CodeSVA
Saudia Airlines Ticket Counter Hours:Daily 24 Hours
Saudia Airlines Official
Saudia Airlines Check-in:Terminal 4

Saudi Airlines Arrival LHR

Saudi Airlines uses Saudia Airlines LHR Terminal at Heathrow Airport for its arrivals. Clear signs at the terminal guide passengers to the arrivals area with baggage claim facilities.. 

Saudi Airlines Departure LHR

Saudia Airlines operates its departing carriers from Saudia Airlines LHR Terminal. At the departure terminal, the passengers can check-in for their respective flights and lead towards their assigned boarding gates.

Basic Services at Saudia Airlines LHR

Saudi Airlines provides a wide range of services at Heathrow Airport to cater to passengers’ in-flight and at-airport needs. Some of the basic services at Saudia Airlines LHR Terminal 4 includes:  

Flight Reservations

Passengers have two options to book their tickets with Saudia Airlines. Customers have two options to make their reservations with Saudia Airlines. Firstly, they can visit the official website, fill in the required details, and pay the necessary fees to book their reservation online. Secondly, if they need to make a last-minute reservation, they can visit the Saudia Airlines LHR Terminal and meet an airline representative at the ticket counter to book their reservation in person.

To cancel a reservation with Saudi Airlines, passengers should visit the ticket counters and follow the instructions provided by the airline representative. Upon cancellation, you will be informed of your eligibility for a compensation amount or refund, which is subject to various factors.

Seat Upgradations are an opportunity for passengers who wish to have a comfortable and relaxed flying experience with Saudi Arabian Airlines. All you have to do is enter your reservation details in the official website of Saudi Airlines, enter your upgrade offer, pay for the offered upgrade and wait for the confirmation from the airlines itself. The passengers who are Alfursan members can also upgrade using miles, as these members are entitled to several benefits including global lounge access and reward tickets, etc. 

Saudi Check-in Options 

Passengers who have a reserved e-ticket with Saudi Arabian Airlines can proceed with web check-in for their international or domestic departures with the airlines. It’s crucial to note that the check-in is open to passengers from 48 hours to up to 1 hour before their scheduled departure time. Additionally, if you choose to check-in at the airport, make sure to arrive at least 2 hours prior and to keep your documents handy in order to complete the check-in on time and to

Saudi Pet Travel Services

Pets with a valid health certificate are allowed to travel with the passengers on Saudi Airlines flights, only if they are being carried in a caged carrier. Furthermore, the passengers can also get themselves registered with the Saudi Ministry of Environment in order to complete the proceedings. It’s the passengers responsibility to contact the authorities of the country they are visiting from Heathrow Airport in order to extract the accurate policies. Additionally, the passengers must note that their pets should not require additional attention, must be odourless and harmless during the flight. 

Unaccompanied Minor Service

Children aged less than 5 years old are allowed to travel only with a responsible adult in a Saudi Airline flight. The parents or guardians who seek unaccompanied minor service are required to provide the required documentation for the child, including identification proof and any other necessary documentation. Once the minor has reached the airport, the airline staff will accompany the minor at every step of the check-in process tills/he has boarded the flights. 

Additional Facilities at Saudi Airline LHR

Saudi Airlines caters to the needs of the passengers at the airport, which is why it provides all kinds of services at Heathrow Airport, helping passengers with all their at-airport and in-flight requirements. Some of the basic services at Saudia Airlines LHR Terminal includes:

  • Airport/Airline Lounges: there are several airport/airline lounges opened at Saudia Airlines LHR Terminal, which provides passengers with a comfortable and relaxing environment. Passengers can enjoy multiple amenities here such as complimentary meals, refreshments, access to free wifi, and other such business facilities. It’s always better to check with the airline to know about the eligibility criteria of the lounges. 
  • Special Assistance Facility: Saudi Airlines makes it easier to travel for the passengers who require special assistance during the process. So, if you or your co-passenger is an elderly person, disabled, or a person with reduced mobility, you can seek assistance from the airline. The passengers can pre-book special assistance such as wheelchair assistance. This allows the airline staff to be readily available when you arrive at the airport. 
  • Food and Dining Options: there are several restaurants and cafes located at the airport which allows passengers to grab a quick bite before or after their flights. These places have got a lot of food options and beverage options to choose from, serving different tastes and preferences of the passengers.
  • Currency exchange/ATMs: international passengers often seek services such as currency exchange and ATMs at the airports, in order to retrieve cash. The currency exchange services at Saudia Airlines LHR Terminal allows the arriving or departing passengers to conveniently change their currency and withdraw cash, safely at the location. 
  • Information Desks: There are several information desks located at Saudia Airlines LHR Terminal, in which there are experienced airport/airline staff. The knowledgeable staff helps passengers with their travel related queries at the airport. Furthermore, if the passenger seeks any other assistance, which is in the hand of the staff, it’s good to request them for the same. 


Saudia Airlines LHR Terminal – Heathrow Airport is Saudia Airlines LHR Terminal which provides passengers with numerous day-to-day services. If you are a Saudi Airline passenger arriving at or departing from this airport, you can expect to be showered with professionality at every procedure of your boarding process. Nevertheless, if you have any queries regarding your travel plans, feel free to seek assistance from the representatives available at the airport. 

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Saudia Airlines LHR Terminal Heathrow Airport Terminal Map Location

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is Saudi Arabian Airlines at Heathrow Airport?

Saudi Arabian Airlines operates its arrivals and departures at Saudia Airlines LHR Terminal, Heathrow Airport.

Does Saudi Arabian Airlines provide unaccompanied minor service at Heathrow Airport?

Yes, Saudi Arabian Airlines provides unaccompanied minor services at Heathrow Airport. 

What are the options to book Saudi Airlines tickets at LHR Terminal?

The passengers can either book a ticket online via the official website of Saudi Airlines or by visiting the ticket counter at LHR Terminal 4.

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