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Suvarnabhumi Airport

Condor Airlines BKK Terminal is a German airline that operates flights from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Terminal 1. Condor Airlines operates flights to several destinations in Europe, including Frankfurt and Berlin in Germany. Passengers flying with Condor Airlines can enjoy a wide range of services such as in-flight entertainment, meals and beverages and the option to purchase seat upgrades. The airline also offers a frequent flyer program called miles & more, which allows the passengers to earn and redeem miles for future travel. 

Condor Airlines Arrivals terminal at Suvarnabhumi Airport Terminal 

Condor Airlines operates its arriving carriers from Terminal 1 at Suvarnabhumi Airport. The arrivals terminal serves passengers with services such as baggage claim and other baggage related services including baggage storage and baggage wrapping. Additionally, the passengers can also look for other facilities such as family restrooms and food and dining options. 

Condor Airlines Departures terminal at Suvarnabhumi Airport Terminal 

Condor Airlines operates its departures from Terminal 1 at Suvarnabhumi Airport. The departures terminal has designated check-in counters and security checkpoints which ensures a seamless boarding process for the passengers. The airline also has self-service kiosks located at the destination, which allows for self-service check-ins. 

Basic Services at Condor Terminal Suvarnabhumi Airport

Terminal 1 at the Suvarnabhumi Airport is a modern terminal which consists of all the at airport services passengers require at the destination. This allows passengers to have quick or instant access to the available service and ensures that their needs are being fulfilled. Some of the basic services which passengers can find at the Condor Terminal BKK. 

  • Banks 
  • Restrooms 
  • Charging Stations
  • Paging Someone 
  • Wi-Fi/Internet access
  • Check-in counters
  • Security Checkpoints 
  • Baggage claim Counters
  • Customs and immigration
  • Baggage storage facilities 
  • Lost and Found department 
  • Information desks/counters
  • Ticket reservation counters
  • Restaurants, cafes, and food
  • Inter-terminal transportation
  • Currency exchange and ATMs
  • Ground transportation services

List of all Condor Airlines Terminal Globally

General Information of Condor Airlines Suvarnabhumi Airport terminal

Condor Airlines operates from Terminal 1 at Suvarnabhumi Airport. 

Airport’s Name  Suvarnabhumi Airport
Airport’s Address 999 Nong Prue, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan 10540, Thailand
Airport CodeBKK
Airport’s Working Hours 24 hours a day
Condor BKK Terminal Terminal 1
Condor Airlines BKK Contact1-866-960-7915
Official Website of Condor Airlines

Facilities/Amenities provided by Condor Airlines at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Condor Airlines provides a variety of services to its passengers, ensuring a comfortable and joyful flying experience for everybody. Travelers flying to and from Suvarnabhumi Airport can take benefit of the following Condor Airlines facilities/amenities: 

Condor Airlines Ticket Booking 

Go to Condor’s official website and click on “book a flight” to enter the information such as destination, travel dates, etc. and then enter the class type you wish to travel in, such as Economy, Premium Economy, or Business Class. Click “Search flights” to find a flight, and then select the flight after carefully reviewing the policies and fare price. Enter your personal information and select your payment option and input the necessary information.

The passengers can also use an alternative method, which is to book a reservation at the ticket counters of Condor, located at Condor airline Suvarnabhumi Airport terminal. However, the offline booking process allows for the representatives to book on your behalf, when you provide them with the required details. 

Condor Airlines Ticket Cancellation 

Condor Airlines ticket cancellation policy allows the passengers to cancel their reservations for a cost which depends upon the pricing rules and restrictions and the time frame of ticket cancellation. The passengers can cancel their tickets by using the same method as they used for reservations. Additionally, they can also contact the customer service department at the Condor terminal BKK or visit the mobile application to cancel the tickets. 

It’s important to note that the cancellation may lead the passengers to a compensation or a cancellation fee, depending upon the policies of the airlines. Also, you may be entitled to a refund, if your reason for cancellation is valid and you adhere to the rules of the airlines. 

Condor Airlines Seat Upgradation 

The passengers can log in to their reservation either on the mobile application of the airlines or on the official website, at which the passengers can make amendments to their booking and check for the seat upgrades. If there are upgrades available, the passenger can select the preferred upgrade, pay the required money, and confirm the reservation. Additionally, the passengers can also contact the customer care department of the airlines at Condor BKK terminal to know about the upgrades and how you can do it, if the online option doesn’t suit you. 

Condor Airlines Baggage Allowance

Condor Airlines baggage allowance at BKK is determined by the class type you are travelling in and also upon the route and destination as well. The general baggage allowance, however, is as follows: 

Class TypeBaggage Allowance 
Economy LightZero checked baggage allowance. And, only 1 small carry-on bag (max. 7 kg) and one personal item is allowed.
Economy Classic and Flex 1 checked baggage of max 23 kgs and 1 small carry-on bag or personal item of max 7 kgs.
Economy Best 2 checked baggage of 23 kgs each and 1 small carry-on bag or personal item of max 7 kgs. 
Business Class 2 checked baggage of 32 kgs each and 2 small carry-on bag or personal item of max 7 kgs. 

Condor Airlines Check-in Services 

Condor Airlines ensures that the passengers are getting top-notch facilities at the airport which is why it allows for airport check in at the check-in counters of Condor, located at Terminal 1, Suvarnabhumi Airport. Additionally, the passengers are also allowed to check-in online on the Condor Airlines website or the mobile application by clicking on “Check-in”. Lastly, the passengers can use the mobile application of Condor as well to check-in for their scheduled departing flight with the airlines.

Condor Airlines Pet Travel Services 

Condor Airlines allows for small cats and dogs on a few flights departing from the Suvarnabhumi Airport. The passenger wanting to take his/her pet along will have to ensure that the pet meets the airline’s requirements of age, weight, breed, etc and must have the necessary documentation, specifically a health certificate. The pets can be travelled in the cabin, if their total weight including the carrier doesn’t exceed 8 kgs. And, as checked baggage, if the weight is more than 8 kgs but not exceeding 32 kgs. The passengers wanting to access this service are required to pay pet travel fees in addition to the regular fare.

Condor Airlines Lost & Found Services 

Condor Airlines have dedicated lost and found service counters at the Terminal 1, Suvarnabhumi Airport. Condor Airlines provides lost and found services for passengers who have lost or found items on their flights or at BKK airport. If a passenger misses something on a Condor Airlines trip or at the airport, they should contact the airline’s lost and found department right away. You can do this by contacting their customer service department or filling out an online lost item report. Additionally, you can contact the staff in person at the airport, at which the staff will make sure to identify the issue and contact you again.

Condor Airlines Special Assistance Services 

Condor terminal Suvarnabhumi Airport provides wheelchair assistance for passengers who have mobility issues or who require assistance to move to and from the airport’s locations. These passengers can request wheelchair assistance when booking their flight or by contacting the airline’s customer service desk at the airport. Additionally, the airline also provides medical assistance to the passengers who require it and assistance for minors as well.


Terminal 1 is the Condor Airline BKK terminal in Suvarnabhumi Airport. In addition to ticketing, check-in, luggage allowance, seat upgrades, pet travel services, lost and found services, and special assistance services, the airline provides a wide range of passenger amenities. Condor Airlines offers pleasant, convenient, and easy access to a variety of stores, eateries, and services inside the airport terminal to its passengers at BKK. Condor Airlines is a passenger-focused airline which provides a variety of services to its passengers flying to and from the Terminal 1, Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Condor Airlines BKK Suvarnabhumi Airport Location Map

Frequently Asked Questions

Which terminal is Condor Airlines at BKK?

Condor Airlines is Terminal 1 at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Can I check in online for my Condor flight from the BKK Terminal?

Yes, the passengers are allowed to check-in online for their flight departing from the BKK terminal up to 24 hours before their scheduled departure time.

Does Condor Airlines offer in-flight entertainment on flights departing from BKK Terminal?

Yes, Condor offers in-flight entertainment on their flights departing from BKK Terminal 1, including movies, TV shows, and music. 

Can I upgrade my Condor Airlines ticket at Condor terminal, BKK?

Yes, the passengers can upgrade their Condor Airlines reservations at the Condor Terminal, Suvarnabhumi Airport.

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