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Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Knowing about Delta Airlines Hartsfield Jackson Terminal Hartsfield is crucial for passengers because it’s like your road map in a busy city – it helps you navigate and enjoy your journey. Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is the world’s busiest, and Delta’s terminal there is a hub for countless flights. Understanding its layout and services empowers you to make informed decisions, find your gate, grab a bite, or unwind in a lounge.

This knowledge turns a potentially overwhelming experience into a smooth, enjoyable adventure. So, let’s explore why Delta Airlines’ ATL Terminal information is your key to a delightful travel experience.

Delta Atlanta Terminal Arrivals 

Delta Air Lines uses Terminal I – Maynard International Terminal and Terminal S – Domestic (South) for its arrivals at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. This terminal consists of several services such as shops and restaurants to grab a quick bite, baggage carousels to retrieve baggage, inter-terminal transportation for getting to and from terminals, etc. 

Delta Terminal Atlanta Airport Departures 

Delta Air Lines uses Terminal I – Maynard International Terminal and Terminal S – Domestic (South) for its departures at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. This terminal consists of several check-in counters, security checkpoints, boarding gates, airline lounges, etc. 

Sections at Delta Hartsfield Jackson Terminal

As Delta operates from both Terminal 1 – Maynard International Terminal and Terminal S -Domestic (South) terminal at ATL, let’s discuss a breakdown of sections for both of them.

Terminal 1 – Maynard International Terminal

Located towards the east of all airport services, Terminal 1 serves international arrivals and departures of several leading airlines including Delta Air. It is also known as the Maynard Holbrook Jackson Jr International Terminal and it consists of the following sections: 

  1. 0 Level: The first and foremost is the arrivals area and the plane train level. 
  2. U Level: U level is also the arrivals level, which also provides a tunnel to E level. 
  3. 1 Level: Level 1 is typically manufactured for handling the day to day parking.
  4. 2 Level: It is the ticketing and the departures area. Passengers who want to access the Concourses E and F are required to go through the security checkpoints. 
  5. 3 Level: It is the Mezzanine level. Most of the services including VIP lounges, business and personal services, etc are located on this level only. 

Terminal S -Domestic (South)

The Domestic Terminal at Atlanta Airport, situated on the west side of ATL Airport, comprises three segments: the Main Terminal and the North and South Terminals, primarily serving ticketing, check-in, and baggage claim. The Domestic Terminal encompasses Concourses A to D and T, running parallel to each other. 

Within the Main Terminal, you’ll find the Ground Transportation Center, a central 3-level Atrium surrounded by dining and shopping options, the Main Security Checkpoint, direct access to Concourse T gates, Plane Train connectivity to satellite Concourses A – F, and the International Baggage Claim area. Additionally, the Atrium’s third level houses a 3,200 sq.ft USO Center. The Domestic terminal has the following sections: 

  1. Level 0: This level is home to the Plane Train, allowing passengers access to different concourses and satellites. 
  2. Ground Level: It is the arrivals area, which consists of baggage claim services. 
  3. Level 2: It handles the ticketing and departures, along with baggage claim.
  • Concourse T: It is the sole concourse at Atlanta Airport which is connected to the main domestic terminal. Security checkpoints T9 to T15 are situated on the left and T1 to T18 are situated on the right side of this concourse. The central part of the boarding gates T8 and T9 leads travellers to the Plane Train service of Concourse A to F, along with the baggage claim of the international terminal. 

Note: Both the domestic and international terminal of Atlanta International Airport are served by Concourses A, B, C, D, and E. 

  1. Level 3: It is the mezzanine level. 

Lounges at Delta Terminal in Atlanta

There are several lounges located in Delta Airlines’ terminal at Atlanta Airport, which are as follows: 

Domestic TerminalInternational Terminal 
1. USO Lounge2. United Airlines United Club3. Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Club4. American Airlines Admirals Club5. Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Club1. Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Club2. American Airlines Admirals Club3. United Airlines United Club

Available Services at Delta Atlanta Airport Terminal

Both the domestic and international terminal are used by Delta Airlines at Atlanta International Airport. And, both the terminal serves passengers with modern amenities required at the airport or in-flight. Here’s a breakdown of all the available amenities: 

Restaurants and foodShops and stores Airline lounges
Lost and found countersWifi connectivityInterfaith chapels 
Airport artMinute suitesHotels/Accommodations 
Family restroomsBanking facilities XpresSpa
Shoe shinePet careNurse stations 
Special assistanceAnimal relief areaGuest service representatives
Business centreSeating areas Information counters 

List of Every Delta Airlines Terminal Globally

An Insight to What Terminal is Delta at Atlanta Airport

Airport NameHartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Airport CodeATL
Airport Address6000 S Terminal Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30320, United States
TerminalTerminal S
Delta Airlines ATL Arrivals TerminalTerminal S
Delta Airlines ATL Departures TerminalTerminal S
Delta Airlines Ticket Counter Hours24 hours a Day
Delta Airlines Contact Number1800 123 6645
City NameAtlanta
Delta Airlines Official

Delta Airlines Reservations and Cancellations

Delta Hartsfield Jackson Terminal offers convenient reservations and cancellations services, ensuring a seamless travel experience for passengers. Travellers can easily book their flights through various channels, such as the Delta website, mobile app, or by visiting the dedicated reservation counters within the terminal. The airline also provides flexibility for changes or cancellations, with options like Same-Day Change and risk-free cancellation within 24 hours of booking.

Delta Airlines refunds and Compensations

Delta Terminal Atlanta strives to provide efficient refunds and compensations services for passengers at Terminal Atlanta. In cases where passengers are eligible for refunds, whether due to flight cancellations, delays, or other valid reasons, Delta ensures a straightforward process for refund requests. Travellers can visit the airline’s dedicated service counters within the terminal or utilise the online platform to initiate their refund claims. Additionally, Delta offers compensation measures when passengers experience inconveniences such as overbooking or extended delays, with compensation options like meal vouchers, accommodation arrangements, or rebooking on the next available flight. 

Delta Airlines Seat or Class Upgradations

Delta Departure Atlanta Terminal offers seat and class upgrade options for passengers departing from Atlanta Terminal, providing an opportunity for travellers to enhance their in-flight experience. At the departure terminal, passengers can inquire about available upgrades at the Delta service counters or kiosks. Upgrades may include moving from Economy to Premium Economy, First Class, or even Delta One for long-haul flights, subject to availability and fare differences. Delta’s loyalty program, SkyMiles, also allows members to use their miles for complimentary or discounted upgrades when applicable. These upgrade options ensure that passengers have the flexibility to enjoy a more comfortable and premium travel experience while departing from Atlanta Terminal with Delta Airlines. 

Delta Airlines Flight Check-in Options

Delta Atlanta Airport Terminal makes it easy for people at Atlanta Airport Terminal to get ready for their flights. There are a few ways to do it:

  1. Online Check-in: You can use Delta Airlines’ website or phone app to check in online 24 hours before your flight. This lets you pick your seat, pay for baggage if you have any, and get your boarding pass on your phone.
  2. Self-Service Kiosks: Delta has machines at the airport where you can check in, print your boarding pass, and choose your seat.
  3. Delta Airlines Service Counters: If you like some help, there are special counters where Delta staff can assist you with checking in.
  4. Curbside Check-in: Delta even lets you check in without going inside the airport. You can drop off your bags, get your boarding pass, and be on your way. 

Delta Airlines Pet Travel Service

Delta Terminal Atlanta Airport

Delta Airlines provides specific baggage allowances for passengers at Hartsfield-Jackson Terminal, ensuring clarity and convenience for travellers. The baggage policies may vary depending on the class of service and the passenger’s frequent flyer status. Below is a breakdown of Delta’s Baggage Allowance: 

  1. Carry-On Baggage: Passengers are allowed one carry-on bag and one personal item like a purse or laptop bag. It’s essential to check the airline’s website or contact Delta for any size or weight restrictions, as they may change over time.
  1. Checked Baggage: Delta’s checked baggage allowance depends on the passenger’s class of service and frequent flyer status. Passengers in Economy can check one or two bags for a fee, while those in Premium classes may have a more generous allowance. Frequent flyers, like Delta SkyMiles Medallion members, may receive additional baggage benefits.

Delta Airlines Information Counters

Delta Atlanta Terminal has friendly information counters at the airport. If you have questions or need help, just stop by, and they’ll assist you with a smile. It’s a quick and easy way to get the information you need for a smooth journey.

Delta Airlines Lost and Found Desks

Delta Terminal in Atlanta has Lost and Found desks. If you’ve misplaced something during your travels, visit these desks for assistance in finding and recovering your lost items. They’re there to help reunite you with your belongings and make your journey as stress-free as possible.

Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor

Delta Airlines offers a special service for Unaccompanied Minors (UMs). This service ensures that children travelling alone receive extra care and attention throughout their journey. Delta’s dedicated staff assists with check-in, provides a UM lanyard, and escorts the child through security and to the gate. During the flight, flight attendants keep a watchful eye on UMs, and upon arrival, they are handed over to the designated guardian. Delta’s Unaccompanied Minor service provides peace of mind to both parents and young travellers, prioritising their safety and comfort during the flight.


What Terminal is Delta at Atlanta Airport? In conclusion, Delta Air Lines operates primarily out of Atlanta Airport’s Terminal South and Terminal North. Passengers should verify their departure or arrival terminal in advance to ensure a smooth travel experience. The airline’s extensive presence in these terminals underscores its significance as a major carrier at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, offering a wide range of domestic and international flight options for travellers. For any queries and suggestions related to your air travel with Delta, please contact the airlines directly.

Delta Airlines ATL Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport Location Map

Frequently Asked Question:

What Terminal is Delta at Atlanta Airport?

Delta Air Lines uses Terminal I – Maynard International Terminal and Terminal S – Domestic (South) at Atlanta Airport.

Where are Delta Hartsfield Jackson Terminal arrivals?

Delta Air Lines uses Terminal I – Maynard International Terminal and Terminal S – Domestic (South) for its arrivals at Atlanta Airport.

Where are Delta Atlanta Terminal departures?

Delta Air Lines uses the following terminals for its departures; Terminal I – Maynard International Terminal and Terminal S – Domestic (South).

Does Delta Terminal Atlanta Airport provide in-flight services?

Yes, Delta Airlines provides in-flight services such as complimentary meals and drinks, food and beverages, entertainment options on its flight to/from Atlanta Airport.

Does Delta Departure Atlanta Terminal consist of Self-service kiosks?

Yes, Delta Airlines provides self-service kiosks for check-in at Atlanta Airport, helping passengers to proceed independently with the check-ins.

What services and amenities are available at Delta Terminal in Atlanta?

Services such as ticket counters, baggage related assistance, special assistance, lost and found counters, information counters, etc are found at Atlanta Airport.

Does Delta Atlanta Airport Terminal have designated lost and found counters?

There are lost and found counters to help passengers deal with delayed, damaged, and lost baggage, related issues or circumstances.

 Is there unaccompanied minor travel offered by Delta Terminal Atlanta Airport?

Yes, Delta Airlines provides unaccompanied minor travel offered at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

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