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Dayton International Airport

Relish in the world-class hospitality and amenities while flying with Air Wisconsin. Get a chance to select the most spacious seat in your favorite aisle, stay connected to the wifi even amid the clouds, and prefer your flight meals. All these facilities are at one stop: Air Wisconsin DAY Terminal. The dedicated staff stands by your side until you complete your bookings, check-in, and boarding and land safely and on time at your destination. Learn how to enjoy the services by reading this guide on the Air Wisconsin terminal at DAY. 

Air Wisconsin DAY Terminal Arrivals

The scheduled flights of the regional airline, Air Wisconsin, land at the Main Terminal at the DAY. Passengers can collect their bags from the baggage carousel inside the Air Wisconsin terminal and head to the exit gates with the assistance of the humble staff. 

Air Wisconsin DAY Terminal Departures

If you have to catch an Air Wisconsin flight from the Dayton International Airport, head to the Main Terminal. There, you will find the resources to book a flight, manage reservations, complete check-in processes, and baggage registration at the Air Wisconsin Dayton International Airport Terminal. 

What terminal is Air Wisconsin DAY?

Here is all you need to approach the officials at the Main Terminal. The airline representatives have resources and information to guide you through each task and make your travel as convenient as possible. 

Airport NameDayton International Airport
Airport Address3600 Terminal Dr, Dayton, OH 45377, United States
Airport CodeDAY
Air Wisconsin DAY Contact No+1 937-454-8200
Air Wisconsin DAY Terminal ArrivalsMain Terminal
Air Wisconsin DAY Terminal DeparturesMain Terminal
Air Wisconsin Ticket Counter Hours24 hours a Day
Air Wisconsin Official
Official Facebook Page
Official Instagram
Official Twitter

Services Provided: Air Wisconsin terminal at DAY

Clarify your doubts regarding flight status, in-flight wifi, and chauffeur services at one stop. Whatever your request may be, the Air Wisconsin staff tries to make your dream come true as long as it falls as per the airline’s policies. Take a peek at the numerous assistance deliveries at the terminal. 

Book FlightsManage Reservation Cancellation Queries
Refund Status Check-in CountersAdditional Baggage Purchase
Self Serving KiosksSeat Preference Emergency Assistance
Disability AssistanceTaxi and Ground Transport Info Waiting Room
Wifi AccessAirline Lounges Medical Support
Baby Care CabinsAnimal transportKid’s Playing Area
Unaccompanied Minor TravelsFlying During Pregnancy Luggage Storage Purchase 
Help DesksTrack Delayed CargoBanks 
Food CourtATM MachinesCurrency Exchange
Baggage TrolleysBusiness Conference RoomsMeet & Greet

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Air Wisconsin Terminal for Bookings in the Dayton International Airport

When you reach the airport at the last minute to book, things can get tricky, especially when you have no idea about the terminal where the airline operates. However, the Air Wisconsin team at the DAY Main Terminal always looks out for their precious customers. They aid them at every step while booking seats, helping them get the best possible seat at reasonable prices. 

Manage Reservations at the Air Wisconsin Ticket 

It is common for passengers to change their minds after booking their tickets and wish to fly in a better way. You can contact the airline’s staff at the Main Terminal to upgrade your tickets to premium or change your itinerary a few hours before the flight. They can manage your reservation and help you find the best seat or flight that suits your interest. Air Wisconsin strives never to let its customers down. 

Contact Air Wisconsin for Cancellation and Refund Policies at the Main Terminal

As frustrating as the cancellations go for air travel, the airport staff of Air Wisconsin always take their passengers back. They can comprehensively highlight the cancellation policies and help you cancel the tickets safely and effortlessly. You can learn about the refund initiation process and the repayment method from the employees. Moreover, they can help you track the refund status as well. 

Check-in like a pro with the Assistance of Terminal Staff

Air Wisconsin terminal at DAY facilitates check-in counters and self-service kiosks for the convenience of its passengers. If you need help with online check-in, the customer service representatives can effortlessly assist you with the baggage registration and check-in process. Save time for other essential tasks such as screening special requests, and avoid standing in long queues. 

Bring Sports Equipment On-Board By Requesting Air Wisconsin Staff

Sports enthusiasts carrying equipment in their luggage can contact the airline representatives using the Dayton International Airport. They can explain the policies for bringing sports equipment, musical instruments, and specific articles on board. You may need to purchase an extra baggage allowance to transport these items as checked baggage. 

Other Miscellaneous Facilities at the Air Wisconsin DAY terminal

Traveling by air from an unfamiliar airport is not a cakewalk. There are several steps you should follow to board the flight finally. Air Wisconsin is aware of these troubles; therefore, the representatives at the Main Terminal offer further assistance, which is mentioned below. 

Meet & Greet

Invest your money for a better flying experience. Request chauffeur services at the DAY Main Terminal. Get all-time personal assistance to complete your airport tasks, avoid long queues, and enjoy the lavish hospitality of Air Wisconsin. 

Airport Lounges

Pay out the layovers at the magnificent lounges at the Dayton International Airport. You are just one call away from making the most of your time between the connecting flights, which would usually be a dawdle. 

Wifi Connectivity

Ask the Air Wiscon terminal staff to provide you with access to the airport and in-flight wifi. Stay connected to complete your work and loved ones at all times and update your social media status promptly.  

Food Courts

Hungry at the airport? You can have loads of restaurant choices when you are at the DAY terminal. The Air Wisconsin staff can help you find the best joints to satiate your cravings. You can also select your meal preference for the flight with their assistance.  

Assistance for Disabled Passengers

Those in need of a wheelchair, stretcher, or medical aid during the flights must consult with the airline’s officials regarding this assistance beforehand so that they can arrange it in time. You may also need permission to bring medical equipment, which the officials can enlighten you about.

Air Wisconsin Dayton International Airport (DAY) Map

Frequently Asked Question:

What Terminal is Air Wisconsin at DAY?

Air Wisconsin uses the Main Terminal at the DAY.

Where are Air Wisconsin DAY (Dayton International Airport) Terminal Arrivals?

Air Wisconsin uses the Main Terminal for its arrivals at the Dayton International Airport.

Where are Air Wisconsin DAY (Dayton International Airport) Terminal Departures?

Air Wisconsin uses the Main Terminal at the Dayton International Airport for its departures.

What services are offered by the Air Wisconsin Dayton International Airport Terminal?

Air Wisconsin offers numerous services from the DAY Terminal such as reservation and cancellations, check-ins, pet travel, special assistance, unaccompanied minors, etc.

Does the Air Wisconsin Terminal at DAY provides airport counter check-in?

Yes, Air Wisconsin terminal provides an airport counter check-in option to its passengers.

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