Afriqiyah Airways BCQ Terminal – Brak Airport

Brak Airport

The Afriqiyah Airways BCQ Terminal efficiently handles the airline’s arrivals and departures. A detailed overview of the airlines’ at the Brak Airport is going to be of great help as it will assist you with the pre-flight and post-arrival procedures, keeping you out of unnecessary trouble, risk of flight delays, or missed flights by unveiling the details of reservations, check-ins, security procedures, baggage allowance, pet travel, unaccompanied minors, and so much more. 

Afriqiyah Airways BCQ Terminal Arrivals 

Afriqiyah Airways uses the Terminal 1 at the BCQ for its arrivals. It consists of baggage claim carousels, restaurants and shops, retail stores, family restrooms, etc. 

Afriqiyah Airways BCQ Terminal Departures 

Afriqiyah Airways uses the Terminal 1 at the BCQ for its departures. It consists of check-in counters, security checkpoints, airline lounges, etc. 

What terminal is Afriqiyah Airways at BCQ – Brak Airport

Afriqiyah Airways uses the Terminal 1 at the Brak Airport. It is a modern terminal that caters to the needs or requirements of the passengers, regardless of their age or sex. When you are at the Brak Airport, you can head to the Terminal 1 to complete the pre-flight procedures. 

Airport NameBrak Airport
Airport Address M758+JM2، قيره, Libya
Airport CodeBCQ
Airport Contact Number+235 66 28 45 18
Afriqiyah Airways BCQ Terminal Arrivals Terminal 1
Afriqiyah Airways BCQ Terminal Departures Terminal 1
Airport Time Zone24 Hours
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Afriqiyah Airways Terminal at BCQ Services and Amenities 

Countless services and amenities are available at the BCQ Terminal of Afriqiyah Airways, given the passenger’s need to facilitate their air travel plans. If you are also arriving at or departing from the Afriyah terminal of Brak Airport, you should consider familiarising yourself with the conveniences. 

Airport Check-in Counters Quiet Seating AreasUnaccompanied Minors
ATMsDuty-Free Luggage Carts
Baby Changing Rooms Retail Stores/Shops Food/Beverage Outlets
Banks Wifi/Internet AccessRefund Facility 
Boarding or Departure GatesInter-Terminal TransportDisability Support 
Currency Exchange Flight Status TrackersLost & Found Desk 
Family Restrooms Children’s Play Areas Flight Class Upgrades
Meet and Greet SectionsTicketing CountersParking Garages
Self-Service KioskGround Transport Information Desks
Shopping MallsAirport/Airline Lounges Cancellation Desks 

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Afriqiyah Airways Flight Bookings at Brak Airport Terminal 

Afriqiyah Airways BCQ Terminal consists of ticketing counters or reservation desks where airline personnel are available to assist passengers. If you want to book a flight, you can locate these counters and talk with the executive. Ensure to keep all the travel documents ready to hand it over to the executive upon asking. Do not forget to ask about the deals, discounts, or offers associated with your reservation. 

Afriqiyah Airways Flight Cancellations at Brak Airport Terminal 

Air travel plans don’t always remain fixed and that’s why you should have the flexibility to cancel your reservations when it’s required. With Afriqiyah Airways, you can cancel your ticket using your reservation details and documents at the cancellation desk. You can also inquire about the compensation you are entitled to or a refund you are eligible to get. Please go through the airlines’ cancellation policy prior to making informed decisions. 

Afriqiyah Airways Check-in Procedures at the BCQ Terminal 

The Afriqiyah Airways BCQ Terminal is manufactured with airport check-in counters and self-service kiosks, allowing passengers to check in for their scheduled flight departures. If you need assistance during the procedure, please move forward with airport check-in counters. However, if you want to independently check-in at the BCQ, you can move forward with the self-service kiosks. Regardless of the option you choose, the staff will always be available nearby in case you require assistance or help. 

Afriqiyah Airways Flight Seat Upgrade at the BCQ Terminal 

The option to upgrade your flight seats is available at the Afriqiyah Airways Check-in counters at the Brak Airport, where you can upgrade your seats to business class if you are traveling in economy. With a seat upgrade, you will get the following: 

  • Double legroom
  • Power outlets for laptops 
  • More seat recline degrees 
  • 2 to 3 inches extra seat width
  • Seat adjustment/Leg/Lumbar Support
  • Premium food and beverage Options
  • Increased cabin staff to passenger ratio.

Afriqiyah Airways Baggage Allowance from the BCQTerminal 

You can carry the following allowance on flights from the Afriqiyah Airways Terminal at BCQ: 

  • Carry-on Luggage 

Passengers in economy class can bring one piece of carry-on luggage.

Passengers traveling in business class can bring two pieces of carry-on luggage. 

(The approved carry-on items are: briefcase, camera bag, purse, laptop, and any other item similar to the size of these items). 

The items must not exceed the dimensions 56 x 36 x 23cm (or 22″ x 14″ x 9″).

  • Checked Baggage Allowance

Passengers in the economy can carry 20 kgs of checked luggage. 

Passengers in business class can carry 30 kgs of checked luggage. 

Infants traveling without a ticket with the parent are entitled to bring one piece of checked luggage on flights, which should not weigh more than 10 kg.  

Afriqiyah Airways Information Counters at the Brak Airport Terminal 

Afriqiyah Airways BCQ Terminal Arrivals and departures are equipped with airlines’ information counters or help desks, where you can raise inquiries about your reservations, cancellations, refunds, pet travels, special assistance, lounge access, unaccompanied minors, lost and found, etc. The executives will assist you and ensure that you have answers and assistance right on time. 

Afriqiyah Airways Lost and Found Desk at the Brak Airport Terminal 

The lost and found department of Afriqiyah Airways Terminal at BCQ delivers lost, delayed, and damaged luggage-related help and assistance to the passengers. If you have encountered any such situation, feel free to reach out to the lost and found department and report your issue. The staff will acknowledge your case in no time and provide you with real-time solutions. You can also locate the lost and found help on the official website of Afriqiyah Airways. 

Afriqiyah Airways Special Assistance on flights from the BCQ

The airlines offer undivided attention to passengers with reduced mobility, disabled travelers, or travelers who require special services during their air travels with Afriqiyah Airways. All you have to do is just inform the airlines prior to your scheduled departure timings about your needs and requirements, such as wheelchairs, stretchers, special meals, etc. The airline will provide the needful upon your request. So, do not forget to inform the airlines and learn more about special assistance and anything associated with it. 

Afriqiyah Airways Pet Travel Policies from the BCQ Terminal 

The passengers can only carry guide dogs for blind passengers and hearing dogs for deaf passengers in the cabin from the Afriqiyah Airways BCQ Terminal Departures. The pet owners must adhere to the following guidelines for carrying these dogs: 

  • The dog must be healthy.
  • The dog must be odorless. 
  • The dog must not be pregnant. 
  • The dog must not weigh more than 10 kg.
  • The dog must not disturb other passengers on board. 
  • The pet must not get out of the pet carrier and roam freely on board. 
  • You must stow the pet carrier or container under your seat until the flight lands. 
  • The pet carrier must not exceed the dimensions of 115 cm, including Length, Width, and Height.

Other live animals are allowed to travel as cargo with Afriqiyah Airways. You must check in with your pet during the check-ins with you at the airport. He will be transported as cargo in an airline-approved pet carrier. Please note that passengers cannot visit their pets while on flight. Contact Afriqiyah Airways for information on fees and booking procedures for pet travel. 

Afriqiyah Airways BCQ Terminal Unaccompanied Minors Service

Afriqiyah Airways offers special facilities to families traveling with children or infants to ensure a comfortable journey for the passengers and members. In addition, the airlines also offer unaccompanied minor service to passengers/children traveling without their parents. This ensures safety and security for your child and peace of mind for you. 

Parking at Brak Airport Terminal 

You can find multiple parking options at the Afriqiyah Airways Terminal at BCQ. this includes short-term parking, long-term parking, valet parking, reserved parking, and so on. You can explore your options by connecting with airline personnel or airport executives available at the terminal. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can move forward with any available options. 

Airline Lounges at BCQ Terminal 

Airline lounges at the BCQ Terminal are usually available to passengers traveling on an upgraded class ticket, i.e., business class. Airline lounges offer several facilities to passengers, such as wifi, internet, showers, magazines, books, TVs, newspapers, etc. For information on lounge access and associated details, the passengers must contact Afriqiyah Airways. The airline staff will enlighten you with the details and will make sure you have accurate and updated information on everything you desire. 

Afriqiyah Airways Brak Airport (BCQ) Location Map

Answers to Queries!

What terminal is Afriqiyah Airways at BCQ?

Afriqiyah Airways uses the Terminal 1 at the BCQ.

Which is the Afriqiyah Airways terminal at the BCQ?

Afriqiyah Airways is at the Terminal 1 of the BCQ.

Which is the arrivals terminal of Afriqiyah Airways at the Brak Airport?

The arrivals terminal for Afriqiyah Airways at the Brak Airport is the Terminal 1.

Which is the departures terminal of Afriqiyah Airways at the Brak Airport?

Afriqiyah Airways is at the Terminal 1 and not the Terminal 2 of the BCQ. 

What services are offered at the Afriqiyah Airways terminal of the BCQ?

ATMs, Luggage Carts, Retail Stores/Shops, Food/Beverage Outlets, Refund Facility, Inter-Terminal Transport, Disability Support, Currency Exchange, Flight Status Trackers, Lost & Found Desk, Family Restrooms, Children’s Play Areas, Flight Class Upgrades, etc. services are available to passengers at the Afriqiyah Airways terminal of the BCQ. 

Can I access ground transportation at Afriqiyah Airways Terminal at BCQ?

Several ground transportation options are available to passengers to and from the Afriqiyah Airways terminal of the BCQ. 

Can I check-in for my flight with Afriqiyah Airways at Brak Airport Terminal?

Yes. The passengers can use the self-service kiosk machines and airport check-in counters to check-in for their scheduled departures with Afriqiyah Airways. 

Are there any airline or airport lounges at the Afriqiyah Airways terminal of the Brak Airport?

Yes. There are few airport or airline lounges at the Afriqiyah Airways terminal of the Brak Airport. however, only a certain class of passengers can access the exclusive lounges. 

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