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Every information about Air Canada LGA Terminal is valuable to passengers, as it allows them not only to navigate the terminal without hassle but also ensures they are prepared well in advance. Here you will get full-fledged information about Air Canada’s terminal at LGA, its services, such as reservations, cancellations, seat upgrades, check-ins, pet travel service, unaccompanied minor service, amongst others.

Air Canada Arrival Terminal LGA

Air Canada operates its arrivals from Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport. The arrivals terminal is equipped with baggage carousels, restaurants and cafes, shopping malls, duty-free, etc.

Air Canada Departure Terminal LGA

Air Canada uses Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport for its departures. The departures terminal is equipped with check-in counters, security checkpoints, airline lounges, boarding gates along with concourses, etc.

Divisions of Air Canada Terminal at LGA

Air Canada Terminal at LGA is split into the following sections; each of the sections cater to passengers, helping them complete all the pre-boarding procedures with Air Canada.

  • Arrivals section: It is the arrivals area, here passengers can find baggage claim area, transportation options, food court, etc services available, Arrivals.
  • Departures section: It is the departures area with check-in counters, divided into 
  • Departures and check-in area. And, concourses with separate checkpoints. 
  • Concourse A: It has 19 gates; 42 to 59.
  • Concourse B: It has gates B1 to B8.
  • Concourse C: It has gates C1 to C14.
  • Concourse D: It has gates D2 to D10.

Passengers can find several modern amenities along with VIP Lounge, Food Court, check-in services, and hotel accommodations, etc.

  • Upper section: It consists of dental services along with a first aid station, and VIP lounge. 

Assistance at Air Canada LGA Terminal

There are numerous kind of assistance provided to Air Canada passengers at LaGuardia Airport, such as: 

Check-in countersSecurity checkpointsBaggage claim
Retail shopsRestaurants and cafesAirline Lounges
Currency exchange and ATMsRestrooms Charging Stations 
Wifi Access Information and customer Service desks 
Car rental services Ground TransportationMedical service 
Lost and found desksPet relief areasPet travel service 
Business service Spa and relaxation Family and child service 
Baggage storage online/offline ticketingTravel agencies 
Luggage carts Shoe shine stations Accessibility services 

List of Every Air Canada Terminal Globally

Insight to Air Canada Terminal LGA – LaGuardia Airport 

Now that we have mentioned What Terminal is Air Canada at LGA, let’s discuss more about the services the airline has to provide.

Air Canada LaGuardia Airport Essential Information

Essential details about Air Canada and its corresponding terminal at LaGuardia Airport have been displayed below for the convenience of travelers / passengers.

Airport NameLaGuardia Airport
Airport AddressQueens, NY 11371, United States
TerminalTerminal B
Air Canada LGA Arrivals TerminalTerminal B
Air Canada LGA Departures TerminalTerminal B
Airport CodeLGA
Air Canada IATA CodeAC
Air Canada ICAO CodeACA
Ticket Counter HoursDaily 24 Hours
Air Canada Contact Number1 (888) 247-2262
Official Instagram

Air Canada Reservations and Cancellations at LGA 

Air Canada offers convenient reservations and cancellations services at Air Canada LGA Terminal. Passengers can easily book flights, modify their travel plans, or cancel reservations through dedicated counters or self-service kiosks. Friendly staff are available to assist with any inquiries, ensuring a seamless experience. Whether you’re arriving or departing, Air Canada’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends to their reservation and cancellation processes at LGA, providing travellers with flexibility and peace of mind for their journey.

Air Canada Seat Upgradations at LaGuardia Terminal

Air Canada provides passengers at LaGuardia Terminal with the opportunity for seat upgrades, enhancing their travel experience. Passengers can inquire about and purchase seat upgrades at designated service counters or through self-service kiosks. Upgrading seats allows travellers to enjoy added comfort and amenities, creating a more personalised journey. Whether it’s for a special occasion or simply a desire for a more premium experience, Air Canada’s seat upgrade options at LaGuardia Terminal cater to passengers looking to make the most of their flight.

Air Canada Baggage Allowance at LaGuardia Terminal

Air Canada offers clear and consistent baggage allowance policies for passengers at Air Canada Terminal LGA. Travellers can find detailed information about baggage allowances, including dimensions and weight limits, on the airline’s official website or by contacting customer service. Whether flying economy, premium, or business class, Air Canada’s baggage policies ensure that passengers have a hassle-free experience when it comes to packing and transporting their belongings. It’s recommended to review these policies prior to travel to ensure compliance and a smooth check-in process at LaGuardia Terminal.

Air Canada Pet Travel Services at LaGuardia Terminal 

Air Canada provides comprehensive pet travel services at Air Canada Terminal at LGA, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey for your furry companions. Passengers can inquire about pet reservations and guidelines through the airline’s official website or by contacting their customer service. From travel crates that meet regulations to guidance on necessary documentation, Air Canada ensures that your pets’ travel requirements are met. With their expertise and care, Air Canada’s pet travel services at LaGuardia Terminal offer a reliable and accommodating option for those travelling with their beloved pets.

Air Canada Unaccompanied Minor Service at LGA Terminal

Air Canada’s Unaccompanied Minor (UM) service at LaGuardia Terminal provides peace of mind for parents/guardians while ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey for young travellers. Designed for children between the ages of 8 and 17, this service offers personalised attention and support throughout the travel process.

Trained staff members assist unaccompanied minors during check-in, security procedures, and boarding, ensuring they are comfortably settled onboard. Air Canada’s dedicated team members also ensure that UM passengers are supervised during layovers or connections, ensuring a smooth transition between flights.

Parents or guardians can rest assured knowing that Air Canada’s UM service prioritises the well-being of their children. Detailed information about the Unaccompanied Minor service, including required documents and guidelines, can be found on the Air Canada website.

Air Canada Online/Offline/Counter Check-ins at LGA Terminal

Air Canada Terminal LGA offers multiple convenient check-in options to suit passengers’ preferences and travel needs.

Online Check-In: Passengers can use Air Canada’s online check-in service via the airline’s website or mobile app. This option allows travellers to check in and select their seats from the comfort of their own space, starting 24 hours before the flight departure.

Offline Check-In: For those who prefer not to check in online, Air Canada provides kiosks at the airport terminal. These self-service kiosks allow passengers to check in, choose seats, and print boarding passes. They are available in the airport’s check-in area and can be used to complete the check-in process before proceeding to security and departure gates.

Counter Check-In: Passengers can also opt for traditional counter check-in services. Air Canada staff at LaGuardia Terminal assist travellers at designated check-in counters. These counters provide a face-to-face interaction where airline staff can address any inquiries, handle special requests, and complete the check-in process for passengers.

Air Canada Special Assistance for Elderly/disabled Passengers at LGA

Air Canada’s commitment to passenger well-being shines through its exceptional special assistance services for elderly and disabled travellers at LaGuardia Terminal. With a focus on inclusivity, the airline provides personalised support, including priority boarding, wheelchair assistance, and terminal guidance. Trained staff ensure a seamless journey from check-in to boarding, catering to diverse needs and ensuring comfort every step of the way. Air Canada’s dedication to enhancing the travel experience for all reflects their ethos of caring for passengers and making air travel accessible to everyone. 


All the information pertaining to Air Canada LGA Terminal ensures that the passengers have a great time flying with the airlines. It helps them prepare for their arrival at the airport and complete the pre-boarding procedures on time. For more queries, the passengers can always contact Air Canada directly and get assistance regarding it. Additionally, we are available at your service as well, in case of any perplexities or confusions. 

Air Canada LGA LaGuardia Airport Location Map

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is the Air Canada LGA Terminal?

Air Canada uses Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport.

Which is Air Canada arrival Terminal LGA?

Air Canada uses Terminal B at LGA for its arrivals.

Which is Air Canada departure Terminal LGA?

Air Canada uses Terminal B at LGA for its departures.

What Terminal is Air Canada at LGA Airport?

Air Canada operates its arrivals and departures from Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport.

What services are provided at Air Canada LGA Terminal?

Services such as reservations, cancellations, pet travel, unaccompanied minor service, baggage related services, counter check-ins, etc are available at Air Canada LGA Terminal.

Does Air Canada provide Special Assistance to/from LaGuardia Airport?

Yes, Air Canada does provide special assistance on its flights to/from LaGuardia Airport.

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