New York is a bustling city that captures many tourists to its bling from all over the world all year round. Its energy is as if calling you to reach the closest airport to New York City and fly over to this place filled with uplifting energy and sparkle. For your travels to the destination, you must keep yourself intact with information such as the airlines you want to fly with or the airport you want to land in. It will allow you to plan your journey. So, Keep reading to learn more about reaching your dream destination by finding the airport closest to New York City. Ready to fly?

The exact location of New York City

New York City is on the east coast of the United States of America (USA). 

State New York 
Country United States of America 
Latitude 40.711967
Longitude -74.006076
Time Zone America/New_York
Current Time Zone Offset UTC/GMT -5 hours

Airport Closest To New York City

New York is an amazing destination for exploring city life, engaging in sightseeing and fun activities, and creating memorable experiences. You are just a few miles away from enjoying this exciting place. New York has three main airports that attract the highest number of travelers annually worldwide.

LaGuardia Airport (LGA)

LaGuardia Airport, located in Northern Queens, comes first on our list of closest airports to New York City. It is about 8 miles from Times Square, making it the fastest traveling route to the city’s center.

Features of LaGuardia Airport

  • LaGuardia Airport is closest to New York City, Manhattan, covering around 21 minutes of traveling time.
  • LaGuardia is a smaller airport than John F Keneddy and serves mainly domestic flights. 
  • It doesn’t serve international flights because the perimeter rule restricts flights that arrive beyond 1500 miles.
  • After reconstruction, it has upgraded with newer facilities and better terminals.

Transportation Guide From LaGuardia to New York

There is no direct transport connection from LaGuardia to New York City. However, several options to reach your destination are available at a small distance from the airport.

  1. Subway: LaGuardia doesn’t have Subway stations, but you can still find them near the airport.
  1. Shuttle Buses: If you wish to feel like a local traveler or explore the city, dropping by different stops, Shuttle buses are the way to go. But it can be time-consuming if you need to get to a particular destination. 
  1. Private Transport: Taxis and car rentals are convenient when traveling with heavy luggage but can be expensive.

Airlines Operating from LaGuardia Airport 

The airlines that operate flights to and from LaGuardia Airport include the following: 

Airlines Terminals used at LaGuardia 
Air Canada LGA Terminal Terminal B 
Delta Airlines LGA Terminal Terminal C 
Frontier Airlines LGA Terminal Terminal A 
JetBlue LGA Terminal Terminal B 
Southwest Airlines LGA Terminal Terminal B 
Spirit Airlines LGA Terminal Terminal A
United Airlines LGA Terminal Terminal B 

Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

Next on the list comes the Newark Liberty International Airport. It is located in New Jersey, about 16 miles from Manhattan, making it the second closest airport to downtown New York City. It serves domestic as well as international flights. So whether you are an international traveler attracted to the city’s charm or a US citizen who wishes to explore New York, Newark will fly you to your destination in a minimum time. 

Features Of Newark Liberty International Airport:

  • Newark is one of the largest and busiest airports in New York City.
  • It is about 11 miles from New York.
  • It serves both domestic and international flights.

Transportation Guide From Newark to New York

Here are a few transportation options you can access from Newark Liberty International Airport to reach your desired location. 

  1. Private Transport: Taxi or share-riding services are most common when traveling from New Jersey to New York through Newark International. It is much more convenient than traveling by bus but is expensive too.
  1. Public Transport: Subways, buses, and shuttle services are affordable for visiting New York through Newark Airport. It takes about 40-60 minutes with public transport and provides a more varied traveling experience where you can explore more destinations.
  1. Airtrain: Airtrains are a faster way to get to nearby subway stations, airline terminals, shuttle areas, and other transportation facilities from the airport.

Airlines Operating from Newark Liberty Airport 

Several airlines operate their flying carriers at the Newark Liberty International Airport, such as: 

Airlines Terminals used at EWR 
Aer Lingus EWR Terminal Terminal B 
Air Canada EWR TerminalTerminal A 
Air France EWR TerminalTerminal B 
Air India EWR TerminalTerminal B 
Air Premia EWR TerminalTerminal B 
Alaska Airlines EWR TerminalTerminal B 
Allegiant Air EWR TerminalTerminal B 
Austrian Airlines EWR TerminalTerminal B 
British Airways EWR TerminalTerminal B 
Delta Airlines EWR TerminalTerminal A
EgyptAir EWR TerminalTerminal B 
EI AI EWR TerminalTerminal B 
Emirates Airlines EWR TerminalTerminal B 
Ethiopian Airlines EWR TerminalTerminal B 
French Bee EWR TerminalTerminal B 
Icelandair EWR TerminalTerminal B 
JetBlue EWR TerminalTerminal A and B 
LOT Polish Airlines EWR TerminalTerminal B 
Lufthansa EWR TerminalTerminal B 
Scandinavian Airlines EWR TerminalTerminal B 
Singapore Airlines EWR TerminalTerminal B 
Spirit Airlines EWR TerminalTerminal B 
Sun Country Airlines EWR TerminalTerminal B 
Swiss International Air Lines EWR TerminalTerminal B 
TAP Air Portugal EWR TerminalTerminal B 
Turkish Airlines EWR TerminalTerminal B 
United Airlines EWR TerminalTerminal A, B, and C

John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK)

John F Kennedy International is the best representation of New York City. It is the largest and busiest airport in New York, giving you an energetic feel as soon as you land in New York. It is located in Jamaica, Queens. Reaching the city takes about 50 minutes through light rail and subway.

Features Of John F. Kennedy International Airport:

  • JFK is the largest international airport in New York.
  • It serves several major airlines, such as British Airways, Lufthansa, Delta, and Turkish Airlines.
  • Its distance from the city center is about 27 km, taking about 45-90 minutes based on traffic conditions and the mode of transport you choose.

Transportation Guide From JFK to New York

As with other Airports, you can take Private or Public transport from JFK airport to reach New York according to your travel preferences.

  1. Private transport: You can take a cab or taxi to your preferred location, which will take around an hour to reach the city center. Again, they could cost you more than public transport services, but it is a convenient option if you are boarding with too much load.
  1. Public Transport: Public transportation is an easily accessible and affordable option that will take you to interesting places you may miss while driving in a cab. Use subways, shuttle buses, and air trains to enjoy the ride. With these means of transport, it will take you about 2 hours to reach your destination.

Airlines Operating from John F Kennedy Airport 

Multiple airlines operate domestic and international flights to and from John F Kennedy Airport, which are as follows: 

Airlines Terminals used at JFK 
Aer Lingus JFK Terminal Terminal 7 
Aeroméxico JFK Terminal Terminal 4 
Air Europa JFK Terminal Terminal 4 
Air New Zealand JFK Terminal Terminal 1 
Air Senegal JFK Terminal Terminal 1 
Air Serbia JFK Terminal Terminal 1 
Alaska Airlines JFK Terminal Terminal 7 
Asiana Airlines JFK Terminal Terminal 1 
British Airways JFK Terminal Terminal 8 
Brussels Airlines JFK Terminal Terminal 1 
Cape Air JFK Terminal Terminal 5 
Caribbean Airlines JFK Terminal Terminal 4 
Cathay Pacific JFK Terminal Terminal 8 
Cayman Airways JFK Terminal Terminal 1 
Delta Airlines JFK Terminal Terminal 4 
EgyptAir JFK Terminal Terminal 1 
Flair Airlines JFK Terminal Terminal 1 
Iberia JFK Terminal Terminal 8 
Kenya Airways JFK Terminal Terminal 4 
Korean Air JFK Terminal Terminal 1 
LOT Polish Airlines JFK Terminal Terminal 7 
Philippine Airlines JFK Terminal Terminal 1 
Royal Air Maroc JFK Terminal Terminal 1 
Saudia Airlines JFK Terminal Terminal 1 
Singapore Airlines JFK Terminal Terminal 4 
Turkish Airlines JFK Terminal Terminal 1 
Uzbekistan Airways JFK Terminal Terminal 4 
Virgin Atlantic JFK Terminal Terminal 4  
Viva Aerobus JFK Terminal Terminal 1 
Volaris JFK Terminal Terminal 1 

Some Other Airports Closest To New York City

Having difficulty getting flights from the above airports? No worries. You can reach New York in several ways. Here is a list of the top few airports closest to New York City that fly you here in no time.

Whether traveling internationally or visiting New York from within the US, these airports closest to New York City will save you time and energy in choosing the best option according to your travel goals.

Airports Closest To New York CityEstimated Distance
LaGuardia Airport12 Miles 
Newark Liberty International Airport13 Miles 
John F. Kennedy International Airport20 Miles 
Morristown Municipal Airport30 Miles 
Westchester County Airport37 Miles 
Long Island MacArthur Airport55 Miles 
Trenton-Mercer Airport63 Miles 
Stewart International Airport74 Miles 
Tweed New Haven Regional Airport84 Miles 
Philadelphia International Airport105 Miles 
Atlantic City International Airport120 Miles 
Bradley International Airport129 Miles 

1. Morristown Municipal Airport (MMU)

This airport is located in Morris County, New Jersey, US. It is about 27 miles from the city, making it another closest airport to New York City, Manhattan. The Morristown Municipal is a privately owned airport that allows you to customize your flight trip based on your travel needs. Traveling via Morristown Municipal is a premium experience designed for business tours to provide a professional experience.

Airlines Terminals used at MMU
JSX Airlines MMU Terminal Main Terminal 

2. Westchester County Airport (HPN)

Westchester County, also called White Plains Airport, is another airport closest to New York City. It is situated in Westchester County, New York, about 33 miles from midtown Manhattan. It serves as a reliever airport, supporting major commercial airports during a capacity shortage so, if you find all flights reserved in the holiday season, head to the Westchester County Airport and book your seats soon before they get full.

Airlines Terminals used at HPN 
BermudAir HPN Terminal Terminal 3 
Breeze Airways HPN Terminal Terminal 1 
Cape Air HPN Terminal Terminal 3 
Delta Airlines HPN Terminal Terminal 1 
Jetblue HPN Terminal Terminal 1 
JSX Airlines HPN Terminal Terminal 1 

3. Long Island Mac Arthur Airport (ISP)

You will find this airport in Islip, Suffolk, New York. ISP is a commercial airport grouped with LaGuardia, Newark, and Kennedy as an Official Metro Airport in 2011. It doesn’t have busy terminals and has some amazing services for passengers. This airport has consistent records of being on time. So, if you are getting late for your concerts in NYC, ISP is a great alternative airport closest to New York City.

Airlines Terminals used at ISP 
Breeze Airways ISP Terminal Terminal 1 
Frontier Airlines ISP Terminal Terminal 1 
Southwest Airlines ISP Terminal Terminal 1 

Local Airports Closest to New York City

Beside the major international and domestic airports closest to New York City, travelers can consider a few local airports to fly into New York. The available options are as follows: 

Local Airport Closest to New York City Estimated Distance 
World Trade Center Heliport1 Mile 
Downtown Manhattan/Wall St. Heliport1 Mile 
West 30th Street Heliport3 Miles 
Pan Am Building Heliport4 Miles 
Pier 8 Seaplane Base5 Miles 
New York Skyports Seaplane Base5 Miles 
East 34th Street Heliport8 Miles 
East 60th Street Heliport8 Miles 
New York Metropolitan Area9 Miles 
Flushing Airport15 Miles 

Cities Closest to New York, USA 

A trip to New York is worth the time, effort, and money spent. Why? Well, the city has much to offer its visitors regardless of their age or wants. In New York City, you can experience anything and everything you want to make your trip memorable. You can also consider visiting the nearby cities to get your hands on several activities. The Cities Closest to New York, USA, are as follows: 

Jersey City, NJGuttenberg, NJOffisde Park, NJHoboken, NJ 
Seacaucus, NJ Edgewater, NJ Weehawken, NJ North Bergen, NJ 
Harrison, NJ Union City, NJ Kearny, NJ Ridgefield, NJ 

Wrapping Up! 

New York is popular for great architectural wonders, museums, amazing dining places, busy streets with Broadway shows and spectacular views. No wonder New York is a dream destination for many. Airports closest to New York City have made it easier for all these dreamers to reach the city’s heart much more quickly. 

Our guide to the closest airport to New York will help you find the perfect airport and decide the best means of transport to reach New York quickly according to your travel plans.

Common Questions!

1. What Airport Is Closest To New York City?

LaGuardia is the closest domestic airport to New York City, about 8 miles from the city’s center. Newark Liberty and John F Kennedy are two international airports closest to New York City, with EWR being closer than JFK by a few miles.

2. Which Airport Is Closest To New York City Times Square?

LaGuardia airport is closest to New York City Times Square. LaGuardia is about 8 miles from Times Square and takes around 20-45 minutes to reach there.

3. Which Is The Closest Airport To New York City?

LaGuardia is the closest airport to New York City. You can reach it in just around 20-45 minutes with LaGuardia.

4. How far is John F Kennedy International Airport from New York City?

John F Kennedy International Airport is approximately 27 km from New York City. 

5. What ground transport options are available from the closest airports to New York City? 

Subway, Shuttle, Private Transport, Public Transport, AirTrain, etc., can get to New York City from the closest airports to New York. 

6. What are the five local airports closest to New York City for passenger use? 

The five local airports closest to New York City include the following: 

World Trade Center Heliport
Downtown Manhattan/Wall St. Heliport
West 30th Street Heliport
Pan Am Building Heliport
Pier 8 Seaplane Base

7. Which airlines fly into or out of the closest airports to New York City? 

Air Canada, Air France, Allegiant Air, Breeze Airways, Brussels Airlines, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, EI AI, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Sun Country Airlines, etc, fly into and out of the closest airports to New York City. 

8. Which airport is the closest to New York, Newark Liberty International Airport or LaGuardia Airport? 

LaGuardia Airport is the closest airport to New York City. Newark Liberty International Airport is the second closest airport to New York City. 

9. Which airport is the easiest to get to in New York City?

JFK is relatively easy to access on public transportation. The fastest way to get there is by taking the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) to Jamaica from Penn Station in Manhattan or Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn.

10. Which airport is cheaper near NY?

Almost all the closest airports to New York City are cheaper to get flights into or out of, which means passengers can select any of their preferred airlines or airports to fly with. 

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