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Toronto Pearson International Airport

Flight preparations are a lot more than just packing your bag and heading to the airport for boarding your flights at Air Canada YYZ Terminal; the travellers have to wrap your head around a lot of information, right from reservations, to check-ins, to undergoing security checkpoints, and whatnot! Whilst the staff of Air Canada is always present at your service, it’s still important to be aware of certain things for your visit, whether it be about accessing the terminal’s facilities and amenities, or attaining special assistance from the airlines.

Air Canada Toronto Pearson International Airport Terminal Arrivals

Air Canada operates its arrivals from Terminal 1 of Toronto Pearson International Airport. It houses several required services at any airport’s terminal such as family restrooms, baby care rooms, baggage claim carousels, luggage carts, food and beverage outlets, medical services, restrooms, etc.

Air Canada Toronto Pearson International Airport Terminal Departures

Air Canada uses Terminal 1 of Toronto Pearson International Airport for its departures. It is at this point, where the passengers complete their pre-boarding procedures such as check-ins and undergoing security checkpoints. It efficiently handles both international and domestic departures of Air Canada.

Explore the Services/Amenities Offered at Air Canada Toronto Terminal

Air Canada Toronto Pearson International Airport terminal is a well-manufactured facility, which ensures to provide passengers an impeccable travel experience. There are several amenities and services for the travellers to get benefitted from. Some of them are as follows:

Food outletsATMs Banks 
Currency exchange Forex servicesBeverage options 
Luggage storage Medical clinic Free internet/wifi
Airport art Hotels and accommodationsLuggage carts
Smoking areasDuty freePharmacy 
Nursing room Pet relief areaSecure wrapping 
Child play areaInformation countersMobile charging stations
Spa Lost and found serviceFlight information display

List of Every Air Canada Terminal Globally

Air Canada Terminal at Toronto Pearson International Airport is divided into several sections. Each section consists of different service counters and other such facilities for the travellers. 

  • Ground Level: It offers the travellers access to ground transportation for moving to and from the terminals. 
  • First Level: It primarily handles the arrivals. It consists of baggage claim carousels and other services as well. 
  • Level Two: It is the departure area, built in with information counters, immigration and customs, waiver office, security checkpoints, etc. Concourse D, Concourse E, and Concourse F are located at level two of terminal 1.

All the gates are accessible from this level: D1, D3, D5, D7-D12, D20, D22, D24, D26, D28, D31–D45, D51, D53, D55, D57, F60–F63, F64A–F64B, F65, F66A–F66B, F/E67–F/E81, F59, F82-F83, and F84-F99.

  • Level Three: It particularly handles the check-in and boarding. It also provides the travellers access to parking areas.

Elevate your Travel Experience at Premium YYZ Terminal Lounges

Lounges are your one stop destination, when you seek a little bit of comfort and a lot more luxurious facilities before your flight. These lounges provide you with that space where you can just sit, relax, and enjoy your own time before your scheduled flight departures. 

It’s significant to note that lounges at YYZ are accessible to only a certain class of passengers travelling with Air Canada. Otherwise, there may be a fee or charge for accessing the lounges. To have more information on how you can have access to the entrance, please reach out to Air Canada’s customer care representatives at Toronto Pearson International Airport. 

The premium YYZ Terminal lounges are as follows:

Plaza Premium LoungeAir Canada Maple Leaf Lounge
Air Canada Signature SuiteAir Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Express

Stress-free Transfers To/From Air Canada’s Terminal at YYZ Airport

The passengers who wish to transfer between the Air Canada YYZ Terminal, or who want to access other locations within the airport, can use the LINK Train for the same. The access to LINK Train is free, it runs 24 hours a day and seven days a week, and it is wheelchair accessible. The frequency of the train is every four minutes on peak hours and every eight minutes on off-peak hours.

Your Gateway to Air Travel with Air Canada at YYZ Airport Terminal

Air Canada uses Terminal 1 for its arrivals and departures at Toronto Pearson International Airport, offering passengers non-stop and direct flights to multiple international as well as domestic destinations. 

Airport NameToronto Pearson International Airport
Airport Address6301 Silver Dart Dr, Mississauga, ON L5P 1B2, Canada
TerminalTerminal 1
Air Canada YYZ Arrivals TerminalTerminal 1
Air Canada YYZ Departures TerminalTerminal 1
Airport CodeYYZ
Air Canada IATA CodeAC
Air Canada ICAO CodeACA
Ticket Counter HoursDaily 24 Hours
Air Canada Contact Number1 (888) 247-2262
Official Instagram

Book a flight to your preferred destination with Air Canada’s Ticket Counters at YYZ

Air Canada Toronto Terminal has designated ticket counters for handling reservations. These counters have personnels available at the traveller’s service, which means if you want to make a reservation with Air Canada, you can visit the ticket counter with your required travel documents along with the accepted mode of payment, and ask the staff to book on your behalf. The personnel will guide you through the available tickets and upon your approval, he will book you a seat with Air Canada.

Cancel a reservation in case of emergencies with the help of Air Canada’s staff at YYZ

Air Canada understands that travel plans may change at any given time, due to uncertain circumstances. In such an event, Air Canada Terminal at Toronto Pearson International Airport allows passengers to cancel their reservations and receive a full refund of their unused ticket. Nevertheless, if the reason for cancellation is under the control of the traveller, and he still chooses to move forward with the cancellation, he will be entitled to pay a compensation/cancellation fee or penalty to the airlines. Contact Air Canada to get a clear insight on their cancellation policies.

Manage reservation at the Check-in counters of Air Canada at YYZ Airport’s terminal

There are tons of reasons which may lead the passenger to make amendments with the airline and manage their booking at the Air Canada YYZ Terminal. As there are certain procedures for doing the same, it’s best to reach out to the customer care representative present at the check-in counters or at any area of the airport’s terminal. He will guide you through the procedure, helping you have a reservation of your choice. 

Check-in through self-service kiosks or check-in counters for your Air Canada Flight

YYZ Terminal Air Canada consists of self-service kiosks and check-in counters, allowing the passengers to expedite their pre-boarding procedures before departure time. Whilst the self-service kiosks allow the passengers to complete the process independently, check-in counters are equipped with airline staff to help you deal with the same. Regardless of the option you choose, if you seek help at any given point, you can always get in touch with the airline.

Carry Your essentials and some extras with Air Canada’s Baggage Allowance at YYZ

The baggage allowance for every passenger is different at the Air Canada Toronto Pearson International Airport terminal, as it entirely depends upon the ticket type they have bought, the destination they are travelling to, and so on. The passengers travelling in business or first class generally have more baggage allowance than the passengers travelling on an economy ticket. In addition to that, there are certain rules and restrictions, and a fee for carrying excess or oversized baggage on an Air Canada flight.

Get assistance with lost/delayed/damaged baggage at Air Canada YYZ Terminal

Air Canada YYZ Terminal has lost and found counters for helping passengers deal with issues such as delayed, damaged, or lost baggage. To recover your lost items you have to report it to the lost and found counters along with the identification details or other such required details to initiate the procedure. Afterwards, don’t forget to recheck with the airlines to be updated about your luggage’s status in lost cases. In the event of delayed and damaged baggage, please inform the airlines at the earliest and receive immediate assistance. 

Have Inquiries about your air travel with Air Canada at Toronto Pearson Airport?

Air Canada Toronto Pearson International Airport Terminal Arrivals and departures, are both equipped with information counters or help desks for assisting passengers. The persons available at these desks assist passengers with their travel related queries and also with the directions at the airport, helping them reach their preferred location without hassle. So, if you fall under certain circumstances where you are unaware of what to do next, visit the information desks, and see for yourself. Contacting the airline’s personnels is the best way to get out of any unwanted situation at the airport’s terminal.

Special services for passengers with limited mobility/disabled passengers at YYZ

Not all passengers are capable of travelling on flights on their own, some require a wheelchair facility and some require an escort. So, to ensure that each passenger is travelling with comfort and safety, Air Canada Toronto Pearson International Airport Terminal Departures offers the travellers Special assistance on all its flights from the destination. These services can be availed during the time of reservation or at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time of Air Canada.

Travel with your four-legged friends on Air Canada’s flight from YYZ Terminal

Travellers who don’t want to leave their pets behind while they are on a trip, can use the pet travel service provided at the Air Canada YYZ Terminal. These services allow your pets to travel safely in cargo or as carry-on an Air Canada flight. It’s important to consider the rules and restrictions that come along with pet travel. Certain documents such as health certification of the pets are required by the airline. To get more information, please check the pet travel policy of Air Canada on its official website or contact Air Canada directly via call.

Avail Unaccompanied Minor Service for your child travelling alone with Air Canada

The passengers can avail unaccompanied minor service at Air Canada Toronto Terminal. This service is for the minor passengers travelling alone on an international or domestic flight with Air Canada. This ensures that your child is in safe hands while completing the pre-boarding procedures, on board, and after deboarding the flights. You can book this service during the time of reservation by paying the required fee to the airline.

Air Canada YYZ Toronto Pearson International Airport Location Map

Customer Care Q&A:

What terminal is Air Canada at YYZ airport?

Air Canada uses Terminal 1 at YYZ.

Does Air Canada Toronto Pearson International Airport terminal allow pet travel?

Yes, Air Canada allows for pet travel on its flights to and from Toronto Pearson Airport.

Does Air Canada Terminal at Toronto Pearson International Airport have wifi?

Air Canada allows passengers to connect to the internet for accessing important texts, etc.

Where are Air Canada Toronto Pearson International Airport Terminal Arrivals?

Air Canada uses Terminal 1 for its arrivals at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Where are Air Canada Toronto Pearson International Airport Terminal Departures?

Air Canada uses Terminal 1 for its departures at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

What kind of special service is provided by Air Canada at Toronto Pearson Airport?

Special assistance includes wheelchair assistance, stretcher facility, assistance for passengers with limited mobility, assistance for blind passengers, etc.

What check-in options are available at the Air Canada terminal of YYZ Airport?

Self-service kiosks along with check-in counters are available at the YYZ Air Canada’s terminal. 

Does Air Canada provide seat upgradation options at Pearson Airport’s terminal?

Yes, Air Canada provides several options for upgrading seats at Toronto Pearson International Airport’s terminal.

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