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Khovd Airport

Understanding your Aero Mongolia Airlines HVD Terminal is crucial for a smooth journey. Such information acts like a treasure map, guiding you to the right spot! Having information about your terminal ensures you won’t get lost, miss your flight, or feel worried about being late to complete the pre-boarding procedures. It’s like having a friendly helper showing you the way, making sure you’re at the right place at the right moment.

Aero Mongolia Airlines HVD Terminal Arrivals

At the Khovd Airport, Aero Mongolia Airlines makes its arrivals through the Terminal 1.

Aero Mongolia Airlines HVD Terminal Departures

The Khovd Airport’s Terminal 1 is where Aero Mongolia Airlines handles its departures.

Services by Aero Mongolia Airlines Terminal at HVD

There are multiple services offered by Aero Mongolia Airlines at its terminal of Khovd Airport. All of these services are available to the arriving as well as departing passengers.

ATMs and Banks Currency Exchange Baby Care Rooms
Quiet Seating AreasMedical ServicesBusiness Centres
Ticket CountersVisa Related Facilities Check-in Counters
Passport Control Service Baggage Claim and Check-in Priority Boarding 
Lounge AccessSpecial Assistance Unaccompanied Minor 
Restaurants and CafesLost and Found Charging Stations 
Information Desks Wifi/Internet AccessCustomer Service Counters
Flight Information Displays Retail Shops and Stores Luggage Carts 

List of All Aero Mongolia Airlines Terminals Around the World

What terminal is Aero Mongolia Airlines at HVD: 2023 Guide

Aero Mongolia operates its arrivals and departures from the Terminal 1 at the HVD, providing passengers easy access to their preferred locations.

Airport NameKhovd Airport
Aero Mongolia Airport AddressXJ7G+639, Khovd, Mongolia
Airport CodeHVD
Aero Mongolia HVD Contact Number+976 7043 2414
Aero Mongolia HVD Terminal ArrivalsTerminal 1
Aero Mongolia HVD Terminal DeparturesTerminal 1
Working Hours24 hours 
Official Aero Mongolia

Book a Flight Reservation with Aero Mongolia at the Terminal 1, HVD

Planning your trip with Aero Mongolia at Terminal 1, HVD is as easy as pie! The airline team at the terminal is there to make your flight reservation a breeze. Whether you’re heading for work or a holiday, the friendly staff is ready to help with booking your ticket right there at the terminal. You can count on the knowledgeable staff for smooth transactions, real-time flight updates, and any travel questions you might have. Aero Mongolia promises a hassle-free experience, ensuring your journey starts with a stress-free booking process. So, relax and get ready to fly high with the airlines as they are ready to assist you every step of the way. 

Want to cancel Aero Mongolia Flight ? Know how to do it at Khovd Airport terminal

If you find yourself needing to cancel your Aero Mongolia flight at the Khovd Airport terminal, worry not! The staff is there to assist you every step of the way. Visit the friendly customer service desk located right at the terminal, where dedicated staff will guide you through the cancellation process with ease. 

Whether it’s a change in plans or an unexpected situation, Aero Mongolia understands that things can come up, which is why their team is committed to making the cancellation process as smooth as possible for you. Just approach our desk, and the representative will help you navigate the necessary steps, ensuring a trouble-free experience. You can surely trust Aero Mongolia for a seamless travel experience, even when plans change. 

Check-in with Aero Mongolia for your next departure at Terminal 1 HVD

The travellers can ensure a hassle-free travel experience at the Aero Mongolia terminal of the Khovd Airport, as there are multiple options to check-in for their scheduled departure with the airline. The passengers can prepare for a stress-free procedure, starting right at the check-in counters of Aero Mongolia where there are representatives available to assist them with the steps, ensuring timely check-ins. 

In addition to that, there are self-service kiosks available for the passengers who prefer independent check-ins. These kiosks are automated machines, which lets the passengers check-in and retrieve their boarding passes. However, in any case, where the passenger feels confused or requires assistance, they can directly head to the customer service desk of Aero Mongolia.

Baggage Allowance for Aero Mongolia Passengers at Terminal 1 of Khovd Airport

At Terminal 1 of Khovd Airport, Aero Mongolia ensures passengers a hassle-free travel experience, including a clear and generous baggage allowance policy. The airlines understand the importance of carrying your belongings, which is why it strives to provide flexibility and convenience to its passengers, allowing them to pack everything they need for their journey.

As the baggage rules are different for each passenger, depending upon their destination or the fare type they have bought, it’s crucial to get in touch with the staff before your scheduled departure to get clearance on your allowance. Rest assured, you can count on Aero Mongolia for a smooth baggage check-in process, accommodating baggage policies, and a delightful travel experience from the moment you arrive at the terminal.

Information Desks for Assisting Aero Mongolia Passengers at HVD Terminal 

At the HVD Terminal 1, Aero Mongolia passengers can rely on the information desks or counters for assistance related to their air travel. At these counters, there are personnels available to answer any of the queries, provide flight updates, and offer guidance with a friendly staff. Whether you need directions or local information, these desks are your one-stop solution. As the airlines prioritise your comfort and convenience, they ensure that you have a stress-free travel experience. Rest assured, Aero Mongolia never fails to provide exceptional service, enhancing your journey from the moment you step into the terminal.

Certainly, the Lost & Found service by Aero Mongolia dedicatedly handles issues related to delayed, damaged, and lost luggage, understanding the importance of the passenger’s belongings. Whether your luggage is delayed, damaged in transit, or lost during your journey, the Aero Mongolia Lost & Found service is well-equipped to help reunite you with your belongings at the earliest, upon filing a report. So, as soon as you encounter such a situation, please get in touch with this department as soon as you can in order to receive immediate assistance. If you couldn’t locate the lost and found department, you can reach the information desks for getting directions to the same. 

Special Assistance; Available for Passengers with Mobility Issues/Limited Mobility 

Aero Mongolia thrives in providing all its passengers, ultimate level of comfort and convenience in their air travel. The airlines’ special assistance service is specifically designed to cater to passengers with mobility issues or limited mobility. Whether you require wheelchair assistance, help with boarding and deboarding, or any other special accommodations, their trained staff is readily available to assist you. 

Their staff understand the unique needs of every traveller, which is why it provides personalised support to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey. Rest assured, Aero Mongolia is committed to making air travel accessible and stress-free for all passengers. Your safety and comfort are the airlines’ top priorities, and they are ready to assist you at every step. 

Children Travelling alone with Aero Mongolia from the HVD Terminal 1

Aero Mongolia offers special services and assistance for unaccompanied minors travelling alone. Their trained staff at HVD terminal ensures the safety and comfort of young travellers. Parents or guardians can arrange for this service during the booking process, for getting their child support during check-in, boarding, in-flight support, and deboarding, ensuring a smooth journey for children travelling alone. Rest assured, Aero Mongolia takes special care to make this experience pleasant and secure for young passengers.

Aero Mongolia Airlines HVD Khovd Airport Map

Instant Answers!  

What terminal is Aero Mongolia Airlines at HVD?

Aero Mongolia uses the Terminal 1 at the Khovd Airport. 

Where are Aero Mongolia Airlines HVD terminal arrivals?

Aero Mongolia uses the Terminal 1 at the Khovd Airport for its arrivals. 

Where are Aero Mongolia Airlines HVD terminal departures? 

Aero Mongolia uses the Terminal 1 at the Khovd Airport for handling its departures. 

What services are offered at the Aero Mongolia Airlines HVD terminal?

Aero Mongolia offers multiple services at the HVD terminal such as ticket counters, check-ins, information desks, lost and found, special assistance, unaccompanied minor, etc. 

Does Aero Mongolia provide internet/wifi connectivity at the Khovd Airport terminal?

Yes, the passengers can access internet/wifi at the Khovd Airport terminal of Aero Mongolia Airlines. 

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