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The detailed overview of PAL Airlines YNP Terminal helps travelers through every step of their journey, starting right from booking flight reservations to boarding your flights. Such details not only facilitate your time at the airport but also in flight by enlightening you about the smallest piece of information that you may be forgetting but is interestingly necessary for your trip. So, hang on and see how you can make your journey worth it with PAL Airlines. 

PAL Airlines YNP Terminal Arrivals

PAL Airlines operates its arrivals at the Terminal 1 of the YNP. Upon deboarding their flights, passengers can retrieve luggage from the baggage claim carousels in this area.

PAL Airlines YNP Terminal Departures

PAL Airlines operates its departures at the Terminal 1 of the YNP. Passengers can locate check-in counters, self-service kiosks, security checkpoints, and boarding gates in this area. 

Conveniences by PAL Airlines Terminal at YNP

PAL Airlines terminal at the Natuashish Airport offers multiple services to passengers, facilitating their time at the airport and during the flight. Here are some of the offered conveniences:

Check-in ServicesRetail StoresFlight Information Displays
Baggage DropAirport LoungesBoarding Gate Services
Security ScreeningVIP ServicesIn-Flight Entertainment
Restaurants and CafesWheelchair AssistanceCabin Crew Assistance
Currency ExchangeFamily ServicesFood and Beverage in-flight
Lost and FoundPet ServicesAirline Loyalty Programs
Duty-Free ShoppingWifi Services In-Flight Wi-Fi Services
Customs and ImmigrationMobile Charging StationsBaggage Carts/Trolleys
Information DesksBusiness CentersLuggage Storage Facility 
Ground TransportationMedical Facilities Ticketing Counters 
Cancellations and Refunds Self-service Check-ins Information Counters/Desks 

List Of All PAL Airlines Terminal Worldwide

Abstract of “What terminal is PAL Airlines at YNP?? 

PAL Airlines uses the Terminal 1 at the Natuashish Airport. it is one of the few terminals at the airport that offers multiple passenger-centric services to travelers. 

Airport NameNatuashish Airport
Airport CodeYNP
PAL Airlines YNP Terminal ArrivalsTerminal 1 
PAL Airlines YNP Terminal DeparturesTerminal 1
Airport AddressNatuashish, NL A0P 1A0, Canada
Official PAL Airlines Site
Contact NumberN/A
PAL Airlines Instagram
PAL Airlines Facebook
PAL Airlines Twitter page
PAL Airlines LinkedIn
PAL Airlines YouTube

Book an instant flight reservation with PAL at its Natuashish Airport Terminal 1.

Need to book a flight reservation with PAL Airlines but don’t know the correct procedure? Don’t worry! The airlines have got you covered at its Natuashish Airport ticketing counters. All you have to do is visit the desks, talk with an airline personnel about your requirements, and confirm your preferred flight seat. Alternatively, you can also use the official website of PAL Airlines to search and book flights. 

Don’t want/need to travel anymore? Simply head towards canceling your booking. 

Passengers without needing or wanting to fly from PAL Airlines YNP Terminal can book their flight reservations at airline ticketing counters. To cancel your flight, visit the desks with your travel documentation and reservation details. On the contrary, review their cancellation policy before making any decision, as it enlightens you about any compensation fee you are entitled to or a refund you may be eligible to procure. 

Check-in for your flight departures with PAL Airlines at the Natuashish Airport Terminal 

Self-service kiosks and airport check-in counters are available at the PAL Airlines terminal at YNP, which allows passengers to check in for their scheduled departures. You can consider arriving at least two and a half hours before departure to go through the procedures and board your flights without any trouble. Alternatively, you can also use the official site of PAL Airlines to check in for your flight. This option usually opens 24 hours before your flight departs. Talk with an airline executive for more or further information. 

Upgrade Seats with PAL Airlines to fly with comfort, convenience, luxury, and additional services. 

For flights from the PAL Airlines YNP Terminal, passengers can avail of seat upgrades to fly with extra in-flight amenities, which include enhanced seating space, extra legroom, complimentary food and drinks, binge-watching options, etc. Seat upgrades cost more than the regular airfares, but the facility is worth the money. Upgrades are available when booking a flight or at the check-in counters. Talk with the airline staff regarding the availability and type of upgrades available. 

Learn about the Baggage Allowance on PAL Airlines for flights from the Natuashish Airport.  

Passengers can take one carry-on luggage and one personal item on PAL Airlines flights, which should not exceed the dimensions 45 in/115 cm and the weight of 15 lb/7 kg. In addition, passengers can carry the following items on board: 

Small handbagCoat, wrap, or blanket
Laptop with caseA walking stick or a pair of crutches
Reading materialsA small camera or a pair of binoculars

Apart from carry-on luggage, passengers can carry the following checked baggage allowance on PAL Airlines flights. 

To/from Hawaii: Piece System

Mabuhay (Business) Class
Baggage Allowance2 pieces
Maximum dimensions62 in/158 cm
Maximum weight of each piece of luggage70 lb/32 kg
Fiesta (Economy) Class
Baggage Allowance2 pieces
Maximum dimensions107 in/273 cm total, no piece exceeding 62 in/158 cm
Maximum weight of each piece of luggage70 lb/32 kg

To/from the USA (except Hawaii), Canada, and Guam: Piece System

Baggage Allowance2 pieces
Maximum dimensions62 in/158 cm
Maximum weight of each piece of luggage50 lb/23 kg
Fiesta (Economy) Class
Baggage Allowance2 pieces
Maximum dimensions107 in/273 cm total, no piece exceeding 62 in/158 cm
Maximum weight of each piece of luggage50 lb/23 kg

To/from other countries other than the USA and Canada: Weight System

Mabuhay (Business) Class66 lb/30 kg
Fiesta (Economy) Class44 lb/20 kg
Domestic flights on a Bombardier Q300 or Q40022 lb/10 kg.

Passengers can find airline information counters or help desks at the PAL Airlines YNP terminal arrivals and departures. Executives are available at these desks to assist passengers with their queries and confusion. Whether you need access to the lounges, avail of any facility, directions to your preferred location within the airport, information about inter-terminal transfers or ground transportation, or simply about your reservation, the personnel will provide you with the needful information, allowing you to get on your journey without any trouble.

The lost and found help is available at the PAL Airlines YNP terminal departures. Passengers who have lost their luggage, received damaged luggage, or have problems with delayed luggage can contact the lost and found desk. There are airline agents available to acknowledge your issue and provide help as soon as possible. Alternatively, the lost and found service is also available on the official site of PAL Airlines, where passengers can report their issues by filling out and submitting a form online. It’s a must to provide accurate identification details of your luggage and follow up with the airline after you have reported a lost item.

Avail of Unaccompanied Minor Service for your child travelling alone with PAL Airlines 

Children traveling alone from the PAL Airlines YNP Terminal must avail of unaccompanied minor service, as the airline does not allow kids to travel without their parents, guardians, or any legal adult. The responsible person for the child must book this service in advance, allowing the airline to arrange an escort upon your child’s arrival at the airport, which will further assist him with the pre-flight procedures during the flight and till he is handed over to the said person on his destination airport. This way, parents and the child can ensure a safe and secure travel with PAL Airlines. 

Get Special Assistance from PAL Air if you require additional care and support during travels. 

Numerous special assistance or disability support services are provided to passengers at the PAL Airlines terminal at YNP, such as wheelchair assistance, stretcher service, oxygen masks, and other such things for passengers with additional needs and requirements. If you are one of the needy passengers, you can avail of this service before your scheduled departure with PAL Airlines. It gives you access to several facilities, such as priority boarding and pre-check-ins. You may be required to fill out forms and complete a few formalities to confirm this service. 

Want to know about PAL Airlines’ Pet travel rules, regulations, and restrictions? Read ahead.

The PAL Airlines YNP Terminal may allow pets to travel on flights to certain destinations. However, in some destinations, pet travel is strictly prohibited. There are specific guidelines for pet travel, such as the pet should be carried in an airline-approved pet carrier, he must meet the size and weight mentioned by the airlines, he should not come out of the carrier during the whole travel, and so on. Please talk with your airlines to retrieve further information on pet travel. The staff will comply with your requirements and provide you with the necessary answers. 

Guidelines for Parking at Natuashish Airport Terminal 

Valet parking, reserved parking, long-term parking, short-term parking, etc., are available options to park your wheels at the Natuashish Airport. While some options are available to passengers on the spot, others must be booked in advance. Further information is available at the information counters of the YNP Terminal, where you can talk with the agents. 

Information on Lounge Access at Natuashish Airport Terminal 

Lounge access is available to passengers traveling on a business class fare with PAL Airlines, which offers several facilities to departing travelers. Other passengers may be allowed in the lounges for a fee. You can talk with your airline to access lounges and its exclusive facilities.

PAL Airlines Natuashish Airport YNP Location Map

Need-to-Know FAQs

What terminal is PAL Airlines at YNP? 

PAL Airlines uses the Terminal 1 at the Natuashish Airport. 

Which terminal handles PAL Airlines’ arrivals at the Natuashish Airport?

The Terminal 1 handles PAL Airlines arrivals at the Natuashish Airport. 

Which terminal handles PAL Airlines’ departures at the Natuashish Airport?

The terminal handles PAL Airlines departures at the Natuashish Airport. 

What amenities are offered at PAL Airlines’ terminal of the YNP?

Facility to book, cancel, and manage flights, check-in, upgrade seats, avail of special assistance, unaccompanied minor service, etc, is available to passengers at the PAL Airlines’ terminal of the YNP.

Is wifi or internet available at the PAL Airlines terminal at the YNP?

Yes, passengers can access wifi and the internet at the PAL Airlines terminal of the YNP.

 Is PAL Airlines at the Terminal 1 or the Terminal 2 of the Natuashish Airport?

PAL Airlines operates flights to and from the Terminal 1 of the Natuashish Airport, not the Terminal 2.

What ground transportation options are available at PAL Airlines Natuashish Airport Terminal?

Ground transportation options such as car rentals, bus service, taxi service, rideshare options, public and private transport, etc are available to passengers from the PAL Airlines Natuashish Airport Terminal.

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