Jacksonville is a place of natural beauty and modern amenities, which has a lot to offer to each of its visitors. As you plan your journey to these exciting destinations, it’s essential to know the most convenient way to reach Jacksonville. In this guide, we’ll discover the closest airport to Jacksonville FL, ensuring that you arrive at or depart from the city seamlessly, taking along an unforgettable adventure.

No matter if you are travelling for pleasure or for work, your journey begins at the nearest airport to Jacksonville FL, an ultimate gateway to Florida’s captivating city. So, let’s pave the way for you and get you introduced to the said.

List of Jacksonville Florida Airports

Closest Airports Estimated Distance Travelling Time 
Jacksonville International Airport14.5 Miles18 Minutes 
Gainesville Regional Airport70.1 Miles1 Hour 12 Minutes 
Daytona Beach International Airport92.6 Miles1 Hour 22 Minutes 
Savannah Hilton Head SAV135.5 Miles2 Hours 
Orlando Sanford International Airport155.8 Miles2 Hour 24 Minutes 

Closest Airports to Jacksonville FL – Gateway to Jacksonville

The passengers have got quite a few choices when it comes to getting to or from Jacksonville FL, as there are numerous domestic and international airports located nearby. These airports are home to a variety of airlines, which serve direct and connecting flights to the travellers. 

Jacksonville International Airport

Jacksonville International Airport is the closest international Airport to Jacksonville FL, which serves millions of passengers annually, providing them access to their preferred domestic and international destinations. This bustling airport offers a seamless and convenient entry point for visitors from around the world. 

Location and Distance: Jacksonville International Airport is located in Duval County, Florida, approximately 14.5 miles from Jacksonville, FL. Its close proximity to downtown makes it a recommended and preferred choice for travellers seeking quick access to Jacksonville’s many attractions and amenities. 

Inter-terminal transportation: The major international and domestic airport provides direct transit service to the passengers, connecting them to the bus network of Jacksonville Transportation Authority. Furthermore, this bus connects the airport to downtown Jacksonville, to Jacksonville Skyway, and to the Greyhound Bus Lines. Additionally, there’s inter-terminal transportation available, which helps passengers access the locations within the airport. 

Facilities and Amenities Served: With two concrete runaways, the terminals of JIA are equipped with several facilities including a baggage claim section, ticketing counters, restaurants and food, security checkpoints, etc. 

Airlines: There are many leading airlines which have hubs at the Jacksonville International Airport’s terminals, and it’s also the closest Allegiant Airport to Jacksonville FL. Some of the airlines operating to and from this airport are as follows: 

Airlines Terminal used at JAX Airport

  • Allegiant Air JAX Terminal (Main Terminal)
  • Breeze Airways JAX Terminal (Terminal 1)
  • Delta Air Lines JAX Terminal (Main Terminal)
  •  Frontier Airlines JAX Terminal (Main Terminal)
  • JetBlue Airways JAX Terminal (Main Terminal)
  • Silver Airways JAX Terminal (Main Terminal)
  • Southwest Airlines JAX Terminal (Terminal 1)
  • Sun Country Airlines JAX Terminal (Main Terminal)

Gainesville Regional Airport

Gainesville Regional Airport (GNV) is another alternative serving the vibrant city of Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding North region. The airport is known for its convenience, a friendly yet professional atmosphere, and essential services. This airport plays a significant role in connecting the passengers domestically. 

Location and Distance: Located approximately 70 miles from Jacksonville, FL, Gainesville airport is the second closest airport, which is perfect and easily accessible for both local residents and visitors alike. 

Inter-terminal transportation: There are several options to choose from, if the passenger wishes to transfer between terminals or want to access the locations within the airport, these options may include shuttle bus, automated people mover, walkways, etc. 

Facilities and Amenities Served: Despite being a domestic airport, Gainesville Regional ensures a comfortable and convenient travel experience for passengers. Some of the key facilities here include terminal services, food and dining options, parking facilities, etc. 

Airlines: As this is a domestic airport, there are only quite a few airlines which operates flights to and from the destination such as: 

Airlines Terminal used at GNV Airport

Daytona Beach International Airport

Daytona Beach International is the third closest major Airport to Jacksonville FL, which serves Volusia County. This airport is located just 5 km away from Daytona beach and provides passengers with a wide selection of airlines and destinations to choose from. It has six domestic terminals and one international terminal

Location and Distance: Situated in Volusia County, the airport is just 5 miles southwest of Daytona beach, making it easily accessible for the travellers coming to the region. The airport is the third best option to reach Jacksonville, FL, and is 92.6 Miles from the same.

Inter-terminal transportation: The airport provides passengers easy access to the terminals within the airport by its modern inter-terminal transportation system, which makes it easy for the passengers to reach the terminals for their connecting flights on time. 

Facilities and Amenities Served: The airport features a range of facilities and amenities to ensure an enhanced passenger experience such as dining and shopping, internet access, ground transportation, duty-free stores, etc. 

Airlines: The airlines that operates its flights to and from Daytona Beach International Airport are as follows:   

Delta Airlines, Avelo Airlines DAB Terminal Used Terminal 1

Savannah Hilton Head SAV

The joint civil-military airport is a vital location for the residents and the visitors alike, as it is situated in a convenient location. The airport connects travellers to the charming city of Savannah and provides alongside access to Jacksonville, the coastal region, and South Carolina as well. 

Location and Distance: Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport is located 135.5 Miles from Jacksonville, which is approximately a 2 hour drive to reach. And, as it is 7 miles north of Savannah, it is easily accessible for travellers coming to the area or the surrounding region. 

Inter-terminal transportation: As Savannah/Hilton head is an international airport equipped with all the necessary services, it’s obvious that the passengers will have an option to transport between the terminals, in order to access the locations within, instantly. 

Facilities and Amenities Served: The airport puts forth a range of facilities and amenities for the passengers such as airport plaza, charging stations, airport lounges, nursing rooms, quiet areas, booking related services, etc. 

Airlines: The passengers have got numerous options when it comes to choosing which airlines to fly with, as the airport serves as a major hub to many of the leading airlines including: 

Similar to United Airlines SAV Terminal, The Main Terminal is used by airlines such Allegiant Air, Avelo Airlines, Breeze Airways, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, Jetblue Airways, Silver Airways, Southwest Airlines, and Sun Country Airlines.

Orlando Sanford International Airport

Orlando Sanford International Airport is a public airport located in Sanford, Florida, serving the Orlando Metropolitan Area. As one of the major airports in the region, SFB plays a significant role in providing air transportation options to the travellers.

Location and Distance: Orlando Sanford International Airport is located 155.8 Miles away from Jacksonville, FL. However, it’s the last closest airport to the destination and will take around 2 hours and 24 Minutes to reach. 

Inter-terminal transportation: Orlando Sanford offers the passengers a chance to move between terminals or between the locations at the airport through the various options available such as inter-terminal shuttle. 

Facilities and Amenities Served: The airport provides a range of amenities to its passengers arriving at or departing from the destination such as check-in counters, baggage claim, airline lounges, boarding gates, ground transportation, shopping malls, etc. 

Airlines: Not many airlines operate to or from the Orlando Sanford International Airport, but the one serving provides access to a wide range of destinations.

Airlines Terminal used at the airport 
Allegiant Air Allegiant Air SFB Terminal, Terminal 1
Flair Airlines Flair Airlines SFB Terminal, Terminal B 

Tips for Finding Flights to/from the Airports Closest to Jacksonville FL 

Finding flights to and from the closest airports to Jacksonville, FL can be quite a daunting task, but it can be made easier with the following tips: 

  • Identify and make a list of the closest airports which offer direct flights to or from your location and potentially better fares. 
  • Utilise the search engines to compare available flight options from different airlines and airports based on price, schedule, etc. 
  • Be flexible with your travel dates, if possible, fly on weekdays rather than weekends as peak times may result in expensive air fares. 
  • Book well in advance for better deals, offers, and availability. Booking at least three or four weeks before your planned departure date would help.
  • If you are flying from or to Jacksonville and plan to visit other destinations as well, check for multi-city itineraries.

Importance of Knowing the Nearest airport to Jacksonville Florida

Knowing Which Airport is Closest to Jacksonville FL can help passengers in several ways such as: 

  • You can choose the closest airport based on your location, minimising travel time.
  • Proximity to the airport can impact the overall cost of the trip as nearby airports will lead to lower airfares and reduced fees.
  • As not all airports offer the same flight options, being aware of the nearest would help you explore more flight choices, airlines, and routes.
  • It helps you save time, especially if you are on a tight schedule or with limited holidays, making it easy for you to enjoy more time on the trip.
  • Being aware of alternative airports provide travellers with flexibility in the travel plans, allowing them to consider different arrival or departures.

Top Attractions and Activities in Jacksonville, Florida

There are numerous activities and attractions in Jacksonville, Florida, which makes this place worth visiting and worth spending time at. Whilst the Daytona beach is the closest beach to Jacksonville FL Airport, the travellers have got other options as well, which are: 

  1. Jacksonville Beaches
  2. Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens 
  3. Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens 
  4. The Cummer Oak and Memorial Park
  5. Riverside and Avondale Historic District

Accommodations Near the Closest Airports to Jacksonville FL 

Whether you want to just relax before your flight departs from the airport or looking for a place to stay after landing in Jacksonville, there are numerous accommodations available nearby, the airports closest to Jacksonville FL,  including: 

  1. Sheraton Jacksonville Hotel 
  2. Hyatt Place Jacksonville Airport 
  3. Crowne Plaza Jacksonville Airport 
  4. Hilton Garden Inn Daytona Beach Airport 

Travel Tips and Recommendations to Explore Jacksonville Florida

As Jacksonville offers multiple activities to select from, here are some of the tips and recommendations to make the most out of your visit: 

  • Spend time at the Jacksonville beaches or take a leisurely stroll along the shore.
  • Don’t forget to visit the neighbourhood offering charming historic architecture. 
  • Don’t miss out on the museums featuring an impressive collection of art and gardens. 
  • Sample the local cuisines, especially fresh seafood at the wide range of restaurants and cafes, offering various cuisines. 
  • If you are a sports enthusiast, catch a Jacksonville Jaguars NFL game at the TIAA Bank Field. 


Whilst the Jacksonville International airport is the closest airport to Jacksonville FL, the passengers have got other alternatives as well, in case they couldn’t find flights to or from this location. It’s important to plan ahead of time and look for the best deals and offers provided by the airlines, in order to save both your time and money. We hope that you make the most out of your trip to Jacksonville while being aware of your surroundings.

Frequently Asked Questions Closest Airport to Jacksonville FL?

Which Airport is Closest to Jacksonville FL?

The closest airport to Jacksonville is Jacksonville International Airport.

Which is the second Airport Closest to Jacksonville FL?

The second airport closest to Jacksonville Florida is Gainesville Regional Airport, which is a domestic airport.

Which is the closest Allegiant Airport to Jacksonville FL?

The closest Allegiant Air Airport is Jacksonville International Airport.

How far is Daytona Beach International Airport from Jacksonville, Florida?

Daytona Beach International Airport is the third closest airport to the location and is located approximately 92 miles from the same.

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