Getting to Sedona AZ becomes easier when you know the closest airport to Sedona AZ, because such information helps you get to and from the city and its surrounding areas. In addition, you get the most convenient flight options, ground transportation options, etc. While the closest airport in Sedona AZ is Sedona Airport (KSEZ), travelers have a few more alternatives to reach the vibrant destination. So, let’s get you introduced to the same. 

Five Closest Major Airport to Sedona AZ

Below are the five closest significant airports to Sedona, AZ, which help you get to and from Sedona. These airports offer their passengers numerous airline options and other facilities and amenities. 

Airport Closest to Sedona AZEstimated Distance Traveling Time 
Sedona Airport (KSEZ)2.8 Miles 7 Minutes 
Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (FLG)38 Miles 25.6 Miles 
Grand Canyon Airport (GCN) 1 hour 49 minutes 106.7 Miles 
Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (PHX)2 hours 16 minutes120.3 Miles 
Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS)4 hours 29 minutes274.3 Miles 

1. Sedona Airport (KSEZ) – 7 Minutes – 2.8 Miles

Sedona Airport is the closest airport to Sedona AZ, which sits atop a mountain, approximately 500 ft above Sedona. This airport is 2.8 miles from Sedona, taking at least a 7-minute drive. One must-note thing about this airport is that no big airlines fly into or out of this airport. So, if you choose this as your landing point, you must sort out a private or charter plane.

2. Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (FLG) – 38 Minutes – 25.6 Miles 

The major airport closest to Sedona, AZ, is Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (FLG), just a short 38-minute drive from Sedona, covering a distance of approximately 25.6 miles. FLG is a convenient option for passengers exploring the captivating town of Sedona. Its proximity to the city, surrounding regions, activities, and attractions makes it one of the few preferable options to fly into or out of Sedona. The airlines that provide affordable airfares from this airport include the following: 

3. Grand Canyon Airport (GCN) – 1 hr 49 Minutes – 106. 7 Miles 

The next closest major airport to Sedona, AZ, is Grand Canyon Airport (GCN), a commonly used choice for accessing Sedona. Situated 106 miles northwest of Sedona, Grand Canyon Airport offers travelers an alternative route to reach this town. The drive from Grand Canyon Airport to Sedona covers around 2 hours, allowing one to witness the stunning Arizona landscapes.  

4. Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (PHX) – 2 hr 16 Minutes – 120.3 Miles 

The closest international airport to Sedona, AZ, is Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX), which emerges as a noteworthy alternative for reaching Sedona, especially for travelers seeking a broader range of flight options and potential cost advantages. Although located approximately 120 miles south of Sedona, the drive from Phoenix to Sedona spans about 2 hours. Phoenix Sky Harbor is a compelling option because it is a major international airport with numerous airlines and flight connections.

Airlines Terminal used at PHX 
Air Canada PHX Terminal Terminal 3
Alaska Airlines PHX Terminal Terminal 3 
Allegiant Air PHX Terminal Terminal 3 
Breeze Airways PHX Terminal Terminal 3 
British Airways PHX Terminal Terminal 4 
China Airlines PHX Terminal Terminal 1 
Condor PHX Terminal Terminal 4 
Contour Airlines PHX Terminal Terminal 1 & 2
Delta Airlines PHX Terminal Terminal 3 
Flair Airlines PHX Terminal Terminal 3 
Frontier Airlines PHX Terminal Terminal 3 
Hawaiian Airlines PHX TerminalTerminal 3 
Jetblue PHX TerminalTerminal 3 
JSX PHX TerminalTerminal 1 
Lynx Air PHX TerminalTerminal 4 
Southwest Airlines PHX TerminalTerminal 4 
Spirit Airlines PHX TerminalTerminal 3 
Sun Country Airlines PHX TerminalTerminal 3 
United Airlines PHX TerminalTerminal 3 
Volaris Airlines PHX TerminalTerminal 4 
Westjet PHX TerminalTerminal 4 

5. Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS) – 4 hr 29 Minutes – 274.3 Miles 

Lastly, the closest large airport to Sedona, AZ, is Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, a viable alternative for reaching Sedona. The airport is approximately 274 miles from Sedona. You can explore and select the available flight options depending on your preferences and travel plans. Las Vegas McCarran International Airport is a central hub with a wide range of domestic and international flights, providing travelers with extensive choices and potentially competitive airfares.

Airlines Terminal used at LAS 
Advanced Air LAS TerminalTerminal 1 
Aeroméxico LAS TerminalTerminal 3 
Air Canada LAS TerminalTerminal 3 
Alaska Airlines LAS TerminalTerminal 3 
Allegiant Air LAS TerminalTerminal 1 and Terminal T3
Avelo Airlines LAS TerminalTerminal 1 
Avianca EI Salvador LAS TerminalTerminal 1 
Breeze Airways LAS TerminalTerminal 3 
British Airways LAS TerminalTerminal 3 
Canada Jetlines LAS TerminalTerminal 3 (T3)
Condor LAS TerminalTerminal 3 
Copa Airlines LAS TerminalTerminal 3 
Delta Airlines LAS TerminalTerminal 1 
Flair Airlines LAS TerminalTerminal 1 and 3 
Frontier Airlines LAS TerminalTerminal 3 
Hawaiian Airlines LAS TerminalTerminal 3 
Jetblue LAS TerminalTerminal 3 (T3)
Korean Air LAS TerminalTerminal 3 
Lynx Air LAS TerminalTerminal 3 
New Pacific Airlines LAS TerminalTerminal 1 
Porter Airlines LAS TerminalTerminal 1 and 3
Southwest Airlines LAS TerminalTerminal 1 
Spirit Airlines LAS TerminalTerminal 1 
Sun Country Airlines LAS TerminalTerminal 3 
United Airlines LAS TerminalTerminal 3 
Virgin Atlantic LAS TerminalTerminal 3 
Viva Aerobus LAS TerminalTerminal 3 
Volaris LAS TerminalTerminal 3 
Westjet LAS TerminalTerminal 3 

10 Best Activities to Do in Sedona, AZ

Sedona, AZ, is one of the infamous cities for traveling enthusiasts, as it has something for everybody. Here are some of the best activities you can do in Sedona: 

Red Rock State ParkTlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village
Chapel of the Holy CrossDevil’s Bridge Trail
Sedona Pink Jeep ToursSedona Wine Adventures
Slide Rock State ParkSedona Arts Center
Vortex Tours Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Drive

Top 10 Accommodations in Sedona, AZ 

There are numerous affordable, comfortable, and luxurious stays in Sedona, providing a convenient stay in the city. Some of the many accommodations in Sedona, AZ, that suit your budget and preferences are as follows: 

Enchantment ResortSky Ranch Lodge
L’Auberge de SedonaEl Portal Sedona Hotel
Amara Resort and SpaJunipine Resort
Adobe Grand VillasArabella Hotel Sedona
Sedona Rouge Hotel and SpaCanyon Villa Bed and Breakfast Inn of Sedona

Ground Transportation to and from the closest airport to Sedona AZ 

Transportation options to and from the nearest airports to Sedona, Arizona, cater to the needs and requirements of travelers. Here are some of the standard ground transportation options:

  • Shuttle Service 

Several shuttle service operates between Sedona and its closest airports. These shared-ride services offer convenience and may be a cost-effective option for travelers.

  • Rental Cars

The next best option is to use car rentals available to and from the city. Major airports like Flagstaff Pulliam Airport and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport have multiple car rental agencies on-site. Sedona itself also has rental car options.

  • Private Car Services:

Private car services and limousines offer a more luxurious transportation experience. These can be arranged in advance, providing a comfortable and convenient option for individuals. 

  • Taxis and Ride-Sharing Apps:

Taxis are available at airports, and ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft operate in the area. These services offer flexibility and can be convenient for shorter distances.

  • Airport Shuttles from Hotels:

Some hotels in Sedona offer complimentary shuttle services to and from nearby airports for their guests. It’s advisable to check with your chosen accommodation for availability.

  • Local Buses and Shuttles:

Some airports provide local bus services or shuttles connecting to nearby towns. While this option may take longer, it could be more budget-friendly for travelers. 


You can fly into and out of Sedona using the nearby airports. You can contact your preferred airline, operating from the closest airports, to get the best deals and offers on airfares. Furthermore, as there are many things to explore in Sedona, ensure you get the most out of your visit. Happy travels! 

Recent Inquiries!

What is the closest airport to Sedona AZ?

The closest airport to Sedona AZ is Sedona Airport (KSEZ).

Which airport is closest to Sedona AZ?

Sedona Airport and Flagstaff Pulliam Airport are the closest airports to Sedona, AZ.

What airports are closest to Sedona AZ?

Sedona Airport, Flagstaff Pulliam Airport, Grand Canyon Airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, and Las Vegas International Airport are the closest airports to Sedona, AZ. 

Which airport closest to Sedona AZ?

Three airports are closest to Sedona, AZ: Sedona Airport, Flagstaff Pulliam Airport, and Grand Canyon Airport. 

Is ground transportation available from the closest airports to Sedona? 

Several ground transportation options are available from the closest airports to Sedona. 

How far apart are Sedona Airport and Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport?

It takes about two hours to travel the 117 miles between Downtown Phoenix and the center of Sedona.

Is Las Vegas or Phoenix closer to Sedona?

Cities that are close enough to drive to Sedona include Phoenix, AZ (2 hours; 116 miles), Tucson, AZ (3 ½ hours; 230 miles), Las Vegas, NV (4 ½ hours; 280 miles), and Albuquerque, NM (5 ¼ hours; 350 miles)

Does the closest airport to Sedona offer numerous flight options?

Yes, the closest airports to Sedona offer numerous flight options to and from multiple international and domestic locations. 

Which airlines fly into and out of the closest airports to Sedona, AZ?

Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air, Breeze Airways, British Airways, China Airlines, Condor, Contour, Delta, Flair, Frontier, Hawaiian Airlines, Jetblue, Southwest Airlines, etc, are some of the airlines that operate from the closest airports to Sedona AZ.

Which are the closest major international airports to Sedona, AZ?

The closest major international airports to Sedona, AZ, are Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) and Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS). 

Do you fly into Phoenix to get to Sedona?

Most visitors fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport to get to Sedona, as it is the closest international airport to the city.

How much is an Uber from Phoenix to Sedona?

The average drive with Uber from Phoenix to Sedona may cost the passenger around 146 USD.

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