DrukAir PBH Terminal – Paro International Airport

Paro International Airport

DrukAir ensures that its passengers cover air travel full of comfort and convenience, which is why it offers a range of services and amenities at the Paro International Airport Main Terminal. However, if you are not aware of the given facilities, how will you be able to avail of and enjoy the same. So, before you head out for your flight at the DrukAir PBH Terminal, make sure that you have equipped yourself with insightful details that will ease your air travel. This will allow you to have a great time flying and the airlines, to have a great time providing and cooperating with you.

DrukAir PBH Terminal Arrivals

DrukAir operates its arrivals at the Main Terminal of the Paro International Airport, allowing passengers to have an efficient experience at the airport’s terminal. The arrivals terminal offers baggage claim services, restaurants and food, shopping malls, etc.

DrukAir PBH Terminal Departures

DrukAir uses the Main Terminal at the Paro International Airport for its departures. The departures terminal is equipped with airport check-in counters, self-service kiosks, lost & found, airport/airline lounges, food and beverage outlets, etc.

Services by DrukAir Terminal at PBH

DrukAir offers a diverse range of services to its passengers at the Paro International Airport Main Terminal. Some of the services are given below:

ATMs and Banks Reservations/Bookings Flight Status Trackers
Currency Exchange Cancellations & Refunds Ample Seating Spaces 
Baby Care Rooms Self-Service Kiosk MachineSeat Upgrades/Changes 
Medical/Emergency ServiceInformation Counters Flight Change Facility
Airport/Airline Lounges Child Care Services Baggage Storage/Wrapping
Departure/Boarding Gates Family Restrooms Luggage Carts/Trolleys 
Airport Check-in Counters Lost & Found DepartmentDelayed Departures Info 
Wi-fi and Internet Services Food and Beverage OutletsShops and Retail Stores 

List Of All DrukAir Terminal Worldwide

Overview of What Terminal is DrukAir at PBH

DrukAir uses the Main Terminal at the Paro International Airport for its arrivals and departures as well.

Airport NameParo International Airport
Airport AddressAirport Road Paro, 12001, Bhutan
Airport CodePBH
Airport Contact No+975 8 271 403
DrukAir PBH terminal arrivalsMain Terminal
DrukAir PBH terminal departuresMain Terminal
Working Hours24 hours
Official DrukAir Websitewww.drukair.com.bt/
DrukAir Twitter Page twitter.com/Drukair
DrukAir Facebook Pagewww.facebook.com/Drukair
DrukAir Instagram Accountinstagram.com/drukair_royalbhutanairlines

Book Flight Tickets with DrukAir at the Paro International Airport Main Terminal

The reservation counters of DrukAir offer travelers flight booking services, giving easy access to multiple destinations. To get a flight ticket with DrukAir, you can visit the reservation counters of the airlines at the PBH Main Terminal along with your travel documents. The staff available there will assist you with the reservation and inform you about the availability of seats. Furthermore, you can select your preferred seat and flight to confirm the ticket. For future assistance, get in touch with the airline’s personnel present at the airport.

Cancel Reservations with DrukAir for flights from PBH Main Terminal

Suppose you are no longer required to fly with DrukAir. In that case, you can cancel your flight reservation with the airlines at the Paro International Airport Main Terminal, by providing them with your details such as reference number, identification details, etc. Please go through the cancellation and refund policy of the airlines, before cancellation to know if you are entitled to a penalty fee or a complete refund of your purchased but unused ticket. You can get this information from the airline representatives available at the PBH terminal. 

Baggage Allowance by DrukAir on flights from PBH Main Terminal

DrukAir offers sufficient baggage allowance to its passengers flying to or from the Paro International Airport Main Terminal. This gives travelers a chance to carry their essentials or additional things in their luggage. However, it’s important to note that the baggage allowance depends upon several factors such as the ticket type you have bought, the destination you are traveling to or from, etc. So, please consider following the baggage allowance for your particular reservation, to avoid any last-minute delays, disruptions, and disappointments.

Upgrade your seats with DrukAir and get an enhanced traveling experience

Passengers who want to fly with extra comfort and additional in-flight entertainment options can upgrade their flight seats to a higher class. This allows for a comfortable and luxurious travel experience. Seat upgrades work best when you are flying on long-haul flights it makes the traveling process a little less tiresome and a lot more enjoyable. Seat upgrades often come with additional charges, which you have to pay to confirm your upgrade. For more information on the available options, please contact the airline personnels at the airport. 

Complete Check-ins with DrukAir for departures from Paro International Airport Terminal

There are airport check-in counters and self-service kiosks of DrukAir at the PBH Main Terminal, which offer easy check-in services to all passengers, regardless of the class they are traveling in or the destination they are traveling to. So, please visit the said counters to complete the pre-boarding procedure with your travel-related documents. For getting assistance during the check-ins, please contact the personnels available nearby. You can also get the check-ins done on the official website of DrukAir as well.

Whether you need answers to queries related to your reservations with DrukAir, or simply require directions to your desired location inside the airport, all you need is help from the information counters. You can locate these counters at both the arrivals and departures terminals and seek immediate assistance or answers. The personnels available will ensure to help you out and make sure that you find your way. As soon you encounter issues that may impact your travel plans, visit the help desks of DrukAir and see how they can be of help. 

Lost & Found: Resolve your Luggage Issues at DrukAir PBH Terminal

The lost and found department of DrukAir helps passengers deal with their delayed, damaged, and lost luggage scenarios. If you encounter such issues during your arrivals or departures with DrukAir, feel free to visit their lost and found department to seek help or assistance. The airline personnel available at the counters will resolve your issue in case of delayed or damaged luggage and reunite you with your items in case of lost luggage. You can go through the lost & found service on the official airline’s website as well.

Get Accessibility Services from DrukAir to travel with Comfort & Convenience

Accessibility services are for passengers with mobility issues, for passengers with any physical impairments, for handicapped passengers, etc. These services may include wheelchair assistance, stretcher assistance, escort assistance, etc. It’s crucial to avail of this service well ahead of time to allow the airlines to be prepared for you at the airport’s terminal. Please go through the airlines’ official website to know more or get in talk with the airlines’ personnels available at the PBH Main Terminal to get the particulars. 

Avail of Pet Travel Services by DrukAir to travel with your Four-Legged Friends

DrukAir allows small pets such as cats, dogs, rabbits, or household birds on its flights to or from the Paro International Airport Main Terminal, which means that you no longer have to leave your pets behind whenever you are covering air travel with DrukAir. Whilst you make a reservation for yourself don’t forget to book your pets with the airlines as well, as there are only a certain number of pets allowed in flight. Upon paying the required fee, you can confirm the reservation of your pet. For any additional information, you can seek help from the airline’s customer care representatives.

Book Your Minor under Unaccompanied Minors, if He/She is Traveling Alone

DrukAir offers unaccompanied minor services to children traveling alone on DrukAir flights from the Paro International Airport Main Terminal. If your child is traveling without an adult or legal guardian, it’s your responsibility to book him or her under this service. Only after your child is booked as an unaccompanied minor, he or she will be provided with further assistance, attention, and care during air travel with DrukAir. To get insights on the same, feel free to contact the airlines at any given time.

Parking Services at DrukAir PBH Main Terminal

There are short-term and long-term parking options available at the Paro International Airport terminal of DrukAir. Passengers who drive themselves to the airport can get available parking options and avoid the hassle of finding space to park their vehicles. You can get in touch with the airport authorities or the airline representatives to gain insights into the parking options.

Ground Transportation from DrukAir Paro International Airport Terminal

Car rentals, bus and taxi services, public transportation, and ride-share services, are some of the many ground transportation options available to passengers to and from the PBH Main Terminal. This allows passengers to get easy access to their preferred location easily. You can find the ground transportation from outside the airport’s terminals.

Inter-terminal Transportation at DrukAir Terminal PBH

Inter-terminal transportation is available for passengers who want to connect to locations within the airport. Shuttle service and automated people movers are some of the inter-terminal transport options available to passengers. This is best to use when you have connecting flights with DrukAir. 

For more information regarding your air travel to or from the Paro International Airport terminal with DrukAir, please ensure to contact or get in touch with the official airlines’ representatives.

DrukAir Paro International Airport Map

Frequently Asked Question:

What terminal is DrukAir at PBH?

DrukAir uses the Main Terminal at the Paro International Airport.

Which is the DrukAir PBH Terminal?

DrukAir is located at the Main Terminal of the Paro International Airport.

From where do the DrukAir PBH terminal arrivals take place?

DrukAir arrivals take place at the Main Terminal of the Paro International Airport.

From where do the DrukAir PBH terminal departures take place?

DrukAir departures take place from the PBH Main Terminal.

What services are offered by the DrukAir terminal at the PBH?

Flight bookings and cancellations, check-ins, seat upgrades, pet travel, unaccompanied minors, wifi, and internet access, lost and found service, accessibility services, etc are offered by the DrukAir terminal at the PBH.

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