Irvine is a city in Orange County, known vividly for its business and educational institutes, parks and trails, and attractions such as Disneyland, Laguna Beach, and Newport Beach. If you plan your next trip to this amazing destination, you may want to know the Closest airport to Irvine, CA, for your travel requirements.

Whether traveling for a business trip or full-fledged fun with your family, you will want to choose a convenient, affordable, and comfortable airport. In this blog, we will compare the airports closest to Irvine CA, and help you find the one that suits your preferences. We will also look into factors such as the local airports near Irvine, Must-Visit Cities near Irvine, and more. 

Airports Closest to Irvine CA

Travel enthusiasts have a few options for visiting and exploring the city of Irvine, California. The closest airports help operate several domestic and international airlines, offering passengers flights to and from many destinations. Regardless of where you reside, you can look for affordable airfares and fly with the airline that suits your budget and preferences. Let’s get to the details of this airport. 

Airports Closest to Irvine, CAEstimated Distance Travelling Time 
John Wayne Airport (SNA) 2.7 Miles 5 Minutes 
Long Beach Airport (LGB)23.5 Miles 23 Minutes 
LA/Ontario International Airport (ONT)42.3 Miles41 Minutes 
Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)43.7 Miles45 Minutes 
San Diego International Airport (SAN)85.6 Miles1 Hour 7 Minutes

1. John Wayne Airport (SNA)

John Wayne Airport is the Closest airport to Irvine CA, located in Orange County, California. It is a commercial airport that preferably serves Greater Los Angeles, Orange County, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and Irvine. The airport has three passenger terminals with twenty-two boarding gates. Passengers can find a range of ground transportation options from this airport, such as bus, car rental, Irvine Shuttle, Taxi, etc. The airport has convenient parking options to serve passengers with parking facilities. Furthermore, the airport serves many leading airlines to/from its base, which are as follows: 

Airlines Terminals used at SNA
Air Canada SNA Terminal Terminal A
Alaska Airlines SNA Terminal Terminal A
Allegiant Air SNA Terminal Terminal C
Breeze Airways SNA Terminal Terminal A 
Delta Airlines SNA Terminal Terminal A
Frontier Airlines SNA Terminal Terminal C
JSX SNA Terminal Terminal A
Southwest Airlines SNA Terminal Terminal C
Spirit Airlines SNA Terminal Terminal C
United Airlines SNA Terminal Terminal B
WestJet SNA Terminal Terminal A 

2. Long Beach Airport (LGB)

Located approximately three miles northeast of downtown Long Beach, the next Closest airport to Irvine, CA, is Long Beach Airport. This is California’s tenth busiest airport, serving destinations such as Las Vegas, Nevada; Phoenix–Sky Harbor, Arizona; Sacramento, California; Oakland, California; San Jose, California; and others. Passengers can find various ground transportation options to reach nearby destinations instantly. Furthermore, several airlines operate flights to and from this airport. The airlines are as follows: 

Airlines Terminal used at LGB 
Delta Airlines LGB Terminal Terminal A
Hawaiian Airlines LGB Terminal Terminal C
Southwest Airlines LGB Terminal Terminal A

3. LA/Ontario International Airport (ONT)

Ontario International Airport is the Closest major airport to Irvine, CA, two miles east of downtown Ontario. It serves destinations such as Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Seattle/Tacoma, Washington; Phoenix–Sky Harbor, Arizona; Las Vegas, Nevada; Sacramento, California; Atlanta, Georgia; Oakland, California; San Jose, California, San Francisco, California, etc. Ontario International Airport has two main terminals with 26 gates. Passengers can find several parking areas at the airport and inter-terminal transfer options. There are several airlines operating flights to and from this airport, such as 

Airlines Terminals used at ONT 
Alaska Airlines ONT Terminal Terminal 1
Avianca El Salvador ONT Terminal Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 
China Airlines ONT Terminal Terminal 2
Delta Airlines ONT Terminal Terminal 2 
Frontier Airlines ONT Terminal Terminal 2 
Hawaiian Airlines ONT Terminal Terminal 4 
Jetblue ONT Terminal Terminal 2 
New Pacific Airlines ONT Terminal Terminal 4
Southwest Airlines ONT Terminal Terminal 2
United Airlines ONT Terminal Terminal 2 
Volaris ONT Terminal Terminal 2 

4. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

The Closest international airport to Irvine, CA, is the infamous Los Angeles International Airport., located about 43 miles from Irvine. The airport serves Los Angeles and the surrounding metropolitan areas. It is the third busiest airport in the world and the second busiest airport in the United States of America. It is a convenient gateway for passengers willing to explore any region in the USA. LAX has approximately nine passenger terminals containing at least 150 gates. Passengers can use several inter-terminal transfer options to reach locations within the airport and several ground transportation options to get to the city. The airlines that operate flights at this airport are as follows: 

Airlines Terminals used at LAX 
Aer Lingus LAX TerminalTBIT Terminal 
Aeroméxico LAX TerminalTerminal 3 
Air Canada LAX TerminalTBIT Terminal 
Air China LAX TerminalTBIT Terminal 
Air France LAX TerminalTBIT Terminal 
Air New Zealand LAX TerminalTBIT Terminal 
Air Transat LAX TerminalTerminal 1 
Alaska Airlines LAX TerminalTerminal 6 
Allegiant Air LAX TerminalTerminal 1 
Asiana Airlines  LAX TerminalTBIT Terminal 
Breeze Airways LAX TerminalTerminal 1 
British Airways  LAX TerminalTBIT Terminal 
Cathay Pacific LAX TerminalTBIT Terminal 
Cayman Airways LAX TerminalTerminal 1
Copa Airlines LAX TerminalTBIT Terminal 
Delta Airlines  LAX TerminalTerminal 3 
EI AI Airlines  LAX TerminalTBIT Terminal 
Emirates LAX TerminalTBIT Terminal 
EVA Air LAX TerminalTBIT Terminal 
Fiji Airways LAX TerminalTBIT Terminal 
Finnair LAX TerminalTBIT Terminal 
Hawaiian Airlines LAX TerminalTBIT Terminal 
Japan Airlines LAX TerminalTBIT Terminal 
LOT Polish Airlines LAX TerminalTBIT Terminal 
Lufthansa LAX TerminalTBIT Terminal 
Qatar Airways LAX TerminalTBIT Terminal 
Philippine Airlines LAX TerminalTBIT Terminal 
Singapore Airlines LAX TerminalTBIT Terminal 
Spirit Airlines LAX TerminalTerminal 1 
Southwest Airlines LAX TerminalTerminal 1 
Turkish Airlines LAX TerminalTBIT Terminal 
United Airlines LAX TerminalTerminal 7 
Virgin Atlantic LAX TerminalTerminal 2
WestJet LAX TerminalTerminal 2 

5. San Diego International Airport (SAN)

San Diego International Airport (SAN) is an international airport approximately 85 miles from Irvine, CA. The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority owns and operates the third busiest airport in California when it comes to foot traffic. The airport has two main terminals with 48 gates, serving several passengers efficiently. Public transportation, such as the Metropolitan Transit System, San Diego Trolley, Rapid Bus, etc, are available to passengers. The airlines that operate direct and connecting flights from the San Diego International Airport are as follows: 

Airlines Terminals used at SAN 
Air Canada SAN Terminal Terminal 2 
Alaska Airlines SAN Terminal Terminal 2 
Allegiant Air SAN Terminal Terminal 1 
British Airways SAN Terminal Terminal 2
Delta Airlines SAN Terminal Terminal 2 
Frontier Airlines SAN Terminal Terminal 1 
Hawaiian Airlines SAN Terminal Terminal 2 
Japan Airlines SAN Terminal Terminal 2 
JetBlue SAN Terminal Terminal 1 
Southwest Airlines SAN Terminal Terminal 1 
Spirit Airlines SAN Terminal Terminal 1 
Sun Country Airlines SAN Terminal Terminal 1 
United Airlines SAN Terminal Terminal 2 
WestJet SAN Terminal Terminal 2 

Local airports near Irvine, CA

Apart from domestic and international airports in Irvine, California, several other local airports serve the surrounding regions and can offer affordable airfares. You can consider the following local airports to get to Irvine if you live in the mentioned cities.

Closest Local Airports Near Irvine, CAAddress Distance 
Centerport Heliport (JOC) Santa Ana, CA7 Miles 
Marine Corps Air Station EI Toro (NZJ)  Santa Ana, CA8 Miles 
Newport Beach Airport (JNP) Newport Beach, CA 9 Miles 
Emerald Bay Airport (QEM) Emerald Bay 16 Miles 
Anaheim-Disneyland Helipad (ANA)Anaheim, CA 16 Miles 
Orange County Heliport (JOR) Orange, CA21 Miles 
Fullerton Municipal Airport (FUL) Fullerton, CA23 Miles 
Downey Heliport (JDY) Downey, CA33 Miles 
Chino Airport (CNO) Chino, CA 34 Miles 
Cal Heliport (JWT) Los Angeles, CA34 Miles 

Hotels Near Irvine, CA

When you reach Irvine, California, you don’t have to wander around finding nearby hotel accommodations and stays because we have covered you with this information. Below are some affordable stays close to your closest airports to Irvine, which you can reserve for your trip. 

Oakwood IrvineMarriott Irvine
Hyatt Regency IrvineOakwood at Astoria
Oakwood at KELVIN COURTSpringHill Suites by Marriott Irvine
Oakwood at Camden Main and JambMotel 6 Irvine – Orange County Airport
Candlewood Suites OC Airport-Irvine WestAtrium Hotel at Orange County Airport
Embassy Suites Irvine-Orange County AirportCourtyard by Marriott Irvine John Wayne Airport
Crowne Plaza Hotel Irvine-Orange County AirportResidence Inn by Marriott Irvine John Wayne Airport

Must-visit Cities Near Irvine, CA

On your trip to Irvine, you would not want to miss out on some interestingly amazing cities that have a lot to offer to each of its visitors. So, if you consider getting around a bit. Here are some of the places you must consider. 

Tustin, CAOrange, CALaguna Hills, CA
Costa Mesa, CAFountain Valley, CAAliso Viejo, CA
Santa Ana, CALaguna Woods, CAHuntington Beach, CA
Tustin Foothills, CALake Forest, CAWestminster, CA
Newport Beach, CAGarden Grove, CALaguna Beach, CA

Recent Traveler’s Inquiries!

How do I get to Irvine?

Travelers can book flights with airlines from the airports closest to Irvine to get to Irvine. 

Where can I stay near Irvine?

There are several accommodations near Irvine where you can consider staying. Some of them are as There are several accommodations near Irvine where you can consider staying. Some of them are as follows: 
Oakwood Irvine
Marriott Irvine
Hyatt Regency Irvine
Oakwood at Astoria

What airport is closest to Irvine CA?

The closest airport to Irvine, CA (California) is John Wayne Airport (SNA). 

What is the nearest airport to Irvine?

The nearest airport to Irvine is John Wayne Airport (SNA) and Long Beach Airport (LGB). 

Which airport is closest to Irvine CA?

John Wayne Airport is the closest to Irvine, CA. It is approximately 2 miles from Irvine. 

What is the closest airport to Irvine CA?

Irvine, CA, is close to major airports such as John Wayne Airport, Long Beach Airport, Ontario International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, etc. 

Which is the Closest International airport to Irvine CA?

The closest international airport to Irvine, CA, is Ontario International Airport. It is located at 42 miles, about a 41-minute drive from Irvine. 

Which are the best airports closest to Irvine CA? 

The best airports closest to Irvine CA are as follows: 
John Wayne Airport (SNA) 
Long Beach Airport (LGB)
LA/Ontario International Airport (ONT)
Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
San Diego International Airport (SAN)

How long does it take to get to Irvine from the Airport?

Depending on which airport you fly into, it can take about 20 minutes or an hour to reach Irvine. 

Which airlines fly out of the closest airports to Irvine CA?

Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air, Air China, British Airways, Breeze Airways, JetBlue, Qatar Airways, Spirit Airlines, Southwest Airlines, WestJet, Volaris, etc are some of the leading airlines operating flights to and from the closest airports to Irvine CA.

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