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Sultan Muhammad Salahuddin Airport

Passengers looking forward to arrivals or departures with Citilink Airlines from the BMU Terminal 1 are often looking for crucials. Information about the Citilink Airlines BMU Terminal helps passengers plan their journey efficiently, have access to the available services, and enjoy a trip worth every penny. So, if you want an exceptional flying experience with Citilink Airlines, keep yourself intact with the required details. 

Citilink Airlines uses the Terminal 1 for its arrivals at the Sultan Muhammad Salahuddin Airport. Passengers can access their checked luggage through the baggage claim carousels and move ahead. 

Citilink Airlines uses the Terminal 1 for its departures at the Sultan Muhammad Salahuddin Airport. At this point, passengers can complete the pre-boarding procedures and access several facilities. 

Citilink Airlines offers multiple services to passengers flying to or from the BMU Terminal 1. Some of the benefits of flying with Citilink Airlines from the BMU terminal are as follows: 

Food & beverage outletsATMs Banks 
Currency exchange ServiceForex servicesDeparture gates 
Luggage storage FacilityMedical Clinic Free internet/wifi
Airport/Airline Lounges Hotels and accommodationsLuggage Lost and Found 
Spa and Shower Services Lost and found serviceFlight information display
Luggage Carts/Trolleys Duty-free shops/storesPharmacy/Medical 
Nursing roomsPet relief areaSecure luggage wrapping 
Child play areaInformation countersMobile charging stations

Citilink Airlines uses the Terminal 1 at the Sultan Muhammad Salahuddin Airport. It is a modern terminal equipped with several facilities and services the passengers may require. Here’s an overview of Citilink Airlines BMU Terminal. 

Airport NameSultan Muhammad Salahuddin Airport
Citilink Airlines BMU AddressFM5R+7VG, Jalan Sumbawa, Belo, Kec. Palibelo, Kabupaten Bima, Nusa Tenggara Bar. 84173, Indonesia
Airport CodeBMU
Citilink Airlines BMU terminal arrivalsTerminal 1
Citilink Airlines BMU terminal departuresTerminal 1
Working Hours24 hours
Official Citilink Airlines
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Passengers who look forward to booking a flight can use the ticketing counters available at the Citilink Airlines BMU Terminal. The airline has customer service representatives who can assist you with booking, provide flight information, and address any questions or concerns. Alternatively, the airline may provide online reservation services via its official website. So, contact Citilink Airlines customer service to make your preferred reservation.

Want to cancel your Citilink Airlines flight ticket? Fret not! Citilink Airlines terminal at BMU understands that travel plans may change at any given time due to unsaid circumstances. For cancellations, you can visit the ticketing counters of the airline and ask airline personnel for cancellation services, policies, and related details. After carefully understanding the crucials, head to cancel your reservation by paying the compensation fee (if applicable). If you are entitled to a refund, the airline will credit the same to your account.

Citilink Airlines allows passengers to carry sufficient baggage in flight, allowing them to take their belongings easily. If you have already made a reservation, your booking confirmation or ticket may include information about baggage allowance. You can also visit the Citilink Airlines ticket counter at the departure airport. The airline’s staff can provide information about baggage allowances and answer any questions you may have.

Alternatively, Look for a “Baggage” or “Baggage Allowance” section on the official airline’s website. It contains detailed information about baggage policies, including allowance. 

4. Upgrade seats to fly with extra comfort and enhanced in-flight entertainment options. 

Consider upgrading your seat at Citilink Airlines BMU Terminal when making your initial reservation. Airlines often provide different classes of service with varying levels of comfort. If Citilink Airlines offers premium economy or business class cabins, consider booking a seat in one of these classes for enhanced comfort and entertainment options. Contact Citilink Airlines customer service at the airport’s terminal, as they can provide information on available seat upgrades, costs, and the upgrade process.

To obtain specific details about your reservations with Citilink Airlines terminal at BMU, please visit the airlines’ information counters. They will ensure to answer each of your questions and provide assistance if you require access to any service. Alternatively, you can also Check Citilink Airlines’ official website. Look for a “Contact Us” or “Customer Support” section, where you can find phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact information. Locate the information counters by following the signage at the arrivals/departures terminal.  

6. Lost luggage? Or received damaged or delayed luggage? Get Lost & Found Help

Swift action is essential if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of lost, damaged, or delayed luggage during your travels. Contact the airline’s Lost & Found department immediately, providing detailed information about your missing or affected belongings. File a report clearly describing the items and relevant flight details. Stay informed by regularly checking the status of your case. Passengers can also access the lost and found service at the official website of Citilink Airlines. 

7. Accessibility Services: Available to travelers who require additional care/assistance

For travelers who require additional care or assistance due to accessibility needs, many airlines, including Citilink, offer dedicated accessibility services. These services ensure passengers with disabilities or special requirements can enjoy a smooth and comfortable travel experience from Citilink Airlines BMU Terminal. Communicate your requirements, such as wheelchair assistance, boarding support, or any other service you may need during the flight. It will allow you to have a comfortable flying experience. 

When children are traveling alone, airlines often provide exceptional services for unaccompanied minors to ensure their safety and well-being. Suppose you are considering having an unaccompanied minor fly with Citilink Airlines. Check Citilink’s policies regarding unaccompanied minors, including age restrictions or requirements. Citilink may require you to fill out additional forms for unaccompanied minors. Ensure you complete any necessary paperwork, including contact information for the child’s guardian at the destination.

9. Pet-Friendly Travel Services: For passengers who wish to carry their pets along 

Citilink Airlines terminal at BMU offers pet-friendly travel services for passengers who wish to travel with their pets. The airline has restrictions based on the pet’s size, weight, and breed. So, please confirm whether your pet meets the airline’s criteria for travel. Inform Citilink Airlines in advance that you will be traveling with a pet. The airlines have a limit on the number of pets allowed on a particular flight, so it’s advisable to book early. Additionally, Ensure you have an airline-approved pet carrier that meets the size and safety requirements. 

Multiple parking options are available at the Citilink Airlines Terminal 1 of the airport, allowing travelers to park their vehicles without hassle. You can locate the help desks at the airport’s terminal to assist you with the parking options. Alternatively, you can visit the official airport’s website for details or crucials. You can consider using parking applications or websites that provide information about parking options at various airports. These platforms often include rates, locations, and user reviews. 

Several airline/airport lounges operate from the BMU terminal of Citilink Airlines, allowing passengers access to exclusive and luxurious services. The services may include TVs, magazines, spas, showers, wifi, food, drinks, beverages, etc. lounges are typically accessible to departing passengers who are either a member of frequent flyer programs or flying in a higher class reservation. Other passengers may access these lounges for a fee. Contact your airline for more information.

Frequently Asked Question:

Which is Citilink Airlines BMU Terminal?

Citilink Airlines uses the Terminal 1 at the BMU.

What terminal is Citilink Airlines at BMU?

Citilink Airlines operates from the Sultan Muhammad Salahuddin Airport Terminal 1.

Where are Citilink Airlines BMU terminal Arrivals?

Citilink Airlines uses the Terminal 1 for its arrivals at the Sultan Muhammad Salahuddin Airport.

Where are Citilink Airlines BMU terminal Departures?

Citilink Airlines uses the Terminal 1 for its departures at the Sultan Muhammad Salahuddin Airport.

Does Citilink Airlines terminal at BMU provide internet access?

Yes. Citilink Airlines provides wifi or internet access to passengers arriving at or departing from the BMU terminal.

What are the benefits of flying with Citilink Airlines from the BMU terminal?

There are several benefits of flying with Citilink Airlines from the BMU terminal as it offers its passengers a wide range of services, such as ticketing services, several check-in options, seat upgrade options, pet travel services, unaccompanied minors, etc.

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