All Nippon Airways TSJ Terminal – Tsushima Airport

Tsushima Airport

The airport has a number of terminals. They have been improved with a number of passenger amenities. Every All Nippon Airways TSJ Terminal offers the latest improvements for your benefit. There is plenty of room and chairs available, whether you want to sit or unwind. The terminals are furnished with amenities including lounges and stores. TSJ or Tsushima Airport is recognized for its expansive space. This enables TSJ to account for the airline’s diverse facilities. The accessibility of the same guarantees that numerous passengers can fly in comfort with this carrier as and when necessary.

Quick Basic Info All Nippon Airways TSJ Terminal

ANA, or All Nippon Airways uses Terminal 1 at TSJ airport (Tsushima Airport) for its arrivals and departures.

All the information shared below is relevant to travelers / passengers preparing for a flight to / from Tsushima Airport.

Airport NameTsushima Airport
All Nippon Airways TSJ TerminalTerminal 1
All Nippon Airways Check-inTerminal 1
All Nippon Airways TSJ Arrivals TerminalTerminal 1
All Nippon Airways TSJ Departures TerminalTerminal 1
Airport Address乙440 Mitsushimamachi Kechi, Tsushima, Nagasaki 817-0322, Japan
TSJ Contact Number+81 920-54-3396
All Nippon Airways Ticket Counter HoursDaily 24 Hours
All Nippon Airways IATA CodeNH
All Nippon Airways ICAO Code ANA
All Nippon Airways Official Website

Amenities & Services Offered at All Nippon Airways Tsushima Airport Terminal (TSJ)

The All Nippon Airways office at TSJ International Airport offers multiple flight related services / amenities to travelers:

  • Flight Ticket Booking
  • Airport Facilities
  • Flight Ticket Cancellation
  • Self-Service Kiosk Check-in
  • Receipts and Refunds
  • Seats Enquiries and Selection
  • Flight Entertainment
  • Flight Meals
  • Delayed Flights
  • Flight Ticket & Rescheduling
  • Airport Counter Check-in
  • Economy Class
  • Missing Luggage
  • Flight Information
  • Airport WiFi
  • Airport Lounges

List of Every All Nippon Airways Terminal Globally

All Nippon Airways Flight Reservations At TSJ Tsushima Airport

The airline has set up counters for reservations at the All Nippon Airways Tsushima Airport Terminal. Many travelers come up to the desks to purchase tickets for various itineraries. No matter how many travelers are approaching, All Nippon Airways Terminal at Tsushima Airport makes sure that everyone receives professional services.

All Nippon Airways Reservation Management At TSUSHIMA YAMANEKO AIRPORT

The TSJ Airport terminal becomes important if you choose to fly from one place or in Japan to another. The airline operator provides the option to modify reservations through this terminal. They could take the shape of adjustments to the date, time, schedule, venue, class type, and other factors. The terminal’s counters will be useful in getting information about your worries.

All Nippon Airways Cancel Your Bookings At Tsushima Airport Terminal

At this airport’s terminal, the airline has put up counters for reservations. To purchase tickets for various itineraries, many travellers approach the desks. All Nippon Airways Terminal at Tsushima Airport makes sure that everyone receives professional assistance regardless of the number of travellers.

All Nippon Airways Seat Upgradation

Your travel experience might be made better than you anticipated by purchasing a seat upgrade. You can improve your time on board by taking advantage of this terminal amenity. There are better services, seating options, etc. available. You can get the right information about how to upgrade your seat at the counters at this airport terminal. This option may be recommended if you also want to change the class of your ticket.

Manage Your Baggage On All Nippon Airways

Reserving space is crucial if you are travelling with bags. The carrier makes sure that the administration of baggage facilities is done in order to avoid any complications related to this. You can visit the Terminal if you need to change this allowance after you have already reserved it. Depending on your needs, you can reduce the number of bags allowed or increase it.

Check-in at All Nippon Airways TSJ Terminal

To check-in for a flight, passengers may do so either via the online check-in option available from 24 hours up to 1 hour prior to flight’s time of departure on the All Nippon Airways mobile applications / website, or via the self-service kiosk at the airport or in person at the All Nippon Airways Tsushima Airport Terminal counter. Check-in closes at the airport counter and the self-service kiosk 60 minutes before a flight’s scheduled time of departure.

Parking Lot Check-In

Your flight with this airline should be as comfortable as possible. It provides the option of curbside check-in in order to achieve this. It is a quick boarding facility that will save you time. Less time may also be needed for other tasks like getting your boarding permit or checking your luggage. The airport staff will help you to learn more about the All Nippon Airways curbside check-in facilities.

Services for Lost and Found

Flyers frequently leave behind some items when travelling. This carrier created a lost and found service since they are aware of how valuable or significant any item might be. It rapidly connects passengers with their baggage or belongings. No matter where the baggage are left, on the plane or at the airport.

Get a Boarding Pass at the TSJ Airport Terminal for All Nippon Airways Airlines

It must be understood that you cannot successfully board a flight without a boarding pass. For a trouble-free onboarding procedure, you should be aware of how to access this material. All Nippon Airways offers kiosks at the airport terminal where you can print your boarding cards. The counters in operation here can be used to get further information about using kiosks.

Contact Information for All Nippon Airways at Tsushima Airport

Throughout your flight when using this airline, you can expect great services. You will receive the appropriate assistance at All Nippon Airways TSJ Terminal in the methods you require. Every facility that can improve your experience will be provided after you board your aircraft, based on the class fare that was paid. You can speak with the airline about this.

You can get in touch with the terminal of the airport using the All Nippon Airways TSJ address or phone number. There are a lot of facilities available after this.

  • The availability of on-board entertainment can be requested by passengers.
  • The finest options for seat and space availability will be provided by this airline.
  • When you contact this airline, your questions concerning frequent flyer programmes or any comparable services will be promptly answered.
  • You can enquire with the airline about the support options available for your medical condition.

Tsushima Airport (TSJ) Map Location

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is All Nippon Airways at TSJ Airport?

Terminal 1 is used by All Nippon Airways at Tsushima Airport to manage their flight operations.

Does All Nippon Airways have Wi-Fi?

Yes! Almost the entire All Nippon Airways fleet is Wi-Fi enabled.

Can pet travel on All Nippon Airways?

Yes! All Nippon Airways offers pet travel services.

What is the All Nippon Airways customer service contact number?

Persons can contact All Nippon Airways at +000 800 100 9274

Where is the All Nippon Airways TSJ arrival terminal?

Terminal 1 is used to receive all All Nippon Airways flights arriving at TSJ Airport.

Where is the All Nippon Airways departure terminal TSJ?

At TSJ International Airport, All Nippon Airways flights depart from Terminal 1.

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