Aeroflot Airlines OGZ Terminal – Vladikavkaz International Airport

Vladikavkaz International Airport

Passengers expect one of the seamless and smooth air travel experiences when it comes to flying with Aeroflot Airlines, as the airline staff help passengers reduce their confusions and provide more efficient and convenient experience, ensuring that the passengers are getting proper assistance and guidance throughout their journey. Aeroflot Airlines OGZ Terminal would help the passengers to reserve, cancel, or make amendments to their booking as there are dedicated counters for the same. Additionally, the airlines provide several other services to its passengers related to baggage, check-ins, and boarding. So, if you are planning your next air travel with Aeroflot, this article is going to provide all the crucial information regarding the same. 

Aeroflot Airlines OGZ Terminal Arrivals

Aeroflot Airlines flight arrivals take place at Terminal 1 at the Vladikavkaz International Airport, which consists of several services for the arriving passengers. Upon arrival at the destination, the Aeroflot passengers can find several information desks and ground transportation options, such as taxis, rental cars, and other sort of transportation. 

Furthermore, the arrivals terminal provides passengers with some essential services such as immigration and customs, currency exchange and ATMs, Baggage claim facilities, and other passenger services which cater to the specific requirements of the passengers. 

Aeroflot Airlines OGZ Terminal Departures

The departure terminal for Aeroflot Airlines at the Vladikavkaz International Airport is the Terminal 1. The passengers can find dedicated check-in counters and other security checkpoints for completing the boarding process for their Aeroflot Airlines flight. If the passenger wishes to relax before his/her flight, s/he can look for airline lounges for enhanced amenities or just use the quiet room or seating area at the airport to relax. 

Furthermore, there are several other facilities at the departures terminal such as duty-free shops and retail stores, food and dining options, displays for flight status information, etc. 

Services at Aeroflot Airlines Terminal at OGZ

Aeroflot provides a range of services to its passengers arriving at or departing from the Aeroflot Airlines terminal at the Vladikavkaz International Airport. These facilities cater to the individual needs of the passengers, providing them reliable information regarding their air travel. Additionally, there are airline or airport staff members available at the airport to address passenger needs and to provide guidance to them. Some of the basic services which you can find at Aeroflot Airlines Terminal at OGZ includes the following:

  • Airport Hotels 
  • Interfaith Chapel
  • ATMs and Banks 
  • Charging Station
  • Medical Office 
  • Ticket Counters
  • Travellers Aid
  • Airline Lounges
  • Welcome Center
  • Vending Machines
  • Check-in Counters
  • Currency Exchange 
  • Information Desks
  • Self-Service Kiosks 
  • Stores and Duty Free
  • Lost & Found Desk
  • Children’s play Area
  • Free Wifi Connection
  • Mobile Charging Stations
  • Food and Drink Options 
  • Immigration and customs 
  • Baggage Related Assistance 
  • Flight Information Displays 

In-Depth Guide to Aeroflot Airlines OGZ Terminal

Aeroflot Airlines operates flights to and from various international and domestic locations, providing passengers with a wide range of flight options to choose from. Aeroflot has dedicated counters at the OGZ, Terminal 1 to ensure that the passengers are not finding it hard to navigate the available services.

Airport NameVladikavkaz International Airport
Airport AddressРФ, РСО-Алания, г. Беслан, аэропорт «Владикавказ», Beslan, North Ossetia–Alania Republic, Russia, 363000
Airport CodeOGZ
Airport Phone Number+7 867 233-36-53
Aeroflot OGZ TerminalTerminal 1
Working Hours24 hours

Book Reservations 

Passengers wanting to travel with Aeroflot can book reservations on the official page of the airlines, by clicking on “buy a ticket”, the passenger will be redirected to the page for online reservation where you have to enter details such as city of departure, city of destination, departing date, return date, along with additional details such as class type etc.

Additionally, the passengers can book tickets with Aeroflot by visiting the ticket counters at Aeroflot Airlines OGZ Terminal, upon arrival at the airport, the passenger can provide travel documents and details at the ticket counters to book themselves a ticket.

Cancel Reservations

Aeroflot passengers can cancel their reservations by tapping on the “manage bookings” section at the official airlines page. Upon entering your flight reservation details, you will be able to find your reservation, from where you will be able to cancel it. However, you must note that cancellations often come with a compensation or penalty in case you voluntarily cancel your ticket without any valid reason. You must adhere to the policies and guidelines of the airlines in order to get a full refund of the unused portion of your ticket. Furthermore, if you wish to cancel your ticket at the airport, you can do so at the ticket counter of Aeroflot Airlines. 

Upgrade Seats/Class

Aeroflot PJSC passengers can upgrade their seats to either business or comfort class at an additional cost through contacting the Aeroflot Contact Centre or the official website of the airlines. The seat upgrades can be done no sooner than 72 hours and not later than 2 hours prior to the flight departures of the airlines. The passengers should keep in notice that not all Aeroflot Airlines flying carriers are eligible for seat upgrades and the service cannot be booked if the passengers are travelling on a group fare, on a business pass air ticket, on a subsidised fare, on stretchers, unaccompanied minors, etc.

Information Counters

Passengers always plan for a seamless air travel but are sometimes confused about certain situations at the airport, which is why there are designated information counters located at the airport, to help passengers with their ongoing issues and to resolve their queries, if any. The passengers can also seek assistance regarding reservations, cancellation, seat upgrades, baggage related facilities, check-in facilities, flight status information, etc at these information counters.

Baggage Allowance 

Aeroflot Airlines baggage allowance policy differs from class to class. However, all the passengers must present their baggage at the check-in counters for security reasons. Only after the airline has tagged it as a safe baggage, will it be allowed for travel with the passenger. Free baggage allowance for passengers travelling with Aeroflot is as follows:

Service Class/Family Fares Free Baggage Allowed 
Business-Flex and Classic fare family2 baggage pieces, up to 32 kg per piece
Business-Base fare family1 baggage piece up to 32 kg
Comfort-Flex and Classic fare families2 baggage pieces, up to 23 kg per piece
Comfort-Base fare family1 baggage piece up to 23 kg
Economy-Flex fare family2 baggage pieces, up to 23 kg per piece
Economy-Classic, Saver and Promo fare families1 baggage piece up to 23 kg
Economy-Lite and Promo Lite fare familiesNo free Baggage Allowance 

List of All Aeroflot Airlines Terminal Globally

Check-in Options

Aeroflot Airlines allows its passengers to check-in online for their scheduled departure flight with Aeroflot Airlines terminal at OGZ. This allows passengers to check-in even while they are at the office or at home, along with that the passengers can choose their preferred seat and print e-boarding pass for themselves. Additionally, the passengers can also check-in for their flights at the airport as there are designated check-in counters and several security checkpoints located for the completion of boarding procedures.

Special Assistance

Special assistance facility is specifically for the passengers with mobility issues or passengers who are physically impaired. Special assistance allows those kinds of passengers to travel without having to hustle at the airport or during the flight because the airline staff ensures to provide the right kind of service needed and ensures that the passenger is safely boarding the flight. Special assistance facilities include wheelchair assistance, stretcher assistance, etc. To avail this service, the passengers are required to get in touch with the airlines at least 24 hours prior to their scheduled departure time.

Lost & Found Desk

Aeroflot has a lost & found desk at the arrivals and the departures terminal as well, which assist passengers with delayed baggage assistance, damaged baggage assistance, and lost baggage assistance, etc. so, in case you met with any of the said baggage issues, you can directly contact the Lost & Found desk of the airlines, provide them with the right details of your baggage, and wait until the airline staff gets back to you. In case of lost items, you will need to provide the identification details etc to the airlines so that they can reunite you with your baggage.

Pet Travel Services

Aeroflot allows pets to travel with their owner passengers on flights to several international plus domestic locations, ensuring that your four-legged friends aren’t left behind. A maximum of one container weighing not more than eight kgs should be carried in the cabin. However, a maximum of one container weighing not more than 50 kgs should be carried in the baggage hold. Additionally, the pets are to be carried in cargo hold, there is no such weightage limit for the same.

Unaccompanied Minor Service 

Unaccompanied minor service is for passengers aged between 5 to 16 years of age, flying on an Aeroflot Airlines flight. For the passengers travelling in any codeshare flights of Aeroflot, they must ensure to familiarise themselves with the rules and regulations of that airline to ensure a smooth trip. Minor passengers aren’t allowed to travel alone in any of the Aeroflot flights, which is why it becomes necessary for the passengers to book the unaccompanied minor service.

Aeroflot Airlines Vladikavkaz International Airport Terminal Location Map

Frequently Asked Question:

What terminal is Aeroflot Airlines at OGZ?

Aeroflot Airlines operates out of the Terminal 1 at the Vladikavkaz International Airport.

Which is Aeroflot Airlines OGZ terminal arrivals?

Aeroflot Airlines operates its arrivals from Terminal 1 at the Vladikavkaz International Airport.

Which is Aeroflot Airlines OGZ terminal departures?

Aeroflot Airlines operates its arrivals from Terminal 1 at the Vladikavkaz International Airport.

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