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Strigino Airport

Passengers can avail of a range of services for flights from the Azimuth Airlines GOJ terminal only when they know what the airline offers. To ensure you take advantage of and understand the rules and regulations of flying with the airlines, you must have all the crucial information regarding Azimuth Airlines at its arrivals and departures terminal of the GOJ. 

Azimuth Airlines GOJ terminal arrivals

Azimuth Airlines uses the Terminal 1 at the Strigino Airport for its arrivals. 

Azimuth Airlines GOJ terminal departures

Azimuth Airlines uses the Terminal 1 at the Strigino Airport for its departures. 

Advantages of Flying with Azimuth Airlines from GOJ

There are certain advantages of flying with Azimuth Airlines as it offers its passengers a range of services/amenities/assistance, whether it be for the arrivals or the departures. Some of the advantages include the following: 

ATMs and Banks Currency Exchange or Forex 
Family Restrooms Kids Play Areas
Baby Changing Rooms Medical/Emergency Services 
Airport/Airlines Lounges Food and Beverage Outlets
Shopping Malls and Retail Stores Duty-free Shops and Stores 
Inter-terminal Transportation Flight Seat Upgrade/Change Options 
Security Checkpoints Airport Check-in Counters 
Self-service Kiosk Machines Immigration and Customs Facility 
Ticketing Counters Visa and Passport Control 
Customer Service Desks Meet and Greet Areas 
Unaccompanied Minor ServicesLost and Found Department 
Information Counters or Help Desks Accessibility or Special Services 

List of All Azimuth Airlines Terminal Worldwide

A Comprehensive Overview of Azimuth Airlines GOJ Terminal 

Azimuth Airlines uses the Terminal 1 at the Strigino Airport(GOJ). 

Airport NameStrigino Airport
Azimuth Airlines GOJ AddressUlitsa Bezvodnaya, Nizhny Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russia, 603069
Airport CodeGOJ
Azimuth Airlines GOJ Contact No+7 831 261-80-80
Azimuth Airlines GOJ terminal arrivalsTerminal 1
Azimuth Airlines GOJ terminal departuresTerminal 1
Working Hours24 hours
Official Azimuth Airlines
Azimuth Airlines Facebook Page
Azimuth Airlines Twitter
Azimuth Airlines Instagram

1. Book/Cancel/Manage Azimuth Airlines Flight Reservation at GOJ Terminal 1

Passengers can book, cancel, or make changes to their itinerary at the ticketing counters of Azimuth Airlines, located at the Terminal 1 of the Strigino Airport. Several options are available, such as seat upgrades, flight changes, cancellations, refunds, etc to travelers. The airline staff offers an impeccable in-person experience at the airport. So, ensure to head to the executives for assistance on the same. In addition, use the official Azimuth Airlines flight to book a ticket, cancel a ticket, manage your booking, etc. 

2. Check-in for Azimuth Airlines flight using options available at the Strigino Airport Terminal 1 

Travelers have multiple options to check in for their scheduled departures with Azimuth Airlines from the Terminal 1 of the Strigino Airport. The airport check-in counters offer check-in with assistance from airline personnel. The self-service kiosks provide the facility to check in independently. Online check-in eliminates the hassle of running to the airport and standing in long queues. However, an in-person check-in procedure is better for getting timely assistance. So, depending on your preferences, you can choose any of the options mentioned. 

3. Upgrade to a higher-class ticket and enjoy the perks of flying with extra comfort and enhanced legroom. 

Passengers can change their flight seats and travel on a higher class ticket with Azimuth Airlines from the Strigino Airport Terminal 1. This facility benefits passengers looking forward to long-haul flights, offering more comfort, extra legroom, and enhanced facilities. It provides additional in-flight entertainment options and luxurious air travel. You can upgrade when reserving your flight or during the check-ins at the airport’s terminal. It’s important to note that the airline serves upgrades on a first-come-first-serve basis, so it’s better to get it during the reservations only. 

4. Need Assistance or Answers to Your Queries? Use the Information Counters of Azimuth Airlines 

The information counters of Azimuth Airlines offer passengers assistance and immediate answers to their queries, resolving issues within minutes. So, if you need clarification or clarification during your air travel with the airlines, you can seek help from the information counters. Whether it be about getting the pre-boarding procedures done on time, getting out of the terminals, or simply needing directions to locations within the airport, are airline personnels available at your service. 

Have you lost your luggage during the arrivals or departures? Didn’t receive your luggage? Or, received damaged baggage? Fret not! Because the lost and found department of Azimuth Airlines will help you out. In any of the mentioned scenarios, you can visit the department and seek help from the personnels available. You can fill out the lost and found form to initiate the procedure and report the issue to the department. The staff will ensure to reunite you with your lost items, provide assistance in case of damaged and delayed items, etc. Passengers can also read about the lost and found service of the airlines on their site. 

6. Special Services for passengers who require additional care and assistance

Azimuth Airlines offers special assistance to passengers requiring special care and attention during their air travel. This service includes wheelchair and stretcher assistance, oxygen masks, escort service, etc. If you or your family member require this service, you can visit the Strigino Airport and locate the Azimuth Airlines office there. Booking this service in advance is essential as it takes time to make arrangements. Upon your arrival at the airport’s terminal, the staff will be readily available with the requested assistance. 

7. Don’t worry about your child traveling alone, Avail Unaccompanied Minor Service 

Unaccompanied Minor Service: It is exclusively for children traveling alone with Azimuth Airlines. UNM allows for an escort to the child, providing safety and security. It’s the responsibility of the parent or guardian of the child to book this service in advance, allowing the airlines to be prepared and present upon the child’s arrival. Afterward, the agent assists and escorts the child throughout the procedure till he reaches his final destination.

Azimuth Airlines (GOJ) Strigino Airport Location Map

Helpful Answers!

What terminal is Azimuth Airlines at GOJ?

Azimuth Airlines uses the Terminal 1 at the GOJ.

What is the Azimuth Airlines GOJ Terminal?

Azimuth Airlines operates flights from the Terminal 1 to the Strigino Airport.

Where are Azimuth Airlines GOJ terminal arrivals?

Azimuth Airlines uses the Terminal 1 for its arrivals at the Strigino Airport.

Where are Azimuth Airlines GOJ terminal departures?

Azimuth Airlines uses the Terminal 1 at the Strigino Airport for its departures.

What services are given by Azimuth Airlines terminal at the GOJ?

Ticketing and cancellation services, check-in options, seat upgrade options, pet travel, unaccompanied minors, special assistance, etc, are offered to passengers by Azimuth Airlines at the GOJ terminal.

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