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Reservations, upgrades, check-ins, and boarding, are some of the many necessary procedures of flying with Azores Airlines. Passengers, often confused, leave the airport empty-handed for their flights, which leads them to confusion and last-minute disappointments. To avoid the hurdle of being unknown to necessary flying factors, it’s best to keep yourself equipped with particulars of Azores Airlines PIX terminal. This ensures happy and convenient air travel for the airline staff and the passengers alike. 

Azores Airlines PIX terminal arrivals

Azores Airlines uses the Terminal 1 for its arrivals at the Pico Airport. 

Azores Airlines PIX terminal departures

Azores Airlines uses the Terminal 1 for its departures at the Pico Airport. 

Services by Azores Airlines terminal at PIX

Azores Airlines offers a wide range of services and amenities at its PIX terminal, ensuring that passengers get access to their desired requirements. Some of the services include the following: 

ATMs Meeting RoomsInterfaith Chapels 
Banks Meet and Greet Baby Care Rooms 
Currency ExchangeEmergency Services Ticket Counters
Family RestroomsCharging StationsSelf-service Kiosk Machines
Medical ServicesFood and Drink Outlets Unaccompanied Minors 
Business CentresAirport / Airline Lounges Lost & Found dept.
Luggage CartsBaggage Wrapping Information Counters
Special AssistanceWheelchair ServiceCancellation Service 

List of All Azores Airlines Terminals Worldwide

Parking Options at Azores Airlines PIX terminal

Travelers who want to drive themselves to the airport can do so because there are several parking options available at the Azores Airlines terminal of PIX. The options may include short-term parking, long-term parking, valet parking, reserved parking, etc. Passengers can pre-book their space at the parking garages and avoid the hassle of searching. This not only saves time but also saves the travelers from being agitated. There may be charges associated with the parking, about which it’s best to clear things out with the airport staff. You can visit the official website of the airport, look out for their customer care number, and get insights for parking your vehicle conveniently. 

Ground Transportation Options at Azores Airlines Pico Airport terminal 

There are several ground transportation options available outside the terminal of Azores Airlines at the Pico Airport. These offer passengers convenient access to numerous places and attractions in the city, including famous activities, hotel accommodations, and so on. So, no matter if you are heading to the city from the airport or vice versa, you can explore the given options and choose your preferred to travel to the city or airport. 

  • Car Rentals
  • Taxi Service
  • Bus Service
  • Public Transport
  • Private Transport
  • Shuttle Services 

What terminal is Azores Airlines at PIX: 2023 Guide

Azores Airlines operates its flying carriers to and from the Terminal 1 at the Pico Airport.  

Airport Name Pico Airport
AirlinesAzores Airlines
Pico Airport Address9950-011 Bandeiras, Portugal
Azores Airlines PIX terminal arrivalsTerminal 1
Azores Airlines PIX terminal departuresTerminal 1
Pico Airport Contact Number+351 292 628 380
Official Azores Website
Azores Airlines Youtube
Azores Airlines Instagram
Azores Airlines Facebook Page
Azores Airlines Twitter

Book flights with Azores Airlines from the PIX Terminal 1

Passengers who are willing to travel with the Azores can book themselves a ticket from the ticket counters at Azores Airlines PIX Terminal. There are airline persons available at this desk, who assist passengers with the availability of seats. Upon your confirmation, the personnel will book a seat on your behalf. For getting particulars about the same, contact the airline at the terminal of PIX.

Cancel flights with Azores Airlines from the PIX Terminal 1 

Passengers can cancel flights at the Azores Airlines terminal at PIX by visiting their ticket counters. The staff present at the desk will assist and inform you about their cancellation policy and if you are entitled to a refund or penalty for canceling the reservation. Either way, you’ll have to follow certain procedures set forth by the airlines. For further particulars, get in touch with the staff directly. 

Check-in using different options at the Azores Air terminal of the Pico Airport

Azores Airlines offers numerous check-in options at its terminal of PIX. This includes airport counter check-in, self-service kiosk check-in, online check-in, etc. As passengers, you can choose the most convenient option as preferred and complete the check-ins for your flight. If you seek assistance or need any particular information regarding the same, you can visit the customer service desk of Azores Air.

Upgrade seats/class for Azores Airlines flight from the Pico Airport terminal 

The option to upgrade seats is available at the Azores Airlines PIX Terminal. Passengers who look forward to a comfortable and luxurious flying experience can upgrade seats/classes with Azroes right at their departures terminal, at the check-in counters. There are charges or fees attached to seat upgrades, which need to be paid in order to confirm the upgrade. Talk with the customer care executive to get information about the same.

Know about the baggage policy of Azores Air for flights from the PIX

Azores Airlines terminal at PIX offers a considerate baggage allowance to all of its passengers, regardless of the class you’re flying in. As each and every ticket is entitled to a different baggage allowance, it’s best to gather information and learn about the baggage policy of Azores Airlines. To avoid any last-minute disappointments, please pack your bags according to the guidelines of the airlines. 

Help desks/counters of Azores Airlines at the PIX Terminal 1

The information counters of Azores Airlines help people with their queries and confusions. From giving directions to your desired location within the airport to informing you about any delays or cancellations, to getting you through the pre-boarding procedures, the persons available at these desks are readily available to help you. So, no matter what sort of assistance you may need at the airport’s terminal, information counters are your place to be.

Lost & found department for lost, delayed, and damaged luggage/baggage

The lost and found counters at Azores Airlines PIX Terminal help passengers deal with issues related to delayed, damaged, and lost items at the airport. In case, you encounter such an unfortunate situation, head straight toward this desk to report your issue and seek help or assistance. You can also learn about lost & found services from the official website of Azores Airlines. 

Pet travel services for passengers willing to carry their pets along

Azores Airlines terminal at PIX may allow small pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, and household birds on its flights to and from the Pico Airport terminal. There are certain rules, regulations, and restrictions attached to this travel service, which the passenger should be aware of. Please ensure to carry an airline-approved pet carrier for traveling with your pet to ensure your, your pets’, and other passenger’s safety. 

Head to the passenger service counter of Azores Airlines to get insights on the same. You can also visit the official Azores website. 

Special assistance for travelers who require additional care

Special assistance is for travelers who look forward to flying with Azores Airlines but are facing physical issues. This may include travelers with limited mobility, handicapped passengers, and passengers with any other physical impairments. This service allows extra care and assistance to travelers, helping them travel with comfort and convenience. It’s best to avail of this service well ahead of time to allow the staff to arrange it for you.

Unaccompanied minors for children traveling alone

Unaccompanied Minor Service is for minors traveling alone on an Azores Airlines flight to or from the Pico Airport Terminal 1. This service provides assistance to the minor who’s traveling without his/her parents, guardians, or any other adult. The escort is provided to the minor right upon his arrival at the airport’s terminal till the moment he disembarks the plane. It’s necessary to inform the airline about the same and book this service when your minor is traveling alone. 

Azores Airlines PIX Pico Airport Location Map

Helpful Answers!

1.What terminal is Azores Airlines at PIX?

Azores Airlines uses the Terminal 1 at the Pico Airport. 

2. Which is the Azores Airlines PIX terminal arrivals?

Azores Airlines uses the following terminal for its arrivals at the Pico Airport: Terminal 1.

3.Which are the Azores Airlines PIX terminal departures?

Azores Airlines uses the following terminal for its departures at the Pico Airport: Terminal 1.

4.What services are proposed by Azores Airlines at the PIX?

Reservations, cancellations, seat upgrades, check-ins, pet travel, unaccompanied minors, information counters, and lost and found, are some of the available services at the Azores terminal of the Pico Airport.

5.Does the Azores Airlines PIX Terminal provide counter check-ins?

Yes, Azores Airlines offers airport counter check-ins at its terminal of the Pico Airport.

6.Are there any airport lounges at the Azores Airlines terminal at PIX?

Yes, there are several airport/airline lounges at the Azores Airlines terminal at the PIX.

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