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San Francisco International Airport

Delta Airlines arrives at and departs from Terminal 2 at San Francisco International Airport, providing passengers with all the modern facilities. Additionally, the codeshare flights of Delta Airlines operate from Terminal IN- International Terminal at the airport. The passengers often look forward to getting a quick and go-to resource for navigating their flights terminal and access all the services it has to offer meanwhile at the airport. So, to keep you updated about Delta Airlines SFO Terminal, this article will particularly focus on the essential factors.

Information about Delta terminal SFO

Terminal 2 at San Francisco International Airport is the domestic terminal that handles all of Delta Airlines’ outward and inbound aircraft. At the same time, other airlines use the SFO terminal to fly to and from San Francisco International Airport.

Delta Arrivals at Delta SFO Terminal

All of Delta Airlines’ arriving planes land in terminal 2 of the San Francisco airport. However, some flights with the name “Delta” are actually codeshare flights run by other airlines, not Delta. When this occurs, the flights depart from Terminal IN-International.

Delta Departures at SFO Delta Terminal

At the San Francisco Airport, terminal 2 serves as the departure point for all of Delta Airlines’ flights. The “Delta” flights, on the other hand, are codeshare flights that are run by other airlines, not Delta. All codeshare flights depart from SFO’s IN-International terminal.

Levels at Delta Airlines SFO Terminal

The five levels of Terminal 2 at the San Francisco Airport accommodate the needs of the travellers. These are the levels:

  • First Level: Arrivals, baggage claim and the bathroom are all located on Level 1 of SFO Terminal 2. 
  • Second Level: The passenger boarding and departure area located on level 2 of SFO terminal 2.
  • Third Level: The domestic boarding area is located on Level 3, where gates D1 through D18 are located. From here, travellers can access both boarding gates C and E. 
  • Forth Level: The AirTrain station is located on level 4, where travellers can obtain transportation.
  • Fifth Level: The domestic parking garage for visitors to the city is located on Level 5 of Delta terminal SFO.

Basic Services at Delta Terminal SFO

SFO Delta terminal provides a variety of services to make it easier for visitors to move about the facility. Some of the services are listed below:

  • Spa 
  • ATMs
  • Cear 
  • Banks 
  • Kid’s Area
  • Shoeshine 
  • Lounges 
  • Flight’s deck
  • Yoga Rooms 
  • Public Phones 
  • Work Stations 
  • Hydration Stations
  • Lost & Found Desk
  • Smoking Area
  • Information Booths 
  • Animal Relief Area
  • Shops and Duty Free 
  • Baggage Assistance 
  • Airport Medical Clinic 
  • Companion Restrooms
  • Food and Dining Options 
  • Wheelchair Renting Service
  • Free Wi-fi Internet Access
  • San Francisco Arts Commission

List of Every Delta Airlines Terminal Globally

Guide to Delta Terminal at SFO

The abbreviation SFO is used frequently by travellers to refer to the San Francisco International Airport. Furthermore, SFO can consider a variety of airline facilities. Many people will always be able to fly with this airline in comfort because of the availability.

Airport NameSan Francisco International Airport
Delta Airlines SFO TerminalTerminal 2
IATA Airport CodeSFO
San Francisco Airport AddressSan Francisco, CA 94128
City NameSan Francisco
Country NameUnited States (USA)
Working Hours24 hours
YouTube Website
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Instagram Website
Facebook Website

Services Provided by Delta Airlines at SFO

Delta Air provides a wide range of facilities to its passengers arriving at or departing from SFO Terminal, ensuring that the passengers are frequently going through the boarding process without hassle.

Ticket Counters

There are designated ticket counters of Delta Air Lines at SFO Terminal, which can be used for the following: 

  • For Reservation: Passengers can book their flights in a variety of ways, including online, through a travel agent, or at the airport. Delta terminal at SFO gives passengers the chance to book last-minute bookings instantaneously. There are airline representatives at the ticket counters to assist customers with bookings and to book flights on their behalf. In order to have a pleasant reservation experience with the airlines, it is also critical to keep all documentation readily available.
  • For Cancellation: Cancelling a flight at SFO Delta terminal is simple because all you have to do is go to the airline’s ticket counter with your reservation details and a good reason for voluntarily cancelling your ticket. Delta ticket cancellations frequently result in compensation or a cancellation cost; to ensure this, the passenger can obtain information from the airlines. You can also request a full refund for the unused portion of your ticket, if applicable.
  • For Seat Upgrades: Delta Air Lines allows travellers to purchase an upgrade at the time of booking their flight. If customers do not do so, they can upgrade their seats or class at any time before their scheduled departure time, including at Delta ticket counters at the airport, check-in counters, or after boarding the flight. The traveller should be aware that upgrades will only be supplied if they are available.

Several Check-in Counters

At San Francisco International Airport, Delta Airlines provides curbside check-in service, allowing passengers to check-in for their trip, check baggage and receive their boarding pass from a Delta agent at the curb outside the airport terminal.

Passengers at SFO can use the curbside check-in service by looking for the Delta curbside check-in signs at the terminal entrance, where Delta staff will be available to assist with check-in and baggage drop-off. Passengers can also check-in online and print their boarding pass before arriving at the airport using the Delta mobile app or the airline’s official website.

Lost & Found Department

The Delta Air Lines terminal SFO Lost & Found desk handles passenger inquiries about delayed baggage, damaged baggage, or completely lost items at the airport’s terminal or any other site within the airport. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is critical that you contact the airline employees, offer information about your luggage, and seek assistance as soon as possible. This will ensure that you have a seamless experience before and after your journey.

Delta Air Lines allows passengers to fly with their pets to many destinations. However, because not all airports or locations accept pets, it is the passenger’s responsibility to obtain this information from the airlines and then only arrange to bring the dogs along. Passengers can seek the airline’s pet travel policy on the official website, take note of all the important elements, and plan to travel with their pets only after carefully evaluating the rules and regulations of Delta Air.

Special Assistance Services

Passengers with disabilities or restricted mobility can take advantage of special support provided by Delta Air Lines at the airport and in flight. Special assistance comprises electric or manual wheelchair aid, stretcher support, an airline representative to assist with passenger accommodations, and so on. All of this ensures that passengers may board the aeroplane without difficulty and enjoy their air travel experience with Delta terminal at SFO.

Unaccompanied Minor Services

Unaccompanied minor services are available for minor passengers travelling on a Delta Air Lines trip alone or without their parents or guardians. Passengers’ parents or guardians can use this service on the airlines’ official website as well as at the airport. This service allows minor passengers to have a senior accompany them from the time they board the plane until they arrive at their destination, ensuring their safety and comfort at all times.

How do I get from one terminal to another at Delta SFO Terminal?

AirTrain, a 24-hour train, allows passengers to transfer between terminals at San Francisco International Airport. The AirTrain allows passengers to go to parking lots, other terminals, and other destinations at the airport. The AirTrain stations in the international terminal are at Gates A and G.


The material in this segment is intended to assist travellers with their Delta Air Lines travel planning, ensuring they have a pleasant voyage. Passengers can take use of everything the airlines have to offer, whether at the airport or in the air. Furthermore, it is critical that passengers contact the airlines in case special help is required. Delta Air Lines contact information may be found on their website if you need any type of information.

Delta Airlines San Francisco International Airport Terminal Information

The details provided below can help travelers / passengers direct themselves to the correct terminal at San Francisco International Airport or check for flight related details on the airline’s website or by calling the airline office.

Delta Airlines SFO San Francisco International Airport Location Map

Frequently Asked Question:

What terminal is Delta Airlines at SFO?

Delta airlines operates its carriers from terminal 2 at San Francisco International Airport.

What time does Delta Airlines open at SFO?

Delta is open at SFO from the first departure to the final departure of the day to serve its passengers.

Which Airlines use terminal 2 at San Francisco Airport?

Terminal 2 at San Francisco International Airport is now accessible to many airlines including Virgin Atlantic and Delta Air Lines.

From which gates Delta Air Lines operates from SFO?

Delta Airlines passengers can expect to be at Gate C at SFO.

Does Delta Airlines always operate from Terminal 2 at San Francisco Airport?

Yes, Delta Air Lines usually operates from Terminal 2 at San Francisco Airport.

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