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Boston Logan International Airport

Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) is a major airport located in the East Boston Neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, United States. It is considered as one of the busiest and the largest airports, with a foot traffic of over 60 million passengers annually in Delta Airlines Boston Logan Terminal.

Out of the four passenger terminals at the destination, Delta Airlines operates primarily from Terminal A, and sometimes, from Terminal E. Delta Airlines passengers arriving at or departing from Boston Logan Airport can expect to be at one of these terminals for/in their flights.

Delta Airlines Boston Logan International Airport Terminal Information

The details provided below can help travelers / passengers direct themselves to the correct terminal at BOS airport or check for flight related details on the airline’s website or by calling the airline office.

Airport NameBoston Logan International Airport
Airport Code BOS
Airport AddressOne Harborside Dr Suite 200S, East Boston, MA 02128, United States
TerminalTerminal 1
Delta Airlines BOS Arrivals TerminalTerminal 1
Delta Airlines BOS Departures TerminalTerminal 1
Delta Airlines Ticket Counter Hours24 hours a Day
Delta Airlines Contact Number1800 123 6645
City NameBoston
Delta Airlines Official
Official Facebook

General Information about Boston Logan International Airport

Boston Logan International Airport consists of four passenger terminals, out of which Delta Airlines operates from Terminal A and Terminal E. Whilst the former terminal is used for the domestic departures and arrivals of the airlines, the latter is used for the international departures and arrivals. 


Boston Logan Delta terminal A is primarily served by Delta Air Lines along with WestJet. This terminal’s facilities are split into two buildings, the one being the main terminal, and the other being the satellite concourse. Main terminal houses gates A1 to A11 and the satellite concourse houses gates A13 to A22. The passengers can access both the buildings via an underground walkway. 

  • Levels at Terminal A BOS 

Boston Logan Airport’s Terminal A consists of two levels. 

  1. 1st Level: This arrivals level allows the passengers access to baggage claim facilities along with multiple ground transportation services such as Car rental, Blue line, Shuttle service, Bus, Taxi, Limos, Shared Vans, etc. Additionally, this level consists of a reserved pick-up area for the passengers. 
  1. 2nd Level: This departure level leads the passengers towards the boarding gates after they are done with the required check-in procedures. The passengers can access boarding gates A1 to A11, along with Satellite concourse, both of which are connected by a walkway. Additionally, this level connects passengers to the parking garage, hotels, retail shop, food court, etc. 


Logan Airport Delta terminal E, popularly known as John A. Volpe International Terminal, at Boston Logan International Airport is the International Terminal, which handles the international airfares of Delta Air Lines.

  • Levels at Terminal E BOS 

Terminal E consists of three different levels which are as follows: 

  1. 1st Level: This level provides US customs and Border protection services to the arriving passengers, and it houses some basic facilities such as currency exchange and ground transportation. 
  1. 2nd Level: The second level is also for the US customs and Border protection services but for the departing passengers. It houses gates E1, E1B, and E2 along with basic amenities such as ATMs, nursery, etc. 
  1. 3rd Level: This level is particularly used for the departures and check-ins for the passengers. And, it houses boarding gates E4 to E10. The passengers can find ATMs, Airline Clubs, nursery, currency exchange services, etc at this level. 

Services Provided at Terminal A and Terminal E at BOS 

Terminal A and Terminal E at Boston Logan Airport cater to the requirements of the passengers and serve them with the necessary facilities at the airport.

  1. Free Wi-Fi access.
  2. Lost and Found office.
  3. Rental car counters and services.
  4. Medical services and first aid stations.
  5. Airport lounges for eligible passengers.
  6. Restrooms and baby-changing facilities.
  7. Baggage claim area for domestic flights.
  8. Duty-free shops for international travellers.
  9. Security checkpoints for passenger screening.
  10. Information desks to assist passengers with inquiries
  11. Accessibility services for passengers with disabilities.
  12. Charging stations and power outlets for electronic devices.
  13. Immigration and customs facilities for international arrivals.
  14. Various dining options, including restaurants, cafes, fast food chains, and bars.
  15. Retail stores offer a range of products such as books, magazines, electronics, etc. 
  16. Ground transportation options including taxis, ride-sharing services, and shuttle buses.
  17. Airline counters and check-in facilities for various domestic and international carriers including Delta Air Lines.

List of Every Delta Airlines Terminal Globally

Ground or Inter-terminal Transportation at Boston Logan Airport 

The terminals at Boston Logan Airport are interconnected with a Massport Shuttle Bus, which allows the passengers to access the locations easily. However, if you wish to walk between terminals, then you can do so as there ar removing walkways linking the terminals with each other. 

Additionally, there is a silver line bus service available for passengers which runs daily from 5:30 am to 12:30 am. This service is accessible by physically challenged passengers as it drops them in front of the preferred terminal at the airport. 

Silver Line Bus Rapid Transit is the best option to take if you want to connect to the South Station Rail or to the Bus Terminal.

Available Car Rental Facilities at Boston Airport 

If you are travelling to and from Boston Logan Airport, the following car rental services will come in handy: 

  • Train
  • Bus 
  • Shuttle
  • Taxi 
  • Ride-share 
  • Commuter Boat 

Boston Logan Airport Lounges

The lounges in Delta Terminal Boston Logan A are as follows: 

  1. Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Club (Gate 7)
  2. Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Club (Gate 18)

The lounges in Terminal E are as follows: 

  1. The Club
  2. Lufthansa Lounge
  3. Air France Lounge
  4. The Emirates Lounge
  5. Delta Sky Club Express
  6. British Airways Galleries Lounge
  7. Virgin Atlantic Boston Logan Clubhouse

BOS Airport Tips and Recommendations

By using all the information, you can easily navigate your assigned terminal at Boston Logan Airport by Delta Air Lines. Nevertheless, these tips and recommendations can help you at the airport and smoothen your travelling process. 

  • If you have got ample time before your flight departures from the airport, make sure to grab a quick bite at one of the food and dining options available. 
  • Make sure you arrive on time and to be aware of how long you are going to stand in the security check-in lines. 
  • It’s better to go with low-cost parking options, within the airport, closer to your gate, as it will save your money and time. 


In conclusion, Delta Air Lines provides a significant presence and a range of services at Boston Logan International. Delta offers convenient check-in facilities, efficient security checkpoints, and reliable baggage claim services. Passengers flying with Delta can enjoy a variety of dining options, from restaurants to cafes, ensuring a satisfying experience. 

It’s always recommended to get in touch with Delta Airlines customer care executives for getting  updated information about your arrivals and departures at Boston Logan International Airport.

Delta Airlines BOS Boston Logan International Airport Location Map

Frequently Asked Question:

What terminal is Delta at Logan?

Delta Air Lines operates from Terminal A and Terminal E at Boston Airport. 

What terminal is Delta domestic at Logan?

All the domestic carriers of Delta Air Lines operate from Terminal A at Logan Airport.

What terminal is Delta International at Logan?

The international flights of Delta Air Lines operate out of Terminal E at Logan Airport. 

Are there any car rental facilities at Boston Logan Airport?

Yes, there are several car rental facilities at Boston Airport including, bus taxi, rideshare, etc. 

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  1. Beyond the fact that Logan is the worst signed airport IN THE WORLD, the Delta customer service is still worse yet. In addition to the fact that OUR international flight boarded in Terminal A (without any indication of this) requiring 2 adults and 2 small children to walk from Terminal E to Terminal A with 4 heavy bags, we were THEN informed the agent can only check our bags and we have to back track about half a mile to drop off the carseat. The first 3 Delta people were useless until finally someone directed us to the completely unmarked place to drop off the last bag. Utterly awful customer service. Where do they find these people? AND we were charged $225 for our bags on an international flight. WTF? In order of most to least, I truly hate Boston, Logan and Delta. If it was an option, they would all get 0 out of 5, unless they allow negative numbers. If I never have to travel through here again, it will be too soon. Please avoid this airport and airline if there are ANY other options.

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