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Heihe Airport

The subsidiary of Sichuan Airlines, Chengdu Airlines, offers domestic scheduled flights to passengers. Whether you have a departing or an arriving flight at the Chengdu Airlines HEK Terminal, this information will be useful during your air travels. If you fly with Chengdu, you can learn about its services or amenities at the Heihe Airport and facilitate your overall journey or air travel. 

Chengdu Airlines HEK Terminal Arrivals

The arrivals terminal for Chengdu Airlines at the Heihe Airport is Terminal 1, at which the arriving passengers can locate baggage claim carousels along with several other facilities after they have deboarded the Chengdu flights. 

Chengdu Airlines HEK Terminal Departures

The departures terminal for Chengdu Airlines at the Heihe Aihui Airport is Terminal 1, at which the departing passengers can find check-in counters, security checkpoints, and multiple other facilities before they head towards the departure gates. 

Chengdu Airlines terminal at HEK Amenities

The Chengdu Airlines terminal at the HEK leaves no stone unturned when it comes to serving its passengers with the best of services, which is why you can find the following amenities at its HEK Terminal.

Reservation Counters Food and Drink OutletsPet-Friendly Travel 
Self-service Kiosk MachinesDuty-free Shopping Special or Disability Support
Inter-terminal TransportationGround Transportation Cancellations and Refunds 
Flight Status Trackers Airline/Airport Lounges Baby Changing Rooms 
Family Restrooms Medical/Emergency Services Priority Boarding Service
Emergency Assistance Quiet Seating Spaces WiFi and Internet Access 
Currency Exchange Business Meeting Rooms Lost & Found Help 
Banks Meet and Greet AreasInformation Counters 
ATMsKids Play SectionsSeat Upgradation Options 
Airport Check-in Counters Shops and Retail Stores Unaccompanied Minors
Airline/Airport Lounges Boarding Gates Customer Care Desks 

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What terminal is Chengdu Airlines at HEK? Your Guide to Air Travels

Below is a detailed description of Chengdu Airlines and its operations at the Heihe Aihui Airport Terminal, which the passengers can use for their future travels with the airline.

Airport NameHeihe Airport
Chengdu Airlines HEK terminal arrivalsTerminal 1
Chengdu Airlines HEK terminal departuresTerminal 1
Chengdu Airlines IATA CodeEU
Chengdu Airlines ICAO CodeUEA
Airport Address58H7+FCG, Aihui District, Heihe, Heilongjiang, China
Official Chengdu Airlines Site
Contact Number+86 456 823 5942

Book a flight ticket with Chengdu Airlines at HEK

To book a flight seat at the Chengdu Airlines Heihe Aihui Airport Terminal, please visit the airline’s ticketing counters or reservation desks, where you will find airline executives to assist you and book you a reservation. Ensure to provide them with the required or asked details and travel details. After carefully reviewing the reservation policies and the fees associated with your reservation, you can request a flight confirmation from the said executives.

Cancel Chengdu Airlines flight ticket at HEK Terminal

To cancel a flight reservation from Chengdu Airlines HEK terminal departures, it’s best to go through the airlines’ cancellation policy and understand their cancellation rules. You may be entitled to pay a compensation fee, or the airline may be entitled to pay you a full refund of your unused ticket, depending on your reason for cancellation. You can visit the information counters to inquire about the same or visit the airlines’ official website to extract details. 

Upgrade your flight seat with Chengdu Airlines at the Heihe Airport

To upgrade your flight seats at the Chengdu Airlines terminal at HEK, you can connect with the airline staff. However, before directly heading to upgrade your seat, you must review the available upgrade options, including its services and amenities, its cost, and other rules or regulations. This will give you a better picture and help you make informed decisions. You can also upgrade your seats using the official website of Chengdu Airlines. 

Check-in with Chengdu Airlines at the Heihe Airport Terminal 1

The option to check-in at the airport check-in counters and the self-service kiosks is available at the Chengdu Airlines HEK Terminal. Visit the check-in counters with your travel documents to get your boarding passes. If you require any help during the procedure, you can connect with the airline personnels available nearby. In addition to that, you can also use the airline’s official website to proceed with the check-ins and retrieve e-boarding passes. 

Chengdu Airlines Baggage Allowance on flights from the Heihe Airport

For flights from the Chengdu Airlines Heihe Airport terminal departures, passengers can carry the following allowance: 

  • First-class passengers can carry up to 40 kg of checked baggage. 
  • Business class passengers can carry up to 30 kgs of checked baggage. 
  • Economy class passengers can carry up to 20 kgs of checked baggage. 

One perk that Chengdu Airlines offers is that if two passengers travel to the same destination in the same type of class with the airline, their total baggage allowance can be calculated and managed accordingly. 

The baggage allowance for infants or children differs from that for adults. Please get in touch with the Chengdu Airlines customer care representatives to get updated information. 

Chengdu Airlines Service Dog Allowance/Instructions for travelers in need

The needy or disabled passengers who want to travel with service dogs from the Chengdu Airlines terminal at HEK can use this service. It refers to assistance dogs, hearing dogs, and guide dogs. Passengers flying with Chengdu must submit a service dog when applying for a flight seat book and provide documentation such as a service dog’s identity certificate. Passengers must apply before 48 hours of their flight departure and only bring their pets after the airline has reviewed and approved their application. Please talk with your airline to know the additional details regarding this service

Special Assistance Services by Chengdu Airlines for the Needy Passengers 

The airline offers special assistance to passengers who are disabled or physically impaired passengers, allowing them to fly comfortably and conveniently. From the Chengdu Airlines HEK Terminal, passengers can book this service in advance and complete the necessary formalities and procedures before their departure date. This will allow enough time for the staff to arrange the requirements for you. Special assistance may include wheelchair assistance, oxygen masks, stretcher service, and other related things. 

The lost and found department of Chengdu Airlines HEK terminal arrivals and departures assists passengers with luggage-related issues such as lost, delayed, and damaged baggage. If you fall under such an unfortunate and unforeseen circumstance, it’s best to contact the lost and found desk, report your issue, and receive help at the earliest. You can also avail of lost and found help from the official airlines’ website and learn about the procedures you must follow. 

Chengdu Airlines Information Counters and Help Desks to assist travelers 

The information counters or help desks are located at the Chengdu Airlines terminal at Heihe Aihui Airport. These counters are equipped with knowledgeable airline staff to help passengers with their queries, clear their doubts, and provide any assistance they look forward to. If you have questions about your air travel, all you have to do is locate these counters by following the signage at the airport and talking with airline personnel. He will surely comply with your requirements and provide you with assistance. 

Chengdu Airlines Unaccompanied Minors Service for Children Flying Solo

Unaccompanied minor service at the Chengdu Airlines HEK Terminal is for children traveling solo with Chengdu. It is available to provide passengers with a guide who helps them get through the pre-flight procedures, such as check-ins and security checkpoints, and helps them get on board without any hassle. The service continues till the child reaches his final destination and is handed over to the person responsible for the child. Please book this service for your child to provide him with the safety and security he needs by contacting the Chengdu Airlines staff. 

Chengdu Airlines Heihe Airport (HEK) Location Map

Answers to Queries!

What terminal is Chengdu Airlines at the Heihe Aihui Airport?

Chengdu Airlines uses Terminal 1 at the Heihe Aihui Airport. 

What is the name of the Chengdu Airlines terminal at the airport?

Chengdu Airlines operates its flights to and from the Terminal 1 of the Heihe Airport. 

Which is the arrivals terminal for Chengdu Airlines at the HEK?

The arrivals terminal for Chengdu Airlines at the HEK is Terminal 1. 

Which is the departure terminal for Chengdu Airlines at the HEK?

Chengdu Airlines uses Terminal 1 at the Heihe Airport to handle its departures. 

What services are offered at the Chengdu Airlines terminal of the Heihe Airport?

The Chengdu Airlines terminal of the Heihe Airport offers passengers several services, including ticketing, cancellations, refunds, check-ins, seat upgrades, baggage-related services, unaccompanied minors, special assistance, etc. 

Are airline or airport lounges available at the Heihe Airport Terminal 1? 

Yes. Airline or Airport Lounges are available at the Heihe Airport Terminal 1 to offer passengers exclusive services such as WiFi, food, snacks, drinks, etc. 

Can I check in at the Heihe Airport Terminal 1 for my flights with Chengdu Airlines?

Yes. The passengers can check-in at the airport check-in counters or self-service kiosks for their upcoming flight with Chengdu Airlines. 

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