Flyadeal AYT Terminal – Antalya Airport

Antalya Airport

Conveniences by Flyadeal Terminal at AYT

ATMs Banks Currency Exchange 
Wifi/InternetAirline Lounges Children’s Play Areas
Family RestroomsCheck-in Counters Baby Changing Rooms 
Luggage Storage Ticketing Counters Cancellations and Refunds
Self-Service Kiosks Baggage Carts/Trolleys Multiple Boarding Gates 
Food and Beverage OutletsShopping Malls and Stores Retail and Duty-Free 
Seat Selection Options Lost and Found DepartmentInformation Counters/Desks
Pet-friendly Travel Options Passenger-centric Service DesksWheelchair/Stretcher Assistance
Meet and Greet Sections Business Meeting Rooms Quiet and Ample Seating Spaces 
Emergency Medical Services Ground Transportation OptionsSupport to Disabled Passengers 

List Of All Flyadeal Airlines Terminal Worldwide

What terminal is Flyadeal AYT – Antalya Airport? 

Airport NameAntalya Airport
Airport Address Yeşilköy, Antalya Havaalanı Dış Hatlar Terminali 1, 07230 Muratpaşa/Antalya, Türkiye
Airport CodeAYT
Airport Contact No.+90 242 444 74 23
Flyadeal AYT Terminal Arrivals Terminal 1
Flyadeal AYT Terminal Departures Terminal 1
Airport Time Zone24 Hours
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Flyadeal Antalya Airport (AYT) Location Map

Understand the Basics!

What terminal is Flyadeal AYT?

Flyadeal uses the Terminal 1 at the AYT.

Which is the Flyadeal AYT Terminal?

Flyadeal operates to and from the Terminal 1 of the AYT.

Which is the arrivals terminal for Flyadeal at the Antalya Airport?

The arrivals terminal for Flyadeal at the Antalya Airport is the Terminal 1. 

Which is the departure terminal for Flyadeal at the Antalya Airport?

The departure terminal for Flyadeal at the Antalya Airport is the Terminal 1.

What services are offered at the Flyadeal terminal at the AYT?

Ticketing, cancellation, refund, check-ins, lounge access, wifi or internet, seat upgrades, kid’s play areas, special assistance, family restrooms, etc. services are available at the Flyadeal terminal of the AYT. 

Are there airline or airport lounges at the Flydeal AYT Terminal?

Several airlines operate lounges at the AYT Terminal 1, offering passengers access to some interestingly exclusive facilities and amenities.

Is Flyadeal at the Terminal 1 or the Terminal 2 of the Antalya Airport?

Flyadeal Air is at the Terminal 1 and not the Terminal 2 of the Antalya Airport.

Can I check in for my flight with Flyadeal at the Antalya Airport Terminal 1?

Yes. passengers can use the self-service kiosks and airport check-in counters to check in for their flights with Flyadeal from the Antalya Airport. 

Does Flyadeal allow pets to travel on flights to and from the AYT Terminal? 

Flyadeal allows assistance dogs to travel with passengers on flights to and from the AYT Terminal. However, that too, when the dog meets the airlines’ rules and restrictions.

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