Boutique Air PNS Terminal – Pensacola International Airport

Pensacola International Airport

Passengers traveling with Boutique Air from the Pensacola International Airport Terminal should ensure they have all the information about their arrival or departure terminals. It will help travelers plan their journey and complete the pre-boarding procedures on time and correctly. From reservations, seat upgrades, check-ins, etc, to availing any required service, details about Boutique Air PNS Terminal vividly help the passengers. 

Boutique Air PNS terminal Arrivals

Boutique Air uses the Main Terminal at the Pensacola International Airport for its arrivals. 

Boutique Air PNS terminal Departures

Boutique Air uses the Main Terminal at the Pensacola International Airport for its departures. 

Assistance by Boutique Air terminal at PNS

Boutique Air Pensacola International Airport Main Terminal offers its arriving and departing passengers a wide range of services. Some of the services/facilities are mentioned below: 

Family Restrooms Airline Security CheckpointBaggage Storage Facility 
Currency Exchange Airport Check-in CountersWifi and Internet Access
Baggage Claim CarouselsAirport or Airline Lounges Self-service Kiosk Machines
Ticketing CountersBoarding or Departure GatesBoarding Pass Printing 
Passenger Service DesksLost & Found Department Flight Status Tracker/Displays
ATMs and Banks Mobile Charging StationsIn-flight Entertainment 
Unaccompanied MinorsSeat Upgrades and ChangesLuggage Cats and Trolleys
Cancellations & Refunds Snacks, Food, and BeveragesSpecial Assistance/Care

Guide to What Terminal is Boutique Air at PNS

Boutique Air operates its arrivals and departures from the Main Terminal of the Pensacola International Airport. The details of Boutique Air at the PNS are mentioned below. 

Airport NamePensacola International Airport
Boutique Air PNS Address2430 Airport Blvd, Pensacola, FL 32504, United States
Airport CodePNS
Boutique Air PNS Contact No+1 850-436-5000
Boutique Air PNS terminal arrivalsMain Terminal
Boutique Air PNS terminal departuresMain Terminal
Working Hours24 hours a day
Official Boutique Air
Boutique Air Facebook
Boutique Air Instagram
Boutique Air Twitter Account

List Of All Boutique Air Terminal Worldwide

Get a flight reservation with Boutique Air from Pensacola International Airport Terminal.

Boutique Air PNS Terminal consists of reservation desks for getting the bookings done on behalf of the passenger. If you want to fly with Boutique Air, please make a reservation at the departures terminal. Remember to bring your travel documents and ensure you have the accepted payment method. Depending upon the flight availability you prefer, the airline executive will book you a reservation. 

Want to cancel your flight booking due to unforeseen circumstances? Fret Not!

Travel plans can change anytime, which is why Boutique Airways allows you to cancel your reservations at the Pensacola International Airport Main Terminal. You can walk to the reservation counters with your travel details and documents. If the reason for cancellation meets the rules and restrictions of Boutique Air, you will get a full refund of your ticket. Otherwise, you will need to pay compensation to the airline.

Boutique Air baggage allowance on Airfares from PNS Terminal

Passengers receive a generous baggage allowance on the Boutique Air PNS Terminal flights. However, there are specific rules and restrictions attached to luggage, such as the passenger should adhere to the dimensions and weight regulations; the passenger must not carry more than the allowance, the passenger should not add any prohibited items to his luggage, etc. To get more information on Boutique Air’s baggage allowance, please contact the airline’s customer service desk.

Travel with added comfort and convenience on Boutique Air Flight

With Boutique Air seat upgrade options, passengers can fly with added comfort, convenience, and extra in-flight entertainment options. Seat upgrades are also available during check-ins and reservations. Depending upon your preferences, you can get a promotion for flights from the Pensacola International Airport Terminal. Additional fees or charges will apply if you want an upper-class ticket. So, be ready with the accepted mode of payment during the process.

Check-in for your Boutique Air flight departure from Pensacola International Airport Terminal

Passengers can check in at the Boutique Air terminal at PNS through the self-service kiosk machines or airport check-in counters. Please arrive at the airport on time to review the pre-boarding procedures and board your flights. The airline may allow you to check in online using their official website, from which you can extract information from the airline’s customer service desk. Information counters at the Pensacola International Airport terminal also provide this information.

Boutique Air PNS terminal arrivals and departures comprise airline information counters or help desks, with personnel available to assist passengers with their queries and confusions. If you are one of the passengers who seek immediate help regarding their air travel, please visit the information desks, raise your issue, and see how the airline can help you. This will help you have air travel free of obstacles and unwanted delays.

Lost & Found: At your service to resolve lost/delayed/damaged luggage issues

Lost and Found desk at the Boutique Air PNS Terminal deals with lost, delayed, and damaged luggage issues. There are scenarios where passengers are often stuck and need a solution. The experts available at the desk help travelers report their issues and submit the required details. Afterward, the knowledge staff does their best to reunite you with your items and provide assistance in case of damaged luggage.

Unaccompanied Minors: Assistance/Escort to your minor traveling alone

Unaccompanied Minor service is necessary for minors traveling without their parents or legal guardians on flights from the Boutique Air PNS terminal departures. If you want to provide your child assistance and care through an airline escort, please book this service well ahead of time. The airline staff will be available for your child throughout the journey from the moment he steps foot inside the terminal till he reaches his final destination. So, make sure to fill out the necessary forms and book your child as an unaccompanied minor. 

Pet travel with Boutique Air: Understand the policy and restrictions

Travelers can carry their pets to some destinations from the Boutique Air PNS Terminal. Pet owners should confirm that their pet travels in an airline-approved pet carrier with soft-sided corners. Please ensure he does not leave the pet carrier if you take your pet along. The airline does not charge additional fee for pets. The information and particulars are available on the official Boutique Air site.

Special Assistance for needy travelers who require additional care/support

Special assistance is one of the many necessary services that a passenger may require on flights with Boutique Air terminal at PNS, as it offers safety and security to passengers in need, passengers with limited mobility/physical issues, and disabled passengers. If you are one of the needy travelers, you can avail of special assistance by contacting the airline staff. Please book it before your departure so an airline executive can be available upon your arrival at the airport.

Parking Options for travelers at Boutique Air Pensacola International Airport Terminal

Travelers can park their vehicles at the Boutique Air Terminal of the PNS, as multiple parking options are available. Some of the options are free of cost, while the others may cost passenger a sum of their money. As per your preferences or the time you require parking space, you can get a parking space. Some of the available options include: 

  • Valet Parking 
  • Reserved Parking
  • Short-term Parking
  • Long-term Parking 

Please contact the passenger-centric service desks at the Airport’s terminal to help yourself with the location and parking.

Airport/Airline Lounges at Boutique Air PNS Main Terminal

Multiple airlines operate lounges at the PNS Main Terminal, giving passengers access to various airport services and amenities. If you want to spend some time relaxing on your own before your departure, you can get entry to the lounges. The criteria for entering the lounges depend on the ticket type you purchased or if you are a frequent flyer program member. You can get specifics from your airline’s friendly staff at the Airport’s customer service desk.

Boutique Air Pensacola International Airport Map

Frequently Asked Question:

What terminal is Boutique Air at PNS?

Boutique Air uses the Main Terminal at the Pensacola International Airport.

Which is the arrivals terminal for Boutique Air at the Pensacola International Airport?

Boutique Air operates its arrivals from the Main Terminal of the Pensacola International Airport.

Which is the departure terminal for Boutique Air at the Pensacola International Airport?

Boutique Air operates its departures from the Main Terminal of the Pensacola International Airport.

What services are available at Boutique Air PNS Terminal?

Services such as ticket booking, flight cancellation, airport counter check-in, self-service kiosk check-in, seat upgrades, baggage-related services, etc, are available at the Boutique Air PNS Main Terminal.

Does Boutique Air PNS Main Terminal offer wifi or internet access?

Yes, Boutique Air terminal at the Pensacola International Airport offers wifi and internet access to travelers arriving at or departing from the Airport.

Is Boutique Air located at Main Terminal or Terminal 2 of the PNS?

Boutique Air is located at the Main Terminal of the Pensacola International Airport, not the Terminal 2.

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