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Lijiang Airport

Passengers should be aware of the Loong Air LJG Terminal particulars, as it will help them plan a trip and execute it efficiently. It contains all the information related to their air travel, starting right from reservations, check-ins, seat upgrades, to pet travel, unaccompanied minors, special assistance, etc. When passengers are intact with the details, they can contribute to their air travel and facilitate their flying experience. 

Loong Air LJG terminal arrivals

Loong Air operates its arrivals at the Terminal 1 of the Lijiang Airport. The arrivals terminal consists of several baggage claim carousels, restaurants and shops, charging stations, etc. 

Loong Air LJG terminal departures

Loong Air operates its departures from the Terminal 1 of the Lijiang Airport. The departures terminal consists of several check-in counters, security checkpoints, departure gates, etc. 

Services by Loong Air terminal at LJG

  • ATMs and banking services for cash withdrawal and related transactions.
  • Restrooms for families or individuals traveling with children for added convenience.
  • Lounges within the airport or with airlines, providing an exclusive environment for travelers seeking a premium experience.
  • Emergency services available for urgent medical assistance or any other critical help.
  • Airport check-in counters offering support and assistance during the check-in process.
  • Self-service kiosks for independent completion of the check-in procedure.
  • Inter-terminal transportation facilitating movement within different airport locations. 
  • Car rental agencies situated outside the terminals, providing transportation to and from the city.
  • Business centers and meeting rooms for conducting important calls and emails.
  • In-flight entertainment options designed to enhance the overall travel experience.
  • Facilities and services such as luggage carts, trolleys, wrapping, and storage for passenger convenience.
  • Charging stations or outlets to help you charge your electronic devices for further use at the airport or in flight. 

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Passenger’s Guide to “What Terminal is Loong Air at LJG.”

Loong Air uses the Terminal 1 at the Lijiang Airport for its arrivals and departures. Below mentioned is the detailed overview of Loong Air at the LJG.

Airport NameLijiang Airport
Loong Air LJG AddressM68X+M69, Lijiang Arpt Expy, Gucheng District, Lijiang, Yunnan, China, 674199
Airport CodeLJG
Loong Air LJG Contact No+86 888 517 3081
Loong Air LJG terminal arrivalsTerminal 1
Loong Air LJG terminal departuresTerminal 1
Working Hours24 hours
Official Loong Air Email Address service@loongair.cn
Official Loong Air Websitewww.loongair.cn/
Loong Air Facebook Pagem.facebook.com/profile.php?id=265976526824551

Get Flight reservations with Loong Air from the LJG Terminal 1. 

Flight reservations are accessible to passengers at the Loong Air LJG Terminal. Passengers, along with their travel documents, can visit the airlines’ ticketing counters and get a flight seat to their preferred destination. Alternatively, travelers can use the official Loong Airlines site to book reservations. More information is available at the reservation counters, itself. 

Cancel flight booking with Loong Air from the Lijiang Airport Terminal 1. 

At the ticket counters of Loong Air terminal at LJG, passengers can cancel their flight bookings. Loong Air may have a 24-hour cancellation policy, which keeps passengers from paying any cancellation or penalty to the airline. Details about the airline’s cancellation policy are available on the official website. Alternatively, the Loong Air’s personnel at the information counters may also provide you with the information. 

Upgrade seats to fly with additional comfort and luxurious facilities/amenities. 

To upgrade your seats for added comfort and luxurious amenities when flying with Loong Air, consider contacting the airline associates available at the check-in counters of Loong Air at the LJG terminal if you haven’t upgraded during the flight booking procedure. Seat upgrades are associated with certain charges or fees, which the passenger needs to pay for confirmation. Get crucial seat upgrades from the airline’s official website or the airline representatives at the airport’s departure terminal. 

Check-in using several methods available at the LJG Terminal 1. 

The airport check-in counters and self-service kiosks at the Loong Air LJG Terminal offer check-in services to the passengers. There are associates available nearby to help passengers with the procedures in case of any confusion/queries. Alternatively, the airline may allow other check-in methods to travelers, about which you can talk to the airline personnel. Check-in information is also available on the airline’s official site. 

Avail of Special services or additional care at the Lijiang Airport Terminal 1

Passengers who require special attention or care during their flights are often looking for accessibility services by Loong Air terminal at LJG. It allows passengers to have a seamless travel experience. Accessibility services may include wheelchair assistance, escort assistance, oxygen masks, stretcher assistance, etc. Passengers need to book this service in advance, allowing the personnel to be readily available for you. 

The lost and found counters are also available at Loong Air LJG terminal arrivals and departures. Travelers can access this service if they encounter issues related to their luggage, such as lost, delayed, or damaged items. Travelers should report the matter immediately to airline personnel and receive assistance. Additional information and details are available on Loong Air’s official website. 

Receive answers to your queries from Loong Air’s Information Counters/desks. 

Whether you require access to the airline lounges or other exclusive services or want to book a flight reservation to any destination, the information counters at the Loong Air LJG Terminal will provide proper assistance and make sure you leave the counter satisfied. So, locate the information counters/help desks to resolve your queries, whatever situation you are in, or whatever service you require. The counters are available to passengers at the LJG arrivals and departure terminals. 

Pet travel services are available to passengers who want to carry their pets along

Pet travel services are available at the Loong Air LJG terminal departures for passengers who want to carry their pets. However, there are specific rules and restrictions attached to Loong Air’s pet travel service, which the passengers should follow. Ensure that you carry an airline-approved pet carrier and seek information beforehand to know whether your pet is eligible to travel on a flight. Seek further assistance from the airline executives.

Unaccompanied Minors: Use this for your minors traveling alone with Loong

Loong Air offers unaccompanied minor services to travelers flying alone from the Loong Air terminal at LJG. It allows minors to have an escort throughout their trip, who assist with the pre-boarding procedures, provide help in flight, and ensure the minor’s handover to his or her legal guardian or parent. The parents should necessarily book this service well ahead in time to ensure the airline personnel is available at the arrivals. 

Parking at Loong Air LJG Terminal 1 

Several parking options are available to passengers at the Lijiang Airport Terminal 1 of Loong Air, allowing passengers to pakr their wheelers in an appropriate manner. If you require more information on the available options, contact the airport authorities or visit their information counters. You may have the following parking options: 

  1. Valet parking
  2. Reserved parking
  3. Short-term parking
  4. Long-term parking 

Airline Lounges at Loong Air Terminal of LJG

The airline or airport lounges are available to passengers at the LJG Terminal 1, allowing them to access luxurious services and amenities. You can talk with your airlines about the available lounges and how you can access entry to the same. The associates or representatives available will assist you with the procedure.

Loong Air (LJG) Lijiang Airport Location Map

Information Hub!

What terminal is Loong Air at LJG?

Loong Air uses the Terminal 1 at the Lijiang Airport. 

Which is the Loong Air LJG Terminal?

Loong Air operates flights to and from the LJG Terminal 1. 

Where do Loong Air LJG terminal arrivals take place?

Loong Air operate its arriving flights at the LJG Terminal 1. 

Does Loong Air terminal at LJG offer wifi services?

Yes, Loong Air offers wifi and internet services to the passengers at LJG Terminal 1.

Where do Loong Air LJG terminal departures take place?

Loong Air operate its departures from the LJG Terminal 1. 

Does the Loong Air terminal at the LJG offer check-in options?

Yes, Loong Air offers airport counter check-in and self-service kiosk check-in at the Lijiang Airport Terminal 1. 

Where is Loong Air at the Terminal 1 or the Terminal 2 of the Lijiang Airport?

Loong Air operates its arrivals and departures at/from the Terminal 1 of the Lijiang Airport. 

What services are provided by Loong Air at the LJG Terminal 1?

Loong Air offers reservations, cancellations, check-ins, seat upgrades, unaccompanied minors, pet travel, special assistance, lost and found service, etc to passengers travling with the airline from LJG. 

Can I access lounges at the LJG Terminal 1 of Loong Air?

Certain class passengers such as passengers flying on an upgraded class ticket or passengers with frequent flyer program can access the lounges at LJG Terminal 1 of Loong Air. 

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