Delta Airlines MSP Terminal – Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport

Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport

Delta Airlines is one of the major carriers in the aviation industry, which provides a wide range of route networks to its passengers. Particularly at Saint Paul International Airport, the airline exclusively operates from Terminal 1. Delta Airlines MSP terminal is well-known by the name of “Lindbergh Terminal” amongst the passengers. 

Delta Airlines Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport Terminal Information

The Details provided below can help travelers / passengers direct themselves to the correct terminal at MSP airport or check for flight related details on the airline’s website or by calling the airline office.

Airport NameMinneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport
Airport CodeMSP
Airport AddressMinnesota, United States
TerminalTerminal 1
Delta Airlines MSP Arrivals TerminalTerminal 1
Delta Airlines MSP Departures TerminalTerminal 1
Delta Airlines Ticket Counter Hours24 hours a Day
Delta Airlines Contact Number1800 123 6645
City NameMinnesota
Delta Airlines Official

Terminal 1 – Saint Paul International Airport

Terminal 1 at Saint Paul International Airport is one of the two passenger terminals at the destination, made specifically for passenger use. This terminal helps operate many of the leading airlines in the industry, operating their domestic and international carriers.

Levels at MSP Terminal 1

Terminal 1 at MSP Airport consists of four levels, along with seven concourses.

  • Level T: Level T is basically the ground transportation centre, which is divided into two areas: north and south. 
  • North: At this area the passengers can access gold ramps parking, ground transportation options, ATMs, Nursery, Information counters etc. Additionally, some shuttle companies offer their services in this area. 
  • South: South area allows passengers access to the Light Rail Transit Station. And, access to the transit centre including metro, buses, and rental cars. 
  • First Level: First level is the international arrivals area for the passengers where services such as information counters, ATMs, baggage carousels, etc can be found. 
  • Second Level: Second level is the departures and check-in area where the passengers can find food, drink, and retail concessions in the mall and the concourses. C gates and the mall is also accessible from this level, from where the passengers can access F, D, and E gates as well. Concourses A to G are located on the right, Concourse E to F on the centre, and Concourse G towards the left. Please note that all the concourses are easily accessible at a walking distance. 
  • Concourse A: gates A1 to A14.
  • Concourse B: gates B1 to B16.
  • Concourse C: gates C1 to C27.
  • Concourse D: gates D1 to D6.
  • Concourse E: gates E1 to E16. 
  • Concourse F: gates F1 to F16.
  • Concourse G: gates G1 to G22.

The passengers can access Concourse A and C by Tram.

Concourse G and C are connected with a concourse connector bridge. 

A crosswalk connector joints Gates G18 and C12 together.  

  • Third Level: Third level is entirely meant for serving passengers with all the facilities and amenities it has. The passengers can find here a conference room, meeting room, Quiet area, and a service centre. 

Services provided at MSP Terminal 1

MSP Terminal 1, also known as the Lindbergh Terminal, is one of the two terminals at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP). It offers a variety of amenities in order to enhance passengers’ travel experience. Some of the services provided by MSP Terminal 1 include:

  1. Dining and Retail: Terminal 1 offers a wide range of dining options, from fast food to sit-down restaurants, catering to different tastes and dietary preferences. Additionally, there are numerous retail stores and duty-free shops where passengers can shop for clothing, accessories, electronics, books, and souvenirs.
  1. Lounges: There are several airline lounges in Terminal 1, providing a comfortable and relaxing environment for eligible passengers. These lounges often offer amenities such as complimentary snacks and beverages, Wi-Fi access, workstations, and shower facilities.
  1. Charging Station and Wi-fi Access: The passengers can access free wi-fi at Terminal 1 to stay connected to their loved ones. This allows the passengers to access important calls and messages as well. Additionally, the passenger can find charging stations to keep their devices charged for emergencies.
  1. Currency Exchange and ATMs: Passengers can find currency exchange services at MSP Terminal 1, along with ATMs for convenient cash withdrawal.
  1. Information Desks: Information desks are located throughout the terminal, staffed by knowledgeable personnel who can assist passengers with directions, flight information, and general inquiries.
  1. Medical Services: Terminal 1 has medical and first aid services available to address minor medical needs. If necessary, a medical clinic is also located within the airport grounds.
  2. Children’s Play Areas: There are dedicated play areas for children in Terminal 1, equipped with interactive games, slides, and other fun activities to keep young travellers entertained.
  1. Pet Relief Areas: MSP Terminal 1 provides designated pet relief areas to accommodate passengers travelling with pets. These areas are equipped with waste disposal stations and are designed to provide a convenient and comfortable experience for both pets and their owners.
  1. Baggage Services: Terminal 1 offers baggage services, including baggage storage, luggage carts, and baggage wrapping facilities.

Please note that the availability and specific details of services at Delta Airlines terminal MSP may be subject to change or may vary based on the current circumstances or airline operations

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Means of Transportation at MSP Terminal 1

Delta Airlines terminal at MSP also known as the Lindbergh Terminal, offers various means of transportation to help passengers get to and from the airport. Here are some transportation options available at MSP Terminal 1:

  1. Rental Cars: Several rental car companies have their counters located in the Ground Transportation Center of Terminal 1. Passengers can rent a car from these companies and conveniently pick up and drop off their vehicles at designated areas.
  1. Taxis and Rideshares: Taxis and rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are readily available at Terminal 1. Passengers can easily find designated pickup areas outside the terminal where they can request a ride.
  1. Public Transportation: The METRO Blue Line light rail connects MSP Terminal 1 with downtown Minneapolis, Mall of America, and other destinations. The light rail station is located on the lower level of the terminal, and passengers can use it for affordable and convenient transportation.
  1. Hotel Shuttles: Many nearby hotels offer complimentary shuttle services to and from MSP Terminal 1. Passengers can inquire with their respective hotels to check if shuttle services are available and make arrangements accordingly.
  1. Scheduled Bus Services: Some bus services, such as the Jefferson Lines and the Minnesota Valley Transit Authority (MVTA), operate scheduled routes to and from MSP Terminal 1. These services can be utilised by passengers looking for cost-effective transportation options.
  1. Limousines and Private Car Services: Passengers seeking a more luxurious or personalised transportation experience can choose to book a limousine or private car service. These services can be pre-arranged or booked upon arrival at the airport.
  1. Airport Parking: MSP Terminal 1 provides ample parking options for those who prefer to drive their own vehicles to the airport. Short-term, long-term, and valet parking facilities are available for passengers’ convenience. 

Airline/Airport Lounges at MSP Terminal 1

There are several airport/airline lounges at Saint Paul International Airport Terminal 1. The lounges includes: 

  1. PGA MSP
  2. United Airlines United Club
  3. Armed Forces Service Center
  4. Escape Lounge (To-Go Only)
  5. Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Club

A Guide to Delta Airlines at MSP Terminal 1

Delta Airlines offers its passengers an easy way out of the terminal to board their domestic or international flights, which is why there is a counter of Delta Airlines for every assistance you may seek at the airport, then be it reservations, cancellations, check-ins, or anything else. So, you may find the following services at MSP Terminal 1 by Delta Airlines. 

Ticket Reservation 

There are numerous ways to book your reservation with Delta Airlines, the options include, online or offline. The former can be done by visiting the official website of Delta Airlines or by contacting the airlines via phone call, whereas the latter can be done by visiting the ticket counter at MSP airport. 

Ticket Cancellation 

The passengers can cancel their reservations with Delta Airlines 24 hours prior to their departing flights. However, they must note that not all cancellations are subject to refund, and you may have to pay compensation for cancelling your flights with the airlines. It’s better to get all the information regarding cancellations by contacting the Delta airlines customer care representative, directly. 

Seat Upgradation

Seat upgrades make you air travel ten times better, because when you upgrade you get more comfort and convenience. This particular service allow the passengers to have access to additional services such as better seating, relaxed environment, private cabins, etc. so, if you wish to upgrade your seat, do it at the time of booking only. And, if later, you can do so by requesting the passenger service provider of the airlines at MSP terminal 1. 

Manage Booking

Managing your bookings means making amendments to your already bought purchase, which can be about anything, date, time, etc. If you are at Saint Paul International Terminal and you wish to manage your bookings, it’s always a good idea to talk to an airline representative about it, as s/he will assist you with the best and help you make a sorted travel plan. 

Curbside Check-in

Delta loves to make its passengers happy, by providing them comfortable options for everything then be it reservation or curbside check-in at MSP Terminal 1. By this facility, the passengers can easily retrieve their boarding passes, check-in with their luggages, and avoid any last minute hassle. This is a life-saving option for the passengers who hate standing in lines for longer. 

Lost & Found Service

Human tendency to leave one thing or the other behind is never going to fade, but it’s quite frustrating when you lose your valuable possessions at the airport. So, in case you are one of those passengers, fret not! Because Delta AIrlines lost and found service will ensure to unite you with your luggage at the earliest, all you gotta do is inform the airline, as soon as you lose your luggage, provide them with the crucial identification details, and wait till they get back to you. 

Ways to Contact Delta Airlines at Saint Paul International Airport 

To contact Delta Airlines at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP), you can use the following methods:

  1. Customer Service Phone Number: Delta Airlines has a dedicated customer service phone line that you can call for assistance. You can find the phone number on Delta’s official website or your flight reservation confirmation.
  1. Airport Customer Service Desks: Delta Airlines has customer service desks located at the airport. These desks are typically situated in the ticketing/check-in area or near the gates. You can approach the Delta customer service staff at these desks to get help with various inquiries or issues.
  1. Delta Sky Club: If you are a Delta Sky Club member or have access to the lounge through your ticket class or loyalty status, you can visit the Delta Sky Club located in the airport. The lounge staff can assist you with Delta-related inquiries and provide personalised service.
  2. Fly Delta App: Delta’s mobile app, called “Fly Delta,” is a convenient way to manage your flights and access customer support. You can use the app to check flight status, view reservations, and chat with a customer service representative.
  1. Social Media: Delta Airlines is active on social media platforms such as Twitter (@Delta) and Facebook. You can reach out to their customer service team via direct messaging or by tagging them in a post for assistance or inquiries. 


Delta Airlines operates out of terminal 1 at MSP Airport, providing the passengers with all the said services and fulfilling their requirements. The passengers should always check-in with the airline staff to get information about their assigned arriving or departing terminal at MSP, in order to remain updated. Furthermore, Delta Airlines will ensure that you are having an enhanced experience during your air travel with the airlines. 

Delta Airlines MSP Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport Location Map

Frequently Asked Question:

What terminal is Delta at MSP?

Delta Airlines operates out of Terminal 1 at MSP.

Where do I check in for Delta at MSP?

The ticketing and bag check services are located on Level 2 of Terminal 1 at MSP, where the passengers can check-in for their Delta flight.

How early should I arrive for Delta at MSP?

The passengers should arrive at least three hours prior to international departures and at least two hours prior to domestic departures from MSP Airport, Terminal 1.

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