Welcome to our concise guide on the closest airport to Knoxville TN! Navigating your travel plans becomes a breeze when you know your closest gateway to the skies. In this quick read, we unravel the key details about the nearest airport to Knoxville, ensuring you get ahead on your journey easily and efficiently. Let’s soar into the details and make your travel decisions as trouble-free as your upcoming flight! 

The Closest Airport to Knoxville TN – McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS) 

McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS) is the primary and closest airport to Knoxville, TN. Located just 13 miles south of downtown Knoxville, this airport is a pivotal hub for air travel in the region. Its proximity ensures that travelers can swiftly transfer to and from the city. The airport is renowned for its efficiency and modern amenities, offering a range of domestic flights that connect Knoxville to various destinations across the United States. 

Closest Airport to Knoxville TNEstimated Distance
McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS)13 Miles 

Travelers can expect seamless check-in procedures, ample parking facilities, and various services catering to travelers. The airport’s location enhances accessibility for residents and visitors, making it the go-to choice for those flying in and out of or getting into Knoxville. The Airlines that fly to and from this airport are as follows: 

Airlines Terminal used at TYS
Allegiant Air TYS Terminal Terminal 1 
Delta Airlines TYS Terminal Terminal 1 
Frontier Airlines TYS Terminal Terminal 1 
United Airlines TYS TerminalTerminal 1 

Alternative Closest Airports to Knoxville TN

Apart from McGhee Tyson Airport, travelers to Knoxville have access to a few more airports that can get them to their destination. These airports help operate some leading airlines, offering passengers non-stop and direct flight connections. Below is a breakdown of all the alternative closest airports to Knoxville TN.

closest airports to Knoxville TNEstimated Distance
Tri-Cities Regional Airport (TRI)100 Miles
Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport (CHA)105 Miles
Asheville Regional Airport (AVL)123 Miles 

1. Tri-Cities Regional Airport (TRI)

Tri-Cities Regional Airport features a well-appointed terminal that efficiently handles domestic and regional flights. The terminal has essential amenities, including check-in counters, baggage claim areas, and security checkpoints, ensuring smooth travel for passengers. Ample parking facilities are available for both short-term and long-term parking needs, providing convenience for travelers. The airlines that operate to/from Tri-Cities Regional Airport (TRI) are as follows: 

Airlines Terminal used at TRI 
Allegiant Air TRI Terminal Terminal 1 
Delta Airlines TRI Terminal Terminal 1 

2. Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport (CHA)

Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport features a single terminal that efficiently manages domestic and regional flights. The terminal is well-organized, with convenient check-in counters, baggage claim areas, and security checkpoints to facilitate a smooth travel experience. Travelers have access to ground transportation services such as rental cars, taxis, and shuttle services, making it convenient to reach their destinations. With its user-friendly facilities, the airport ensures that travelers passing through experience the best hospitality. The airlines that operate from Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport are as follows: 

Airlines Terminal used at CHA
Allegiant Air CHA TerminalTerminal 1 
Delta Airlines CHA Terminal Terminal 1 
United Airlines CHA Terminal Terminal 1 

3. Asheville Regional Airport (AVL)

AVL’s terminal is a well-organized space that efficiently handles domestic and regional flights. With clear signage and convenient layouts, passengers can easily navigate through check-in counters, baggage claim areas, and security procedures. AVL provides a range of parking options, including short-term and long-term, ensuring convenient and secure parking for travelers. The terminal hosts a variety of dining options and shops, allowing passengers to explore local flavors and indulge in some retail therapy before their flights.

Airlines Terminal used at AVL
Allegiant Air AVL Terminal Terminal 1 
Delta Airlines AVL Terminal Terminal M 
JetBlue AVL TerminalTerminal M 
Sun Country Airlines AVL TerminalTerminal M 
United Airlines AVL Terminal Terminal M 

International airports near Knoxville, TN

The international airports closest to Knoxville, TN, are as follows:

International airports near Knoxville, TNEstimated Distance
Nashville International Airport (BNA)175 Miles
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)223 Miles
Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT)228 Miles 
Louisville International Airport (SDF)247 Miles 

1. Nashville International Airport (BNA)

Nashville International Airport, with the airport code BNA, serves as the International airport closest to Knoxville TN, and a major transportation hub for the vibrant city of Nashville, Tennessee. Here’s an overview of the key aspects of the airport. BNA has one main passenger terminal divided into Concourses A, B, and C. The airport offers various parking options, including short-term and long-term parking facilities. Ground transportation options include rental cars, taxis, ride-sharing, and shuttle services. BNA is served by various major airlines offering domestic and some international flights such as: 

Airlines Terminal used at BNA 
Air Canada BNA Terminal Terminal 1 
Alaska Airlines BNA Terminal Terminal 2 
Allegiant Air BNA Terminal Terminal 1 
Avelo Airlines BNA Terminal Terminal 1 
British Airways BNA Terminal Terminal 2 
Contour Airlines BNA Terminal Terminal 1 
Delta Airlines BNA Terminal Terminal B 
Flair Airlines BNA Terminal Terminal 1 
Frontier Airlines BNA Terminal Terminal 1 and 2 
JetBlue BNA Terminal Terminal 1 
Southwest Airlines BNA Terminal Terminal 1 
Spirit Airlines BNA Terminal Terminal 1 
United Airlines BNA Terminal Terminal 1 
WestJet BNA Terminal Terminal 1

2. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)

The next airport closest to Knoxville, TN is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), the main international airport serving the city of Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. It is the busiest and most efficient airport globally, with more than 93 million passengers annually. It has five parallel runways and two terminals, one for domestic and one for international flights. The airport offers nonstop service to more than 150 domestic and 70 international destinations, including Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The MARTA rail system connects the airport to the downtown area, which provides convenient transportation for travelers. 

Airlines Terminal used at ATL
Air Canada ATL TerminalTerminal 1 
Air France ATL TerminalTerminal 1 
Alaska Airlines ATL TerminalTerminal N
British Airways ATL TerminalTerminal 1 
Copa Airlines ATL TerminalTerminal 1 
Delta Airlines ATL TerminalTerminal 1 
Ethiopian Airlines ATL TerminalTerminal 1
Frontier ATL TerminalTerminal N 
JetBlue ATL TerminalTerminal N
Korean Air ATL TerminalTerminal 1 
Qatar Airways ATL TerminalTerminal 1 
Southwest Airlines ATL TerminalTerminal M 
Spirit Airlines ATL TerminalTerminal N 
Turkish Airlines ATL TerminalTerminal 1 
United Airlines ATL TerminalTerminal N 
Virgin Atlantic ATL TerminalTerminal 3 

3. Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT)

The third airport closest to Knoxville TN is Charlotte Douglas International Airport, which serves the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, in the United States. It is the second-largest hub for American Airlines, one of the major airlines in the world. It has one central terminal and five concourses (A, B, C, D, and E), with 115 gates. It offers nonstop service to 179 destinations globally, including Europe, Asia, Central America, and the Caribbean. It is the sixth busiest airport in the world. The airlines that operate from Charlotte Douglas International Airport are as follows: 

Airlines Terminals used at CLT
Air Canada CLT Terminal Terminal 1 
Contour Airlines CLT Terminal Terminal 1 
Delta Airlines CLT Terminal Terminal 1 
Frontier Airlines CLT Terminal Terminal 1 
JetBlue CLT Terminal Terminal 1 
Lufthansa AirlinesCLT Terminal Terminal 2 
Southwest Airlines CLT Terminal Terminal 1
Spirit Airlines CLT Terminal Terminal 1 
Sun Country Airlines CLT Terminal Terminal 1 
United Airlines CLT Terminal Terminal 1 

4. Louisville International Airport (SDF)

Louisville International Airport (SDF) is the main international airport that serves the city of Louisville, Kentucky, in the United States. It is a civil-military airport.  It offers nonstop services for more than 20 destinations throughout the world. The airport has one central terminal and five concourses (A, B, C, D, and E) with 115 gates.  The airport provides various amenities for travelers, such as parking, shops, services, security tips, and more.  You can also use the TARC bus, the taxi and rideshare services, or the car rental options to get to the downtown area. 

Airlines Terminal used at SDF
Allegiant Air SDF TerminalTerminal B 
Breeze Airways SDF TerminalTerminal 1
Delta Airlines SDF TerminalTerminal 1
Southwest Airlines SDF TerminalTerminal 1 
Spirit Airlines SDF TerminalTerminal 1 
Sun Country Airlines SDF TerminalTerminal 1 
United Airlines SDF TerminalTerminal 1 

Local airports near Knoxville, TN

Apart from the domestic and international airports, there are a few alternative local airports close to Knoxville, TN, which are as follows: 

Local airports near Knoxville, TNEstimated Distance
Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge Airport (GKT)27 Miles
Moore-Murrell Airport (MOR)37 Miles
Monroe County Airport (MNV)48 Miles
Rockwood Municipal Airport (RKW)50 Miles

Places to Visit Near Knoxville, TN 

There are many places to visit near Knoxville, TN that offer a variety of attractions and activities for all kinds of travelers. Some of these are listed below: 

  1. Market Square: This is a historic and lively area in downtown Knoxville that features many shops, restaurants, bars, and events. You can enjoy the local cuisine, browse the art galleries, watch live performances, or join the farmers’ market.
  2. Haley Heritage Square: This park and monument honors the legacy of Alex Haley, the author of Roots and the Pulitzer Prize winner.  The park is a tribute to the African American heritage and culture. 
  3. Ijams Nature Center: This is a 300-acre urban wilderness that provides hiking trails, a nature center, and beautiful views of the Tennessee River. 
  4. Smoky Mountains: This is one of the most visited national parks in the country and for good reasons. The park offers stunning scenery, rich biodiversity, and abundant recreation opportunities.

Hotel Accommodations near Knoxville, TN 

We might have some suggestions if you are looking for hotel accommodations near Knoxville, TN. These stays are affordable and proximate to the closest airports to Knoxville. 

Hilton Knoxville 
The Tennessean Hotel 
Hampton Inn & Suites-Knoxville/North I-75
Hampton Inn & Suites Knoxville-Downtown
Crowne Plaza Knoxville Downtown University

Ground Transport Options To/From Closest Airports to Knoxville 

For travelers seeking ground transportation to and from the closest airports to Knoxville, Tennessee, there are several convenient options:

Rental CarsPublic Transport
Taxi ServicePrivate Transport 
Bus Service Rideshare Service 
Airport Shuttles Limousine Service
Hotel Shuttles Train Systems


We hope you know the closest airport to Knoxville TN, and all the alternative options. These airports are close to numerous activities and attractions. You can access various ground transportation options from these airports to reach your hotel accommodations or explore the surrounding regions. For further information about the flight schedules, you can contact the airlines you want to fly with to and from Knoxville. Rest assured, you can receive assistance from the staff at your preferred airport. 

Questions and Answers!

1. What airport is closest to Knoxville TN? 

The closest airport to Knoxville TN is McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS). 

2. Which airport is closest to Knoxville TN?

McGhee Tyson Airport is the closest airport to Knoxville, Tennessee. 

3. Which is the second closest airport to Knoxville TN?

The second airport closest to Knoxville, TN, is Tri-Cities Regional Airport. 

4. What are the closest airports to Knoxville, Tennessee? 

The closest airports to Knoxville, Tennessee, are as follows: 
McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS)
Tri-Cities Regional Airport (TRI)
Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport (CHA)
Asheville Regional Airport (AVL)

5. Is ground transport available from the closest airports to Knoxville?

Ground transport options such as car rentals, taxi and rideshare services, public and private transport, limousine service, shuttles, etc, are available from the closest airports to Knoxville. 

6. What airlines fly out of the closest airports to Knoxville, TN?

Allegiant Air, Alaska Airlines, Air Canada, Avelo Airlines, Breeze Airways, British Airways, Copa Airlines, Delta Airlines, Qatar Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, etc, fly out of the closest airports to Knoxville TN. 

7. What are the nearby places to stay in Knoxville, Tennessee? 

There are quite a few hotel accommodations and stays that are affordable for travelers visiting Knoxville, Tennessee, which are as follows: 
1. Hilton Knoxville 
2. The Tennessean Hotel 
3. Hampton Inn & Suites-Knoxville/North I-75
4. Hampton Inn & Suites Knoxville-Downtown
5. Crowne Plaza Knoxville Downtown University

8. What amenities are available at the airports for passengers?

Airports near Knoxville provide a range of amenities, including dining options, shopping, lounges, and Wi-Fi services for passenger convenience.

9. Is there a direct flight from McGhee Tyson Airport to international destinations?

While McGhee Tyson Airport primarily serves domestic flights, there are limited international flights, especially to seasonal destinations.

10. Are there alternative airports near Knoxville?

Yes, other regional airports include Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport (CHA) and Tri-Cities Regional Airport (TRI), offering additional options for travelers.

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