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Entebbe International Airport

Getting particulars about RwandAir EBB Terminal helps passengers not only with their arrivals but also with their departures. It is a considered fact that there are several things to note when it comes to air travel. To avoid the unfortunate possibility of being stuck in a situation where your travel plans are affected, it’s better to be well-prepared in advance. Right from ticketing services to special assistance and unaccompanied minors, let’s see what Rwand Air at the Entebbe International Airport Terminal 1 offers you. 

RwandAir EBB Terminal Arrivals

Terminal 1 at the Entebbe International Airport operates its arrivals from RwandAir.

RwandAir EBB Terminal Departures

Terminal 1 at the Entebbe International Airport operates its departures from RwandAir.

Assistance by RwandAir Terminal at EBB

RwandAir terminal at the Entebbe International Airport is a modern and well-equipped facilitation, which offers passengers numerous facilities and services. You can expect the following assistance from Rwand Air:

ATMs Food and Drink Outlets Airport/Airline Lounges 
Banks Baby Changing Rooms Information Counters 
Wi-Fi Access Quiet Seating SpacesLost and Found Service 
Currency ExchangeSelf-service Kiosk MachinesBaggage Storage/Wrapping 
Mobile Charging Points Boarding/departure Gates Accessibility Services 
Ticketing Counters/DesksPet-friendly Travel ServiceLuggage Carts & Trolleys 
Airport Counter Check-ins Unaccompanied Minors Seat Upgrade/Change Options
Flight Status Trackers In-flight Entertainment Medical/Emergency Services

List of All RwandAir Terminal Worldwide

Detailed View of What Terminal is RwandAir at EBB

Airport NameEntebbe International Airport
RwandAir EBB AddressKampala Road, Entebbe, Uganda
Airport CodeEBB
RwandAir EBB Contact No.+256 760 664352
RwandAir EBB terminal arrivalsTerminal 1
RwandAir EBB terminal departuresTerminal 1
Working Hours24 hours
Official RwandAir
RwandAir Twitter Page
RwandAir Facebook
RwandAir Youtube
RwandAir Instagram

Book a flight with RwandAir at the EBB Terminal 1

There are ticket counters at RwandAir EBB Terminal which offers flight booking services to travelers. You can fly to several destinations with Rwand Air from the Entebbe International Airport Terminal 1, depending upon your preferences. 

Further instructions and particulars can be found on the customer service desk of Rwand Air at the airport’s terminal and on the official RwandAir website. 

Cancel a flight with RwandAir at the Entebbe International Airport Terminal 1 

Travel plans can change at any given time, given the spontaneity of things. Passengers who are no longer required to fly with RwandAir can head towards the reservation desks to cancel their flight ticket for flights from the Entebbe International Airport Terminal 1. 

You can learn about the cancellation policy of RwandAir at the information counters and you can go through the details on the official website of RwandAir as well. 

Check-in easily with RwandAir at the EBB Terminal 1

Travelers can get a few options to check in for their flights from the RwandAir terminal at EBB. The options include Airport counter check-in and Self-service kiosk check-in. You can choose any of the mentioned options to complete the procedure. 

RwandAir may allow check-in online. Please talk with the airline personnel for details about the same. 

RwandAir Baggage Allowance for Flights from Entebbe International Airport Terminal 

RwandAir offers a generous baggage allowance to all of its passengers flying from the EBB Terminal 1. This allows them to pack their stuff freely and carry it to their final destination without any hassle of deciding what to leave behind. 

You can go through the baggage policy of RwandAir to learn about your particular allowance and pack accordingly. Seek help from the assistants available at the airport’s terminal. 

Information Counters/Help Desks of RwandAir for immediate assistance 

The information counters at the RwandAir EBB Terminal are your one-stop spot to deal with issues related to your air travel. Whether it’s about learning any policy, availing special services, or just needing directions to your preferred destination. 

The personnels available at these counters will provide you with immediate assistance and instant answers. So, whenever you need one, head to these counters. 

Pet travel service: Take your furry pets along with you on RwandAir Flights

RwandAir allows live animals on its flights to or from the EBB Terminal 1, which means you do not have to leave your pets behind, while you explore the world. Reserve your pets with RwandAir, pay the required sum of money, and confirm pet travel. 

To go through the pet travel policy of RwandAir, please talk with the airline personnels for an in-person experience or visit the official website of the airline. 

The lost & found department of RwandAir terminal at Entebbe International Airport deals with issues related to luggage, whether it’s delayed luggage, damaged luggage, or lost luggage. You can report your issue to the executive at this counter to help you with the procedure and get immediate assistance. Rest assured, the airline will do its best to reunite you with your luggage in case of lost items and provide assistance in case of delayed and damaged luggage issues. If you want to talk on call or chat, you can look for the number on the official airline’s website. 

Accessibility Services if you require additional care/attention from RwandAir 

Accessibility services or special assistance are available to passengers who require additional care or attention during their air travel with the airlines. The passenger or the responsible person for the passenger needs to book this service well ahead of time to get proper and timely assistance. You can look for the related service on the official airline’s website. And, if you can visit the airline’s office at the airport’s terminal, there can be no better alternative. So, make sure you follow the right procedure and get the bookings done right on time. 

Unaccompanied Minor Service for your minors traveling alone with RwandAir 

Unaccompanied minor service is given to minors traveling from the RwandAir EBB Terminal in the absence of their parents, legal guardians, or any responsible adults. Minors aren’t allowed to travel alone with RwandAir and should necessarily be booked under unaccompanied minors. It’s crucial to book this service before your scheduled departure with the airlines, allowing them to arrange an escort for your children right at the airport.

RwandAir (EBB) Entebbe International Airport Location Map


Which is RwandAir EBB Terminal?

RwandAir uses the Terminal 1 at the Entebbe International Airport. 

What terminal is RwandAir at EBB?

RwandAir is located at the Terminal 1 of the Entebbe International Airport. 

Which is the RwandAir EBB terminal arrivals?

RwandAir operates its arrivals from the Terminal 1 at the Entebbe International Airport. 

Which are the RwandAir EBB terminal departures?

RwandAir uses the Terminal 1 of the Entebbe International Airport for handling its departures. 

What services are offered by RwandAir terminal at the EBB?

Ticket booking and canceling, check-ins and seat upgrades, baggage services, special assistance, unaccompanied minors, wifi and internet, lost and found, etc services are given to passengers by RwandAir at the Terminal 1 of the Entebbe International Airport.

Is the RwandAir Terminal 1 or the Terminal 2 at the Entebbe International Airport?

RwandAir is located at the Terminal 1 of the Entebbe International Airport and not the Terminal 2. 

Does RwandAir Entebbe International Airport terminal offer wifi or internet access?

Yes, RwandAir offers Wi-Fi and internet access to its passengers at the Entebbe International Airport terminal. 

Does RwandAir offer reservations/cancellations at the EBB terminal?

Yes, passengers can book flights at the ticketing counters of RwandAir at the Entebbe International Airport Terminal 1. 

Are accessibility services provided at the RwandAir Entebbe International Airport terminal?

Yes, accessibility services are given to passengers at the RwandAir Entebbe International Airport Terminal 1. 

Can I take my pet on RwandAir flights from the EBB Terminal 1? 

Yes, you are allowed to carry your pets on RwandAir flights from the Terminal 1 of the Entebbe International Airport. 

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