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John F. Kennedy International Airport

Terminal 5 at John F. Kennedy International Airport is a bustling hub that offers a unique travel experience to passengers. Operated by JetBlue Airways, Terminal 5, stands out with its modern design and innovative features. Serving as JetBlue’s primary terminal, it has gained a reputation for its efficiency and focus on enhancing the passenger journey. From its sleek architecture to its array of dining and shopping options, Terminal 5 provides a welcoming and enjoyable environment for travellers. In order to help you navigate the Jetblue Airways JFK Terminal 5 for your next departing flight, we have concluded all the crucial information that might come in handy. So, let’s get started.

JetBlue Airways John F. Kennedy International Airport Terminal Information

The grid displayed herein provides relevant information about the JetBlue John F. Kennedy International Airport terminal;

JetBlue Airways, Terminal,  John F. Kennedy International Airport AddressJetBlue Airways,  Terminal 5, John F. Kennedy International Airport, Queens, NY 11430, United States
JetBlue Airways CodeJFK
JetBlue Airways IATA CodeB6
JetBlue Airways ICAO CodeJBU
JetBlue Airways Ticket Counter Hours:Daily 24 Hours
JetBlue Airways Contact Number+1 718-244-4444
JetBlue Airways Official

General Information About Terminal 5 JFK Airport

Terminal 5 at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is an impressive and modern facility operated by JetBlue Airways. Known as T5, it offers a seamless and enjoyable travel experience for passengers. Below is a quick overview of Terminal 5 JFK: 

Amenities and Services

T5 boasts a wide range of amenities to enhance passenger experience. There are numerous dining options available, including restaurants, cafes, and bars, offering a variety of cuisines and styles to cater to diverse tastes. Retail shops offer an assortment of products, from fashion and accessories to books etc. 

JetBlue Experience

As JetBlue Airways’ primary terminal, T5 showcases the airline’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service. JetBlue’s self-service check-in kiosks to streamline the check-in process, saving time for passengers. The terminal also features JetBlue customer service counters for personalised assistance.

Security and Customs

Terminal 5 is equipped with state-of-the-art security and customs facilities to ensure passenger safety and expedite the screening process. Passengers can expect efficient security checkpoints and customs procedures, adhering to the airport’s standards.

List of Every JetBlue Airlines Terminal Globally

Connections and Transfers

For passengers with connecting flights, Terminal 5 offers convenient connections to other terminals at JFK. Clear signage and helpful staff make it easy to navigate the airport and reach connecting flights without hassle.

Jetblue Arrivals Level 

Terminal 5 consists of two levels, out of which the first level is the arrivals area. This level serves the arriving passengers of Jetblue Airways with numerous services and facilities to enhance their at airport experience. Furthermore, this level allows access to the AirTrain as well as to the Skywalk which lets the passengers access other locations within the airport. 

Jetblue Departures Level 

The departures area is the second level of Terminal 5,where passengers can check-in for their scheduled departing flights and move towards their assigned boarding gates. The departing passengers can find a variety of services at this level, which eases their process of check-ins. 

Transportation Between Terminals

All the terminals at John F. Kennedy International Airport are connected to one another by the AirTrain, which operates every two to five minutes through each of the terminals. The AirTrain also allows passengers to connect to the parking area, hotel shuttle, and rental car facilities and is located near the short-term parking area of each terminal.

Overall, Jetblue JFK terminal provides a modern, passenger-centric environment with a host of amenities, services, and efficient operations. So, it doesn’t matter if you are arriving, departing, or connecting at the terminal, you can expect a seamless experience at Terminal 5. 

Car Rental Facilities at Jetblue Terminal 5 JFK 

There are several Car Rental facilities available at Terminal 5 or any other terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport, this allows the passengers to access the nearby attractions and activities instantly. The options are as follows: 

Car Rental Services Contact Numbers 
Thrifty +1-800-331-3550
National +1-888-826-6890
Budget +1-800-527-0700
Enterprise +1-800-736-8222

Restaurants and Bars at Jetblue Airways terminal JFK

There is a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to dine at Terminal 5 JFK, as there are a lot of restaurants and bars which offer you multi cuisines along with some real fresh drinks and juices. Some of the options you’ve got includes: 

  • La Vie
  • Loft 
  • Piquillo
  • Starbucks
  • Away Cafe
  • Revolucion
  • H&H Bagels
  • Jamba Juice
  • Deep Blue Sushi
  • AeroNuova
  • Custom Burgers
  • Revolucion to GO
  • Baked by Melissa
  • Caribbean Kitchen
  • Lucy’s Asian Kitchen
  • World Bean Coffee Bar
  • Deep Blue on the Fly
  • New York Sports Grill
  • Artichoke Basille’s Pizza
  • Cibo Express Gourmet Market
  • Philly Cheesesteak/Pommes Frites

Overview of Jetblue Airways at John F. Kennedy International Airport

JFK serves as JetBlue’s primary hub, with the airline operating a substantial number of flights from Terminal 5. JetBlue offers a wide range of domestic and international destinations, connecting passengers to major cities across the United States, Caribbean, Latin America, and selected destinations in Europe. Being known for its focus on customer satisfaction, Jetblue ensures to provide attentive service at the modern and spacious terminal, Terminal 5. 

Jetblue Ticket Reservations 

Jet blue terminal at JFK offers several convenient options for ticket reservations. Whether you prefer online booking, in-person assistance, or contacting their customer support, JetBlue strives to provide a seamless and flexible experience for their passengers. Here are the main reservation options available:

  1. Mobile Application: JetBlue has a mobile app available for iOS and Android devices, which allows you to book flights, manage your reservations, check-in, and access various other features. The app provides a convenient and personalised experience for users on the go.
  1. Kiosks at JFK Terminal 5: Upon arriving at JFK Terminal 5, you’ll find self-service kiosks conveniently located throughout the terminal. These kiosks allow you to check-in, select or change your seat, and print your boarding pass. If you haven’t made a reservation beforehand, the kiosks also provide options for booking a flight.
  1. JetBlue Customer Support: If you prefer personalised assistance or have specific questions regarding your reservation, you can contact JetBlue’s customer support. They have a dedicated team available via phone, email, or live chat, ready to assist you with reservations, inquiries, or any other concerns you may have.

Jetblue Ticket Cancellations

JetBlue understands that travel plans can change, and they provide convenient options for ticket cancellations at JFK Terminal 5. If you prefer assistance with your cancellation or have specific questions, you can contact JetBlue’s customer support team. They have a dedicated support line available for cancellations, where you can speak with a representative who will guide you through the cancellation process, provide information on refund eligibility, and answer any queries you may have.

Jetblue Class Upgradations 

Jet blue terminal JFK offers several options for class upgrades, allowing passengers to enhance their travel experience with added comfort and amenities. Here are the main class upgrade options provided by JetBlue, which you can avail at the airport or online: 

  1. Mint Class Upgrade: Mint is JetBlue’s premium class offering available on select routes. It provides a luxurious and exclusive experience with lie-flat seats, enhanced legroom, premium dining options, dedicated onboard service, and various other amenities. Passengers can choose to upgrade their ticket to Mint class for an elevated travel experience.
  1. Even More Space: JetBlue’s Even More Space seats offer additional legroom and enhanced comfort in the economy cabin. These seats provide more space for relaxation and allow passengers to stretch out during the flight. You can upgrade to an Even More Space seat for an improved economy class experience.
  1. Upgrade at Check-In: Depending on availability, JetBlue offers the opportunity to upgrade your class during the check-in process. If there are vacant seats in Mint class or Even More Space, you may have the option to upgrade at a specified fee.

Jetblue Check-in Options

JetBlue provides various check-in options at JFK Terminal 5 to ensure a convenient and efficient process for passengers. Here are the main check-in options available to the passengers: 

  1. Online Check-In: Online check-in opens 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. Simply visit JetBlue’s website ( or use their mobile app, enter your booking details or login to your JetBlue account, and follow the prompts to complete the check-in process.
  1. Self-Service Kiosks: JetBlue has self-service kiosks located at JFK Terminal 5 to facilitate check-in. These kiosks allow passengers to check themselves in, select or change their seats, and print their boarding passes. The kiosks are user-friendly and provide step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process.
  1. Full-Service Check-In Counters: JetBlue operates full-service check-in counters at JFK Terminal 5, where you can receive assistance from airline staff. These counters are staffed by JetBlue employees who can help with check-in and answer questions. 

Jetblue Immigration Desk 

The JetBlue Immigration Desk at Terminal 5 of John F. Kennedy International Airport is where passengers arriving from international destinations go through the necessary customs and immigration procedures. After disembarking from their flight, passengers proceed to the immigration area located within the terminal.

The immigration area is well-organised and designed to accommodate the efficient processing of travellers. It features multiple immigration desks staffed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers who are responsible for verifying passports, visas, and entry documentation. The officers ensure compliance with immigration regulations and address any necessary inquiries or concerns.

It’s important to note that immigration procedures and requirements can change, so passengers are advised to stay informed about the latest guidelines provided by the U.S. government and consult official sources for the most up-to-date information before their travel.

Jetblue Baggage Drop-off

At JetBlue’s Terminal 5 in JFK Airport, passengers can take advantage of the efficient baggage drop-off area to check in their luggage before their flight. Located within the terminal, the baggage drop-off area is designed to facilitate a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Passengers are required to present their valid travel documents, including their boarding pass and identification, to the JetBlue representative at the baggage drop-off counter. It is important to have your luggage properly tagged with the appropriate baggage tags provided during the check-in process.

The JetBlue baggage drop-off at Terminal 5 JFK is designed to provide a convenient and efficient process for passengers to check in their luggage. By following the instructions provided by JetBlue representatives and complying with the baggage policies, travellers can have a seamless start to their journey.

Jetblue Additional Services 

These additional amenities and services are designed to enhance the travel experience for passengers at the airport. 

  • Charging stations: Convenient stations available for passengers to charge their electronic devices.
  • USO centre: A facility that provides support and services for military personnel and their families.
  • Restaurants, bars, and cafes: Various dining options available for passengers to relax and enjoy a meal or refreshments.
  • Family restrooms: Dedicated restrooms equipped with facilities for families travelling with children.
  • Medical offices: On-site medical facilities available to provide medical assistance if needed.
  • Travellers aid: Services and assistance provided to travellers who may require guidance or support.
  • Duty-free stores and shops: Retail outlets where passengers can shop for tax-free goods and souvenirs.
  • Welcome centre: An information centre that provides guidance and assistance to passengers.
  • Nursing suites: Private areas equipped for nursing mothers to breastfeed or pump milk.
  • Secure wrap: A service that securely wraps luggage to protect it during travel.
  • ATMs, banks, and currency exchange: Facilities for passengers to access money or exchange currency.

Jetblue T5 Things to Do 

There are numerous things to do at Terminal 5, offered by Jetblue Airways. This facility ensures that the passengers are having a good time at the airport until their flight departures. 

  • JetBlue’s Junior Play Space: It offers an interactive aviation-themed play area where children aged 2-12 can engage in pretend pilot activities and enhance their knowledge of air travel. Located at Gate 26, this dedicated children’s play area provides a fun and educational experience for young travellers. 
  • Enjoy at Be Relax: Experience ultimate relaxation at Be Relax, located at gate 6, the airport spa which offers a range of services including massages, manicures, pedicures, and beauty treatments. The operating hours are from 7:00am to 9:00pm, Tuesday to Saturday, and 9:00am to 7:00pm on Sundays and Mondays.
  • Be Lazy at The Grandstands: The grandstands at the T5 Marketplace offer an ideal spot for leisurely relaxation. With a panoramic view of the main entrance, you can enjoy people-watching while having access to plenty of electrical plugs for your electronic devices. It’s the perfect place to unwind and stay connected.
  • Unwind at the T5 Rooftop & Wooftop Lounge: This exclusive lounge provides an opportunity to enjoy fresh air and relaxation before your flight. With convenient access to electrical outlets and a designated dog walk area, it caters to the needs of all travellers. It is open daily from 6am to 10pm and is located across from Gate 28.

What are the ways to Get to JFK Terminal 5?

There are several ways to get to John F. Kennedy Airport Terminal 5, some of the options includes: 

  1. Car/Taxi: You can drive to JFK Terminal 5 using your own vehicle or hire a taxi or rideshare service. The terminal is easily accessible by following the signs for JFK Airport. 
  1. Public Transportation: The AirTrain JFK provides a convenient and cost-effective option to reach Terminal 5. You can take the AirTrain from various locations, including the Jamaica Station and Howard Beach Station.
  1. Bus: Several bus routes serve JFK Airport, including the NYC Airporter, which provides direct service to and from Manhattan. The NYC Airporter stops at each terminal, including Terminal 5, making it a convenient option for travellers.
  1. Private Shuttles and Car Services: Various private shuttle companies and car services operate to and from JFK Terminal 5. These services offer door-to-door transportation and can be pre-booked for added convenience.

What are the Parking Options at JFK Terminal 5?

The passengers who wish to drive to the Airport by their own vehicles, can access the various parking options available at the destination to park their wheelers. Some of the options are as follows: 

  1. Long-Term Parking: JFK Airport provides long-term parking facilities for extended stays. The Long-Term Parking Lot is located near Terminal 5 and offers affordable rates for travellers who need to park their vehicles for multiple days or longer durations.
  1. Short-Term Parking: If you are looking for parking for a shorter period, such as a few hours or a day, the Short-Term Parking Lot is a convenient option. It is located near Terminal 5, allowing for easy access to the terminal.
  1. Daily Parking: The Daily Parking Lot is another option for travellers who need to park their vehicles for a day or two. This lot is located near Terminal 5 and offers a balance between convenience and cost.
  1. Valet Parking: For added convenience, JFK Terminal 5 provides valet parking services. This option allows you to drop off your vehicle with a valet attendant near the terminal, and they will park it for you. When you return, your vehicle will be brought back to you at the designated pick-up area.


From the moment you step foot into our terminal, you can enjoy the convenience of our online check-in and efficient baggage drop-off services, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free start to your trip. At JetBlue’s JFK Terminal, the staff understand that every aspect of your journey matters, which is why as you explore our terminal, you’ll discover an array of duty-free stores and shops, allowing you to shop for tax-free goods and find the perfect souvenirs.

JetBlue Airways JFK John F. Kennedy International Airport Location Map

Frequently Asked Questions:

What terminal is Jetblue at JFK?

Jetblue Airways operates its arriving and departing carriers to and from Terminal 5 at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). 

How do I make a ticket reservation with JetBlue at JFK Terminal?

You can make a ticket reservation with JetBlue at JFK Terminal by contacting their customer service. Additionally, ticket kiosks are available at the terminal for in-person reservations. 

Are there duty-free stores and shops at JFK Terminal for shopping?

Yes, there are duty-free stores and shops at JFK Terminal where passengers can shop for tax-free goods and find a wide range of products.

Are there baggage drop-off facilities at JFK Terminal for JetBlue flights?

Yes, JetBlue provides baggage drop-off counters where passengers can check in their luggage before their flight, within the terminal. 

What are the check-in options at JFK Terminal for JetBlue Airlines flights?

JetBlue provides various check-in options at JFK Terminal, including online check-in through their website or mobile app, self-service kiosks, and traditional check-in counters. 

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