Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the closest airport to Port Canaveral! Whether you’re planning a cruise or a visit to Florida’s Space Coast, knowing the most convenient airport can make your journey smoother. In this article, we’ll explore the various airports near Port Canaveral, highlighting their features, amenities, transportation options, and tips for a worry-free travel experience. Read on to discover the nearest airport to Port Canaveral for your next adventure to this captivating destination.

Closest Airports to Port Canaveral Florida

There are quite a few Closest Airports to Port Canaveral, which provides passengers easy access to the city’s locations and attractions. These airports serve some of the leading domestic and international airlines, offering the visitors a wide or extensive global network.

Closest Airport to Port Canaveral FLEstimated DistanceTravelling Time 
Melbourne International Airport (MEL)27.5 miles42 minutes 
Orlando International Airport (MCO)46.2 miles44 minutes 
Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB)59.1 miles1 hour 2 minutes
Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB)73.1 miles1 hour 10 minutes
Tampa International Airport (TPA)135.5 miles2 hours 26 minutes

1. Melbourne International Airport (MEL): 27.5 miles

The Nearest Airport to Port Canaveral is Melbourne International Airport, located approximately 27.5 miles. Popularly known as Tullamarine, this airport is perfect for passengers travelling from another country. As the airport is just 20 kilometres from Melbourne, it gives visitors the chance to explore two destinations on a go, saving time and money both. 

  • Amenities and Services: Melbourne International Airport offers a range of amenities and services to ensure a comfortable and convenient travel experience for passengers. This includes, dining options, retail stores and shops, free internet access, quiet seating areas for relaxation, amongst others. 
  • Inter-terminal Transportation: Melbourne International Airport is a relatively small airport, and as such, it features a four terminal. All the terminals are located besides one another. It eliminates the need for inter-terminal transportation, making navigation within the airport simple and trouble-free. 
  • Airlines and Terminals used: There are multiple leading airlines operating from Melbourne International Airport, which are as follows: 
Airlines Terminals Used at MEL
Air China MEL TerminalTerminal 2 
Air New Zealand MEL TerminalTerminal 2 
Beijing Capital Airlines MEL TerminalTerminal 2 
Cathay Pacific MEL TerminalTerminal 2 
Emirates Airlines MEL TerminalTerminal 2
Etihad Airways MEL TerminalTerminal 2 
Fiji Airways MEL TerminalTerminal 2 
Garuda Indonesia MEL TerminalTerminal 2 
Japan Airlines MEL TerminalTerminal 2 
Philippine Airlines MEL TerminalTerminal 2 
Qantas MEL TerminalTerminal 1 
Scoot MEL TerminalTerminal 1 
Singapore Airlines MEL TerminalTerminal 2 
United Airlines MEL TerminalTerminal 3 
Vietnam Airlines MEL TerminalTerminal 2 

2. Orlando International Airport (MCO): 46.2 miles

Situated nine miles from downtown Orlando and 46.2 miles from Port Canaveral, the second Closest Airport to Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal is none but the Orlando International Airport. The third largest airport in the United States is on top priority when it comes to having truck-loads of facilities in just one place. Its proximity to Port Canaveral makes it a convenient option for visitors residing nearby this location. 

  • Amenities and Services: Orlando International Airport is a major hub offering an array of amenities and services to enhance the visitor’s travel experience. These include, diverse food and dining options, lounges and seating areas, shopping malls, duty-free, shops and stores, amongst other services. 
  • Inter-terminal Transportation: MCO has a main terminal building consisting of three terminals, all of which are connected to the APM (Automated People Mover). It connects the main terminal to the airsides, ensuring easy movement between the main terminal and the departure gates to the passengers. 
  • Airlines and Terminals used: Orlando International Airport serves numerous airlines, catering to both domestic and international flights. 
Airlines Terminals used at MCO 
Aer Lingus MCO TerminalTerminal A
Aeroméxico MCO TerminalTerminal B 
Air Canada MCO TerminalTerminal B 
Air Transat MCO TerminalTerminal A 
Alaska Airlines MCO TerminalTerminal B 
Avelo Airlines MCO TerminalTerminal A 
Avianca MCO TerminalTerminal A 
Breeze Airways MCO Terminal Terminal A
British Airways MCO TerminalTerminal C 
Copa Airlines MCO TerminalTerminal A 
Delta Air Lines MCO TerminalTerminal B 
Frontier Airlines MCO TerminalTerminal A 
Icelandair MCO TerminalTerminal C
Silver Airways MCO TerminalTerminal B 
Swoop MCO TerminalTerminal B 
Virgin Atlantic MCO TerminalTerminal A 

3. Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB): 59.1 miles

The third Closest Airport to Port Canaveral is Orlando Sanford International Airport, located approximately 59 miles from Port Canaveral. The airport provides convenient access to some of the nearby attractions such as Daytona Beach. As the airport has good foot traffic, it becomes important for travellers to book a flight ahead of time and reach right on time for their scheduled departures with their specific airlines. 

  • Amenities and Services: Orlando Sanford International Airport is manufactured with keeping in mind the modern day requirements of the passengers, which is why it serves them with a lot of facilities such as, currency exchange and banking services for international travellers, rental car services, shopping and travel essentials, etc. 
  • Inter-terminal Transportation: Orlando Sanford has two passenger terminals, accessible by the shuttle service operated at the airport. The passengers can make use of the shuttles running to and from different locations within the airport and access their preferred one via the same. 
  • Airlines and Terminals used: There are only two airlines operating from Orlando Sanford International Airport. Some of which are as follows: 
Airlines Terminals used at SFB
Allegiant Air SFB Terminal Terminal B 
Flair Airlines SFB Terminal International Terminal A Gates 

4. Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB): 73.1 miles

The county-owned airport is the third Closest Airport to Port Canaveral Florida, which surprisingly is near many of the attractions loved by frequent visitors. As it is not the closest to Port Canaveral, it still is a convenient option for passengers residing in Florida. Furthermore, it provides direct flights to a number of destinations, along with charter services to The Bahamas and Marsh Harbour. 

  • Amenities and Services: To make your air travel as comfortable and as convenient as possible, the airport serves you with a range of facilities such as dining options, shopping, free wifi, lounges, rental car service, accessibility services, currency exchange and banking, parking service, pet relief areas, lost and found, etc. 
  • Inter-terminal Transportation: The airport provides shuttle services to the arriving and departing passengers, allowing them easy access to the locations near the airport. 
  • Airlines and Terminals used: This airport does not provide multiple options when it comes to serving airlines. There are only a few airlines which operate flights to and from this airport. 
AirlinesTerminals used at DAB
Avelo Airlines DAB Terminal Terminal M 
Delta Air Lines DAB Terminal Terminal M 

5. Tampa International Airport (TPA): 135.5 miles

The least Closest Airport to Port Canaveral FL is Tampa International Airport. However, it still is known for its top class amenities. As the distance is significant between the two locations, it is important to consider the travel time, transportation costs, and convenient factors when deciding to use Tampa to reach Port Canaveral, 

  • Amenities and Services: The services you can expect to find at Tampa International Airport includes, dining and refreshments, shopping, wifi and connectivity, lounges, pet-friendly facilities, children’s play area, airport art and culture, etc. 
  • Inter-terminal Transportation: TPA features an automated people mover system known as SkyConnect, which connects the main terminal to the airside terminal. This elevated train is designed to facilitate trouble-free transportation between the terminal areas, airsides, baggage claim area, etc. 
  • Airlines and Terminals used: The airlines which operates their flights from Tampa International Airport are as follows: 
Airlines Terminals used at TPA 
Air Canada TPA TerminalTerminal 1 
Alaska Airlines TPA TerminalTerminal 1 
Avelo Airlines TPA TerminalTerminal 1 
Breeze Airways TPA TerminalTerminal 1 
British Airways TPA TerminalTerminal 1 
Jetblue TPA TerminalTerminal 1 
Porter Airlines TPA TerminalTerminal 1
Silver Airways TPA TerminalTerminal 
Southwest Airlines TPA TerminalTerminal 1 
Spirit Airlines TPA TerminalTerminal 1 
Sun Country Airlines TPA TerminalTerminal 1 
United Airlines TPA TerminalTerminal 1 
Virgin Atlantic TPA TerminalTerminal 1 
WestJet TPA TerminalTerminal 1 

Getting To/From the Closest Airports to Port Canaveral

The Closest Airports to Port Canaveral Florida provides instant access to the rest of the city’s attractions and nearby locations. To get to and from these airports, you can sue the following options: 

  • Shuttle Services: Many shuttle companies provide direct connection from the airport to your preferred location. These shuttles are often shared and can be booked in advance. They offer a convenient and cost-effective way to reach the cruise port. 
  • Rental Cars: Renting a car from outside the airport’s terminals and driving to Port Canaveral is another convenient option available for the travellers. The drive takes about quite a few minutes, depending upon your location. 
  • Ride-sharing Service: Application based ride-sharing services such as Uber, lyft, among others operate at the closest airports to Port Canaveral, ensuring that the passengers can easily locate and use them for accessing any destination. 
  • Private Car Services: Most of the closest airport terminals provide private car services to the arriving passengers. Additionally, when you want to move to the airport from Port Canaveral, you can access these services at your hotels, etc. 

Attractions and Activities Near Closest Airport to Port Canaveral Florida

Nearest Airport to Port Canaveral Florida and other alternative airports in the proximity, offers passengers an opportunity to explore their hearts out and delve into the astonishingly beautiful attractions nearby. Some of the activities, which you won’t want to miss are: 

1. Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex: It is a short drive from Port Canaveral and offers an immersive experience into space exploration. Here the space lovers can see real space shuttles, meet astronauts, and do so much more. 

2. Cocoa Beach: Another “not to miss” location is the Cocoa Beach which is known for its wonderfully beautiful coastline. You can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, surfing, dining, and many other beach-like activities in this area. 

3. Jetty Park: If you are visiting Port Canaveral with your family, then you must give this location a thought. This park is located at the port and offers a beach, fishing pier, picnic areas, and a playground for the visitors. It’s a great place for families to sit and relax. 

4. Local dining and vibrant nightlife: Port Canaveral has a vibrant dining scene, offering seafood, beachfront eateries, and reputed restaurants. Many places in the area also offers music and entertainment during their opening hours, creating a soothing environment for the travellers and the residents alike. 

Tips for a Smooth Experience at the Nearest Airport to Port Canaveral Florida

Being known to the tips and tricks for a smooth experience at the nearest airports is as significant as knowing what Airport is Closest to Port Canaveral. Here are some of the tops which can make your travel to Port Canaveral a hit show: 

  • Research the airport’s layouts, amenities, and services in advance to familiarise yourself with what you expect upon your arrival. 
  • Prior to leaving for the airport, ensure to check your flight status online. This will help you avoid unnecessary waits in case of delays and changes. 
  • Arrive well in advance, specifically when you are covering an international destination, as international procedures require additional check-ins for entrance. 
  • Utilise online check-in services offered by the airlines. This can save your time at the airport and allow you to book your preferred seats in flight. 
  • Be prepared for security screening. Wear easy to remove shoes, remove items from pockets, and other prohibited items as well. 
  • Pack essential items like chargers, medications, and important documents in your carry-on baggage. 
  • Save important contact numbers, including your airline’s customer care service and emergency contacts, in your phone. 
  • Last but not least, maintain a positive attitude and be patient, as travelling can be unpredictable, especially during busy travel times. 

Highlights of the Content

Whilst the closest airport to Port Canaveral is Melbourne International Airport, the visitors have still got other alternatives to reach the destination. All the airports in proximity, serve visitors with their different travel needs and ensure to provide a trouble-free at airport and in-flight experience. Furthermore, it’s best to move out of or into the airport, which serves best to your location. In order to get the details on flights and deals, contact the airlines operating from the closest airports to Port Canaveral. 

If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to leave us a comment on the section below, we’d be more than happy to help you with your travel plans. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the Closest Airport to Port Canaveral?

Melbourne International Airport is the closest airport to Port Canaveral. 

Which is the second Airport Closest to Port Canaveral? 

Orlando International Airport is the second closest airport to Port Canaveral. 

Which is the third Nearest Airport to Port Canaveral? 

Orlando Sanford International Airport is the third nearest airport to Port Canaveral. 

What Airport is Closest to Port Canaveral?

Melbourne International Airport is the closest to Port Canaveral 

Does the Closest Airport to Port Canaveral Florida provide ground transportation?

Yes, there are several ground transportation available from the closest airport to Port Canaveral such as rental cars, rideshare service, private and public transport, etc. 

How many airlines fly from the Closest Airports to Port Canaveral?

Everl leading airlines fly from the closest airports to Port Canaveral including Air Canada, Breeze Airways, Air China, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, WestJet, Jetblue, etc. 

Is the Closest Airport to Port Canaveral FL international or domestic?

The closest airport to Port Canaveral FL is both domestic and international. 

Which is the Closest Airport to Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal?

Orlando International Airport is the Closest Airport to Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal. 

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