San Bernardino is a city located in the inland region of Southern California, United States. The city is approximately 60 miles from central Los Angeles, which has got a lot to offer to each of its visitors. Closest Airport to San Bernardino The vibrant city is known for its hot summers and cold winters, offering the visitors an excellently undeniable weather.  range of activities to the travellers alike.

The city is also known for its rich history, which dates back to the 19th Century and its cultural and recreational attractions which offer a range of activities to the travellers alike. So, whenever you are visiting San Bernardino, it’s crucial that you plan your bookings ahead and land at the nearby airports, which gives you easy access to transportation to San Bernardino.

The city also houses some parks, shopping centres, restaurants, and other destinations for the tourists. So, let’s dig a little deeper into the San Bernardino closest airport which helps operate some of the major airlines, who will further assist you with connecting or non-stop flights to the San Bernardino city.

Which is closest airport to San Bernardino CA

Although there are various airports which can help you connect with San Bernardino, only a few are close to the city. So, whenever you are going to plan your next trip to San Bernardino, you can consider arriving at or departing from any of the closest airport to San Bernardino. The airports are as follows: 

Airport Distance Airport Type
Ontario International Airport 22 Miles Public Airport 
John Wayne Airport 54 MilesPublic Airport
Palm Springs International Airport58 Miles Public Airport 
Los Angeles International Airport 76 Miles Public Airport 
San Diego International Airport 109 Miles Public Airport 

Ontario International Airport

Ontario International Airport

Ontario International Airport is situated approximately 18 miles west of downtown San Bernardino. The international airport houses many of the leading airlines, allowing passengers to connect to the nearby locations. The airport comprises two terminals which are well-equipped with modern facilities including ground transportation, currency exchange, etc. 

Omnitrans, which is the main public transportation agency of San Bernardino County, operates from three locations near the airport, providing non-stop services to the passengers who want to connect to the San Bernardino line. Furthermore, the airport is just 22 miles away from San Bernardino County, making it an easily accessible location. 

John Wayne Airport

John Wayne Airport

Nother closest airport that can help you connect to San Bernardino is the John Wayne Airport, which is located approximately 54 miles away from the city. John Wayne is one of the smallest airports in the United States, however, it does serve a number of major airlines such as Air Canada, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Southwest airlines.

The passengers can access ground transportation services from the airport itself, such as shuttle bus service, car rental, taxi service, and public or private transportation services. Transportation companies like Uber, Lyft, and Wingz also provide transport to San Bernardino, allowing you quick and easy access to many of the city’s attractions. 

Palm Springs International Airport

Palm Springs International Airport

Palm Springs Airport is one of the most reliable airport options you have, if you are going to visit San Bernardino as it provides non-stop flights to and from across 500 cities in the world, serving approximately 30 airports. The airport is open 24 hours a day, providing passengers with all the modern facilities such as TSA Precheck, quick and easy check-ins, and other services.

Just outside the airport’s baggage claim area, travellers can utilise ground transportation to get to other parts of the city. Additionally, it permits access to State Route 111, a state route that is popular with both visitors and locals.. This airport is one of the most convenient options after Ontario and John Wayne Airport.

Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles International Airport is the primary international airport which is situated approximately 76 miles away from San Bernardino.the world’s third busiest airport serves as a connecting point for passengers travelling internationally to numerous destinations. And, it is a major hub for airlines such as Alaska, American, Delta, Polar Air, and United Airlines

Furthermore, the airport also provides a number of ground transportation services to the passengers wanting to move between the airport’s locations or outside of it. So, whenever you are visiting San Bernardino, you can access ground transportation services like private shuttle services, taxi services, and more to reach your desired location.

San Diego International Airport

San Diego International Airport

Last but not least, is the San Diego International Airport, which was formerly popular as Lindbergh Field. The single runway airport consists of one terminal with three concourses and 51 gates. The airport helps operate non-stop flights to destinations throughout the United States, to Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. 

The airport majorly serves Southwest airlines, which is why you can also book your reservation to or from the city with the same airlines, in order to get cheaper airfares. Shuttle services, car, taxi, and bus are some easy transportations accessible from the airport which connects the passengers to San Diego and several other locations throughout the city. 

Transportation Options from closest airports to San Bernardino

The nearby or the closest airports to San Bernardino offer various transportation options for the passengers arriving at the destination, allowing them easy access to various activities and attractions in the city. Some of the transportation options from closest airports to San Bernardino are as follows: 

  1. Taxis
  2. Rental Cars
  3. Shuttle Services
  4. Private shuttle Services
  5. Ride-sharing Services 
  6. Public transportation services

What are the closest attractions to San Bernardino?

the closest attractions to San Bernardino

San Bernardino is filled with numerous attractions which are sure to soothe the hearts of the travellers. Some of the nearest locations are as follows: 

  1. San Bernardino Forest: It offers hiking, camping, and outdoor recreational activities. 
  2. Lake Arrowhead: It offers boating, fishing, and other water sports to the travellers.
  3. Auto Club Speedway: It hosts thrilling racing events which are worth watching.
  4. California Route 66 Museum: It offers an insight into the iconic Route 66.
  5. Palm Springs: It offers numerous fine-dine, shopping, and other outdoor activities. 
  6. San Manuel Casino: It offers gaming, dining, and entertainment to the visitors. 
  7. Big Bear Lake: The Big Bear Lake is located in the San Bernardino mountains and offers activities such as skiing, hiking, etc.
  8. National Orange Show Events Center: It hosts a variety of events throughout the year including festivals, fairs, and concerts.

Wrap Up! 

We hope that our guide to what is the closest airport to San Bernardino helps you locate the nearby airports through which you can depart from or arrive at San Bernardino. All of these airports house many major airlines, providing passengers with non-stop services every day. So, in order to book the cheapest airfares, contact the airlines or the airports to book yourself and to explore the city of San Bernardino.

FAQs – Closest Airport to San Bernardino

What airport is closest to San Bernardino CA?

Ontario International Airport is the closest airport to San Bernardino CA, which is approximately 22 miles away from the city. 

What is the closest major airport to San Bernardino California?

The nearest major airport to San Bernardino California is San Bernardino International Airport, Ontario International Airport, and Palm Springs International Airport.

What is the closest Southwest airport to San Bernardino California?

Ontario International Airport is the closest Southwest airport to San Bernardino California.

How long does it take to reach San Bernardino from Los Angeles?

The distance between LA and San Bernardino is approximately 61 miles, which means it will take around one and a half hours to reach San Bernardino from LA or vice-versa.

How many airports are there in San Bernardino County?

Here are a total of six airports in San Bernardino County. 

What passenger airlines fly out of San Bernardino?

Breeze Airways is the only airline flying out of San Bernardino.  

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