Myrtle Beach is one of the busiest but most beautiful coastal cities which attracts millions of visitors each year. The location offers fun-filled adventurous activities, perfectly made for a family-friendly vacation. If you are planning to visit Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, you might be wondering which airport is the Closest airport to Myrtle Beach SC. In today’s blog, we’ll compare the different airports near Myrtle Beach and help you find the best option for your travel needs.

Closest Airports to Myrtle Beach SC – Everything you Need to Know

Myrtle Beach is known for its numerous worth-visiting attractions. But how do you get there by air? Fortunately, travelers have quite a few options to access this popular tourist destination in South Carolina. Whether you are looking for the Closest airport to Myrtle Beach Florida, the cheapest flights, the shortest distance, or the best amenities and facilities, we have got you covered. Read on to find out more.

Nearest Airports to Myrtle Beach SCEstimated Distance 
Myrtle Beach International Airport 3 Miles
Florence Regional Airport 67 Miles 
Charleston International Airport105 Miles
Charlotte Douglas International Airport 195 Miles 
Raleigh-Durham International Airport197 Miles 

Myrtle Beach International Airport – 3 Miles

Myrtle Beach International Airport is the best and the Closest airport to Myrtle Beach South Carolina. It is located approximately 3 miles from the located towards the central district of Myrtle Beach. Travelers who want to enjoy the activities and attractions can use this airport as a convenient option. This airport has a modern terminal with a variety of facilities. It offers more than 50 nonstop destinations across the country, with several airline partners to choose from. It offers ample parking options, including short and long-term parking, with affordable rates and easy access to the terminal. 

Airlines Terminals used at MYR
Allegiant Air MYR TerminalMain Terminal 
Avelo Airlines MYR TerminalTerminal 1
Delta Airlines MYR TerminalTerminal 1 
Frontier Airlines MYR TerminalMain Terminal 
Porter Airlines MYR TerminalTerminal 1 
Southwest Airlines MYR TerminalTerminal 1 
Spirit Airlines MYR TerminalTerminal 1 
Sun Country Airlines MYR TerminalMain Terminal 
United Airlines MYR TerminalMain Terminal

Florence Regional Airport – 67 Miles

Florence Regional Airport is the next closest airport to Myrtle Beach NC. It is the best option for some travelers who are looking for a cheaper or more convenient alternative to Myrtle Beach International Airport. Florence Regional Airport is only 67 Miles away from Myrtle Beach, which is about 1 hour and 35 minutes by car. This airport offers daily direct and connecting flights to and from Charlotte Douglas International Airport, which is a major hub for several leading airlines. Florence Regional may offer more affordable fares for travelers on a tight budget. So, depending on your flight preferences and the location you reside in, you can choose to travel to and from here. 

Note: Travellers can get in touch with the airport authorities to get information about the airlines that fly to and from the airport. 

Charleston International Airport – 105 Miles

Considering all the travel options is necessary for several reasons, to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey. Charleston International Airport is considered one of the Closest major airport to Myrtle Beach strategically located 105 miles away from central Myrtle Beach. It is well-connected to major destinations, making it easily accessible for travelers coming from different directions. This convenience can significantly reduce travel-related stress, allowing you to begin your vacation with a relaxed mindset. It boasts a range of amenities to enhance your travel experience and a variety of airlines that offer numerous flight options, including both domestic and international routes. This variety can lead to competitive pricing and increased flexibility in scheduling. 

Airlines Terminal used at CHS 
Air Canada CHS TerminalTerminal 1 
Alaska Airlines CHS TerminalTerminal 1 
Allegiant Air CHS TerminalTerminal 1 
Avelo Airlines CHS TerminalTerminal 1 
Breeze Airways CHS TerminalTerminal 1 
Delta Airlines CHS TerminalTerminal 1 
Frontier Airlines CHS TerminalTerminal 1 
Jetblue CHS TerminalTerminal 1 
Silver Airways CHS TerminalTerminal 1 
Southwest Airlines CHS TerminalTerminal 1 
Spirit Airlines CHS TerminalTerminal 1 
Sun Country Airlines CHS TerminalTerminal 1 
United Airlines CHS TerminalTerminal 1 

Charlotte Douglas International Airport – 195 Miles

The next closest major airport to Myrtle Beach is none other than the infamous Charlotte Douglas International Airport, which is one of the busiest airports in the country. It is located only 195 miles away from Myrtle Beach and offers convenient access to uptown Charlotte as well. You can find parking facilities, rental car agencies, shuttle buses, and taxis to help you get around the city. Charlotte Douglas International Airport offers a plethora of direct flights to Myrtle Beach. With multiple airlines providing regular services, you can enjoy the convenience of a non-stop flight, saving you time. In addition, should you have a layover, consider exploring Charlotte’s attractions. 

Airlines Terminal used at CLT
Air Canada CLT Terminal Terminal 1 
Contour Airlines CLT TerminalTerminal 1 
Delta Airlines CLT TerminalTerminal 1 
Frontier Airlines CLT TerminalTerminal 1 
Jetblue CLT TerminalTerminal 1 
Lufthansa CLT TerminalTerminal 1 
Southwest Airlines CLT TerminalTerminal 1 
Spirit Airlines CLT TerminalTerminal 1 
Sun Country Airlines CLT TerminalTerminal 1 
United Airlines CLT TerminalTerminal 1
Volaris CLT TerminalTerminal 1 

Raleigh-Durham International Airport – 197 Miles 

Raleigh-Durham International Airport is an international airport that serves Raleigh, Durham, and the surrounding Research Triangle region of North Carolina as its main airport. It is considered the closest airport to North Myrtle Beach. The airport has a modern and spacious terminal with various food and dining options, free Wi-Fi, charging stations, and a children’s play area. RDU Airport hosts a variety of airlines, providing numerous flight options to accommodate different schedules and budgets. Additionally, RDU Airport offers reliable ground transportation services, including rental cars, shuttles, and rideshare options. Raleigh-Durham Airport offers several flight options, amenities, and friendly service, making it your ideal gateway to a memorable Myrtle Beach trip.

Airlines Terminal used at RDU 
Air France RDU TerminalTerminal 1 
Alaska Airlines RDU TerminalTerminal 2 
Avelo Airlines RDU TerminalTerminal 1
Bahamasair RDU TerminalTerminal 2 
Breeze Airways RDU TerminalTerminal 2 
Delta Airlines RDU TerminalTerminal 2 
Frontier Airlines RDU TerminalTerminal 2 
Icelandair RDU TerminalTerminal 2 
Jetblue RDU TerminalTerminal 2 
Lufthansa RDU TerminalTerminal 2 
Southwest Airlines RDU TerminalTerminal 1 
Spirit Airlines RDU TerminalTerminal 1 
Sun Country Airlines RDU TerminalTerminal 2
United Airlines RDU TerminalTerminal 1 and 2 

Closest airport to Myrtle Beach SC: Navigating Myrtle Beach

There are several ground transportation options available from the Closest airports to Myrtle Beach SC, such as:

  1. Taxi: There are taxi stands located outside the baggage claim area. The approximate fare to downtown Myrtle Beach is $15-$20, depending on the destination. You can also book a taxi online or by phone from various companies. 
  1. Shuttle: Several shuttle services offer shared or private rides to and from the airport. The prices vary depending on the number of passengers and the destination, but they usually range from $10-$40 per person.
  1. Bus: There are bus stops located outside the terminals, where you can catch the bus that runs between the airport and downtown Myrtle Beach. The fare is $1.50 per ride or more depending on where you want to go. 
  1. Car rental: There are several car rental companies located inside the terminal building, such as Alamo, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, and National. The rates vary depending on the type of car and the duration of the rental, but they usually start from $30-$40 per day.

Affordable Hotel Accommodations near Myrtle Beach SC

There are numerous hotel accommodations near Myrtle Beach SC, which allows travelers to have a budget-friendly but comfortable stay during their trip to this location. The options are as follows:

Hotels Accommodations Address 
Sea Mist Oceanfront Resort1200 S Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC
Coral Beach Resort & Suites1105 S Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC
Sun N Sand Resort 2701 S Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC
Dayton House Resort 2400 N Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC
Sands Ocean Club Resort 9550 Shore Dr, Myrtle Beach, SC
Carolina Winds 200 76th Ave N, Myrtle Beach, SC
The Breakers Resort 2104 N Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC
Holiday Sands North On the Boardwalk400 N Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC
Polynesian Oceanfront Motel1001 S Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC
Aqua Beach Inn 1301 Withers Dr, Myrtle Beach, SC


Myrtle Beach, SC, is conveniently served by the Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR) and with some other alternative airports as well. Given that, travelers can find several flight options, ground transportation options, hotel accommodations, and several other amenities to and from all the mentioned airports. Safe travels and enjoy your time in Myrtle Beach!

Information Hub!

What airport is closest to Myrtle Beach?

The closest airport to Myrtle Beach is Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR), located approximately 3 miles away from the city center.

Can I fly directly to Myrtle Beach International Airport from major cities?

Yes, Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR) offers direct flights from various major cities across the United States.

What are the closest airports to Myrtle Beach?

Florence Regional Airport, Charleston International Airport, Charlotte Douglas International Airport, and Raleigh-Durham International Airport are the closest airports to Myrtle Beach. 

What airlines fly to and from the closest airports to Myrtle Beach SC?

Many leading airlines including Allegiant Air, Alaska Air, Breeze Airways, Jetblue, Lufthansa, Southwest, Spirit Airlines, United Airlines, etc fly to and from Myrtle Beach SC. 

Do the closest airports to Myrtle Beach offer ground transportation options?

Yes, the closest airports to Myrtle Beach offer several ground transportation options such as car rental services, taxi and shuttle services, bus services, rideshare services, etc. 

What is the best way to get from Florence Regional Airport (FLO) to Myrtle Beach?

The most convenient way to travel from Florence Regional Airport to Myrtle Beach is by car. Rental cars and shuttle services are available at the airport.

Is there long-term parking available at the closest airports to Myrtle Beach South Carolina?

Yes, the closest airports to Myrtle Beach offer both short-term and long-term parking options for travelers. There are designated parking areas for extended stays.

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