IrAero Airlines YKS Terminal – Yakutsk International Airport

Yakutsk International Airport

IrAero Airlines focuses on providing convenient and affordable air travel to its passengers, considering their requirements throughout the journey. When you depart or arrive from the IrAero Airlines YKS Terminal, it becomes significantly important for you to be aware of all the crucial aspects of flying to and from this location. This information is not limited to only knowing your arrivals/departures terminal, but also about the pre-boarding procedures, services, and amenities, departure gates, inter-terminal transfer, amongst others. 

IrAero Airlines YKS Terminal Arrivals

IrAero Airlines operates its arrivals at the Terminal 1 of the Yakutsk International Airport, providing passengers a quick and convenient way out of the airport. It is designed with baggage claim carousels, transportation options, information desks, lost & found, medical services, etc. 

IrAero Airlines YKS Terminal Departures 

IrAero Airlines uses the Terminal 1 at the Yakutsk International Airport for its handling of its departures. Here, travelers can complete the pre-boarding procedures by going through the check-ins and security checkpoints. Additionally, travelers can also access the lounges here. 

Service Offereded by IrAero Airlines YKS Terminal 

From providing basic medical assistance to helping them retrieve their lost luggage, there’s so much more in between, which IrAero Airlines provides to its travelers at the YKS Terminal 1. this allows the travelers to have an enhanced travel experience starting right from the terminal. The services include the following: 

ATMs and Banks Baggage Drop-off Duty-free Shops 
Retail Stores Restaurants and Cafes Currency Exchange
Information DesksBoarding Assistance Airline Lounges
Emergency Service Lost and Found Pet Relief Areas 
Rental Car Services Business Centre Security Checkpoints 
Luggage Wrapping Charging Stations Check-in Counters
Airline Reservation Desks Special Assistance Unaccompanied Minor 
Wifi/Internet Service Luggage Carts Child Care Rooms 
Kids Play Area Shuttle Service Flight Status Information 

Overview of What Terminal is IrAero Airlines at YKS

IrAero Airlines uses the Terminal 1 at the Yakutsk International Airport for both its arrivals and departures. The airlines provide nonstop and connecting flights, serving multiple destinations.

Airport NameMezhdunarodnyy Airport Yakutsk
Airport CodeYKS
Airport Addressплощадь Валерия Кузьмина, дом, 10, Yakutsk, Sakha Republic, Russia, 677014
Airport Contact Number+7 411 231-88-44
IrAero Airlines YKS terminal arrivalsTerminal 1 
IrAero Airlines YKS terminal departuresTerminal 1 
IrAero Airlines Ticket Counter Hours24 hours a Day
IrAero Airlines Official Website
Official Facebook
Official Instagram

List of IrAero Airlines Terminal Worldwide

Looking forward to flying with IrAero? Seamlessly Book a Flight from its YKS Terminal

IrAero Airlines provides its passengers with several ways to book a ticket to their preferred location. The options include, Offline reservation at the ticket counters of IrAero Airlines YKS Terminal or online reservation via the official website of IrAero. The most convenient option is to reach out to the reservation desks of IrAero Airlines located at the Terminal 1 of the Platon Oyunsky Yakutsk International Airport, meet an airline personnel, gather details about the availability of seats, select the flight seat, and confirm your reservation in person: A smart and hassle-free procedure. 

Next, travelers can opt for online reservations, which can be done by visiting the official IrAero website. Here, travelers can look for the available flight options depending on their needs and preferences and select the desired flight. 

Sudden Change of Travel Plans? Don’t Worry! Cancel your IrAero Reservation at Platon Oyunsky Yakutsk International Airport Terminal  

Given the fact that we can face unfortunate circumstances at any given time, it becomes quite necessary for us to change our travel plans with IrAero Airlines to or from the Platon Oyunsky Yakutsk International Airport terminal. To proceed with the same, travelers can visit the airlines’ reservation desk and request a cancellation for their ticket. The staff available at these counters will inform you about the procedure, policies, and the fees or penalties attached to voluntary cancellation. 

You are required to pay the cancellation fee (if any) to the airlines to complete the process. Additionally, you may also be entitled to a full refund of your ticket, about which the staff will inform you and make sure you get your money credited to your original method of payment. 

Expedite the Check-in Process for your Next IrAero Airlines Flight from the YKS Terminal 1 

IrAero Airlines offers its travelers several methods to check in for their scheduled departures; airport counter check-in, self-service kiosk check-in, and online check-in. Depending upon your choice, you can move forward with any of the procedures. Whilst the airport counter check-in can be done with the help of airline personnel at the airport, self-service kiosk check-in can be done independently. On the other hand, online check-ins are done at the official website of IrAero Airlines. It’s mandatory to arrive at the airport on time to complete the pre-boarding procedures and to retrieve your boarding pass. 

IrAero Airlines Baggage Weight, Size, Quantity from the Yakutsk International Airport Terminal 1

IrAero Airlines offers a generous quantity to its passengers when it comes to baggage. However, there are certain weights, sizes, and other restrictions attached to the same. The travellers, before packing can look forward to getting in touch with the customer care service of IrAero Airlines YKS Terminal to talk about their respective allowance. The allowance differs on several factors such as the type of reservation bought, the destination you are traveling to, or if you are a member of any frequent flyer program, etc. So, before directly heading to pack anything and everything, ensure that you are aware of the given rules and regulations by IrAero. 

Find Assistance from IrAero Airlines Information Counters at the Yakutsk International Airport Terminal 1

At IrAero Airlines, passengers can seek assistance from the airline’s Information Counters located at the IrAero Airlines terminal at the YKS. These counters serve as hubs of essential information, providing travelers with guidance on flight schedules, boarding gates, baggage services, and other inquiries. IrAero Airlines’ courteous staff members are readily available to assist passengers, ensuring a worry-free travel experience for all. Whether you need directions, flight updates, or general assistance, the Information Counters are there to help, embodying IrAero Airlines’ excellent customer service.

Deal with Delayed, Damaged, and Lost Baggage at Iero Airlines YKS Terminal 1

Unfortunately but common; we often have to deal with delayed, damaged, and lost baggage-related issues whenever we cover air travel with any airline, including IrAero Airlines. So, how do we deal with such a situation? Well, getting in touch with the lost and found department at the earliest helps in overcoming the circumstance and receiving immediate assistance. No matter if you incur this situation upon your arrivals or before your departures, you can always locate the lost and found department of IrAero Airlines and report the issue. Additionally, you can also locate the service on the official website of IrAero Airlines.

Familiarize yourself with IrAero Airlines Pet Travel Policy to fly from Yakutsk International Airport Terminal 1

Gone are those days when you had to leave your pets behind at home, whenever you were covering an air travel, because now you can carry your pets along, all thanks to the pet-friendly policy of IrAero Airlines. This allows travelers to transfer between different locations or destinations with their pets. However, there are certain rules and regulations that the traveler needs to follow such as, the pet should be carried in an airline-approved pet carrier, the traveler must provide the health documentation of their pet, the pet is not/should not be harmful to other passengers on the plane, and so on. It’s necessary to book your pet with IrAero beforehand. There may be certain fees associated with this service. Please ensure to contact IrAero Airlines to retrieve more information on their pet travel policies. 

Receive Special Assistance from IrAero Airlines at YKS Terminal 1

Special assistance is available for travelers with special or specific needs, such as disabled travelers, travelers with limited mobility, or travelers with other physical requirements by IrAero Airlines terminal at YKS. Before the scheduled departures, the traveler should book this service to get immediate assistance upon their arrival at the airport’s terminal. This allows for a smooth and easy transfer from one location to another. It’s important to inform the airlines about your requirements of such kind so that they can arrange the service for you. So, make sure to get in touch and learn how IrAero Airlines can help you travel worry-free. 

Unaccompanied Minor Service for Children Travelling Alone with IrAero Airlines 

The parents are often worried about their children getting along on flights, especially if the child is a minor. To banish this feeling, IrAero Airlines provides unaccompanied minor services for children traveling alone. This means that your child will have an escort throughout the journey, right from the moment he steps into the terminal, till he reaches his location. The parents/guardians/adults of the minor can book unaccompanied minor service from the official website of IrAero Airlines or get in touch with the airline via call or email or at the IrAero Airlines YKS Terminal. There may be additional charges associated with this service, so ensure to have information about that as well. 

Regardless of what your requirements are, it’s always best to contact the customer care representatives of IrAero Airlines to seek immediate and accurate information. You can always head to the airlines official website for extracting their contact information such as email, chat support, phone number, etc. 

IrAero Airlines Mezhdunarodnyy Airport Yakutsk Map

Frequently Asked Question:

What terminal is IrAero Airlines at YKS?

IrAero Airlines uses the Terminal 1 at the YKS. 

Where are IrAero Airlines YKS terminal arrivals?

IrAero Airlines uses the Terminal 1 for its arrivals at the Yakutsk International Airport.

Where are IrAero Airlines YKS terminal departures?

IrAero Airlines uses the Terminal 1 at the Yakutsk International Airport for its departures.

What services are offered by the IrAero Airlines YKS Terminal?

IrAero Airlines offers numerous services from the YKS terminal such as reservation and cancellations, check-ins, pet travel, special assistance, unaccompanied minors, etc.

Does the IrAero Airlines terminal at YKS provides airport counter check-in?

Yes, IrAero Airlines terminal provides an airport counter check-in option to its passengers.

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