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Travelers are often in search of a go-to resource that acts as their guide to the Air Serbia Airlines PMO Terminal. This not only keeps the passengers intact with crucial factors but also keeps them prepared for any future circumstances that may occur. Furthermore, the terminal Air Serbia Airlines uses at the Palermo Airport Terminal 1 plays a vital role in providing passengers with several services at the airport and in-flight as well. 

Air Serbia Airlines PMO terminal arrivals

When Air Serbia arrives at Palermo Airport, it checks in through Terminal 1.

Air Serbia Airlines PMO terminal departures

Departures are handled by Air Serbia out of Palermo Airports Terminal 1.

Services by Air Serbia Airlines terminal at PMO

Air Serbia provides a range of facilities or services to its passengers at the Palermo Airport terminal to make sure that each passenger is at ease. Some of the many services are as follows: 

ATMs Ticket Counters Flight Status Trackers
Banks Cancellation Service Lost and Found Dept.
ForexSeat Upgradation Information Counters 
Restrooms Check-in Options Pet Travel Services 
Child Care Wifi/Internet Access Unaccompanied Minors
Airport LoungesPriority Boarding Special Assistance 
Departure Gates Wheelchair Service Medical Services 
Emergency Facility Business Centres Quiet Seating Areas

List of All Air Serbia Airlines Terminals Worldwide

Guide to What Terminal is Air Serbia Airlines at PMO

Air Serbia uses the Terminal 1 at the Falcone Borsellino Airport. The airline provides an array of necessary services to the arriving and departing travelers from this point. 

Airport NamePalermo Airport
Air Serbia Airlines PMO Address90045 Cinisi, Metropolitan City of Palermo, Italy
Airport CodePMO
Air Serbia Airlines PMO Contact No+39 800 541 880
Air Serbia Airlines PMO terminal arrivalsTerminal 1
Air Serbia Airlines PMO terminal departuresTerminal 1
Working Hours24 hours
Official Air Serbia Airlines Website
Air Serbia Airlines Twitter Page
Air Serbia Airlines YouTube Page
Air Serbia Airlines Facebook Page
Air Serbia Airlines Linkedin Account
Air Serbia Airlines Instagram Account

Make a reservation with Air Serbia at the PMO Terminal 1

Travelers can visit the reservation desks at the Air Serbia Airlines PMO Terminal, which offers booking services. Depending upon the availability of seats on the flight, the executive present at the counter will enlighten the traveler about the associated fees attached to their preferred class and will book upon your confirmation. Please specify the representative about your specific needs or requirements and make sure to carry the accepted mode of payment for completing the reservation. 

While it’s best to make a reservation in person at Air Serbia’s ticket counters of Palermo Airport Terminal 1, travelers can also use the online booking services as well. 

Cancel a flight ticket with Air Serbia at the Palermo Airport Terminal 1

Cancellations were never as easy, as they are now, all thanks to the attentive customer care at the Air Serbia Airlines terminal at PMO. The airline understands the need to cancel reservations at any given time, which is why it allows cancellation services right at the airport’s terminal. However, as the airline has a specific cancellation policy, the passengers are advised to go through it once. This will give them a clear idea of the associated fees such s compensation or cancellation fees attached to their particular ticket or reservation. 

For more or further information about Air Serbia Airlines’ cancellation policies, rules, restrictions, and so on, please get in touch with their customer care providers. 

Upgrade class to fly to/from PMO Terminal 1 with Air Serbia 

Passengers can upgrade seats or class at the Air Serbia Airlines PMO terminal departures for their scheduled flight with the airlines. There are certain charges associated with the upgrades that the passengers need to pay to the airlines. Travelers can either upgrade seats during the time of booking or do it after booking. Air Serbia also gives an option known as “bid for an upgrade” to travelers. For information about any specific details related to seat upgrades, talk with the airline personnels at the airport’s terminal only.

Air Serbia Airlines Baggage Policies: Allowance, rules, and restrictions 

Air Serbia Airlines PMO Terminal allows for a generous baggage allowance on all of its flights from the destination. This ensures that travelers can carry their essentials along with additional stuff to their preferred location. Moreover, baggage allowance depends upon Air Serbia has certain size and weight restrictions, so it’s important to get information about your particular allowance from the airlines only. You can check the exact information either on the airline’s official website or by contacting the airline via call or chat. 

Get an easy check-in experience with Air Serbia at PMO Terminal 1

There are several methods through which passengers can check in at the Air Serbia Airlines terminal at PMO. The options include airport counter check-in and self-service kiosk check-in. The former allows passengers to have assistance during the check-in provided by airline personnel, while the latter can be done independently. Depending upon your preferences and knowledge, you can move ahead with any one of the given options. In addition to that, Air Serbia may offer its passengers the option to check in online, about which it’s best to talk with the airline person responsible for handling the check-ins. 

Special services for needy travelers with Air Serbia from Palermo Airport Terminal 1

One of the many reasons for choosing air travel is that it provides special assistance and care to needy travelers such as passengers with limited mobility, disabled passengers, handicapped passengers, etc. This ensures smooth air travel, full of comfort and convenience. So, if you require special assistance, which includes, wheelchair assistance, stretcher assistance, medical assistance, escort assistance, etc please book it well in advance, allowing the airline personnels to arrange the same and be readily available at the airport on time. 

Access quick information to your queries/confusions from the Air Serbia terminal

Passengers often get confused about specific factors of covering air travel to or from the Air Serbia Airlines PMO Terminal. This situation often impacts their travel plans, causing delays, disruptions, and even missed flights. So, if you need any information about any part of your journey with Air Serbia, please visit the information counters of the airlines at the Palermo Airport Terminal 1. The representatives are available at these counters to answer your queries, provide assistance in case of confusion, and help you in time of need. 

Whether it’s getting directions to any location within the airport to accessing any service, information counters are your place to be. 

Pet travel services by Air Serbia Airlines from the PMO Terminal 1 

Small cats and dogs aged more than 12 years are welcomed with open arms on Air Serbia Airlines’ flights. Your pets won’t need a reservation like you do to travel on Air Serbia flights but you will need to submit a request for the same during the time of booking. You have to inform us about the type of pet you are traveling with, the weight of the pet carrier (8 Kgs max), and the dimensions of the carrier, which should be 94 cm respectively. You must have a confirmed flight ticket to travel with your pet. 

Note: Unaccompanied Minors are not allowed to travel with pets on an Air Serbia Airlines flight from the PMOTerminal 1

Lost your luggage? Receive assistance from Air Serbia Airlines at the PMO

There are lost and found desks at the Air Serbia Airlines PMO terminal’s arrival and departure areas to help travelers with problems like misplaced, delayed, or damaged bags. If you fall under such circumstances, you can reach out to the attentive staff present at these counters to seek immediate help or assistance. Once you have reported your issue, please wait till the airline staff reaches you back with the solution. It’s important to follow up after reporting the issue. 

Unaccompanied minor service from Air Serbia Airlines at PMO Terminal 1

When traveling from the Air Serbia Airlines PMO Terminal, minors traveling without their parent(s), guardian(s), or other responsible adult are asked to schedule unaccompanied minor service. You can obtain information from the airlines about potential fees associated with this service. For any rules and restrictions attached to this service, please visit the information counters at the PMO Terminal 1, and ask the Air Serbia Airlines’ customer care executive available there.

Air Serbia Airlines PMO Palermo Airport Location Map


1. What terminal is Air Serbia Airlines at PMO?

Air Serbia uses the Terminal 1 at the PMO.

2.Which is the Air Serbia Airlines PMO Terminal?

Air Serbia operates from the Terminal 1 of the Palermo Airport. 

3. Where are Air Serbia Airlines PMO terminal arrivals?

Air Serbia uses the Terminal 1 for its arrivals at the Palermo Airport. 

4. Where are Air Serbia Airlines PMO terminal departures?

Air Serbia uses the following terminal for its departures at the Palermo Airport Terminal 1. 

5. Is Air Serbia Airlines at the Terminal 1 or the Terminal 2 at the PMO?

Air Serbia Airlines uses the terminal 1 and not the terminal 2 at the PMO.

6. What services are available at the Air Serbia Airlines terminal at the PMO?

Air Serbia offers a range of services to its passengers at the Palermo Airport terminal including, reservations, check-ins, seat upgrades, pet travel, wifi and internet, lost and found, etc

7. Are there any airline/airport lounges available at the Air Serbia PMO terminal?

Yes, several airlines operate lounges at the PMO terminal to offer exclusive services to the passengers. The service includes snacks, food, drink, wifi, shower, spa facility, etc.

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