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Zvartnots International Airport

Do you have your next departure or arrival at the Iraqi Airways EVN Terminal? If yes, you must know specific things about your terminal to help you quickly get inside or out of the airport. It includes information about check-ins, baggage claims, lost and found information counters, special or disability assistance, cancellations and refunds, seat upgrades, inter-terminal transfers, ground transportation, and so much more. All these factors contribute to an enhanced, comfortable, and luxurious travel experience. 

Iraqi Airways EVN Terminal Arrivals

Iraqi Airways uses the Terminal 1 for its arrivals at the Zvartnots International Airport. 

Iraqi Airways EVN Terminal Departures

Iraqi Airways uses the Terminal 1 for its departures at the Zvartnots International Airport. 

Services by Iraqi Airways Terminal at EVN

An exclusive range of services are offered to travelers at the Iraqi Airways terminal of the EVN. Some of the benefits include the following: 

ATMs and Banks Security Checkpoints Baggage Wrapping 
Currency Exchange Seat Upgradation OptionsLuggage Storage 
Family Restrooms In-flight Entertainment Lost and Found Department
Check-in CountersRetail Shops and StoresDisability Service/Assistance
Self-service Kiosks Duty-free ShoppingUnaccompanied Minors 
Ticketing CountersFood and Beverage Outlets Inter-terminal Transportation 
Cancellations & Refunds Wifi and Internet AccessCar Rental Agencies 
Passport Control FacilityKid’s Play AreasMeet and Greet Services
Ample Seating Space Business Centres/Rooms Emergency Medical Service

List Of All Iraqi Airways Terminal Worldwide

What Terminal is Iraqi Airways at EVN? 

Iraqi Airways uses the Terminal 1 for its arrivals and departures at the Zvartnots International Airport. It is one of the few passenger terminals available at the airport and offers several airport facilities to travelers. 

Airport NameZvartnots International Airport
Airport CodeEVN
Airport Address592X+QPJ, Yerevan, Armenia
Airport Contact Number+374 10 493000
Iraqi Airways EVN terminal arrivalsTerminal 1
Iraqi Airways EVN terminal departuresTerminal 1
Iraqi Airways Ticket Counter Hours24 hours a Day
Iraqi Airways Official
Official Facebook
Official Twitter
Official Youtube
Official Instagram

1. Flight reservations with Iraqi Airways at the EVN Terminal 1

Iraqi Airways EVN Terminal consists of the airline’s ticketing counters. There are airline agents available for passenger service. Regardless of where you want to travel, head to the counter, request a flight to that destination, submit the required documents, pay the associated fees, and confirm your reservation. On the other hand, you can use the official airline’s website to get yourself a reservation. 

2. Flight cancellations with Iraqi Airways at the Zvartnots International Airport Terminal 1

If your travel plans change and you no longer want to fly with Iraqi Airways, you can head to the reservation counters to cancel your ticket. The staff is available at the Iraqi Airways terminal at EVN and will assist you and inform you about their cancellation policy. In addition, you can review the same on Iraqi Airways’ official website or contact their customer service via chat or phone. The staff will readily assist you and help you make informed decisions. 

3. Check-in at Zvartnots International Airport Terminal for your flight departure with Iraqi Airways 

Passengers who need assistance during the check-ins can use airport check-in counters to complete the procedure and head to the security checkpoints. However, passengers who do not have any problem doing the check-ins independently can use self-service kiosks for the same. The check-in facility is also available on the official site of Iraqi Airways. So, whichever option seems feasible to you, you can forward that. If you have any questions, please contact your airline as soon as possible. 

4. Baggage allowance and restrictions by Iraqi Airways at EVN Terminal 

The Iraqi Airways EVN Terminal offers a generous baggage allowance to passengers traveling to and from the airport. Travelers should learn their particular allowance, rules, and restrictions attached to the luggage before their scheduled departure. It will allow them to pack smartly and avoid packing products that are prohibited on board. Passengers can check the airline’s baggage allowance or policy on its official website. The customer care representatives at the Zvartnots International Airport Terminal 1 also provide this information. 

5. Iraqi Airways Seat Upgradation Options at the Zvartnots International Airport Terminal 1

Want to fly with extra comfort and enhanced in-flight facilities? If yes, you can upgrade your seats at the Iraqi Airways terminal at EVN. Iraqi Airways offers travelers several seat upgrade options. Its facilities include complimentary meals and drinks, extra seating space, priority boarding, extra baggage allowance, and more. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your upgrade and have the best flying experience with Iraqi Airways. 

6. Iraqi Airways Help/Information counters at the Zvartnots International Airport Terminal 1 

Passengers can find the help desks or information counters at Iraqi Airways EVN terminal arrivals and departures. If you have any queries about your air travel or want information about specific policies and procedures, then information counters are your place to be. The agents present here are knowledgeable and resolve passenger’s queries with ease. So, if you do not want to interrupt your travel plans just because you get stuck at some point, head straight to the information counters for help. 

7. Iraqi Airways Lost & Found Department at the EVN Terminal 1 

The lost and found desk at the Iraqi Airways EVN Terminal helps passengers who encounter lost, delayed, and damaged luggage. If you fall under such circumstances, please report your issue to the agents here. You may be required to fill out certain forms and follow a few procedures at the desk. Rest assured, as soon as you report, the airline staff will make sure to reunite you with your luggage and provide assistance in case of delayed and damaged baggage. 

8. Iraqi Air Special Assistance for the passengers in need or disabled passengers 

Iraqi Airways wants all its passengers to travel comfortably and with less hassle, so it offers special assistance to each passenger who requires it. At the Iraqi Airways terminal at EVN, passengers can avail of wheelchair assistance, stretcher assistance, escort service, oxygen masks, and more. It is mainly for passengers who are disabled, have physical impairment issues, and cannot cover air travel on their own. 

Passengers are requested to book this service in advance, allowing the airline to be prepared upon their arrival at the airport’s terminal. Find more information about special assistance on the official website of Iraqi Airways or at the customer service counters of Zvartnots International Airport Terminal 1. 

9. Iraqi Air Unaccompanied Minors: For Minors traveling alone on the flight 

At the Iraqi Airways EVN terminal departures, minor travelers can avail of unaccompanied minor services. This service provides an escort for the minor traveling alone, who will help the minor go through the check-ins and security checkpoints, board the flight, and disembark the plane with proper safety and security. Parents and guardians of the minor should book this service for their child if he is traveling in their absence. 

For more information on unaccompanied minor service, please talk with the passenger-centric service desks available at the Zvartnots International Airport Terminal 1 or look for the same on the official website of Iraqi Airways. 

10. Iraqi Air Pet Travel Services for passengers who want to bring their pets along 

Iraqi Airways may allow passengers to bring their pets along on flights to or from the Iraqi Airways EVN Terminal at particular destinations. However, in some destinations, pet travel is strictly prohibited. If you want to travel with your pets, you can talk with the responsible authorities of Iraqi Air and gather more information. Please follow the rules, regulations, and restrictions attached to pet travel to avoid any unnecessary hassle and trouble at the last minute. Information about pet travel is available on the official airlines’ website. 

Alternatively, if you are looking forward to an in-person experience, you can find the information counters of Iraqi Air at the Zvartnots International Airport Terminal and seek answers to your questions. 

Iraqi Airways Zvartnots International Airport Map

Recent Q/A!

What terminal is Iraqi Airways at EVN?

Iraqi Air uses the Terminal 1 at the EVN.

Which is the arrivals terminal for Iraqi Airways at the EVN?

The arrivals terminal for Iraqi Airways at the EVN is Terminal 1.

Which is the departure terminal for Iraqi Airways at the EVN?

The departures terminal for Iraqi Airways at the EVN is Terminal 1.

Does the Iraqi Airways EVN Terminal provide Wi-Fi or internet?

Iraqi Airways offers wifi and internet access to its passengers at the Zvartnots International Airport Terminal 1, allowing them to take important calls, texts, and emails.

What services are Iaqi Airways offering at EVN Terminal 1?

Reservations, cancellations, check-ins, refunds, seat upgrades, pet travel, unaccompanied minors, special assistance, lost and found, etc, are some services offered by Iraqi Airways at the Zvartnots International Airport Terminal 1.

Can I check in at the airport for my scheduled departure with Iraqi Airways?

Passengers can use the self-service kiosks or airport check-in counters to check in for their Iraqi Airways flight from the Zvartnots International Airport Terminal 1.

Can I cancel my flight reservation with Iraqi Air at the Zvartnots International Airport Terminal?

Passengers can cancel their reservations at the Zvartnots International Airport Terminal 1 of Iraqi Airways.

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