Delta Airlines RDU Terminal – Raleigh-Durham International Airport

Raleigh-Durham International Airport

The Delta Airlines RDU Terminal at Raleigh Durham International Airport serves as a gateway to your travel experiences. Boasting modern amenities, efficient services, and a vibrant atmosphere with ample seating areas, this airport’s terminal ensures a pleasing journey for both business and leisure travellers alike. Whether you are arriving at or departing from, the terminal’s convenient location and the passenger-centric facilities are sure to enhance your travel adventure, adding more fun to it.

RDU Delta Terminal Arrivals

Delta handles its arrivals at Terminal 2 of Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU).

Delta RDU Terminal Departures

Delta uses Terminal 2 at Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) for its departures.

Sections at Delta Terminal RDU Airport

Raleigh–Durham Airport Terminal 2 is carefully organised into several levels, each catering to different aspects of your travel experience:

Lower Level:

This level is dedicated to Baggage Claim, serving as the starting or ending point of your journey. Here, you can find ground transportation options, ensuring a convenient connection between air travel and your final destination.

Discover a range of services on this level, designed to meet your travel needs. From essential facilities like restrooms and car rentals to specialised amenities such as a meet and greet area, pet relief zones, courtesy phones, an information desk, a smoking area, and a post office. 

Upper Level:

The Ticketing and Concourse level serves as a hub for departure-related activities. This is where you’ll find the security checkpoint, granting you access to the departures area and setting the stage for a smooth boarding process.

Concourse Overview:

Raleigh Terminal 2 boasts a couple of distinct concourses that offer unique services and boarding gate facilities:

To the right, you’ll find Concourse C, housing boarding gates C1 to C25. This concourse provides a range of traveller-centric services including restrooms, water refill stations, prayer rooms, an information desk, courtesy phones, among others. 

On the left side is Concourse D, featuring boarding gates D1 to D20. Like Concourse C, Concourse D offers essential amenities such as restrooms, water refill stations, prayer rooms, information desks, courtesy phones, etc. 

Services at Delta Airlines RDU Terminal

Delta Airlines terminal at RDU offers passengers a wide variety of services or amenities to suit their needs. Some of the available services are as follows: 

Restaurants and foodShops and storeswifi/internet connection
Luggage storage Lost and found duty-free
Flower shopCurrency exchange Xpress Spa
Power chargersShoeshine Baggage carts
Check-in kiosks Meditation room SmarteCarte
Wheelchairs Meet and greet areasCourtesy phones 
Family restrooms Pet relief areas Kids play area 
Nursing rooms Business centre Medical facilities 

List of Every Delta Airlines Terminal Globally

Lounges at Delta Raleigh Airport Terminal

There are several lounges at Delta Raleigh Airport terminal, offering passengers a chance to take in the luxurious environment and top-notch facilities. The lounges include: 

  • USO North Carolina
  • United Airlines United Club
  • Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Club
  • American Airlines Admirals Club

Transfer Between Terminals at RDU Airport

Raleigh-Durham International Terminal consists of a free shuttle service, offering passengers a way to access other terminals at the location. In addition to that, the passengers can make use of the walkways inside the airport to get to other locations.

Overview of What terminal is Delta at RDU

Delta Airlines operates its arrivals and departures from Terminal 2 at Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Below is a detailed analysis or overview of the Delta RDU Terminal:

Airport NameRaleigh Durham International Airport
Delta Raleigh Durham Airport Address2400 John, Brantley Boulevard, Morrisville, NC 27560
Airport CodeRDU
Delta Raleigh Durham Airport Contact No(919) 840-2123
Delta Raleigh Durham TerminalTerminal 2
Working Hours24 hours

Delta Flight Reservations

Whether you look forward to booking a round trip or a one way trip, you can do so by visiting the official website of Delta airlines. On the flight booking page, you can search for your preferred flights by entering the asked information and book yourself one. In addition to that, you can also make end moment reservations at the RDU Delta Terminal, in case of emergencies. There are personnels available at the airport to serve you with your reservation requirements. Further, providing you with the best deals and offers available. 

Delta Flight Cancellations

Delta passengers who want to cancel their reservations due to any circumstances and do so at the manage booking section on Delta’s official website. Additionally, Delta RDU Terminal also provides passengers the service to cancel their flights. It’s important to go through the cancellation policy of Delta first, in order to get a detailed analysis of the same. Upon cancellation, you may be entitled to pay a compensation or penalty to the airlines. However, if the reason for cancellation meets the said requirements, you will get the full refund of your unused portion of the ticket. 

Delta Seat Upgradations

Delta Airlines offers seat upgrades to enhance passengers’ flying experience. Passengers can opt for seat upgrades at the time of booking or closer to the departure date, subject to availability. Upgrades may include more spacious seats, increased legroom, premium amenities, and priority services. Eligible passengers can use their frequent flyer miles or pay a fee for these enhancements. Upgrading to a higher class can provide added comfort and convenience during the flight, making it a popular choice for those seeking an elevated travel experience with Delta.

Delta Baggage Allowance

Delta Airlines Raleigh Durham Airport offers a standard baggage allowance that includes one carry-on bag and one personal item for all passengers. The dimensions and weight limits for these items vary depending on the fare class and destination. Additionally, Delta’s checked baggage allowance can differ based on the route, cabin class, and frequent flyer status. It’s recommended to review Delta’s official website or contact their customer service for the most accurate information regarding baggage allowances to be assured. 

Delta Check-in Facilities

At Delta Terminal RDU Airport the airlines offers various check-in options, including: 

1. Online Check-in: You can check in online through Delta’s website or mobile app. This is available 24 hours before your flight’s departure. You can follow the below steps for the same:

  • Visit the official site of Delta Airlines. 
  • Tap on the “Check-in” option. 
  • Enter the asked details such as skymiles number, confirmation number, or credit card number to access your booking, if you are not already logged in to your account. 
  • Receive an electronic boarding pass after accessing your reservation. 

2. Mobile Check-in: Use the Delta mobile app to check in, select seats, and receive a mobile boarding pass.

  • After downloading the “Fly Delta” application, login to your registered account. 
  • Or, you can also check-in as a guest, depending upon your preference. 
  • Enter the “confirmation number” to get access to your reservation. 
  • After logging-in, follow the prompts to check-in for your flight. 
  • Now, you will be able to access your boarding pass.

3. Kiosk Check-in: Self-service kiosks are available at the airport. You can print your boarding pass, choose seats, and even check bags if needed. By entering details upon prompt, you can add checked baggage, make changes to your current reservation, receive boarding pass, and check-in at the self-service kiosks. At this point, you can also upgrade seats or add any special request to your reservation, if applicable. 

4. Counter Check-in: Delta’s check-in counters at the airport allow you to interact with airline staff for assistance, check-in, seat selection, and bag drop. First time flyers or elderly passengers can use this service for a convenient and comfortable experience at the airport. 

Delta Pet Travel Service

Delta Raleigh Airport Terminal allows pets to travel on their flights to and from certain destinations. Small dogs, cats, and household birds can travel in the cabin, subject to size and weight restrictions, and in an approved pet carrier. Larger pets are transported as checked baggage or through Delta Cargo. Certain breeds and snub-nosed animals have restrictions due to potential health concerns. Adequate documentation, such as health certificates are required. It’s important to familiarise yourself with Delta’s specific pet travel rules, fees, and booking procedures before your journey to ensure a safe trip for both you and your pet. 

Delta Information Counters

Delta Airlines has information counters at Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU). These counters are staffed by Delta representatives who can assist passengers with various inquiries related to their flights, reservations, baggage, and general travel information. They can also provide assistance with check-in, rebooking, and other customer service, if you are unsure of any aspect related to your air travel at the airport, you can seek assistance from the personnels available at the information counters of Delta Air Lines. 

Delta Lost and Found Desk 

Delta Airlines has a Lost and Found desk at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport’s terminal 2 to help passengers find their lost belongings. If you’ve lost something during your travel, you can visit this desk to report it and inquire if it has been found. The staff there will assist you in locating your lost item and guide you through the process of reclaiming it. Remember that items found on Delta flights or at their facilities are usually kept for a certain period before being handed over to a central Lost and Found location. In addition, the lost and found counter also assists you with delayed and damaged baggage related circumstances. 

Delta Unaccompanied Minor Service 

Delta Airlines RDU Terminal offers services for unaccompanied minors, which are children travelling without a guardian or adult. These services ensure the safety and comfort of young travellers. Delta’s unaccompanied minor program includes assistance from check-in to arrival at the destination. The airline provides experts or personnel to accompany and supervise children during their journey, making sure they board the right flights and are taken care of throughout the trip. There’s usually a fee associated with this service, and specific procedures and requirements can vary, for which you can use the official website of Delta or contact their customer service for the current information. 

Reasons to Contact Delta AirLines at RDU Airport’s terminal 

There are several reasons for which you can contact the Delta Airlines RDU Terminal. Some of which are as follows: 

  1. Pet Travel: If you’re travelling with pets and need information.
  2. Baggage Questions: For inquiries about your bags or if they’re lost.
  3. Lost Items: If you’ve lost something on a Delta flight or at the airport.
  4. Flight Changes: If you want to change your flight or need to reschedule.
  5. Check-in Issues: If you’re having trouble checking in or need assistance.
  6. Flight Delays Information: To know about flight delays or cancellations.
  7. Upgrade Options: If you’re interested in upgrading your seat or cabin class.
  8. Unaccompanied Minors: If your child is flying alone and you have questions.
  9. Special Needs: For help with services such as wheelchair or stretcher assistance. 
  10. Booking Help: If you need to book a flight or have questions about your reservation.

Remember, the Delta staff at RDU Terminal are there to help, so don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything. 


We have given all the relevant information about Which Terminal is Delta at RDU. This terminal serves as the hub for Delta’s operations, offering passengers a range of services, including check-ins, security, boarding gates, baggage claim, and more. Travellers flying with Delta can head to terminal 2 for their flights and enjoy amenities and convenience provided by this facility. Always ensure to double-check the terminal information closer to your travel date, as circumstances may change at any given time. 

For more information regarding Delta Airlines RDU Terminal, or to leave us suggestions and feedbacks, please use the comment section. 

Delta Airlines RDU Raleigh-Durham International Airport Location Map

Raleigh-Durham International Airport Tour

Frequently Asked Question:

What terminal is Delta at RDU?

Delta Airlines uses Terminal 2 at RDU.

Which Terminal is Delta at RDU

Delta Airlines operates from Terminal 2 at RDU.

Does Delta Airlines RDU Terminal provide counter check-in?

Yes, Delta Airlines terminal at RDU offers counter check-in services to its passengers.

What services are provided at the RDU Delta Terminal?

Services such as restrooms, lounges, inter-terminal transportation, shops and stores, duty-free, medical services, quiet seating areas, are available at RDU Delta Terminal.

Does Delta RDU Terminal provide seat upgrades to its passengers?

Yes, Delta passengers can upgrade their seats at the time of check-in at RDU Airport.

Where are the Delta Airlines Raleigh Durham Airport Arrivals?

Delta Air Lines operates its arrivals from Terminal 2 at Raleigh Durham Airport.

Where are the Delta Terminal RDU Airport departures?

Delta Air Lines handles its departures at Terminal 2 of RDU Airport.

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