Flyadeal URY Terminal – Gurayat Domestic Airport

Gurayat Domestic Airport

The Flyadeal URY Terminal is a passenger’s point of arrival and departure, at which they can expect to complete the pre-flight procedures and move forward with the post-flight things. If you are also planning to fly with the said location, it’s important that you learn a few basic aspects about your air travel, that are not limited to knowing your airlines but also knowing your airport’s terminal. This way, you can ensure a safe, sound, and unforgettable travel experience with Flyadeal to and from the Gurayat Domestic Airport Terminal 1. 

Flyadeal URY Terminal Arrivals

To handle its arrivals at the URY, Flyadeal uses the Terminal 1. This terminal consists of baggage claim carousels, restaurants and shops, kid’s play areas, baby changing rooms, etc. 

Flyadeal URY Terminal Departures 

To handle its departures at the URY, Flyadeal uses the Terminal 1. This terminal consists of several check-in counters, security checkpoints, airline/airport lounges, boarding gates, etc. 

Conveniences by Flyadeal Terminal at URY

As the Gurayat Domestic Airport serves as a major hub for connecting passengers to multiple locations, it provides them with multiple needful facilities or conveniences. Some of these include the following: 

ATMs Banks Currency Exchange 
Wifi/InternetAirline Lounges Children’s Play Areas
Family RestroomsCheck-in Counters Baby Changing Rooms 
Luggage Storage Ticketing Counters Cancellations and Refunds
Self-Service Kiosks Baggage Carts/Trolleys Multiple Boarding Gates 
Food and Beverage OutletsShopping Malls and Stores Retail and Duty-Free 
Seat Selection Options Lost and Found DepartmentInformation Counters/Desks
Pet-friendly Travel Options Passenger-centric Service DesksWheelchair/Stretcher Assistance
Meet and Greet Sections Business Meeting Rooms Quiet and Ample Seating Spaces 
Emergency Medical Services Ground Transportation OptionsSupport to Disabled Passengers 

List Of All Flyadeal Airlines Terminal Worldwide

What terminal is Flyadeal URY Gurayat Domestic Airport

Flyadeal Air uses the Terminal 1 for its arrivals and departures at the Gurayat Domestic Airport. Below is a detailed structure of the airline and its operations. 

Airport NameGurayat Domestic Airport
Airport Address C75G+X3, Al Qurayyat 77623, Saudi Arabia
Airport CodeURY
Airport Contact No.+966 14 642 0009
Flyadeal URY Terminal Arrivals Terminal 1
Flyadeal URY Terminal Departures Terminal 1
Airport Time Zone24 Hours
Official Flyadeal Site
Flyadeal Facebook Page
Flyadeal Linkedin Page
Flyadeal Twitter Page

Assistance Offered to Travellers at Flyadeal Terminal of the URY

Apart from the above-mentioned conveniences, there are a few more necessary aspects of flying with Flyadeal from the Terminal 1 of URY, which you can have a clear look at below. 

Inquire about or book a flight reservation with Flyadeal

You can inquire about or get a flight reservation at the Flyadeal URY Terminal at the airlines’ ticketing counters. The airline personnels are available at the counter to assist you with your questions and provide a flight booking. All you have to keep in mind is to take out all the required travel documents and keep them handily available to hand over to the personnel. Also, please carry the accepted mode of payment for paying to book your seats with Flyadeal.

Learn about Flyadeal cancellations and refunds, or get one

The cancellation policy of Flyadeal is quite complex, which is why there are knowledgeable staff or executives present at the cancellation desks to provide you with the required details and, if needed, cancel your reservation right at the Flyadeal terminal at URY. Please talk with the airline about whether you are entitled to a penalty or eligible for a refund before making any decision. You can also read about the cancellation of Flyadeal on their official website. 

Select preferred seats to fly with Flyadeal from URY

Flyadeal gives its passengers the opportunity to select seats on flights, either at the time of reserving a seat or afterward during check-ins. This gives passengers the chance to avail of necessary or desired facilities and amenities in flight, including entertainment options, snacks, meals, and drinks, extra legroom, seating space, and so much more. This information is accessible right at the reservation counters and at the check-in counters. Alternatively, the official channel of Flyadeal can also offer you details and updates, especially when you look forward to flying on long-haul flights. 

Check-in for Flyadeal flight departures at Gurayat Domestic Airport Terminal

The Flyadeal URY Terminal 1 is equipped with both airport check-in counters and self-service kiosks. The airline agents are always available nearby to assist you with the procedure and answer questions in case you have any. If you want to avoid the long check-in queues, please move forward with the self-service kiosks. However, if you need assistance during the procedure, the airport check-in counters will work best in your favor. 

Learn and receive Flyadeal Baggage Allowance from Gurayat Domestic Airport

If you are flying from the Flyadeal terminal at URY, your checked luggage must not exceed the 75 x 50 x 35 dimensions and must not weigh more than 32 kgs. If the dimensions or weight of your luggage is more than the said allowance, you will automatically be entitled to pay excess baggage fee to the airlines, which is as follows: 

  • Excess luggage weighing up to 15 kg will cost SAR 150.
  • Additional luggage weighing up to 25 kg will cost at least SAR185. 
  • Overweight pieces of baggage will be entitled to a fee of SAR21 per kilogram.

Locate Flyadeal Airlines’ information counters to seek help/answers

At the Flyadeal URY terminal arrivals and departures, you can find airline information counters and help desks, where personnels eagerly await to assist you and answer your queries. Regardless of the type of question, you can directly head to the executives at these desks. They will acknowledge your needs, provide you with updated and accurate information, and ensure you get ahead with your travel plans without facing delays and disruptions. 

At the Flyadeal URY Terminal, you can directly walk to the lost and found department if you encounter issues related to your luggage i.e., lost, delayed, or damaged luggage situations. It’s a must to report the airline personnels in such a situation so they can report your issue further and resolve your problems in no time. You may be requested to fill out certain forms and complete some procedures to provide accurate details of your luggage to the airline. 

Avail of Special Assistance from Flyadeal at the Gurayat Domestic Airport Terminal 

Special assistance at the Flyadeal terminal at URY includes wheelchair assistance, stretcher assistance, oxygen masks, and any other kind of help that the needy or disabled passenger is in need of. It’s a must for passengers to request this service before their scheduled departure date by connecting with the airline staff via its offline or online channels. This gives the airlines time to arrange things for you and be available upon arrival at the airport. 

Get Flyadeal Unaccompanied Minor Service for your child traveling solo 

Unaccompanied minor service is for children or minors traveling solo or without their parents, guardians, or any legal adult from the Flyadeal URY terminal departures. The responsible person for the minor must address this requirement from the airline personnels by contacting them through their official channels such as website, email, chats, or call. The airline staff will let you know the required formalities that need to be done in order to avail of this service. 

Flyadeal Pet-Friendly Travel Services: Understand the Do’s and Don’ts 

Assistance dogs are allowed with passengers on flights to and from the Flyadeal URY Terminal if required for air travel. However, there are certain rules and restrictions that pet owners must follow, such as: 

  • The assistance dog must not weigh more than 45 kg. 
  • The dog should be trained and certified as a service dog. 
  • The dog must be in good health and free of any diseases. 
  • The dog must not be one of the banned dogs in the dog breed list. 
  • The maximum length of the dog from neck to tailbone should not be more than 86 cm.

When approved by the airline, the assistance dogs can travel free of cost in an airline-approved pet carrier or container. 

Flyadeal Gurayat Domestic Airport (URY) Location Map

Understand the Basics!

What terminal is Flyadeal URY?

Flyadeal uses the Terminal 1 at the URY.

Which is the Flyadeal URY Terminal?

Flyadeal operates to and from the Terminal 1 of the URY.

Which is the departure terminal for Flyadeal at the Gurayat Domestic Airport?

The arrivals terminal for Flyadeal at the Gurayat Domestic Airport is the Terminal 1. 

Which is the departure terminal for Flyadeal at the Gurayat Domestic Airport?

The departure terminal for Flyadeal at the Gurayat Domestic Airport is the Terminal 1.

What services are offered at the Flyadeal terminal at the URY?

Ticketing, cancellation, refund, check-ins, lounge access, wifi or internet, seat upgrades, kid’s play areas, special assistance, family restrooms, etc. services are available at the Flyadeal terminal of the URY. 

Are there airline or airport lounges at the Flydeal URY Terminal?

Several airlines operate lounges at the URY Terminal 1, offering passengers access to some interestingly exclusive facilities and amenities.

Is Flyadeal at the Terminal 1 or the Terminal 2 of the Gurayat Domestic Airport?

Flyadeal Air is at the Terminal 1 and not the Terminal 2 of the Gurayat Domestic Airport.

Can I check in for my flight with Flyadeal at the Gurayat Domestic Airport Terminal 1?

Yes. passengers can use the self-service kiosks and airport check-in counters to check in for their flights with Flyadeal from the Gurayat Domestic Airport. 

Does Flyadeal allow pets to travel on flights to and from the URY Terminal? 

Flyadeal allows assistance dogs to travel with passengers on flights to and from the URY Terminal. However, that too, when the dog meets the airlines’ rules and restrictions.

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