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Los Angeles International Airport

Air travel is all fun and games until you encounter a situation which may affect your travel plans badly. It can be anything when you are not fully prepared about what to notice and what not, as there are multiple things to consider all at once. At Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) is where Lufthansa is based.

You can use this go-to guide on Lufthansa Airlines Terminal – TBIT, Los Angeles International Airport as your primary source of information about everything related to your air travel with the airlines, right from reservations up until you reach your destinations.

Lufthansa Airlines Los Angeles International Airport Terminal Information

AirportLos Angeles International Airport 
AirlinesLufthansa Airlines
Airport Address1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045
CityLos Angeles
CountryUnited States
Contact Number(855) 463-5252

Services Offered by Lufthansa Airlines at Terminal – TBIT, Los Angeles International Airport 

Lufthansa never fails to impress its passengers which is visible in multiple basic to advanced services provided by the airlines at Los Angeles International Airport, Terminal – TBIT. These services are readily available at the terminal, providing passengers an opportunity to instantly fulfil their individual needs before their departing flights or after their arriving flights at the airport. 

  • Post Office
  • Meeting points
  • Dressing Rooms 
  • Baggage Trolleys
  • Shops and Duty Free
  • Check-in Facilities
  • Hotel Information
  • Medical Services
  • Ticket Reservations
  • Ticket Cancellations
  • Class Upgradations 
  • Baggage Allowance
  • Restaurants and cafés
  • Lost & Found Services
  • Meet-and-greet Service
  • Bank and Currency Exchange
  • Conference & Exhibition Services
  • Delayed and Damaged Baggage Services
  1. Lufthansa Airlines (LAX) terminal arrivals

Lufthansa Airlines operates from the Terminal – TBIT, at (LAX). The arriving area of the terminal provides passengers with several facilities including baggage claim services, access to ground transportation and caters to the individual basic needs of the passengers. The arrival terminals are equipped with the modern amenities one expects at the airport. 

  1. Lufthansa Airlines (LAX) terminal departures

The departure terminal for Lufthansa Airlines at the Los Angeles International Airport is the Terminal – TBIT. This terminal’s departure area leads passengers towards their assigned boarding gates from where they can board their respective flights with the airlines. The departure terminals provide various services to the passengers. 

  1. Lufthansa Airlines Ticket Reservations at Terminal – TBIT, (LAX)

Passengers who look forward to flying with Lufthansa Airlines To and From Los Angeles International Airport can book their reservations at the Terminal – TBIT ticket counter. An airline representative is always available at your service to provide you assistance regarding reservations at the destination. Ensure to have all the documents handily available to have a seamless reservation experience. 

  1. Lufthansa Airlines Ticket Cancellations at Terminal – TBIT, (LAX)

You can either cancel your Lufthansa Airlines ticket online by visiting the official website of the airlines or visit the ticket counter of Lufthansa at Terminal – TBIT, (LAX) and contact the customer care who will assist you regarding the same and inform you in case you are entitled to a refund or a cancellation compensation fee. 

  1. Check Lufthansa Airlines flight Status at Terminal – TBIT, (LAX)

The passengers can check their Lufthansa Airlines flight status on the official Lufthansa Airlines flight, as well as at the airport. There are banners manufactured at the airport which showcases the flight status of the airlines which are about to depart or arrive at the destination. This ensures that passengers are on time for their flights with Lufthansa at the Los Angeles International Airport.

  1. Pet Travel Policy of Lufthansa Airlines at Los Angeles International Airport, Terminal 

It’s better to visit the official website of Lufthansa Airlines to get updated information about their pet travel services to and from Los Angeles International Airport, as certain restrictions may apply depending upon the type of animal, size of animal, and various other crucial factors. Must note that the airline does not allow pets who may turn out to be dangerous to other passengers in flight. 

  1. Lufthansa Airlines In-Flight Services To and From Los Angeles International Airport

Depending upon your class type or destination, you are entitled to certain advantages given by Lufthansa Airlines on their flights from (LAX) terminal, the services may include access to wifi, food, and drinks, private cabins, and other such facilities. These services ensure a better and comfortable in-flight experience to the passengers, you may contact the airlines directly to seek any kind of assistance in-flight as well.  

  1. Lufthansa Airlines Check-in at Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 

Lufthansa provides its passengers with several check-in options at the Los Angeles International Airport, terminal. Frequent flyers will know how to use the self-service kiosks to check-in for their flights, while the newbies can seek assistance from the representative present at the terminal to check-in for their departing international or domestic flight from the airport.

  1. Car Rental Services Available at (LAX), Terminal 

There are numerous car rental companies which have counters situated at Terminal – TBIT (LAX) to provide passengers transportation services to and from the airport. This gives passengers an opportunity to access nearby activities and attractions, instantly. Additionally, there are taxi services, rideshare services, buses, trains, shuttles, and other sort of options available to and from the airport. 

  1.  Lufthansa Airlines Baggage Allowance at Terminal – TBIT, (LAX)

Lufthansa Airlines provides a generous baggage allowance to its passengers, pertaining to certain restrictions. The passengers can check their baggage allowance on the official website of the airlines by looking at the class type they are travelling on. Furthermore, if there is any additional information you need, contacting the airlines directly will work best on your part. 

Wrap Up

Lufthansa Airlines at Los Angeles International Airport provides international as well as domestic flights to different locations, these flights may be either connecting or direct, depending upon the availability of the carriers at the designated terminals. Lufthansa Airlines terminal at (LAX) provides one of a kind service to all its arriving and departing passengers. If you choose to fly with Lufthansa to and from the Los Angeles International Airport, you will surely be mesmerised by what the airline has to offer you for the rest of your journey. 


1. What terminal is Lufthansa Airlines at (LAX)?

Lufthansa Airlines operates out of Terminal – TBIT at Los Angeles International Airport. 

2. What terminal is Lufthansa Arrivals at (LAX)?

Lufthansa Airlines operates its arriving carriers at Terminal – TBIT at Los Angeles International Airport. 

3. What terminal is Lufthansa Departures at (LAX)?

Lufthansa Airlines operates its departing carriers from Terminal – TBIT to Los Angeles International Airport. 

4. Does Lufthansa Airlines provide in-flight entertainment?

Yes, Lufthansa Airlines often provides its passengers with in-flight entertainment, ensuring passengers are having a good time during their journey. 

5. Are there any car rental facilities available to and from Los Angeles International Airport?

There are several car rental facilities available to and from the Los Angeles International Airport. 

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