GoJet Airlines BTV Terminal – Burlington International Airport

Burlington International Airport

Flying to and from the GoJet Airlines BTV Terminal can be hectic when passengers arrive at the airport unprepared as well as unplanned. However, if travelers are well-intact with their reservation details along with the terminals, it can help in easy navigation. So, considering the importance of knowing your terminals, it’s crucial that passengers get into the details, gain important insights, and enjoy their travel plans without any worries. 

GoJet Airlines BTV Terminal Arrivals

Arrivals for GoJet Airlines are located at Terminal 1 within Burlington International Airport, allowing passengers easy access to baggage claim carousels to retrieve their luggage and head out of the airport. 

GoJet Airlines BTV Terminal Departures 

GoJet Airlines operates its departures at Terminal 1 of the Burlington International Airport, giving passengers access to pre-flight procedures such as check-ins and security, lounge access, and baggage-related facilities. 

Guide to What Terminal is GoJet Airlines at BTV

As mentioned, GoJet operates its flying carriers from Terminal 1 of the BTV, giving passengers access to multiple services, allowing them to complete the pre-flight procedures and comfortably fulfill the post-arrival steps. Below is a detailed view of GoJet Airlines at its base in Burlington International Airport. 

Airport NameBurlington International Airport
Airport Address 1200 Airport Dr, South Burlington, VT 05403
GoJet Airlines BTV Terminal Arrivals Terminal 1
GoJet Airlines BTV Terminal Departures Terminal 1
GoJet Airlines IATA CodeG7
GoJet Airlines ICAO CodeGJS
CountryUnited States
Official GoJet Airlines Sitewww.gojetairlines.com
GoJet Airlines Facebook Pagewww.facebook.com/gojet
GoJet Airlines LinkedIn Page www.linkedin.com/company/gojet
GoJet Airlines Instagram Page www.instagram.com/gojet_airlines
GoJet Airlines Twitter Page twitter.com/GoJet_Airlines

Amenities by GoJet Airlines terminal at BTV

The arriving and departing passengers of GoJet Airlines can expect numerous amenities at the BTV to facilitate their journey. Some of the available amenities are as follows: 

ATMs Banks Currency Exchange 
Emergency Medical Services Ground Transport OptionsDisabled Passengers Support
Family RestroomsCheck-in Counters Baby Changing Rooms 
Food and Beverage OutletsShopping Malls and Stores Retail and Duty-Free 
Luggage Storage Ticketing Counters Cancellations and Refunds
Meet and Greet Sections Business Meeting Rooms Quiet/Ample Seating Spaces
Pet-friendly Travel Options Passenger-centric Service DeskWheelchair/Stretcher Help
Seat Selection Options Lost and Found DepartmentInformation Counters/Desks
Self-Service Kiosks Baggage Carts/Trolleys Multiple Boarding Gates 
Wifi/InternetAirline Lounges Children’s Play Areas

GoJet Airlines Terminals Around the Globe

Get a flight with GoJet at Burlington International Airport Terminal 1

Passengers can make a flight reservation at the ticketing counters of GoJet Airlines Burlington International Airport Terminal, at which the friendly staff of GoJet is ready to assist you with the reservation policies and will book one on your behalf as per your request. As a potential passenger of GoJet, you must visit the airlines’ ticketing counters with the identification documents needed to make a booking. This way, you can ensure an easy flight booking process with the airlines. 

Get a cancellation with GoJet at BTV Terminal 1

GoJet Airlines allows its passengers to cancel flight reservations in case their travel plans change last minute. However, as certain rules, restrictions, and regulations are attached to the airlines’ cancellation policy, passengers must adhere to it and then only move forward with their decision. The airline requests travelers to review the policies carefully in order to avoid any misunderstandings. 

Check-in for GoJet Airlines flights at GoJet Airlines BTV Terminal

At the GoJet Airlines Burlington International Airport Terminal, passengers can either check-in using the airport check-in counters or the self-service kiosk machines. Regardless of the option they move forward with, the staff of GoJet will always be available at your service, to assist you with the procedure and to answer your questions. Alternatively, GoJet may allow its passengers to check in using its official channels. Please get in touch with an airline executive to retrieve more information on the same. 

Baggage Allowance for your GoJet bookings from the BTV

Like any other leading airline, GoJet offers its passengers sufficient baggage allowance on flights from the BTV Terminal. The carry-on allowance is limited to one piece of carry-on baggage, which can be a laptop bag or a handbag. The checked luggage allowance is limited to only 32 kgs, which should not exceed the dimensions of 62 inches. Please talk with the responsible authorities for more details and particulars. 

Upgrade your Class/Flight Seats with GoJet Air to fly with comfort 

For flights from the GoJet Airlines BTV Terminal, the passengers can upgrade their class or seats to fly with comfort, convenience, and multiple additional facilities. If you also want to fly with extra legroom, spacious seats, and enhanced seating space, this is your chance to get seat upgrades with GoJet Airlines. So, as soon as you decide to fly with them, inquire about the upgrades they provide for a smooth journey. 

Additional Conveniences by GoJet at Burlington International Airport Terminal 

The airlines offer additional conveniences at their BTV terminal besides the basic services. For any concern, there are different counters at the GoJet Airlines terminal at BTV. Below are some of the extra facilities that you may want to have a look at: 

GoJet Information Counters or Help Desks

Whether you need information about your reservation and cancellation policies, want to know the procedure for seeking a refund, need directions to other locations within the airport, or simply need your way out, the information counters or help desks are your place to be. The experts at these counters are available from the first departure of the day till the last arrival to assist passengers with their queries and provide the necessary answers. So, feel free to connect with the executives, for any confusion you may encounter. 

GoJet Airlines Lost and Found Department 

The GoJet Airlines Burlington International Airport terminal is manufactured keeping in mind the needs of the passengers, which is why it consists of the airlines’ lost and found department to help passengers with their luggage-related situations. So, in case you receive damaged luggage, if your luggage is delayed, or if your luggage is lost, all you have to do is visit the airline’s lost and found desk, report your issue, and wait for the airline to revert with a solution. Don’t forget to fulfill the airlines’ requested procedures and formalities. 

Unaccompanied Minor Service by GoJet Air 

Unaccompanied Minors cannot travel solo with GoJet Airlines from the BTV Terminal, which is why the airlines offer unaccompanied minor service to those traveling solo. The person responsible for the minor must book him under UM to gain access to this service before his scheduled date of departure. The person must also provide details of the person handing over the child at the airport and the one receiving him on the other end. This way, both the child and the parent can be assured of the child’s safety and security. Further information is provided on the airlines’ official site and can be found at the airlines’ help desks. 

GoJet Air Special Assistance/Wheelchair Assistance 

From the GoJet Airlines BTV terminal departures, if passengers need assistance during their flights such as wheelchair assistance, stretcher assistance, or any other kind of escort services, it’s a must to get in touch with the airline, inform them about your needs, and avail of the service. As there is a limited number of accessible items, the passenger or the responsible person for the passenger must request assistance before the scheduled departure date, allowing the airlines to provide it on time. 

Parking at BTV Terminal 

From short-term and long-term parking to valet and reserved parking, the BTV is equipped with several parking spaces or garages. It allows passengers to drive themselves to the airport and park their vehicles in a safe space. There are fees or certain costs with the available options, about which the passenger can inquire right at the airport or by contacting the staff via their website or other official channels. As the space might get booked up, it’s crucial to pre-book the places that require a reservation beforehand. 

Airline Lounges at BTV Terminal 

Several airline or airport lounges are available to passengers at the BTV Terminal. However, these are only accessible to passengers traveling on a certain class ticket or to passengers who are members of frequent flyer programs offered by the airlines. If you want to access these lounges’ exclusive amenities, you can get a word with your airline executive and learn about the eligibility criteria to enter these lounges. 

They will enlighten you with accurate and updated details so you can get your hands on the lounges’ top-notch amenities. 

Ground Transport at Burlington International Airport Terminal 

Passengers wanting to visit the Burlington International Airport from the city or vice versa can look for some really affordable and safe traveling options such as taxi and rideshare options, public and private transportation, limousine services, etc. You can also find several car rental agencies operating offices outside the airport’s terminal, granting you access to vehicles to your desired location. 

Map Showing the Location of Burlington International Airport (BTV)

Learn the Basics! 

What terminal is GoJet Airlines at BTV?

GoJet Airlines uses the Terminal 1 at the BTV. 

Which is the GoJet Airlines terminal at the Burlington International Airport? 

GoJet Airlines’ terminal at the BTV is the Terminal 1. 

Which is the arrivals terminal for GoJet at the BTV?

The arrivals terminal for GoJet Airlines at the BTV is Terminal 1. 

Which is the departure terminal for GoJet at the Burlington International Airport? 

The departures terminal for GoJet Airlines at the Burlington International Airport is Terminal 1. 

What services are offered by GoJet Airlines at the BTV?

Ticketing, cancellations, check-ins, seat upgrades, WiFi, lounge access, special assistance, lost and found, unaccompanied minor service, etc, are some of the services offered by the GoJet Airlines terminal of the BTV.

Can I check in at the Burlington International Airport for my flight with GoJet Airlines?

Yes. The passengers can check-in at the Burlington International Airport for flights with GoJet Airlines, either at the airport check-in counters or at the self-service kiosks. 

Are airline/airport lounges available at the BTV Terminal? 

Several airlines operate lounges at the BTV Terminal, offering exclusive services to the passengers, such as complimentary meals and drinks, internet, showers, spas, etc. 

Is ground transport accessible from the GoJet Airlines Burlington International Airport Terminal? 

Yes. Multiple ground transportation options are accessible from the GoJet Airlines BTV Terminal, such as car rentals, taxis, rideshare, etc. 

Do GoJet Airlines offer lost and found help at the GoJet Airlines BTV Terminal?

Yes. Passengers can get lost and found help at the GoJet Air terminal of the BTV if they encounter issues such as delayed, damaged, or lost luggage. 

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