Gatlinburg is located in the heart of Tennessee, a town surrounded by beautiful and great mountains. To begin your journey to this enchanting destination, it’s essential to know how to reach here conveniently. The quickest and most efficient way to access Gatlinburg is through air travel, and in this guide, we’ll help you discover the Closest airport to Gatlinburg TN. So, sit back, relax, and let us guide you to the gateway that will lead you to an unforgettable experience.

Nearest Airport to Gatlinburg TN

There are quite a few airports surrounding Gatlinburg. However, McGhee-Tyson Airport (TYS) is the closest major airport to Gatlinburg TN. Alternatively, there are four other domestic and international airports in the region, which provides the travellers access to the city’s activities and attractions. These airports are home to many leading airlines, with a vast global network, which makes it easy for the passengers to book direct reservations to or from Gatlinburg, TN.

Airport Name Estimated Distance Travelling Time 
McGhee-Tyson Airport (TYS)41.9 Miles1 Hour 
Asheville Regional Airport (AVL)85.0 Miles1 Hour, 41 Minutes
Charlotte Douglas International Airport (AVL)202.5 Miles3 Hour, 40 Minutes 
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)207.3 Miles 4 Hours 
Nashville International Airport (BNA)215.9 Miles4 Hour 18 Minutes 

McGhee-Tyson Airport (TYS)

McGhee-Tyson Airport is the Closest Airport to Gatlinburg TN Southwest and the closest commercial airport to Gatlinburg, TN. McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS) is a public airport located in Alcoa, Tennessee, serving the Knoxville metropolitan area.

As one of the major airports in the region, McGhee Tyson Airport is well-connected to various domestic and international destinations. It serves as a hub for several airlines and offers numerous flights, making it a convenient choice for visitors planning to explore the Great Smoky Mountains and Gatlinburg. 

Whether you’re arriving for a family vacation, a business trip, or an outdoor adventure in the scenic mountains, McGhee Tyson Airport provides an accessible and welcoming entry point to the captivating attractions of Gatlinburg, TN.

Airlines Terminal used at McGhee Airport 
Frontier AirlinesFrontier Airlines TYS Terminal (Terminal 1)
Allegiant Air Allegiant Air TYS Terminal (Terminal 1)
Delta Air LinesDelta Air Lines TYS Terminal (Terminal 1)
United AirlinesUnited Airlines TYS Terminal (Terminal 1)

Asheville Regional Airport (AVL)

While Asheville Regional Airport (AVL) is not the Nearest major Airport to Gatlinburg TN, it can still be a convenient alternative for those wishing to reach Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Asheville Regional Airport is a relatively large regional airport with multiple airlines serving it. This means you might have more flight options and potentially better fares compared to smaller airports. It could be especially convenient if you’re flying from a location not directly served by McGhee Tyson Airport. 

McGhee Tyson Airport may face substantial crowds and congestion depending on the time of year and peak travel seasons. Using AVL as an option may allow you to bypass some of the busiest airport traffic.

Airlines Terminal used at Asheville Regional Airport

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT)

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) is a major international airport located in Charlotte, North Carolina. As one of the busiest airports in the United States, CLT serves as a crucial hub for domestic and international travel, connecting millions of passengers to various destinations around the world.  

This is the third closest Airport to Gatlinburg TN Southwest, which offers numerous direct flights to international destinations, making it a convenient gateway for travellers coming from or heading to various countries. Ground Transportation: The airport provides various ground transportation options, including rental car facilities, taxis, rideshare services, and public transportation links, making it easy for travellers to reach their final destinations.

Airlines Terminals used at Charlotte Douglas International Airport 
Air Canada ExpressMain Terminal, Concourse A 
Contour AirlinesMain Terminal, Concourse A 
Delta Air LinesMain Terminal, Concourse A 
Delta Connection Main Terminal, Concourse A 
Frontier AirlinesMain Terminal, Concourse A 
JetBlueMain Terminal, Concourse A 
Lufthansa Main Terminal, Concourse D 
Southwest AirlinesMain Terminal, Concourse A
Spirit AirlinesMain Terminal, Concourse A 
United Airlines Main Terminal, Concourse A 
United Express Main Terminal, Concourse A 
Volaris Main Terminal, Concourse D

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)

Atlanta is around 207 miles south of Gatlinburg, making it a relatively closest International Airport to Gatlinburg TN for visitors. The airport’s ideal location makes it easy to get to Gatlinburg and the neighbouring areas. ATL is one of the busiest airports globally and serves as a major hub for numerous airlines, offering an extensive network of domestic and international flights. This means that travellers from various cities and countries can find direct or connecting flights to Atlanta, making it easier to reach Gatlinburg without having to make multiple layovers.

 With its high number of airlines and routes, ATL often offers competitive airfares compared to smaller regional airports. Travellers can often find more affordable flight options when flying into Atlanta, which can be especially beneficial for those on a budget.

Airlines Terminal used at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Air Canada ExpressTerminal 1 
Air France Terminal I
Alaska Airlines Terminal N (Domestic) North 
British AirwaysTerminal 1
Copa AirlinesTerminal 1
Delta Air LinesTerminal South 
Delta Connection Terminal South 
Ethiopian Airlines Terminal 1 
Frontier AirlinesTerminal N – Domestic (North) 
JetBlueTerminal N – Domestic (North) 
KLMTerminal 1 
Korean Airways Terminal 1
Lufthansa Terminal 1
Qatar Airways Terminal 1 
Southwest Airlines Terminal N – Domestic (North) 
Spirit AirlinesTerminal N – Domestic (North) 
Turkish AirlinesTerminal 1 
United AirlinesTerminal N – Domestic (North) 
Virgin Atlantic Terminal N – Domestic (North) 
WestJet Terminal N – Domestic (North) 

Nashville International Airport (BNA)

Nashville International Airport (BNA) is the last Closest Southwest Airport to Gatlinburg TN and a major airport located in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. As the primary airport serving Nashville and the surrounding region, BNA plays a crucial role in facilitating domestic and international air travel, tourism, and business activities. 

The airport acts as a hub for several major airlines, including Southwest Airlines. BNA has direct flights to several major cities in the United States, making it a convenient alternative for passengers from various regions looking to arrive in Nashville or other locations with fewer layovers.

BNA provides a variety of ground transportation choices, such as rental cars, ride-sharing, taxis, and shuttle services. Visitors may easily access public transit to get to downtown Nashville and other local places.

AirlinesTerminal used at Nashville International Airport (BNA)
Air Canada Express Main Terminal, Concourse B 
Alaska Airlines Main Terminal, Concourse C
Allegiant Air Main Terminal, Concourse C
British AirwaysMain Terminal, Concourse B
Contour AirlinesMain Terminal, Concourse B
Delta Air Lines Main Terminal, Concourse B
Flair AirlinesMain Terminal, Concourse B
Frontier AirlinesMain Terminal, Concourse B
JetBlue Main Terminal, Concourse B
Southwest AirlinesMain Terminal, Concourse C and D
Spirit AirlinesMain Terminal, Concourse A
Sun Country AirlinesMain Terminal, Concourse B
United Airlines Main Terminal, Concourse A
WestJet Main Terminal, Concourse B

Ground Transportation from Closest International Airport to Gatlinburg TN

There are several ground transportation options available to and from the closest airport to Gatlinburg TN, which allows the travellers access to the various locations within the city. Some of the options include: 

  • Rental Cars: At the closest airports to Gatlinburg, rental car businesses are accessible, allowing guests to rent a car and drive to the city. This choice provides flexibility and convenience, especially for visitors who want to explore the surrounding areas.
  • Shuttle Services: A number of shuttle companies operate between the airports and Gatlinburg. These shuttle services provide shared or private transportation, and bookings are usually required.
  • Taxi and Rideshare: Taxis and ridesharing services, such as Uber and Lyft, are available at the airport. Travellers can order a ride to Gatlinburg, with the cost varying according to distance and service provider.
  • Airport Limousines: Some firms provide airport limousine services, allowing you to travel from the airport to Gatlinburg in a luxurious and pleasant manner.


Whilst the closest airport to Gatlinburg TN is McGhee-Tyson Airport (TYS), the passengers have still got some other alternatives as well. All the airports surrounding Gatlinburg are modern and well-equipped with the facilities the travellers require at the airport. Regardless of the airports you choose to fly into or out of, you will be served with on-time services that will make your visit worth every penny. We hope that this guide to the closest airports to Gatlinburg will help you have a mindful and enjoyable trip, whether it be for business or for pleasure. So, till we see you next, happy travelling!

Frequently Asked Questions Closest Airport to Gatlinburg TN?

What is the Closest International Airport to Gatlinburg TN?

The closest airport to Gatlinburg is McGhee-Tyson Airport (TYS), which is about 41 miles from the city. 

Which is the second nearest airport to Gatlinburg TN?

The second closest airport to Gatlinburg TN is Asheville Regional Airport (AVL) which is about 85 miles from the location.

Are there any ground transportation options available to and from the closest airport to Gatlinburg TN?

Yes there are several ground transportation options to and from the closest airports to Gatlinburg including car rentals, bus and taxi service, rideshare services, airport shuttles, etc.

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