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Your air travel can be much more convenient when you have complete information about your arrival or departure at Bering Air BVK Terminal. How? As passengers, we are responsible for being prepared with our reservations and luggage right on time. To make the procedure easy and steadfast, such information can do wonders. So, if you want to make the most of your travels with Bering Air, ensure you get details about its operations at the Buckland Airport Terminal 1. 

Bering Air BVK Terminal Arrivals

When arriving at the Buckland Airport, Bering Air uses Terminal 1.

Bering Air BVK Terminal Departures

At the Buckland Airport, Bering Air departs from Terminal 1.

Amenities by Bering Air Terminal at BVK

Endless opportunities are available for passengers at the Bering Air Terminal of the BVK to ensure the passengers’ comfort and safety altogether.

ATMsSelf-service Kiosks VIP Services 
Banks Baby Changing RoomsWheelchair Assistance 
Currency ExchangeMeet and Greet AreasAirline Escort Assistance
Airport Check-in CountersMobile Charging OutletsLost & Found Department
Customs and Immigrations Food and Beverage OutletsUnaccompanied Minors 
Family & Public RestroomsDuty-free Shops & Stores Seat Upgrades and Changes
Airport or Airline LoungesPriority Boarding Access Information Counters/Desks
Ticketing Counters or DesksPre-boarding FacilitiesCancellations and Refunds 
Boarding or Departure GatesWifi and Internet Access Flight Information Displays

List of all Bering Air Terminal across the world

Traveller’s Guide to “What Terminal is Bering Air at BVK?”

Bering Air is at the Terminal 1 of the Buckland Airport. It is the arrivals and departures terminal for the airline.

Airport NameBuckland Airport
Bering Air BVK AddressBuckland, AK, United States
Airport CodeBVK
Bering Air BVK Contact NoNIL
Bering Air BVK terminal arrivalsTerminal 1
Bering Air BVK terminal departuresTerminal 1
Working Hours24 hours a day
Bering Air Email Address
Official Bering Air
Bering Air Facebook
Bering Air Instagram
Bering Air Twitter Account

1. Book flights with Bering Air at the Buckland Airport Terminal 1

The Bering Air BVK Terminal ticketing counters assist passengers with the booking procedure. If you want to leave the Buckland Airport with the airlines, walk towards the counters with your travel documents and required details and book a reservation. Alternatively, you can operate the official airline’s website to search and book flights to your preferred destination. 

2. Cancel your Bering Air reservation at the Buckland Airport Terminal 1

Flight cancellations with Bering Air terminal at BVK take up little time for the passengers. All you have to do is visit the airlines’ ticketing counters with your reservation details and ask the available agent to cancel your ticket. After carefully reviewing the airline’s cancellation policy, you will know whether you are eligible for a refund or entitled to a compensation fee. The agent will inform you regarding the same and, upon your confirmation, cancel your reservation.

3. Check-in for your flight with Bering Air from Buckland Airport Terminal 1

Self-service kiosks and airport check-in counters are available at the Terminal 1 of the BVK. Depending upon their preferences, passengers can choose any option to complete the pre-boarding process and head towards the security checkpoints. Alternatively, Bering Air may allow its passengers to use the web check-in facility on its official website to complete the procedure. 

4. Upgrade seat/make changes to your itinerary from BVK Terminal 

Bering Air operates a small fleet of helicopters and aircraft, where only a limited number of passengers can travel. The airline only has one cabin class. So, if you want to fly with the airlines from BVK Terminal, you should book a reservation in advance. For detailed insights on flight seat options by Bering Air, please contact their customer service desk via chat, email, call, or in person.

5. Bering Air baggage allowance on flights from the Buckland Airport Terminal

Passengers can pack and carry check-in luggage not weighing up to 22 kg from the Bering Air terminal at BVK. Any luggage exceeding the allowance will be charged and counted as “Excess baggage.” If passengers carry more than 90 kg of luggage, they must inform the airline beforehand. You can check the official site of Bering Air for more information or details on baggage allowance, rules, and policies.

6. Bering Air Information Counters/Help Desks at the BVK Terminal

Bering Air BVK terminal arrivals and departures consist of information counters and help desks for assisting passengers with their airport queries. If you encounter any circumstance impacting your travel plans, walk straight to the personnel available at this desk. Regardless of your situation, the staff will do their best to help you resolve your issue as soon as possible. You can also get directions to locations within the airport from the help desks. 

The lost and found service at the Bering Air BVK Terminal helps travelers with lost, delayed, and damaged luggage-related issues. If you experience any of the mentioned circumstances, please visit the lost and found desk along with your travel and luggage details. The staff will report your issue and provide on-time assistance. You can find the lost and found department of Bering Air on its arrivals and departures terminal as well. 

8. Bering Pet Policy on departures from the Terminal 1 of the Buckland Airport

Unfortunately, the Bering Air terminal at BVK does not allow pets on flights. Passengers cannot carry their pets to any destination if they fly with Bering Air. Please try to adhere to Bering Air’s pet policy guidelines.

10. Bering Air Special Assistance or Accessibility Service for travelers in need

Passengers can add special assistance on their flights with the airlines from Bering Air BVK Terminal to allow themselves to have comfortable air travel. Special assistance may include wheelchair assistance, escort service, selected meals, etc. For more information or particulars, contacting Bering Air will favor the travelers.

Available Parking Options at the Bering Air Terminal of the BVK

Parking options such as long-term parking, short-term parking, valet parking, reserved parking, etc, are available to passengers at the Buckland Airport terminal of Bering Air. If you decide to drive to the airport, you can opt for any of the available options to park your wheelers. Any further information is available on the airport’s official website and at the customer service counters at the Airport’s terminal. 

Available Airline Lounges at the Bering Air Buckland Airport Terminal 

Airline or Airport lounges at the Bering Air terminal of the BVK are available to specific passengers. These lounges offer exclusive services and amenities such as wifi, TV, magazines, spas, showers, complimentary drinks, snacks, food, etc. You can talk with the airline staff about the eligibility to access the lounges.

Bering Air BVK Buckland Airport Location Map

Information Hub!

What terminal is Bering Air at BVK? 

Bering Air uses the Terminal 1 at the Buckland Airport. 

Which is the arrivals terminal for Bering Air at the Buckland Airport?

The arrivals terminal for Bering Air is Terminal 1 at the Buckland Airport. 

What is Bering Air’s departure terminal at the Buckland Airport

The departures terminal for Bering Air is Terminal 1 at the Buckland Airport. 

Does Bering Air provide wifi or internet access at the Buckland Airport Terminal? 

Yes, Bering Air offers wifi and internet access to passengers at the Buckland Airport Terminal. 

Is Bering Air at the Terminal 1 or the Terminal 2 of the Buckland Airport?

Bering Air is at the Terminal 1 of the Buckland Airport and not the Terminal 2. 

What services are available to passengers at the Bering Air Terminal of the BVK? 

Services related to reservations, cancellations, refunds, lost and found, information counters, special assistance, etc, are available to passengers at the Bering Air terminal of the BVK. 

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