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Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Having access to information about Delta Airlines Phoenix Terminal is important for travellers for several reasons. First and foremost, knowing the specific terminal helps passengers plan their journey more efficiently, PHX is a large airport with multiple terminals, and being aware of which terminal Delta Airlines operates from saves travellers time and reduces the stress of navigating a potentially unfamiliar airport.

Additionally, understanding the terminal details can aid in a smooth check-in procedure. Passengers can head directly to the correct terminal, reducing the likelihood of confusion or last-minute rushes to the departure gate. This is particularly important for passengers with tight layovers, as every minute counts.

Delta Arrivals at PHX Airport

Delta PHX Terminal Arrivals takes place at “Terminal 3”, which is also known as John S. McCain III. It primarily serves arrivals of some regional and domestic airlines.

Delta Departures at PHX Airport

Delta Phoenix Terminal Departures takes place from “Terminal 3”, the same as arrivals. It handles all the pre-boarding procedures the passengers need to undergo.

Levels at Delta Terminal PHX Airport

Delta Air uses Terminal 3 at PHX, which consists of three level as follows: 

  1. First Section: It is known as the street level, serving as the baggage claim area for arriving passengers. It has a ticket and check-in counters area as well. Cafes, food concessions, kids play areas, taxi, and rideshare, are some of the services available at the section.
  2. Second Section: It primarily houses the security checkpoints. 
  3. Fourth Section: A section dedicated to boarding gates E1 to E10 and F1 to F10. It has services such as ATMs and Banks, nursing stations, pet relief areas, shoeshine, food, and drinks, retail concessions, charging outlets, farmers markets, etc. passengers wanting to access Terminal 4, Valley Metro Rail, and Economy Parking can use the SkyTrain for the same.

Ways to Transfer between Terminals at Sky Harbor Airport 

Delta Airlines PHX Terminal and the other passenger terminal are connected via the PHX SkyTrain, an automated train which travels between T3 and T4, Valley Metro Rail, 44th, Washington Street, and the East Economy Parking. The travellers can access this service for zero cost. It runs every three to five minutes, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. 

Luxury Awaits you at the Lounges of Delta PHX Terminal

Delta PHX Arrivals and Departures terminal consists of one airline lounge which is Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Club, located towards the south concourse of terminal 3.

Delta Airlines’ Sky Club lounge in PHX Terminal provides passengers with a welcoming and modern space. Travellers can enjoy complimentary snacks, light meals, and a variety of beverages, including alcoholic options. The lounge offers high-speed Wi-Fi and convenient workspaces, making it suitable for both business and leisure travellers. With the availability of private restrooms, showers, and areas for relaxation, it’s a well-rounded facility to enhance your airport experience. Please check with Delta for the latest amenities and offerings.

Discover Delta: A Comprehensive Guide to PHX Terminal’s Services

Below is a detailed overview of What Terminal is Delta at PHX, the kind of assistance you can find at this terminal, etc. As Delta Airlines moves out of Terminal 3 at PHX, let’s see what it has to offer you.

Below is a detailed overview of What Terminal is Delta at PHX, the kind of assistance you can find at this terminal, etc. As Delta Airlines moves out of Terminal 3 at PHX, let’s see what it has to offer you. 

Airport NamePhoenix Sky Harbor Airport
Airport CodePHX
Airport Address3400 E Sky Harbor Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85034, United States
TerminalTerminal 3
Delta Airlines PHX Arrivals TerminalTerminal 3 
Delta Airlines PHX Departure TerminalTerminal 3
Delta Airlines Ticket Counter Hours24 hours a Day
Airport Contact Number+1 602-273-3300
City NamePhoenix
Country NameUnited States
Delta Airlines Official

Take a flight with Delta from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport’s Terminal 

Experience a journey like no other when you choose to take a flight with Delta Airlines from the bustling Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport’s Terminal. Delta Terminal at Sky Harbor is staffed with friendly representatives who are there to assist you with all your travel needs.

When you book your tickets in person at the Delta ticket counter, you can discuss your travel preferences, ask questions, and receive guidance from Delta’s trained professionals. Whether you’re looking for the best fares, need assistance with seat selection, or have special requests, the ticket counter staff is dedicated to making your travel experience as smooth as possible.

Need to Cancel a Reservation with Delta? Know the dos and don’ts 

If you need to cancel your Delta ticket at PHX, head to the Delta ticket counter or approach a Delta agent at the airport. They are trained to handle cancellations efficiently and will guide you through the process. It’s essential to have your booking information and identification ready for verification.

Keep in mind that cancellation policies vary depending on the type of ticket you purchased and when you’re making the cancellation. Be sure to inquire about any fees or refund eligibility when discussing your cancellation with the agent at Delta Airlines Terminal at Phoenix Sky Harbor.

Elevate your travel experience by upgrading seat with Delta at PHX 

Upgrade your travel experience with Delta Airlines PHX Terminal by exploring seat upgrade options. Delta offers various ways to enhance your journey, from purchasing premium seats to using SkyMiles or eligible credit cards for complimentary upgrades. At the airport, you can inquire about available seat upgrades at the Delta ticket counter or through self-service kiosks. Delta staff will guide you through the process, ensuring you enjoy added comfort and amenities during your flight. Whether it’s more legroom, priority boarding, or enhanced in-flight service, Delta makes it easy to elevate your travel experience. 

Proceed with the Check-in methods available at Delta Terminal PHX 

Being aware of What Terminal is Delta at Phoenix Sky Harbor helps passengers elevate their travel plans. In addition to that, it’s also crucial to know the check-in methods available at PHX for a more smooth process. When you’re at Delta Terminal in PHX, there are different ways to check in for your flight. You can do it in a few easy ways: 

At the Counter: You can go to the Delta counter, where the friendly staff will help you check in. Just give them your information, and they’ll get you set up.

Self-Service Kiosks: There are machines called kiosks. They’re like big, fancy computers. You can use them to check in yourself. Just follow the instructions on the screen.

On Your Phone: If you have a smartphone, you can check in with the Delta app. It’s really convenient. Just open the app, put in your details, and you’re good to go!

These methods make checking in easy, so you can get on your flight smoothly. Enjoy your trip!

Fly Stress-Free with Delta’s Generous Baggage Allowance at Sky Harbor

Delta Terminal at Sky Harbor Airport offers clear and convenient baggage allowances for passengers. These allowances can vary based on the passenger’s travel class and frequent flyer status. In general, passengers in Economy class can bring one carry-on bag and one personal item, like a purse or laptop bag, while checked baggage allowances may vary depending on the passenger’s fare class and frequent flyer status. 

Passengers are encouraged to verify the most current baggage policies, including size and weight restrictions, as they may change over time. Additionally, fees may apply for excess or oversized luggage, so it’s wise to check Delta’s official website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information before travelling from PHX Terminal.

Finding Assistance; Look no Further than the Information Counters

What Terminal is Delta at Sky Harbor? Where can I find the restaurants and cafes? Are there any lounges at Delta’ PHX terminal? These are some questions that come to your mind when you are at the airport’s terminal. If you need help or have questions at the airport, you don’t have to search far. Just go to the Information Counters. They are like helpful hubs where friendly people can assist you. 

Whether it’s directions, flight info, or general assistance, the Information Counters are there to make your airport experience smoother and less confusing. So, if you’re ever unsure or need guidance, remember, help is close at hand at the Information Counters.

Dealing with baggage issues at Delta Terminal PHX Lost and Found counters is simple and helpful. If you’ve lost your luggage or something valuable in your baggage, visit the Lost and Found counters. The staff there will assist you in trying to locate and recover your belongings. They’ll ask you for details about your lost items and do their best to help you find them. Remember to provide your contact information so they can reach you if your items are located. It’s a convenient and reassuring way to handle baggage-related problems when travelling through Delta’s PHX Terminal.

Delta Terminal at Sky Harbor Airport provides pet travel services to ensure the comfort and safety of your furry companions. Passengers can travel with their small dogs and cats in the cabin, subject to specific guidelines and fees. Additionally, Delta offers the Delta Cargo service for larger pets or those travelling separately from their owners. With proper planning and adherence to Delta’s pet travel policies, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pets are in good hands when flying through PHX with Delta Airlines. For detailed information and reservations, it’s preferable to visit Delta’s official website. 

Receive Additional Care and Assistance for your Delta flight from PHX 

When flying with Delta Airlines Terminal at Phoenix Sky Harbor, you can receive additional care and assistance to ensure a more comfortable journey. Delta’s dedicated airport staff is there to assist you throughout your travel experience. Whether you need help with check-in, navigating the airport, or have specific requirements like travelling with children or pets, Delta’s team is ready to provide the support you need. Additionally, if you’re a Delta SkyMiles Medallion member or flying in a premium class, you can enjoy priority services and benefits to enhance your travel experience further. Travelling with Delta from PHX means you’ll have the assistance and attention you deserve.

Care for your Young Flyers with Delta’s Unaccompanied Minor Service at PHX 

Delta Terminal at Sky Harbor offers a dedicated Unaccompanied Minor (UM) Service to ensure the well-being and care of young travellers flying alone. With this service, parents and guardians can have peace of mind knowing that their children are in safe hands throughout the journey. Delta’s trained staff assists with check-in, provides a UM lanyard, and offers guidance through security and to the gate. 

During the flight, flight attendants keep a watchful eye on Unaccompanied Minors, ensuring a comfortable and secure experience. When arriving at PHX or the destination, Delta ensures that the child is handed over to the designated guardian. Delta’s Unaccompanied Minor Service is designed to make young flyers’ journeys safe, smooth, and worry-free.

Delta’s Extra Amenities at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport’s Terminal 

Delta PHX Terminal serves passengers with a range of facilities to ensure that they enjoy every moment of their trip, right from the start. Below are some of the extra amenities provided by Delta at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. 

Customs ServicesCounter check-insIn-flight wifi/internet
Customer care countersSelf-service kiosksIn-seat charging outlets 
Lost and found DesksBaggage handling Onboard food options 
Passport control serviceBaggage tracking Unaccompanied minor service
ATMs for withdrawing cashPriority security screening Pet travel options 
Bank related services Airport loungesFlight status updates
Children’s play area In-flight entertainment Flight delay notifications
Immigration services Premium cabin options Gate change information 
Medical/emergency service Business centre Special assistance service
Damaged baggage assistanceQuiet seating areas  Connecting flight assistance 

List of Every Delta Airlines Terminal Globally

Park with Ease: Delta Terminal Sky Harbor Parking Services

After being fully equipped with all the information about which Terminal is Delta at Sky Harbor, only one thing is left, that is, what parking options are available at the same terminal.

Available Parking Options First Hour RateEach Extra 30 MinsDaily Max
West Economy Garage$4.00$2$16.00
West Economy Park$4.00$2$9.00
Terminal 3 Garage$4.00$2$30.00
Terminal 4 Garage$4.00$2$30.00
East Economy Garage$4.00$2$16.00
East Economy Lot$4.00$2$14.00
24th Street Station$4.00$2$14.00
Valet Parking$12.00NA$39.00
Premium Parking$4.00NA$33.00

Rev Up your Trip with Rental Cars at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

At the Sky Harbor Delta Terminal, you have various transportation options to choose from:

1. Train: The Valley Metro Rail connects the airport from the 44th Street PHX Sky Train station to Terminals 3 and 4. A single train ride costs $2, or you can opt for a day pass priced at $4.

2. Bus: You can take the Valley Metro Bus service from Buckeye Road near the Estrella Commerce Center to reach the Sky Harbor Terminal Delta at Terminal 3. This same bus route also connects to Terminal 4.

3. Shuttle: Scheduled shared-ride shuttles depart every 15 minutes from the Delta Airlines Phoenix Terminal. For Terminal 4, there’s a shared-ride van counter near Gate No. 8.

4. Taxis: Taxis are readily available on the north curbside outside Gate No. 7 at the Sky Harbor Delta Terminal in Phoenix. 

5. Rideshare Services: If you prefer rideshare services, you can find pick-up options at delta terminal in phoenix on the south curbside, specifically at the west end outside Gate No. 4.

Delta Airlines PHX Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Location Map

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Tour

Ask and Learn!

What Terminal is Delta at PHX?

Delta Air Lines uses Terminal 3 at PHX.

What Terminal is Delta at Sky Harbor?

Delta is located at Terminal 3 of Sky Harbor Airport.

Which Terminal is Delta at Sky Harbor?

Delta Airlines operates from Terminal 3 at PHX.

What Terminal is Delta at Phoenix Sky Harbor?

Delta Airlines uses terminal 3 for its arrivals and departures at PHX.

 Can you get between Terminal 3 and Terminal 4 at PHX?

Yes, you can easily get between terminal 3 and terminal 4 at PHX via the SkyTrain.

Where does Delta Fly out of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport?

Delta Airlines flies to a number of destinations from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

Are the terminals at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport connected?

Yes, the terminals are connected at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

Are there any Airline/Airport lounges at Delta PHX Terminal?

Yes, there is Delta Airlines Delta Sky Club located at Delta PHX Terminal.

What is the means of transportation between Delta Terminal PHX?

SkyTrain is the means of transportation between Delta Terminal PHX.

Are there Ticket Counters located at Delta Terminal at Sky Harbor?

Yes, there are ticket counters located at Delta Terminal at Sky Harbor Airport.

Is Delta Terminal at Sky Harbor Airport equipped with help desks?

There are designated help desks located at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport’s terminal.

What destinations do Delta Airlines cover from its PHX Airport terminal?

Delta Air Lines cover multiple destinations from its PHX Airport terminal.

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